Campaign Funding Support Committee

The Campaign Funding Support Committee (CFSC) has the responsibility to decide what campaign committees shall receive funds from the part of the annual GPCA budget approved for the financial support of GPCA candidates for elected office (as outlined in the 2013 GPCA bylaws Article 9, section7.

The CFSC also establishes procedures for candidates to apply for funding, including the criteria below, an application form/questionnaire and application deadlines.

Two members of the CFSC are appointed each by the Campaigns & Candidates Working Group, Coordinating Committee and Finance Committee.

The endorsement procedures of the GPCA, which the CFSC reference, are found here.

Campaign Fund Support Criteria (approved September 2006 and 2011)
These are criteria upon which the GPCA bases awarding its campaign fund support.
A) Provide a base level of support to all candidates endorsed either by their county or the state party, for those who were willing to receive such support.
B) Support Incumbents
C) Support Candidates/Campaigns with very good chance of winning
D) Support Candidates running for Statewide Constitutional and Statewide Federal office, who have been endorsed by the GPCA
E) Support Candidates in non-statewide partisan races endorsed by their Counties
F) Candidates in non-partisan races, endorsed by their counties, but less likely to win