Media Committee


The Media Committee is charged with facilitating all GPCA communications with media outlets. The Media Standing Committee shall:
• Develop and distribute media releases that express appropriate GPCA positions in accordance with the GPCA platform;
• Coordinate press conferences around significant party figures and issues; draft and distribute notifications of significant, newsworthy events relevant to party figures, platforms and growth
• Assist local chapters of the GPCA to develop media resources.
Get Involved
The Media Committee meets live by conference call, with online video streaming, every fourth Tuesday at 7:30pm. All Greens are welcome to attend. Members are appointed by the Coordinating Committee. There are 10 positions including the Coordinating Committee Liaison and the two Green Party of California spokespersons. To apply for appointment to the committee contact the Media Committee co-coordinators (see information below).
  • Eric Brooks  (Co-Coordinator)
  • Victoria Ashley  (Co-Coordinator)
  • Laura Wells  (GPCA Spokesperson)
  • Erik Rydberg (GPCA Spokesperson)
  • Rodolfo Cortes Barragan
  • Mike Gonzales
  • James Young
    Former Members
  • Sanda Everette (10/3/2011-10/2013, (reappointed 9/9/2013-10/2015) (reappointed 11/2015-11/2017), Co-coordinator, 
  • Michael Feinstein (12/12/2011-12/2013) (reappointed 9/9/2013-12/2015) (reappointed 11/2015-11/2017)
  • Michael Goldbeck, appointed 7/16
  • Shamako Noble (12/2/2013-12/2015)
  • Tim Williams (1/25/2014-1/2016)
  • Andrea Dorey (2/3/2014-2/2016)
  • Trini Castanada, Coordinating Committee Liaison (appointed 1/23/2016-1/2018) 
  • Alex Shantz, appointed 7/16

    The Media Committee also appreciates the support of seven advisors, generally former or current candidates.