Press Release: Green Party of LA recommends Winograd and Chamness in 36th Congressional District

The Green Party of Los Angeles County announced today that it will recommend Marcy Winograd and Mike Chamness in the 36th Congressional District race on May 17th.

"It is not the practice of the Green Party to endorse members of other parties," said Lisa Green, Green Party of LA County Co-coordinator. "But in cases where there is no Green candidate, occasionally there are other candidates that we feel are worth recommending to our members."
"Marcy is the exception rather than the rule in Democratic Party. Her stance on issues of war and peace, energy and electoral reform is more in line with the Green Party than most Democrats," said Green, who was the Green Party's 2010 candidate in the 53rd Assembly District, which crosses over with much of the 36th CD.
"Like the Greens and other progressives, I oppose the US presence in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as call for the immediate closure of San Onofre and Diablo Canyon nuclear power plants," said Winograd. "I also agree with the Greens that progressive change will come faster with electoral reforms that give more voice to the people. For that reason I support an immediate change to Instant Run-Off Voting for legislative and executive office and I support exploring forms of proportional representation that make the most sense for our state and federal legislative bodies."
The Green Party also recommends Mike Chamness, whose Coffee Party candidacy is exposing the undemocratic aspects of Senate Bill 6 (SB6), which is the implementing law for the Proposition 14 Top Two Jungle Primary, that was narrowly approved by voters last June.
Said Chamness: "Although I am a member of the Coffee Party, SB6 makes me say on the ballot that I have no party preference. This is untrue, undemocratic and just plain wrong."
"Electoral reform should put more information in the hands of voters, not less," added Green. "We support efforts of candidates like Mike that help make this point. We hope that our recommendation for Marcy and Mike increases Green voter turnout and helps make a difference in this election."
Lisa Green, GPLAC, 310.272.0949
Marcy Winograd, 36th CD, 310.795.2322
Mike Chamness, 36th CD, 602.339.6207
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