Coordinating Committee Minutes, January 19, 2013

Coordinating Committee members present (10): Victoria Ashley (East Bay), Marla Bernstein (at-large), June Brashares (at-large), Maxine Daniel (at-large),  Sanda Everette (at-large), Mike Feinstein (Los Angeles), Barry Hermanson (San Francisco), Tim Laidman (at-large),  Michael Rubin (at-large), Alex Shantz (North Bay)

Coordinating Committee members not present (6): Cindy Asir (Silicon Valley),  Dave Heller (at-large), Sasha Karlik (at-large), Matt Leslie (Orange/Riverside/ San Bernardino),  Cynthia Santiago (at-large), Lauren Sinott (at-large)
Invited Participants: Doug Barnett, GPCA Treasurer; Jared Laiti, GPCA Liaison to Secretary of State
Quorum: Quorum reached at 10:42 with 9/16 present:  ​Victoria Ashley (East Bay),  June Brashares (at-large), Maxine Daniel (at-large),  Sanda Everette (at-large), Mike Feinstein (Los Angeles),  Barry Hermanson (San Francisco), Tim Laidman (at-large),  Michael Rubin (at-large), Alex Shantz (North Bay)
Bernstein joined call at 11:50am
Barnett joined call at 1pm

2) Roles

Facilitator - Shantz
Minutes Taker - Feinstein
Time Keeper -Maxine Daniel
Vibes - Tim Laidman
Agenda approval occured at 11:10, before then committee and working group reports were heard. Then athe agenda was approved and item #1 and other items heard in order after that
Add "Update on GPCA elections code and laws affecting GPCA ballot status and county council elections (Feinstein, Leslie) as last agenda item
Approved by consensus
Proposal (Shantz): Approval of agenda as amended
Approved by consensus

3) Election of Coordinating Committee Female Co-coordinator and alternate Co-Coordinator

Female Co-Coordinator: Sanda Everette

Sanda Everette elected by consensus

Female Alternate Co-Coordinator:

Victoria Ashley elected by consensus


4) Reports from Liaisons to Standing Committees and Working Group

Standing Committees

 -Bylaws (Ashley)

After SGA votes are taken, review issue of Working Group membership, where current bylaw isn't being followed.

-Clearinghouse (Feinstein)

Discussed how to allocate remaining FY2012-2013 funds allocated to the clearinghouse.  Discussed status of merchandise and selecting a new t-shirt design.

-Finance (Laidman)  

Discussed remaining issues around establishing Credit Union account and connecting GPCA donation page to it.  Suggested joint meeting between Finance and Clearinghouse Committee to address remaining issues in updating merchandising capability and receiving funds.

-Media (Everette) 

Have conducted search for Media Secretary, but not yet recommended a hire.

-Platform (vacant)  Shane Que Hee updated committee email list membershin in accordance with CC policy 

- Information Technology (Laidman, Feinstein)

Major maintenance of GPCA email lists recently complete.

Identified primary goals of segmenting Voter Registration data base for county use of county-based information; developing more county access and possible hosting of county pages on Drupal CMS; implementing web page security policy approved by Coordinating Committee in 2012. 

Identifying additional technical and design issues that need addressing on Drupal CMS and involve more IT members in this development. 

- Personnel

Developing a consistent template for contracts to which deliverables can be added.

Working Groups

- Campaigns and Candiates

Liaison not in attendance, no report made.

- Electoral Reform

Chris Collins (Oakand) has taken over list maintenance.


- Green Issues 

Laidman reports on working group budget and workplan. Hermanson reports on organzing for single payer health care and against fracking.

- Grassroots Organizing

Is reviewing five candidates for Field Organizer, decsision planned on working group teleconference, January 21. Need stressed to have contract with clear deliverables.


5) Report: Liaison to Secretary of State (Laiti)

- Reported that how much notice comes from the Secretary of State's office can vary greaty.

- Reported a need for greater clarify where direction is to come from the Coordinating Committee and General Assembly. Discussion ensured about the need for a calendar summarizing deadlines and where direction is needed.

- Reported a lack of access to GPCA voter registration data to fulfill the Liaison's responsibility to verify Green registration status of GPCA delegates to the GPUS presidential convention. Reference to the GPCA Rules and Procedures revealed the following text, confirming this responsibility.

2-4.5 Delegate registration Once selected, each delegate and alternate shall promptly register with the Delegate Selection Committee as a delegate or alternate to the national nominating convention. The GPCA Liaison to the Secretary of State shall use the voter registration database to verify that each registered delegate is a member of the GPCA. Those delegates who are ineligible to vote but have been extended GPCA membership by their county parties must provide a letter of verification of membership from their county council with their registration. 

6) DIscussion of outreach for additional appointments to Standing Committee

- Recognition bi-annual notice to the county parties did not go out appraising them of Standing Committee openings.  CC Co-coordinators to send notice to the Inform List.

7) Review of Coordinating Committee FY2013-2014 Work Plan and Budget Proposals

Review of what happened and what did not during 2012 in the FY 2012-2014 calendar.

Below is Draft Work Plan and Calendar based upon FY2012-2014 documents and Coordinating Committee discussion.  Drafts will continue to be reviewed and discussed at a special CC strategy teleconference in February.

DRAFT CC FY2013-2014 Work Plan: 

- Monthly teleconferences

- Plan two GPCA Gatherings, April 6-7, 2013 in Southern California and April 13-14 in Northern California

- Plan GPCA General Assembly, June 22-23 2013 in Napa County (prepare agenda by which date)

- Identify Host for and Plan GPCA General Assembly for late 2013/early 2014

- Prepare draft agenda for Napa General Assembly, for release in late April/early May.

- Prepare draft FY2013-2015 Strategic Plan for consideration at Napa General Assembly

- Nominate Treasurer for Affirmation by Napa General Assembly

- Identify legislative sponsor for GPCA Elections Code

- Track and lobby on laws affecting GPCA ballot status, reflecting positions authorized by the CC in February 2012

- Prepare alternate manner of conducting 2014-2016 County Council elections, if not run by the state, which is unlikely as of January 2013

- Recognize newly formed County Councils

DRAFT CC FY2013-2014 Budget

Review of FY2012-2013 Budget and there was support for increasing the funds available for renting a venue for Gatherings. The CC will consider a revised draft reflecting that at its February 4th teleconference.
Two General Assemblies: $6,900
Expense Categories
-- Site Rental  @ $1000/Meeting $2,000
-- Food Expenses @ $1000/Meeting $2,000
-- Video @ $125/Meeting    $250
-- Minutes Taker @ $250/Meeting $500
-- CC Friday night dinner @ $100/Meeting $200
-- Nancy Broyles General Assembly Hardship Travel Subsidy @ $1000/Meeting $2,000
Two Gatherings (one North/one South): $1,600  - consideration of increasing this
-- Site Rental @ $500/Gathering $1,000
-- Food Expenses @ $300/Gathering    $600
Liability Insurance Policy: $1,000 (subject to adjustment for actual premium expense)
Annual Coordinating Committee Retreat:  Site/Food Expenses  $400
Legal Consultation: $1,000
Total Expenses: $10,900
General Assembly income from Registration Fees @ $2000/Meeting $4,000
Gatherings income from Registration Fees @ $500/Gathering  $1,000  (this might be reconsidered for more income)
Total Projected Income: $5,000
Plus possible additional income from small directed donations for the Plenary Travel Subsidy Fund
DRAFT CC FY2013-2014 Calendar

Discussion of potential changes in timing of elections for Coordinating Committee and GPUS Delegation members, depending upon the outcome of  upcoming SGA votes, with recognition that there remains flexibility in timing to conduct the elections in a timely manner, given the late June date for the Napa General Assembly. Draft Calendar will be considered on 

8) Lunch



9) Treasurer's Report (Barnett)

Reviewed issues with Wells Fargo. Reported cost dropped on Statecraft software.  Funds were spent to retain San Francisco and Oakland post office boxes. Reviewed cash flow from various party accounts. Reviewed issues in establishing credit union account, as well as new account at One Bank, including need for principals to appear in person.

CC will need to make a nomination for Treasurer for 2013-2015 at Napa Genearl Assembly.


10) Review of Funding Approach for General Assemblies and Gatherings (30 minutes) (Feinstein)

Proposal (Feinstein):  Amendment to the Coordinating Committee's Internal Procedures creating a new Article as follows:
Article X Finances for GPCA  General Assemblies and Gatherings
10-1 Expenses
All expenses for GPCA General Assemblies and Gatherings, other than those deemed to be petty cash expenses by the State Meeting Planning Committee, shall be paid for by the GPCA and not any County Party or individual
10-2 Income
All income for GPCA General Assemblies and Gatherings shall be received either through the GPCA's web site and/or checks written to the GPCA be deposited in the GPCA's bank accounts. No income shall be received via any County Party or individual's web site nor through any checks or cash to any County Party or individual.
10-3 Reporting of Income and Expenses
All income and expenses associated with GPCA General Assemblies and Gathering shall be reported by the GPCA in its filings with the FPPC.
10-4 Funds to County Party Hosts
Where funds are to go to County Parties as a result of their work on hosting GPCA General Assemblies and Gatherings, it shall be in the form of a payment from the GPCA to the County Party for services rendered in hosting the meeting, and such arrangements shall be made by the State Meeting Planning Committee in advance of said General Assemblies and Gatherings.
Approved by consensus


11)  Review planning and approve dates for Spring Gatherings (Brashures, Shantz, Feinstein, Everette)


Proposal (Feinstein): That the dates of April 6-7 for Southern California and 13-14 for Northern California, and ending no later than 4pm on Sunday, April 7th and Sunday, April 14th, be approved for the Southern and Northern California  gatherings respectively and that the Coordinating Committee send a letter to the county parties that apologies where there may be conflicts with the timing of county meetings and to encourage those counties whose meetings may conflict with the timing of the gatherings, to meet at a different time in order to  enable their members to attend the Gatherings.
Approved by consensus

12) Review results of SGA vote on GPCA 'legislative demands' proposal, take next actions to promote party positions (Shantz, Everette, Laidman)\

Proposal (WHO WERE THE SPONSORS OF THIS PROPOSAL): That the GPCA will take the following actions, with a prioritization of these next steps:
- Paid ad in Sac Bee 
- Put list on
- Send list to GPCA Inform List
- Press release by media committee 
A) Press Release by Media Committee
    -Press conference
B) Email to GPCA membership for whom we have emails, including
    - list of legislative demands
    - how to contact their legislators
    - how to contact their county parties to work collectively with other nearby Greens
    - including fundraising appeal/link (authorized by Finance Committee)
C) Other actions
- Individual and organizational letters of support to legislators and letters to the editor;
- group visits to legislators and lobbying days;
- coalition building with community groups;
- presentations to city councils and county supervisors seeking endorsements;
- actions to gain media attention such as demonstrations, submissions of letters, endorsements, etc.
fundraise for AD?
approve all actions, including immediate steps
draft statement thatwill be paid add in Sacto bee and consider second paid ad in future
put demands on web site
sned list to inform list
ask media committee to start drafting press release
add something about addvertising in principle approved by cost of add and text of 
Maxine - add in SACTO BEE?
press conf with elected greens in sacto? 
hand demands to each legislator - theatrical and could attrack media
could find a dem legislator that would attend legislator
create on-line petition:
go with universal health care


13) Review of GPCA Two-Year Strategic Plan to be presented by CC to Summer General Assembly 
Reviewed what happened and didn't happen in 2012 with FY2012-2014 Strategic Plan, from notes sent to the CC list before the meeting
Disscused how timing might change for internal election deadlines in 2013 from the FY2013-2014 calendar and agreed there remains flexiblity.
Discussed having an additional CC teleconference in February to discuss in more depth.



14) Review and amend Personnel Policy (Feinstein)

Discussion of type of changes that should be made to the Personnel Policy. Suggestions included making a clear separation from contract and employee hiring and restricting hires to GPCA members. Feinstein will take these suggestions and the CC's amendment to the Personnel Policy from January 2012 and prepare a revised document for CC consideration.


15) Update on GPCA elections code and laws affecting GPCA ballot status and county council elections (Feinstein)
Working to secure legislative sponsor for elections code. No sign that law will change to bring back state run county council elections for 2014.  Reported on efforts to oppose a primary vote test and to support a lowering of the voter threshold for party qualification.


- End of Meeting -