Coordinating Committee on-line vote minutes March 6-7, Certification of Solano County Green Party

Subject/Title:  Certification of Solano County Green Party

Sponsor: Alex Shantz
Background and Purpose: 
On March 6th the Solano County Green Party held a general meeting open to all registered Greens in Solano County. The meeting was announced 21 days in advanced through an SCGP email list used by the previous county council and the GPCA nation builder. At this general meeting bylaws were approved, at least one registered Solano County Green was elected to the county council, a delegate was elected to the standing general assembly, and officers were elected from the county council. 
This is all in compliance with the following applicable GPCA bylaws: 
Section 6-6 Appointments to Vacancies in Counties In Which No County Council members were elected in the primary election
6-6.1 The recognized or newly forming county organization must hold a General Meeting open to all registered Greens in the county. The meeting organizers shall work with the Coordinating committee to ensure that the meeting date, time and location is publicized as widely as possible to all Greens in the county, at least 21 days before the meeting.
6-6.2 To make an appointment at this General Meeting, the County Organization must already have bylaws as specified in 5-1.1., or must them adopt at the General Meeting.
6-6.2 For decisions to be valid at this General Meeting, in counties in which where these is not a recognized County Organization, the number of registered GPCA members in the county that must attend the meeting, must be at least three. In counties where there is an active County Organization, the number shall be equal to that would be necessary to sign nomination signatures to appear on the County Council ballot in that county.
6-6.3 The General Meeting must appoint at least one member to the County Council. Only registered Green Party members in the county are eligible for appointment. The county organization shall forward minutes of the meeting to the Coordinating Committee.
6-6.4 Once the Coordinating Committee has certified that the County Organization is recognized under 5-1, it shall review the minutes of the County Council election and certify the new County Council, unless there is clear evidence that the Council was elected in conflict with that County Organization's bylaws. Any decision by the Coordinating Committee not to certify may be appealed by that County Organization to the General Assembly and shall require a 2/3 vote to certify. If an in-person General Assembly is scheduled to occur within 60 days of the receipt of the petition, the Coordinating Committee shall place the vote on the draft agenda, and any agenda approved by the General Assembly must include the vote. If an in-person General Assembly is not scheduled to occur within 60 days of the receipt of the petition, the Coordinating Committee shall submit the petition for a discussion and vote of the Standing General Assembly at the next available starting date for on-line proposals, as defined in these bylaws.
Here are the minutes from the meeting:
Solano County Green Party
General Meeting Agenda
March 6th 2013
617 Marin St, Vallejo, CA
1. Roll Call/Introductions
Jena Goodman facilitated the meeting. Alex Shantz took notes.  
Meeting started at 7:07PM.
Antonio Padilla, Jena Goodman, Ruscal Cayangyang , Alex Shantz (Napa County), Kevin Hume (Not a registered Green) 
2. Approval of Agenda
Agenda was approved by consensus 
3. Open Forum/Announcements
No announcements         
4. Adopt the Bylaws
SCGP bylaws were adapted by consensus. These bylaws can be found on the GPCA website in the county bylaw section.  
5. Appointment of Members to Steering Committee (up to 14 Positions) 7 members at large, 7 members on the County Council
Antonio Padilla, Jena Goodman, and Ruscal Cayangyang were appointed to the county council by consensus. 
6.Election of Officers to the Solano County Green Party
        -From Steering Committee
            Chair- Jena Goodman was elected chair by consensus. 
            Secretary- Ruscal Cayangyang was elected secretary by consensus
        -Treasurer (any registered Solano County Green Party member)
No treasurer was elected at this meeting.          
        -SGA (standing general assembly) Delegate 
Antonio Padilla was elected SGA delegate by consensus 
7. SCGP press release to announce reactivation of party
Press release will be revised by Jena Goodman and submitted to the steering committee and for approved by Friday at 5pm.  
8. Discuss Future Meeting dates (Once a month meetings)
It was agreed that meetings would be held the first Wednesday of the month at 7PM at 617 Marin St, Vallejo, CA
Proposal (Shantz): T
hat GPCA CC certify the Solano County Green Party.
48 hour vote. 
-GPCA bylaws Section 6-6 Appointments to Vacancies in Counties In Which No County Council members were elected in the primary election
-SCGP March 6th, 2013 minutes 


Yes (14): Ashley, Asrir, Bernstein, Brashares, Daniel, Everette, Feinstein, Hermanson, Karlik, Laidman, Leslie, Santiago, Shantz, Sinnott,  

No (0)
Abstain (1)
Proposal passes 14-0-1