GPCA Job Announcement: Part-time Independent Contractor Press Secretary

Background: The Green Party of California (GPCA)  is seeking an independent contractor as part-time Press Secretary.  The GPCA is a progressive alternate political party based on principles described as its Ten Key Values and policies in its platform.  The GPCA mainly operates as a volunteer organization using independent contractors in support positions.

Position: The Press Secretary shall collaborate with the GPCA Media Committee and designated spokespersons but will be expected to perform her/his responsibilities in an independent manner and use independent judgment.   Location is flexible (work from home.)

Key Responsibilities: Those activities include:

  • Coordinate and collaborate in researching, writing and distributing GPCA press releases and advisories in a time appropriate manner
  • Develop and maintain positive press relationships on behalf of the GPCA
  • Serve as a GPCA press contact, along with GPCA Spokespersons and others designated by the GPCA Media Committee.
  • Organize GPCA press conferences

The position is funded at $300/month until June 30, 2016 and will be funded at $300/month or more continuing July 1, 2015, contingent on the passage of our budget on May 14, 2017.  We have asked for an increase for potentially more hours during this exciting Presidential election year.

Qualifications: An applicant should have a demonstrable background and prior experience in a similar position or positions, including dealing with print, radio and television, media –and experience and ability using current internet media.  Present or past activity in the GPCA or similarly purposed organizations or community groups is preferred.  It is generally expected that the candidate will reside in California.

Applications: Applications should be submitted to Sanda Everette, GPCA Media Committee Coordinator at, and should include a summary of experience and other qualifications, samples of previous work product, and three references.  If your previous writing experience does not include specific press work product, submit five mock samples: two press releases, two media advisories, and a plan to organize a press conference. All writing samples should demonstrate familiarity with Green Party candidates, issues, events, 10 KV and our platform, as well as demonstrating your writing skill.  Before completing your application, contact Media Committee Coordinator, for a list of possible topics for mock work product samples.

Applications will be taken until position is filled.  Applications will be reviewed by Media Committee. Then, the Media Committee will make its decision and forward recommendations to the Coordinating Committee appointed Personnel Committee. It is desireable to fill this position as soon as possible.








The GPCA is an equal opportunity employer and includes Respect for Diversity among its Ten Key Values.