Coordinating Committee minutes, October 6, 2014

Coordinating Committee members present (14): Victoria Ashley, Marla Bernstein, David Curtis, Maxine Daniel, Gladwyn d'Souza, Sanda Everette, Mike Feinstein, Marnie Glickman, Parker Jean, Tim Laidman, Jesse Moorman, Alex Shantz, Candice Yamaguchi, Rich Zitola

Coordinating Committee members not-present (2): Susan Chunco,  Sasha Karlik 

Observers (invited) (1): Doug Barnett, GPCA Treasurer
Quorum: Quorum reached at 7:34 pm with twelve (12) present: Marla Bernstein, David Curtis, Maxine Daniel, Gladwyn d'Souza, Sanda Everette, Mike Feinstein, Marnie Glickman, Tim Laidman, Jesse Moorman, Alex Shantz, Candice Yamaguchi, Rich Zitola
Parker Jean joined call at 7:44
Victoria Ashely joined call at 8:06

2) Roles

Facilitator: Alex Shantz
Minutes taker: Mike Feinstein
Time keeper: Maxine Daniel 
Vibes Watcher: Candice Yamaguchi

3) Approval of Agenda 

Proposal (Shantz): Add all late items in order below, including those submitted in draft agenda, as well as additional items by Everette (#8), Feinstein (#9) and Laidman (#15) on the day of the meeting

Approved by consensus

4) Approve minutes (five minutes or less) (simple majority vote)

Decision: Approval of minutes from September 8th CC meeting
Proposal (Laidman): Delete item #11 from draft minutes, approve as otherwise submitted 
Approved by consensus
Decision: Approval of minutes from September 22nd CC meeting 
Proposal (Feinstein): Defer approval until next meeting until can be put into standard format
Approved by consensus

5) Appointment: Kendra Gonzales, Clearinghouse Committee
Approved by consensus

6) Discussion: Time line for January 2015 General Assembly (Everette)
Everette gave a report on progress on the General Assembly timeline

7)  Decision: Date, Location and Draft Agenda of Winter 2014 Coordinating Committee Retreat
Proposal (Feinstein): That the Winter 2015 Coordinating Committee Retreat be held in the Monterey area on Friday, January 23 and that the agenda include the following items:
- Election of Coordinating Committee Male Co-coordinator and alternate Co-Coordinator
- Appointment of Coordinating Committee Liaisons to Standing Committees
- Appointment of Coordinating Committee Liaison/Co-coordinators to Working Groups
- Appointments to Standing Committees
- Review of Progress towards Security issues and GPCA IT Protocol
- Review of Funding Approach for General Assemblies and Gatherings/Review Nancy Broyles General Assembly Hardship Travel Subsidy policy:
- Discussion: Communication with CA Secretary of State and status of GPCA elections code vis-a-vis GPCA 2016 Presidential Ballot Line
- Reports from Liaisons to Standing Committees and Working Group
- Review of Coordinating Committee FY2014-2015 Work Plan and Budget Proposals
- Treasurer's Report (Barnett)
- Decision: Nomination of Treasurer for confirmation at 6/2015 General Assembly
- Liaison to Secretary of State's Report (Laiti)
- Decision: Nomination of Liaison to Secretary of State for confirmation at 6/2015 General Assembly
- Review of GPCA Two-Year Strategic Plan to be presented by CC to Summer General Assembly 
- Discussion: GPCA position on amending CA elections code regarding signatures-in-lieu threshold and other related reforms
Approved by consensus

Item #11 was heard out of order at this point

8) Decision: Bylaws interpretation Regarding 2014-2016 County Council roster (Everette)

Proposal (Everette): "Whereas the intent of the bylaws interpretation was a substitute procedure for an election procedure we were not able to carry out and the primary timing factor was giving another two year term to County Council members who had been officially selected (by election in 2012 or appointment since that time) by their counties as of June 30, and the date of that information coming to the Coordinating Committee is only of minor significance, we find that we can accept that information from counties as it comes in, with the only real deadline being as needed for determination of delegates for the next General Assembly." 
Proposal - amendment (Feinstein, Laidman- accepted as friendly by Everette): That this proposal is amended to be conceptual in approval, with the intent to bring it for full approval at the CC meeting in beginning of December, and that the Co-coordinators send an additional notification to the counties advising them of that deadline, before which they need to make their submissions.
Approved by consensus

9) Decision:  Provisional approval of list of active counties and delegates per county for Monterey GA (Feinstein) 

Proposal (Feinstein): Approval the following list of active counties and allocation of delegates per county for the Monterey General Assembly.

Approved by consensus

10) Discussion: Report on Status of AB 2351 (Feinstein, Shantz, Zitola) 
Feinstein reported that Governor Brown signed AB2351 on September 30 

11)  Discussion: Report on Status of GPCA amicus brief in Rubin v. Bowen and potential future legal challenges to Top Two and GPCA role in them (Feinstein)

Gautum Dutta reported that the GPCA's amicus brief was filed on August 6th. and accepted by the court.  

12) Discussion: Email outreach to GPCA members of GPCA positions on November 2014 propositions (Feinstein, Laidman) 
Feinstein and Laidman discussed a mass emailing to GPCA members with email addresses listing the GPCA positions on the November 2014 propositions and containing a funding appeal. 

13) Discussion: Broader email outreach to GPCA members for openings on GPCA Standing Committees (Feinstein, Laidman) 
Feinstein and Laidman expanding outreach to include GPCA members who are present and former donors, officeholders and are otherwise involved with the party in some way, beyond those reached through the Inform List.

14) Report: Treasurer (Barnett) 
Barnett reported on funds allocated by the Campaign Fund Support Committee, to the printer for the last fundraising mailing, and on donations received from it.

15) Discussion: Roles and Responsibilities (Laidman)

Discussion was held about roles and responsibilities to be filled.

16) Report: Committees
Reports were heard from the following committees 
A) Bylaws (Feinstein)
B) Clearinghouse (Feinstein)
C) Finance (Laidman) 
D) Media (Everette) 
E) Platform (Glickman)
F) Information Technology Committee (Laidman)
G) Campaign Fund Support Committee (Daniel)
E) Fundraising Committee (Laidman)

14) Report: Working Groups
Reports were heard from the following working groups 
Campaigns and Candidates (Moorman)
Electoral Reform (no report)
Green Issues (Moorman) 
Grassroots Organizing (Shantz)