Coordinating Committee

The Coordinating Committee is responsible for coordinating state party meetings, facilitating internal communications and performing other administrative tasks. The bylaws governing the Coordinating Committee are found here.

How It Works
The Coordinating Committee is an elected 24-member body made up of 12 men and 12 women elected by the party's Standing General Assembly. Members serve two-year terms. At-large members are elected to staggered two year terms, twelve each year. The Coordinating Committee regularly meets by teleconference on the first Monday of each month and additionally as needed. Two Coordinating Committee Co-Coordinators are elected with the following job description and serve staggered two-year terms. (See history of the Coordinating Committee here)

Greens are encouraged to contact either the Coordinating Committee co-coordinators or individual Coordinating Committee member for most Coordinating Committee business. Where necessary to reach the entire Coordinating Committee,  email here.  Please include your name, county and the specific party business. If you are interested in serving on the Coordinating Committee, elections are conducted on an annual basis according to this process. For more information contact the Coordinating Committee co-coordinators.


Male: Bert Heuer
Female: position vacant

Full roster (22 members) of Coordinating Committee members (terms end in June of the given year)

  • Victoria Ashley (2019)
  • Doug Barnett (2019)
  • Marla Bernstein (2018)
  • June Brashares (2018)
  • Eric Brooks (2019)
  • Susan Chunco (2018)
  • Maxine Daniel (2019)
  • Angelica Duenas (2019)
  • Sanda Everette (2019)
  • Mike Feinstein (2018)
  • Sadie Fulton (2019)
  • Mike Goldbeck (2018)
  • Bert Heuer (2018), Co-Coordinator
  • Tarik Kanaana (2019)
  • Paul Larudee (2019)
  • Eric Luna (2019)
  • Ann Menasche (2018)
  • Mike Murphy (2018)
  • Mimi Newton (2019)
  • Ajay Rai (2018)
  • Erik Rydberg (2019)
  • Laura Wells (2018)