Coordinating Committee minutes, June 3, 2013

Coordinating Committee members present (10): Victoria Ashley (East Bay), Cindy Asrir (Silicon Valley), Marla Bernstein (at-large), Maxine Daniel (at-large), Sanda Everette (at-large), Mike Feinstein (Los Angeles), Sasha Karlik (at-large), Tim Laidman (at-large), Alex Shantz (North Bay), Lauren Sinott (at-large)

Coordinating Committee members not-present (3): June Brashares (at-large), Dave Heller (at-large),  Matt Leslie (Orange/Riverside/San Bernardino), 

Invited guest: Quorum: Quorum reached at 7:39 with 7/13 present: Victoria Ashley (East Bay), Cindy Asrir (Silicon Valley),  Maxine Daniel (at-large), Sanda Everette (at-large), Mike Feinstein (Los Angeles),  Tim Laidman (at-large), Alex Shantz (North Bay)

Karlik joined call at 7:42
Bernstein joined call at 7:53
Sinott joined the call at 8:15pm
2) Roles
Facilitator: Alex Shantz
Minutes taker: Mike Feinstein
Time keeper: Maxine Daniel
Vibes Watcher:  Tim Laidman 

3) Approval of Agenda

Since there were no items submitted by the two-week deadline, the entire agenda below needed approval by 2/3.


Proposal (Shantz): That the agenda as below is approved

Approved by consensus

4) Approve minutes (five minutes or less) (simple majority vote)

- Decision: Approve minutes, CC meeting, May 6th , 2013
Approved by consensus

5) Decision: Approve dates/site for winter General Assembly (Shantz) 

Proposal: That if the Green Party of Sacramento County offers to host the upcoming General Assembly after they hold their next County Council meeting, the Coordinating Committee will make the proposal to the Napa General Assembly the Sacramento be the next host.
Approved by consensus
Bernstein joined call at 7:53

6) Decision: Amendment to Proposal #28 -  Bylaws amendment: Errata in Articles 6, 7, 8, 10 and 13  (Feinstein)

Proposal:  That 9-2 Coordinators shall be amended to add the following language "Elected coordinators shall take office upon confirmation by the General Assembly and shall serve for two years in staggered terms. " so as to read 
"Each committee shall have two co-coordinators. Elected coordinators shall take office upon confirmation by the General Assembly and shall serve for two years in staggered terms. Co-coordinators shall be responsible for preparing and announcing the draft agenda for committee meetings, to submit annual work plans and budgets on behalf of the committee and otherwise represent the committee in official communications with other committees, working groups and the General Assembly."
and that the following sentence be added at the end of 8-4.5
"Not withstanding the above, for 2013 only, there shall be a separate, one-time election for male and for female seats, combining unfilled two-year seats in the election, and the remainder of one-year seats not previously scheduled for election until 2014, where the top vote getter(s) will fill the two-year seats and the others will fill the one-year seats."
Approved by consensus

Sinott joined the call at 8:15pm
7) Decision: Pick Facilitators for Napa General Assembly (Feinstein)
Sponsor: Mike Feinstein
Proposal (Shantz):

Saturday morning: Alex Shantz, Laura Wells

Saturday early afternoon: Peggy Koteen, Susan Chunco
Saturday late afternoon: Woody Hastings
Sunday morning: Warner Bloomberg, Sanda Everette
Sunday afternoon: Greg Jan
Approved by consensus

8) Decision: Green Party of California and Peace and Freedom Party Joint meeting 

Proposal (Shantz): That the GPCA CC set up a meeting with the CC and representatives from Peace and Freedom and Libertarian Party on Sunday, June 23rd in Napa, along with leadership of the CCWG, at location to be determined.  Each participating party would have a facilitator.

Approved by consensus

9) Discussion: Independent Contractors and GPCA FY2013-2014 budget (Feinstein)

Discussion and various scenarios were explored in relationship to the FY2013-2014 budget and its potential shortfall. 

10) Discussion: Status of Stein campaign data base (Everette, Feinstein)

Everette gave an update on progress towards obtaining the information from the GPUS. Scenarios were discussed regarding reciprocal exchanges between the GPCA and the GPUS.

11) Discussion: Developing specifications for conduction County Council elections (Feinstein)

Feinstein gave clarification about and asked for input on draft specifications presented in writing to the CC.


11) Report: Treasurer (Barnett) 

12) Report: Standing committees
Reports were heard from Bylaws, Clearinghouse, Finance and Media
A) Bylaws (Ashley)
B) Clearinghouse (Feinstein)
C) Finance (Laidman) 
D) Media (Everette) 
E) Platform (vacant) 

13) Report: Working Groups 
Reports were heard from Campaigns & Candidates, Green Issues and Grassroots Organizing
Campaigns and Candidates (Leslie)
Electoral Reform (vacant)
Green Issues (Laidman) 
Grassroots Organizing (Shantz)