DRAFT: Coordinating Committee on-line vote minutes, June 11th-17th, 2012

Subject/Title: Appointment of Jared Laiti to Bylaws Committee

Sponsors: Alex Shantz
Background and Purpose: On May 16th, 2012 Jared Laiti sent an application for the bylaws committee to the GPCA CC email list. Below is his letter:
Please accept my application for the GPCA Bylaws Standing Committee. I attended the GPCA General Assemblies in San Francisco and in Berkeley, both in the last 24 months. I have been an observer and participant on the bylaws committee list for several years. As a former member and co-coordinator of the Coordinating Committee, I was involved in bylaws interpretation issues, as I have also been at the county, regional, and national levels of the party. I graduated from law school in 2010 and have been a practicing attorney since the beginning of 2011. My interest in the bylaws committee is to ensure grassroots democratic, efficient, fair, and commonsense/not overly complex procedures are in place for the GPCA, so that our bylaws, rules, and procedures facilitate our goals as a party.
Jared Laiti
Sacramento Green Party
As an oversight the co-coordinators and coordinating committee neglected to add this appointment to their regular meeting agenda, June 4th 2012.
According to GPCA CC rules: "4-1.3 When there is a need to meet legal and/or internal party deadlines, or to otherwise effectuate the Coordinating Committee's ability to meet and perform its duties and responsibilities in a timely manner not possible by waiting until the next teleconference or face to face meeting. In these cases, there shall be one week discussion, beginning on a Monday and ending at midnight on Sunday and one week of voting commencing immediately thereafter, ending at midnight the following Sunday."
GPCA CC did not meet and perform its duties and responsibilities as a coordinating committee by neglecting to place this appointment item on their June 4th agenda. In order for GPCA CC to meet and perform its  duties and responsibilities it is necessary to bring issue online for a vote.

Proposal: That the coordinating committee appoint Jared Laiti to the bylaws committee. 

Yes (10): Ashley, Bernstein, Brashares, Daniel, Everette, Feinstein, Hermanson, Laidman, Rubin, Shantz
No (0):
Abstain (1): Karlik
Laiti appointed 10-0-1
Quorum is 10/19 members
Implementation/Timeline/Resources: Discussion Monday, June 4th through Sunday, June 10th, voting Monday June 11th  through Sunday, June 17th.