Coordinating Committee Minutes, January 6, 2014

Coordinating Committee members present (13): Victoria Ashley, ​Cindy Asrir, Marla Bernstein, Maxine DanielSanda EveretteMike FeinsteinParker JeanTim LaidmanJesse MoormanShamako Noble, Alex ShantzCandice Yamaguchi, Rich Zitola

Coordinating Committee members not-present (3): June Brashares, Margaret GarciaSasha Karlik

Invited Guest (1) : Doug Barnett, GPCA Treasurer 

Quorum: Quorum reached at 7:36 with ten present: Victoria Ashley, Marla Bernstein, Maxine Daniel, Sanda Everette, Mike Feinstein, Parker Jean, Tim Laidman,  Alex Shantz, Candice Yamaguchi, Rich Zitola

Cindy Asrir joined the call at 7:44
Shamako Noble joined the call at 7:47
Jesse Moorman joined the call at 7:48

2) Roles

Facilitator: Alex Shantz
Minutes taker: Mike Feinstein
Time keeper: Maxine Daniel 
Vibes Watcher:  Tim Laidman 
Approved by consensus

3) Approval of Agenda (simple majority vote)

*Items submitted after 14 day deadline
Proposal (Everette): Endorsement of Jill Stein Global Climate Convergence

Approved by consensus

Add three late items in order submitted
Proposal (Stantz) Approval of entire agenda

Approved by consensus


4) Approve minutes  (simple majority vote)
-Decision: Approval minutes, CC meeting,  December 2nd (five minutes)

Approved by consensus at 7:44

5) Appointments: Media Committee

Process Proposal (Shantz): Defer item til later in the call when applicant bios are received

6) Decision: GPCA support common position with Libertarians and Peace and Freedom for legislation to address negative effects of Prop 14 on the state's smaller, ballot qualified parties (Shantz, Zitola, Feinstein)

Proposal (Feinstein, Shantz): That the GPCA support a negotiating position meant to ensure (a) at least an amendment to the CA Election Code that would lower the voter registration threshold to at least 1/3 of 1% of the state's total registration, and if possible (b) add an amendment to the CA Election Code that would add a general election vote test for president of 1/3 of 1%, and to do so (c) without adding a primary election vote test, especially not at the 2% level being suggested by the CA's SoS office.

Process Proposal (Shantz): Add five minutes
Approved by consensus
Process Proposal (Shantz): Add five minutes
Approved by consensus
Process Proposal (Shantz): Extend time to Finish people on stack
Approved by consensus
Return to main proposal 
Approved by consensus

Process Proposal (Shantz): Move to item #12, then return to #7

7) Discussion: Implementation of County Council Election Plan (Feinstein)

Proposal (Feinstein):  That the Council send a message to the GPCA Inform List that owing to the confluence of organizing for the state candidate nomination signature petition drive, at the same time that County Council elections were to be organized, has proved to be an unachievable task with the party's limited resources - financial and human; and therefore the CC will announce a plan after its January 25-26 retreat on an outreach plan to increase membership on existing Councils.

Approved by consensus

8) Discussion:  Review of efforts to identify an attorney to file an amicus brief in Rubin v. Bowen (Feinstein) 

Feinstein reported upon efforts to identify an attorney, which have not yet born fruit.

9) Discussion: Scheduling of 2014 Budget General Assembly


*10) Discussion: Attendance and logistics for CC's annual retreat, January 25-26 in San Mateo (Everette)


2 N

7 Y

3 M


Victoria Ashley  Y​

Cindy Asrir, 

Marla Bernstein,  Y

 Maxine Daniel,  Y, but late on Saturday

Sanda Everette,  Y

Mike Feinstein, Y

Parker Jean, M

Tim Laidman, Y

Jesse Moorman M

Shamako Noble M

 Alex Shantz, Y  


Candice Yamaguchi,  N

Rich Zitola  N


June Brashares, Margaret GarciaSasha Karlik

*11) Decision: Status of SGA Proposal #40 (Laidman, Feinstein) (10 minute) 

Background: Proposal #40 ( is currently before the SGA and scheduled to go to a vote between 1/13 and 1/19.  The proposal is sponsored by the CCWG, but the CCWG has not put forward the arguments against it that we originally anticipated on this, with the intent that we might convince our members to both oppose it AND so that we could write the ballot arguments against it.
Given this, and given that the CCWG won't meet until after the voting concludes, should the item remain before the SGA, or should do the CC pull it and put it before our members during the next SGA round in February/March, when other arguments on it pro/con might be available?
Proposal: That the CC pull the proposal and reschedule it for the February/March SGA

*12) Discussion: Coordinating Committee members responsibilities, functions, and work load (Shantz) 
Process proposal (Shantz): 
Appointment: Parker Jean as Electoral Reform Working Group liason 
Approved by consensus
Appointment: Shamako Noble as Platform Committee liason 
Approved by consensus
-Green Issues Working Group liaison 
-Agenda item submissions 

-Committee and working group recruitment 

#13: Decision: Endorsment of Jill Stein's Global Climate Conversion


13) Report: Treasurer (Barnett) (10 minutes) 

14) Report: Committees (20 minutes) 

A) Bylaws (Ashley)
B) Clearinghouse (Feinstein)
C) Finance (Laidman) 
D) Media (Everette) 
E) Platform (vacant) 
F) Information Technology Committee (Laidman)
G) Campaign Fund Support Committee
E) Fundraising Committee 
15) Report: Working Groups (15 minutes) 
Campaigns and Candidates (Moormon)
Electoral Reform (vacant)
Green Issues (Laidman) 
Grassroots Organizing (Shantz)
Quorum: Quorum reached at 7:58 with nine present: Marla Bernstein, Maxine Daniel, Mike Feinstein, Sasha Karlik, Tim Laidman, Jesse Moorman, Shamako Noble, Alex Shantz, Candice Yamaguchi