Bylaws and Rules Committee

The Bylaws and Rules Committee is charged with supporting the development of the GPCA's governing rules documents, including its Bylaws, Rules and Procedures, Fiscal Policy, and others, including to:

  • Propose amendments to the General Assembly and issue written interpretations of the GPCA's governing rules documents.
  • Review proposed amendments to governing documents submitted by others and provide recommendations to the sponsors, including to promote consistency in meaning, terminology, and format with existing documents.
  • Review bylaws annually to identify outdated or inconsistent content and to ensure approved amendments are accurately represented in GPCA documentations.
  • Propose reforms to internal processes and administration that enhance effectiveness and realize efficiencies; such as advise GPCA on internal party voting mechanisms.
  • Review Committee Internal Procedures to ensure compliance with GPCA governing documents.
  • Compile, document and archive the governing rules documents of the GPCA as they have existed over time.
  • Get Involved

    We welcomes all registered Green volunteers to join in our work, contact our committee Coordinators to learn about our projects, be added to our email group, or to attend our monthly meetings. Volunteers may apply to the Coordinating Committee to be appointed to this Committee.

    Members (term)

  • Mimi Newton - Coordinator & interim Liaison  (8/2022 - 8/2024), past terms (8/2020 - 8/2022, 9/2018 - 9/2020)
  • James Lauderdale - Member (8/2022 - 8/2024), past term (8/2020 - 8/2022)