Coordinating Committee minutes, May 13, 2016

Coordinating Committee members present (8): Marla Bernstein, Eric Brooks, Maxine Daniel, Sanda Everette, Mike Feinstein, Mike Goldbeck, Tim Laidman, Mimi Newton

Coordinating Committee members not-present (5): Victoria Ashley, Trini Castaneda, Tarik Kanaana, Jessica Montiel, Alex Shantz

Invited Guests (Greens): Doug Barnett, GPCA Treasurer

2) Roles
Facilitator: Sanda Everette
Minutes: Mike Feinstein
Timing: Maxine Daniel
Vibes: Tim Laidman

Approved by consensus

3) Agenda Approval (all items submitted after two week deadline, so 2/3 approval required to add all items) 

Proposal (Everette): Approve agenda as posted below

Approved by consensus

4) Decision: Choosing of Facilitators for GA

Nomination (Everette): Sanda Everette, Tim Laidman for Saturday morning; Greg Jan and Mimi Newton for Saturday afternoon; Eric Brooks and Laura Wells for Sunday 

Approved by consensus

5) Decision: GA Logistics, Food

Proposal (Laidman): That Saturday and Sunday's lunch would be provided from 

Approved by consensus

6) Decision: County Delegate Accreditation 

Proposal (Bernstein): That Bernstein will handle the delegate accreditation check-in and validation 

Approved by consensus

7) Discussion: Bylaws interpretations

Feinstein reported that he could not locate the Coordinating Committee bylaws interpretation that authorized the Spring 2016 SGA to start a week later

8) Discussion: Data Base Project, NB

Feinstein and Laidman reported that Nationbuilder staff has offered to upload new Green registration data that the GPCA county parties receive in the spring of 2016

9) Discussion: Fundraising and Staffing Standing (Newton)

Newton raised the issue of _______ (NEED TEXT HERE)

10)  Executive Session: Legal Matters

The following Coordinating Committee executive session was held under the following Coordinating Committee internal procedures:

Section 3-9 Executive Session

3-9.1 The Coordinating Committee may go into Executive Session only for personnel matters, sensitive legal and financial matters in which the Party itself is involved in actual or potential legal proceedings, sensitive conversations concerning Green candidates or elected officials, and when dealing with proprietary information of vendors and contractors. No other circumstances are appropriate for Executive Session. Only Coordinating Committee members and persons invited by the Coordinating Committee whose participation is necessary to address the agenda item are allowed to participate.

3-9.2 When an item proposed for Executive Session is called on the agenda, it shall first require consensus or a 2/3 vote to enter Executive Session. Once Executive Session has begun, if at least twenty percent of the Coordinating Committee members present believe that the discussion is entering areas that are inappropriate for Executive Session as per 3-9.1, they may ask for a vote and 2/3 is required to remain in Executive Session.

3-9.3 Agenda item for which Executive Session is denied or permission withdrawn as per 3-9.2 may be heard in open session, but only within the limits of what may be discussed outside of Executive Session, as per 3-9.1.

3-9.4 Minutes of all Executive Session shall include the time of entering and exiting Executive Session, those present and a general summary of topics discussed, without including specific information precluded under 3-9.1. Decisions made in Executive Session shall be reported in the Coordinating Committee minutes, subject to any legal limitations on disclosure.

The Coordinating Committee decided by consensus to enter Executive Session.

General summary of topics discussed

The Coordinating Committee discussed the the letter sent to Rich Zitola, regarding his unauthorized download of the GPCA voter registration data base without authorization, and new Coordinating Committee members were briefed upon the background to this issue, the party's practice regarding access to said data base and the potential implications of Zitola's actions.