Coordinating Committee minutes, July 11th, 2011

GPCA CC Teleconference Minutes
Monday, July 11th, 2011 – 7:30 p.m.

#1. Welcome and setup, roll call, quorum check

Coordinating Committee members present (13): Warner Bloomberg (Silicon Valley), Michael Borenstein (Central Valley, north), Sean Dodd (at-large), Sanda Everette (at-large), Mike Feinstein (Los Angeles), Jim Geraghty (at-large), Dave Heller (at-large), Barry Hermanson (San Francisco), Tim Laidman (at-large), Matt Leslie (Orange/Riverside/San Bernardino),  Jeff Quackenbush (San Diego), Alex Shantz (at-large), Lauren Sinnott (at-large)
Coordinating Committee members not present (5): Victoria Ashley (East Bay),  Joe Feller (at-large), Adrienne Prince (Central Coast), Michael Rubin (at-large), Kate Tanaka (at-large),
Invited Presenters (2): Marnie Glickman (GPCA Managing Director), Jeanne Rosenmeier (GPCA Treasurer)
Observers (1): Bert Heuer

Faciliator: Barry Hermanson chosen by consensus
Minutes taker: Sanda Everett chosen by consensus
Time keeper: Michael Borenstein chosen by consensus
Vibes Watcher: Lauren Sinott chosen by consensus

Process Proposal: add a one hour item (Borenstein)

Proposal withdrawn in response to outstanding concerns.

#2a.   Welcome to new members.  Answer any questions about membership on the CC. 

#2b Appointment: Campaign Finance Support Committee

Nomination: Sinnott (Feinstein)

Sinott is not considered eligible because is considered a current candidate because she is subject to the August 30, 2011 Pt. Arena city council recall. Nomination withdrawn.


#3.  Decision: Set a date for election of new co-chairs

Proposal (Hermanson): Conduct election at the August 1 CC meeting for Female Co-coordinator position for remainder of the 2010-2012 term

Approved by consensus

#4.  Proposal (Hermanson): Establish a list of all contact information for CC members to include: name, address, phone number and e-mail address on an internal password protected page

After it was reported that such a page already exists at this URL:, the agenda item was withdrawn.

#5.  Discussion (Quackenbush): Improving the efficiency of CC meetings

Quakenbush presented ideas about pre-meeting preparation to improve efficiency, including on-line discussion and the use of the wiki, and a more clear agenda preparation procedure. A call was made to hold a series of informal, non-oligatory, non-decision making CC teleconferences in July to continue the discussion.


#6.  Report (Feinstein): Status on scheduling October 2011 General Assembly (

The Long Beach Greens are looking at first weekend of October. Discussion ensued around best date.  Agreement to bring back discussion at August 1 CC teleconference.

#7.  Proposal (Everette, Feinstein, Hermanson): That the Coordinating Committee establish a Web Redesign Team sub-committee of the following individuals: Bruce Wolfe, Bert Heuer as IT Project Manager, Sanda Everette, Mike Feinstein and Marnie Glickman to work with Radical Designs to oversee the website redesign and to bring a the redesigned website to the Coordinating Committee for a final approval.

Glickman clarified that Radical Design's bid was $4,200.

Approved by consensus.

#8. Report (Glickman): GPCA Managing Director

Glickman presented a likely work plan for the month that would include 40 hours installing and configuring CiviCRM and getting volunteers to do that work, ten hours fundraising target for next round of calls, ten hours working on fundraising level and five hours on the voter file contract.

Items not heard because of time

Decision: Temporary Personnel Committee

Discussion: GPCA IT Protocols

Appointment:  Bylaws Committee

Appointment: Agenda Committee for fall General Assembly