Coordinating Committee on-line vote minutes, March 12-18th, 2012

Subject/Title: Letter to Roseanne Barr campaign

Co-sponsors: Mike Feinstein and Tim Laidman
Background and Purpose: On February 29th, the GPCA Coordinating Committee approved a letter to the GPUS Steering Committee and GPUS PCSC Co-chair Tom Yager, seeking answers to a series of questions regarding how the GPCA's presidential ballot line was accessed as a result of PCSC recognition of the Roseanne Barr campaign.
As of the March 4th deadline to receive an answer from Yager and the Steering Committee, no response of any kind was received by the GPCA.  However, the GPUS Steering Committee plans on meeting to discuss the matter on March 11th. As the GPCA's questions remain unanswered and its not clear that any answers are forthcoming, it may be necessary for the GPCA to seek clarification from the Barr campaign directly and/or to follow up with the GPUS.
The timing of this agenda item is to allow the GPCA Coordinating Committee as a committee to discuss strategies and text of possible letters to the GPUS and/or to the Barr campaign, rather than beginning with the draft of a few Coordinating Committee members.
Proposal:  That the Coordinating Committee send the following follow up letter to the Barr Campaign (attached below) in order to obtain the information needed to clarify the outstanding questions identified in its Executive Session of February 20th and its letter to the GPUS and Yager on February 29th.
Implementation/Timeline/Resources: Discussion Monday, March 5 through Sunday, March 11th, voting Monday March 12 through Sunday, March 18th.
References: Letter to Yager and the GPUS (approved on 2/29); original draft letter (not voted on) to the Barr campaign (proposed for 2/20)
Dear Roseanne Barr for President Campaign,

While the leadership organs of the GPCA do not take a partisan position on who should be on the party’s ballot, the party has a responsibility to its more than 115,000 members to ensure the integrity of the process of how candidates are placed there.

As you may know, access to the GPCA’s presidential primary ballot is determined by a process that involves the California Elections code, GPCA Rules and Procedures and GPUS Rules and Procedures. Since the Barr campaign was not eligible to apply for GPCA General Assembly recommendation to the Secretary of State to appear on the GPCA’s presidential primary ballot, because Ms. Barr was a member of the Democratic Party at the time, we understand that in order to be placed upon the GPCA’s ballot, the Barr campaign instead sought GPUS recognition.

To the degree that the GPCA accedes part of the discretion over who appears on its presidential primary election ballot to the GPUS, it does so based in part upon the belief that candidates seeking GPUS recognition will operate honestly, transparently and in good faith to meet and not evade all requirements necessary to receive such recognition.  Towards that end,  we understand that in response to a question from a GPUS Presidential Campaign Support Committee (PCSC) member on a January 31st PCSC conference call, Eric Weinrib advised the committee that the Barr campaign had not filed any campaign fundraising disclosures with the FEC as of January 31st, 2011.

We also understand that the alternative method of providing verifiable evidence that the GPUS’ $5,000 fundraising requirement had been met without self-financing by the candidate has not been provided to the PCSC. We are concerned that in the absence of this necessary documentation from your campaign, that access to the GPCA’s presidential primary ballot line was obtained without compliance with GPUS Rules and Procedures, and hence unfairly compared to other candidates.

Given this concern,  the GPCA requests that you provide answers to the following questions by signed affidavit to the GPCA co-coordinators by midnight West Coast time on Thursday, March 22nd:

- When was the Barr campaign first in contact with PCSC co-chair Tom Yager about re-entering the race to seek the GPUS nomination? Did the Barr campaign ever send a formal letter to Yager in January 2012 stating its intentions to seek GPUS recognition? If so, on what date and can you provide us with a copy?

- What are the names of the major donors ($100 and over) to the Barr campaign as of February 1st?  Has the Barr campaign disclosed the identify of these major donors as of February 1st to any GPUS officials, and if so to whom, and why has it not formally provided documentation of their identities and the amounts of their donations to the PCSC?

- In the Barr campaign's contact with Yager, were strategies discussed to avoid having to comply with the $5000 fundraising requirement by February 1?

- When was the Wells Fargo bank account listed on the deposit slip sent to Tom Yager on February 1st opened and in whose name?

- Why did the affidavit signed by Eric Weinrib on February 4th not contain the information of the Barr campaign’s major donors as of February 1st?

In recognition of the importance GPCA members pay to transparency in campaign financing reporting, we thank you in advance for your answers.


Sanda Everette, Alex Shantz
Co-coordinators, Coordinating Committee
Green Party of California



Yes (4): Bernstein, Feinstein, Laidman, Leslie, Luther
No (6): Bloomberg, Braun, Daniel, Hermanson, Rubin, Tanaka
Abstain (2): Ashley, Everette 
Proposal does not pass 4-6-2