Campaign Funding Support Committee

The Campaign Funding Support Committee (CFSC) has the responsibility to decide what campaign committees shall receive funds from the part of the annual GPCA budget approved for the financial support of GPCA candidates for elected office.

The CFSC also establishes procedures for candidates to apply for funding, including criteria, an application form/questionnaire and application deadlines.

Two members of the CFSC are appointed each by the Campaigns & Candidates Working Group, Coordinating Committee and Finance Committee.

The endorsement procedures of the GPCA, which the CFSC reference, are found here.

2016-2017 Committee members (term July 1 - June 30):

Laura Wells, Oakland (appointed by the Coordinating Committee)
Karinna Zarate, Temecula (appointed by the Coordinating Committee)
Shane Que Hee, Los Angeles (appointed by the Campaigns & Candidates Working Group)
Rich Stone, San Francisco (appointed by the Campaigns & Candidates Working Group)