Coordinating Committee minutes, September 12, 2016

Minutes as approved by consensus (with concerns stood aside) during the December 5th meeting

Coordinating Committee Minutes

September 12th, 2016

7:30PM to 9:30PM

1) Roll call

Coordinating Committee members present (22): Victoria Ashley, Marla Bernstein, June Brashares, Eric Brooks, Trinidad Castaneda, Susan Chunco, Sanda Everette, Mike Feinstein, Mike Goldbeck, Bert Heuer, Tarik Kanaana, Sasha Karlik, Liz Kroboth, Matt Leslie, Ann Menasche, Mike Murphy, Mimi Newton, Ajay Rai, Lynne Sandoval, Laura Wells, Karinna Zarate, Stephen Zollman.

Coordinating Committee members ahsent (2): Alex Shantz, Adia Williams.

Quorum reached at (approximately) 7:38 pm, with twenty-two (22) members present: (see above).

2) Roles

Facilitator: Sanda Everette
Minutes taker: Mike Feinstein Mimi Newton
Time keeper:
Vibes Watcher: Mimi Newton

3) Approval of agenda (10 minutes)

 €‹An amendment is proposed to  start with Item # 7 due to urgency and to move next to Items #8 & #9 immediately thereafter, and then go back to Items #4 through #6 after Item #9.  

An amendment is proposed to add a report on the status of other County Council formations within the State to come right after the discussion regarding the Santa Barbara County Council.

An amendment is proposed to add Item #11 as a discussion item only.

Agenda, as amended, approved by consensus.

4) (formerly Item #7) Appointment: Campaign Funding Support Committee (ten minutes)

Proposal: That the Coordinating Committee appoint two members to the Campaign Funding Support Committee (CFSC).

Volunteers included Laura Wells, Mike Murphy and Karinna Zarate.   As the Coordinating Committee can only appoint 2 volunteers, Mike Murphy withdrew his name from consideration. It was suggested that Mike M. contact Rich Stone, Co-Coordinator of the Campaigns and Candidates Working Group to inquire about a possible appointment to CFSC from that working group.

Recommendation to appoint Laura Wells and Karinna Zarate to the CFSC.  

Recommendation approved by consensus.

5) (formerly Item #8) Report:   Coordinating Committee appointments to Standing Committees (fifteen minutes)

Update from June Brashares regarding the outcome of online appointments to Standing Committees, based on FairVote tallies, as follows:

By-Laws Committee:   Those elected were Victoria Ashley, Michael Goldbeck, Tim Laidman, Mimi Newton, and Laura Wells.

Media Committee:   Those elected were Eric Brooks, Michael Goldbeck, Alex Shantz and Laura Wells.

IT Committee:   Michael Goldbeck was appointed to the IT Committee after an on-line vote.


6) (formerly Item #9) Decision: Certification of Santa Barbara County Council (Feinstein) (ten minutes)

Proposal: Certify the Santa Barbara Green Party County Council.

An amendment is proposed to approve certification of County Council contingent upon minutes coming with the names of all 25 attendees and the list of the votes cast for each candidate.

Proposal, as amended, approved by consensus.


7) Update: Status of Additional County Councils (Brashares)

8) (formerly Item #4) Decision: Approval of Coordinating Committee minutes, July 11, 2016 (Feinstein) (five minutes)

Proposal:   That the minutes of the July 11, 2016 meeting be approved.  

An amendment is proposed to revise the roll call as reflected in the minutes.   The Amendment is not accepted.

In the presence of outstanding concerns, the sponsor chose to go to a vote:




Minutes disapproved.


9) (formerly, Item #5) Decision: Approval of date of next General Assembly (State Meeting Committee) (fifteen minutes)

Proposal: That the weekend of the Ventura General Assembly be November 19/20 and the location be the City of Ventura public library event space in downtown Ventura.

Approved by consensus.

10) (formerly Item #6) Appointment: State Meeting Planning Committee (ten minutes)

Proposal: Appointment of volunteers to the State Meeting Planning Committee.

An amendment is proposed to make the State Meeting Planning Committee a Sub-Committee of the CC and to appoint Trini Castaneda, Tarik Kanana, Ann Menasche, and Stephen Zollman to the sub-committee.

Approved, as amended, by consensus.

11) (formerly Item #10) Decision: Mid-Year Budget Amendment (IT Committee) (fifteen minutes)

Proposal: That the Coordinating Committee approve the statement of findings as follows:

 €œWhereas the ability to reach Green Party members during the Jill Stein for president campaign is a high priority; and

Whereas the ability to email Green Party members is the most inexpensive large-scale way the GPCA can contact its members; and

Whereas the state of California is releasing its first ever list of Green Party members with email address in September 2016; and

Whereas the GPCA must clean the list it gets from the Secretary of State of bad addresses, in order to comply with Nationbuilder €™s policies, with whom the GPCA sends out its email blasts and

Whereas the GPCA can append additional email addresses not contained in the voting registration list of Green Party members by purchasing them from Green Party members; and

Whereas the Jill Stein for president campaign has made $5,000 available to the GPCA for outreach strategies and expenses,

Therefore the GPCA Coordinating Committee authorizes up to $5,000 of the funds from the Jill Stein for President campaign for use by the GPCA IT Committee to clean its Green voter registration list of bad emails and to purchase (append) additional emails of Green Party members, for   use in outreach to GPCA members. €

In the presence of outstanding concerns, the sponsor chose to go to a vote:

Yes (9): Bernstein, Everette, Feinstein, Heuer, Kanaana, Karlik, Leslie, Rai, Zarate

No (9): Ashley, Brooks, Castaneda, Goldbeck, , Kroboth, Menasche, Murphy, Newton, Wells,

Abstain (0):

Call dropped (4): Brashares, Chunco, Sandoval, Zollman

Proposal not approved 9-9-0

No other items were heard because of reaching the end of the time period for the teleconference.

Meeting adjourned 9:30 pm.   

Items not heard:

12) (formerly Item #11) D €‹iscussion: Approval of   amendment to GPCA IT Protocol to establish new Section 4-5 Standing General Assembly (SGA) Email Lists and new Section 4-6 SGA Email List Moderator Compliance and Enforcement (Newton) (twenty minutes)

13) (formerly Item #12) Decision: Amendment of IT-Protocol to expand Inform List Recipients (10 minutes)

14) (formerly Item #13) Discussion: Coordinating Committee members responding to GPCA volunteer inquiries (Feinstein)

15) (formerly Item #14)  €‹Discussion: Amendment of IT-Protocol to establish guidelines for SGA Elections administration (Feinstein) (10 minutes)

16) (formerly Item #15) Decision: Establish a State Bills Sub-Committee of the Coordinating Committee (Feinstein)

17) (formerly Item #16) Decision: Rotating SGA List Administrators & Providing Guidance for CC List Administrators (10 minutes) Brooks

18) (formerly Item #17 €‹) Decision:   Monthly Rotation Of CC Agenda Drafter & Facilitator   (Brooks)