Agenda and Minutes - February 6th, 2017

Approved March 6th

Coordinating Committee Agenda/Minutes
February 6th, 2017
7:30PM to 9:30PM

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1)  Roll Call 

Coordinating Committee members present (16):
Victoria Ashley
June Brashares
Eric Brooks
Trinidad Castaneda
Susan Chunco
Mike Goldbeck
Bert Heuer
Tarik Kanaana
Liz Kroboth
Ann Menasche
Mike Murphy
Mimi Newton
Ajay Rai
Laura Wells
Karinna Zarate
Stephen Zollman

Coordinating Committee members not-present (7): 
Marla Bernstein
Sanda Everette
Mike Feinstein
Sasha Karlik
Matt Leslie
Lynne Sandoval
Alex Shantz

Note:  Lynne, Sanda and Marla each sent e-mail messages to the CC indicating their respective inabilities to attend in advance of the meeting.

Observer: Wanda Jean Lord, Kern County Greens

Quorum at 7:38 pm with sixteen members present:  Victoria Ashley, June Brashares, Eric Brooks, Trinidad Castaneda, Susan Chunco, Mike Goldbeck, Bert Heuer, Tarik Kanaana, Liz Kroboth, Ann Menasche, Mike Murphy, Mimi Newton, Ajay Rai, Laura Wells, Karinna Zarate, and Stephen Zollman. 

2) Roles (. See Addendum C for an example.

Laura recommends we keep the momentum going in each of the Committees and Working Groups by asking the liaisons to send via email written reports to the CC at least 3 days before the CC meeting.  She raised the issue of whether they should be €œapproved€ or not, but recommended that the reports include dates, attendees, the date and time of next meeting, and any other important issues. 

A discussion ensued regarding €œapproval€ of the reports and how organize the process so that it is relatively easy to do without being a burden to the liaisons. 

A proposal is made that we would approve reports the way we approve minutes.  So, just in case there is some €œcrazy stuff€ in a report, we can review and reject it after the fact.

A suggestion was made that reminders that reports are due to the CC liaisons could be helpful.

There are no outstanding questions or concerns.

Approved by consensus.

*** Item 15 was then taken up, per the amended, approved agenda. ***

15) Decision: Accounting of All GPCA Electronic Access & Administration Permissions

Proposal: The Coordinating Committee calls on the IT Committee to provide a full roster of all persons who have any passwords or permissions to administer, moderate and/or monitor any GPCA web sites, email lists, social media, NationBuilder, other databases, web document archives, and any other electronic media not open to full public access (with the exception of simple email list membership - for example it is not necessary to provide in the roster SGA email list members, but we do need to account for all administrators and moderators of all email lists). The IT Committee is to include in the roster, all permissions of all types granted to each person on the roster. It would be preferable to get the roster in a spreadsheet format.

Sponsor: Eric Brooks

Background and Purpose: The purpose for this action is to get a full accounting of all people with access permissions and passwords, identify any who should be removed from such access, identify roles for such access that are either not being fully filled (or alternatively are overfilled), and to better facilitate the Coordinating Committee granting orderly access permissions and passwords to Green Party officials and volunteers who need that access to fulfill their Party duties and functions.

A discussion was had regarding the basis for request in terms of what is and is not happening in a timely fashion and we need a full list get it in front of us and review it and it might help fill in gaps in terms of who is available to do things.  There are some old names on some of the lists of administrators that aren€™t with the party anymore.  Some people are listed as administrators who have no access or permission to manage the pages for which they are listed.  There was a discussion regarding the need for a volunteer on the IT Committee to do the administration of content.  There was a discussion about whether the request for the list included a time limit and it was recommended that Bert and Ajai work behind the scenes and raise the issue at the IT meeting to develop (but not publish any sensitive information from) the requested list at the next month€™s CC Meeting.

There are no outstanding questions or concerns.

Approved by consensus.
*** Item 17 was then taken up, per the amended, approved agenda. ***

17) Discussion: Treasurers Report, Committee and Working Group Reports

Sponsor: Bert Heuer
Detail: If Doug wishes, he can submit his Treasurer's Report via email w/o making an appearance (this because telephone communication is somewhat problematic). Discussion of any committee or working group "news" will be as time allows.
References: See Addendum C.

Vic reported that the Treasurer transmitted a link to the Party€™s Report Form 460, filed with FPPC and indicated that the FEC semi-annual report was mailed. 

There was a discussion about whether the CC has a response to the request for the Treasurer to affirm that he is personal liable for the fine levied by the Secretary of State€™s office.  Mike M. reported that the Treasurer did send his response and communication from the State but that it did not include an affirmation of the Treasurer€™s personal responsibility for the fine.  Bert asked that Mike forward that information to the CC.

No other reports were made.

No action taken.

*** Item 10 was then taken up, per the amended, approved agenda. ***

10) Decision: Increase FY 2016-2017 Budget by $500 for CCWG - CFSC support funds to candidates

Proposal: Increase the Budget for fiscal year 2016-2017 by $500 to enable CFSC to allocate funds to Green candidates in elections taking place before June 30, 2017, for amounts of up to $100 per candidate.

Sponsor: June Brashares (5 minutes)

Background and Purpose: The CCWG and CFSC has allocated/spent all the funds that had been in the budget for the CFSC for fiscal year 2016-2017. There are candidates that need support in upcoming elections before the new fiscal year.  On the CCWG call on Jan 26th, we had consensus on a proposal that the CCWG request a budget increase of $500 for this fiscal year (July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017), to support candidates in elections taking place before June 30, 2017, to enable CFSC to allocate funds to candidates in amounts up to $100 per candidate.  The CC is being asked to address this because of the time urgency as there are already at least two candidates declared for the spring elections

Implementation/Timeline/Resources: CC to approve budget increase Feb. 6, CFSC use CFSC process asap (definitely before date of election) to determine distribution of funds to candidates, (up to $100 per candidate). CFSC sends decisions to Treasurer & copy CC Co-Cos to sign off for checks to be sent up to Total of $500. Completed before July 1, 2017.  References:  See Addendum A (below).

June reported that candidates are running now and that this request is for the CFSC to determine whether to fund up to $100 to each candidate.  It€™s not a big €œask€ but it could help to get the system running to be more responsive to candidates in the future.  A separate budget would be involved in 207-2018.

The following questions were asked:

How much money was allocated in 2016-2017?

Have any checks been sent to candidates who ran in Nov. 2016?

There was a general discussion of some 6 or 7 candidates given various amounts, the lack of a space on the Treasurer€™s questionnaire for the candidate€™s FPPC numbers, the candidates for the primary versus the general elections, whether there were funds in the budget available to allow the increase, the fact that there is an understanding that there is money in the Treasury now to pay the $500 but that the candidate applications would need to be submitted and the Treasurer would have to cut the checks.  Laura indicated that the CFSC would like to get a report regarding how much money was in the budget and how much was allocated and whether any checks have been sent out.

There were no outstanding questions. 

Laura has outstanding concerns and restated her request that the CFSC be provided a report regarding how much money was in the budget and how much was allocated and whether any checks have been sent out.  However, Laura is willing to stand aside.

There are no other outstanding concerns.

Approved by consensus.
*** Item 14 was then taken up, per the amended, approved agenda. ***

14) Decision: Endorse the Movement for Black Lives Platform

Proposal: That the Green Party of California endorse the Movement for Black Lives platform, and that this endorsement be validated at the General Assembly in March, 2017.
Sponsor: Liz Kroboth

Background and Purpose: Developed collaboratively by 50+ Black-led organizations across the nation, the Movement for Black Lives platform lays out a comprehensive, progressive agenda for promoting racial justice that strongly aligns with GPCA positions. For example, the platform calls for public financing of elections; divesting from fossil fuels; promoting economic cooperatives; restructuring tax codes to promote wealth redistribution; universal healthcare; ending the school-to-prison pipeline; and community control of police departments.  While there may be numerous policy platforms the Green Party can find alignment with, the Movement for Black Lives platform provides a distinctive opportunity to support and hold up the work of Black leadership and to take a strong stand against the social injustice borne disproportionately by Black populations in the U.S.  The Movement for Black Lives is seeking endorsers of their platform. Endorsement reflects support of their forty policy demands (i.e., numbered items under each of the six demand areas at [Endorsement does not imply support of policy briefs accompanying the demands.]  Over 50 other organizations have already endorsed the platform, including the Center for Constitutional Rights, Jobs with Justice, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Democratic Socialists of America, and the National Lawyer's Guild.
Implementation/Timeline/Resources: Ideally, endorse as soon as possible.

There was a general discussion regarding the Movement for Black Lives platform, developed from large coalition across the country and how many of these items correspond incredibly well with Green Party values.  Further discussion ensured regarding an endorsement would mean that the Movement for Black Lives would post our endorsement on their website.

There were no outstanding questions or concerns.

Approved by consensus.

*** Item 18 was then taken up, per the amended, approved agenda. ***

18) Condemnation of Violence at UC Berkeley on February 1, 2017

SPONSOR: Mike Goldbeck
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE:  Since the second Key Value of the GPCA is Non-Violence and states: How can we develop effective alternatives to our current patterns of violence at all levels, from the family and the street to nations and the world? How can we eliminate nuclear weapons from the face of the Earth without being naive about the intentions of other governments?  How can we most constructively use nonviolent methods to oppose practices and policies with which we disagree, and in the process reduce the atmosphere of polarization and selfishness that is itself a source of violence? And since the protest at UC Berkeley on February 1, 2017 was a violent protest by progressives of an opposition political entity which resulted in the cancellation of a scheduled talk by a political figure,  And since affirming the GPCA's stance against violence will enhance the GPCA's stature among all Americans who support non-violent protests, And since remaining silent on this issue will give support to those who support violent protests, It is Proposed:

That the Green Party of California Media Committee put out a media release, as soon as possible, and as widely as possible, which includes the following:
Condemnation of the violence at the UC Berkeley protest against the scheduled Milo Yiannopoulos event,
Condemnation of the stand down order to the 100 SWAT team members who were present inside the building where the riot took place but took no action to stop the lawlessness activity of rioting, violent protestors.

Implementation/Timeline/Resources: Media Committee: ASAP

References: GPCA Ten Key Values.

* * *
The timekeeper asked if we want to add 5 more minutes to the agenda as we were approaching the 9:30 pm mark to end the meeting.  A proposal was made to put this item to the CC via an Online Discussion to be followed by a vote as Mike G. had suggested at the beginning of the meeting.

A discussion ensued about the potential ramifications and the negatives of having an online discussion about the issue for a variety of reasons.   Trini reported that the Young Greens had discussed the matter on their own call and decided that they will be maintaining non-violence for themselves.  There were suggestions to let the Young Greens lead the rest of the State Party on this issue.

No action was taken on this item as the meeting ran out of time.

--- Meeting adjourned at 9:30

========================= Addendum A ================================
Excerpt from "Notes from the Jan 26, 2017 meeting of CCWG"

3. Funds needed for candidates before end of fiscal year (March elections etc)
It was noted that Rep. Xavier Becerra appointment to be CA Attorney General leaves an open seat in CA-34.
Known Green candidates for Spring 2017 include:
* Jessica Salans, City Council, District 13, Los Angeles (Los Angeles County) - March 7 primary election (6 candidates for 1 seat)
* Tyler Morrison, City Council, South Gate (Los Angeles County) - March 7 election (9 candidates for 2 seats)
More candidates may come forward. Updated info should be posted on website at:
Funds from the Budget for this current fiscal year have been spent.
$500 recently allocated to Nov 2016 candidates by CCSC. Current budget is 0
Need to increase funds in budget to support candidates for spring 2017.

========================= Addendum B ================================
Wanda Jean Lord's application letter

From: Wanda Jean Lord
Date: January 23 2017

Dear Coordinating Committee Members of the Green Party of California (GPCA),

Please accept this email as my letter of interest & qualifications to serve on the GPCA's Fundraising Committee.  As a Green Party member and co-founder of the Kern County Council of the Green Party of California I have a sincere desire to increase the financial and other resources needed to allow our work to thrive so that coming generations may live on a healthy planet within just, green and sustainable economies.  Since registering as a Green in 2016 I have found that the Ten Key Values of the Green Party match exactly with my own values, personally and professionally, as evidenced over the last 20+ years of my work.

My fundraising experience stems from Tribal College studies in Native American Community Service Development followed with Graduate studies in a Masters of Science program in Community Economic Development at Southeastern New Hampshire University. These two areas of focus combine then to create a manner of understanding the healthy relationships of our youth, adults and elders to our Earth and our impacts upon her - with best practices in business and nonprofit management.  I have worked at the national level in Washington DC, and nationally, regionally and locally building coalitions and programs tribally, inter-tribally and between donors, foundations and mainstream public entities. Over the last 20+ years I have raised funds ranging from a few thousand dollars to over $12.7Million per project, and ranging from health initiatives to human services, community economic development, elders centers, domestic violence shelters, education, housing, environment, arts/culture and media, to community facilities construction development.

Living now in Kern County California - where their arguably is no worse air quality in the entire nation and where the drinking water can give you cancer - there is no greater need to my mind now than the healing of our environment.  That is the primary reason I am a Green Party member - and that is the primary reason I am interested in assisting the Green Party have the money, relationships and infrastructure it needs to increase the successful impacts of our work together.

More info on me and the work I do can be found at my linkedin profile here:

Wanda Jean Lord

Wanda Jean Lord
Principal Consultant
Member Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP)
Member Native Americans In Philanthropy (NAP)
Kern County Council of the Green Party of California
211 La Colina Drive  Bakersfield  CA 93305
Cell: 661 348 2926

========================= Addendum C ================================
GROW report for cc meeting on 2/6/17

Grassroots Organizing Working Group
* Met via teleconference, Tuesday, 1/24/16, 7:30 pm
* Attendees:  co-coordinator Mike Goldbeck (San Diego); CC liaison Laura Wells (Alameda); Gary Cook (Riverside); Richard Gomez (Fresno); Brian Good (Santa Clara); John Schmit (Stanislaus);

* Agenda included:
    -  Visibility at upcoming rallies; banners; other materials;
    -  Activated counties; 7 activated or re-activated in the past 6 months; 2 more in process; about half of 58 counties in CA are now active
    -  Possible publication to share insights and inspirations among the counties
    -  Confirmed CC liaison Laura Wells as a co-coordinator of the GROW working group.

* Next meeting: 4th Tuesday, 2/28/17, 7:30 pm