Coordinating Committee minutes, February 6th, 2012

1) Welcome and setup, roll call, quorum check 

Coordinating Committee members present (14): Victoria Ashley (East Bay),  Marla Bernstein  (at-large) joined at 8:10, Warner Bloomberg (Silicon Valley),  Maxine Daniel (at-large); Sanda Everette (at-large), Mike Feinstein (Los Angeles), Dave Heller (at-large) joined at 8pm, Barry Hermanson  (San Francisco) joined at 8:15, Tim Laidman (at-large), Matt Leslie (Orange/Riverside/San Bernardino), Stevie Luther (at-large),  Jeff Quackenbush (San Diego), Alex Shantz (North Bay), Lauren Sinott (at-large)
Coordinating Committee members not present (3):  Nancy Mancias (at-large), Michael Rubin (at-large), Kate Tanaka (at-large)
Invited guests present (1): Marnie Glickman (Managing Director)
Quorum: Quorum reached at 7:38 with 11/17 present:  Victoria Ashley (East Bay), Warner Bloomberg (Silicon Valley),  Maxine Daniel (at-large); Sanda Everette (at-large), Mike Feinstein (Los Angeles),  Tim Laidman (at-large), Matt Leslie (Orange/Riverside/San Bernardino), Stevie Luther (at-large),  Jeff Quackenbush (San Diego), Alex Shantz (North Bay), Lauren Sinott (at-large)
Facilitator: Alex Shantz (approved by consensus)
Minutes taker: Mike Feinstein (approved by consensus)
Time keeper: Warner Bloomberg (approved by consensus)
Vibes Watcher: Stevie Luther (approved by consensus)

2) Approval of Agenda

Proposal: Add item "Discussion: GPCA Presidential Ballot Line (Feinstein)"  at end of agenda
Approved by Consensus
Proposal: Add item " Discussion: Application of GPCA IT Protocol (Feinstein)"  at end of agenda
Approved by Consensus
Proposal: Remove item "Discussion: Establish General Assembly Hardship Travel Policy" (Bloomberg, Feinstein)
Approved by Consensus

3) Approve minutes of Coordinating Committee meeting, January 29


4) Report: Managing Director (ten minutes) Marnie Glickman

Glickman reviewed highlights from her written report.

5) Decision: GPCA 2012 primary election ballot statement (twenty minutes) (Shantz, Everette)

Proposal: That the process upon which the GPCA will revise its ballot statement in time to meet the February 16th deadline shall be that Victoria Ashley will compile suggestions she's received and will publish it by Tuesday morning, February 7th, the CC will discuss and amend drafts for three days through Thursday, then start voting on Friday and conclude through Sunday night
Approved by Consensus

6) Decision: Decision: Submit amendments to state legislature regarding draft legislation that would affect county central committee/county council elections  (twenty minutes) (Feinstein)

1) That the GPCA conduct a working relationship with the State Assembly Elections Committee for the purposes of influencing the legislation affecting County Central Committee (County Council) elections.
2) That an on-line election option for County Central Committee (County Council) elections be included in the legislation, that includes a choosing of the vendor by the party, an approval of the software for inclusivity, transparency accuracy and verifiability by the Secretary of State; the ability to include different voting systems, including ranked choice voting; and the availability on the state income tax form a voluntary check-off to donate to the political party of their choice as a way of funding it and/or funding from the state of California to ensure its viability, and a safety valve for a mail-in option for those who can not participate on-line.
3) A general mail-in option.
4)  The CC committ to internal party dialogue as the bill moves through the legislature.
Approved by Consensus

8) Decision: Submit GPCA Elections code to state legislature (twenty minutes) (Feinstein)

Proposal:  That the GPCA CC
1) Submit to the State Assembly Elections Committee the final version of the GPCA Elections Code that was approved by the General Assembly in 2006, in order to begin the process of analysis of the Code by the legislative analyst;
2) Conduct an internal party review of the draft code for improvements to the 2006 version, that would include the Electoral Reform Working Group, Bylaws Committee, the CC itself and outreach to the county parties
3) Receive feedback from the legislative analyst and the legislature
4) Based upon the input from the party and the legislature, present a proposal to the spring General Assembly to amend the draft Code, such that the CC commits to including a proposal about the Elections Code on the GA agenda – and if no changes ultimately need to be made, then the item shall be amended to consist only of a report/update of the potential bill’s status.
Approved by Consensus
5) Submit to the State Assembly Elections Committee that it is the GPCA's position that the threshold for achieving/maintaining ballot status be voter registrations equal to 1/3 of 1% of the total votes cast in the last gubernatorial general election, or 5% in a petition. It is also the GPCA's position to oppose using any percentage of the vote in the primary election as a test for ballot status.
​Approved by Consensus
6) Submit to the State Assembly Elections Committee that it is the GPCA's position that the threshold for signatures in lieu of filing fees for state and federal office for candidates listing their party preference as one of the parties with less than 5% of the total voter registration total in the state, revert to the previous threshold of party members only; and if that position is not accepted, that the total for all candidates be reduced to 1,000 for statewide constitutional office and U.S. Senate, 500 for U.S. House of Representatives and State Senate and 250 for State Assembly.
Proposal withdrawn by presenter in response to an outstanding concern.

9) Proposal: Date/Location for Spring General Assembly (Hermanson)

Proposal: That the next GPCA General Assembly be held May 19th/20th at the Redstone Building in San Francisco. 
Approved by Consensus

10) Proposal: Obtaining accounting of GPUS fund raising share debt to GPCA via the GPCA Delegation (Warner Bloomberg)

Proposal:  The CC requests that the GPUS Delegation obtain and provide the CC with a year-by-year statement of donations sharing owed by the GPUS to the GPCA under the previous state donations sharing program; and These items and related issues be placed on the CC monthly teleconference agenda as a recurring item when new information becomes available.
Approved by Consensus

11) Discussion: GPCA Presidential Ballot Line (Feinstein)

Feinstein summarized issues around GPUS PCSC process surrounding recogntion of GPUS presidential candidates.

the remaining item was not heard owing to time concerns

12) Discussion: Application of GPCA IT Protocol (Feinstein)