Agenda and Minutes - May 1, 2017

Approved June 5, 2017 by consensus


May 1st, 2017
7:30PM to 9:30PM

(01) Roll call

        Current Members (20, quorum is a majority, a.k.a. 11):

Victoria Ashley
Marla Bernstein
June Brashares
Eric Brooks
Trinidad Castaneda
Susan Chunco
Sanda Everette
Mike Feinstein
Mike Goldbeck
Bert Heuer, Co-Coordinator
Tarik Kanaana
Liz Kroboth
Ann Menasche
Mike Murphy
Mimi Newton
Ajay Rai
Lynne Sandoval
Laura Wells
Karinna Zarate
Stephen Zollman

        Members Present  (16):

Victoria Ashley
June Brashares
Marla Bernstein
Eric Brooks
Trinidad Castaneda
Susan Chunco
Sanda Everette
Mike Feinstein
Mike Goldbeck
Bert Heuer
Tarik Kanaana
Liz Kroboth
Ann Menasche
Mike Murphy
Mimi Newton
Laura Wells

Karinna Zarate joined late (time unknown)

        Members Absent  (3):
Ajay Rai
Lynne Sandoval
Stephen Zollman

Quorum was reached at 7:35pm

(02) Roles

    Facilitator: Bert Heuer
  Minutes taker: Mike Murphy
    Time keeper: Susan Chunco
  Vibes Watcher: Tarik Kanaana

(03) Approval of agenda

*Proposal A*: approve existing agenda

*Actions*: Mike Feinstein suggested reordering the agenda. A number of items were discussed as to their sponsorship and whether or not they should be discussion or decision items. 
The agenda was reordered.

*Proposal B*: Mike Feinstein has requested we add a late agenda item (labelled #16L in the draft agenda)
*Discussion*: Point of information, at last month' meeting the proposal that agenda items may be made up to one week prior to the meeting date, passed. (Eric Brooks, Bert Heuer.)

Concerns and affirmations were heard for this Proposal.

*Action*: Vote on adding late agenda item as suggested by Facilitator 16 voting, 8 yes, 3 no, 5 abstaining. Proposal passed.

(04) Decision: Approval of April 3rd minutes,

Sponsor: Bert Heuer
Proposal: Approve the minutes for the April 3rd meeting as recorded by
Bert Heuer

*Action*: Mike F. abstained. Approved by consensus.

(05) Decision: Certify Nevada County (5 minutes)

*Sponsor*: Laura Wells
*Background and Purpose*:

MEETING MINUTES of two recent Nevada County Green Party meetings, on 4/12/17 and 3/18/17, as well as an earlier meeting on 10/12/16 - were attached to the agenda request.  These can be made available as needed. The County Council members and SGA (Standing General Assembly) delegates are listed below.

The following Green Party members were elected as County Councillors:
    * Ben Emery
    * Beth Moore
    * Carmen Mateo
    * Michael Gaboury
    * Nicole Raglin
    * Pamela Osgood
    * Susan Roberts-Emery

The following were appointed as SGA delegates
    * Michael Gaboury
    * Susan Roberts-Emery

BYLAWS are listed on County Bylaws page, and found at this link:

*Action*: Nevada County GP Certified by consensus.


(06) Decision: Clearinghouse Committee Membership (5 minutes)

*Sponsor*: Laura Wells
*Background and Purpose*: The Clearinghouse Committee is a Standing Committee that can have 8 appointed members. There are now three vacancies (four counting Mica's seat), and so there are spots for these three applicants. All three attended the Bakersfield General Assembly in March, and have been active before and since. Mica has been a steady contributing member of the Clearinghouse Committee and is applying to remain a member. Nassim and Brian have produced high quality materials and participated actively in Santa Clara County and beyond.
*Proposal*: Re-appoint Mica (Maxine) Daniel (Alameda County), and appoint Nassim Nouri (Santa Clara County) and Brian Good (Santa Clara County) to the Clearinghouse Committee
*References*: See Addendum A..C

*Action*: Reappointment and appointments were approved by consensus.


(07) Discussion/Decision: Report from General Assembly Planning Committee (10

*Sponsor*: Tarik Kanaana (for the GA Planning Committee)
*Proposal* The Coordinating Committee extends an invitation to Gayle McLaughlin and Juan Reardon of the Richmond Progressive Alliance to present at the Sacramento GA, June 17th and 18th.

From Article XI (CC internal procedures): Attendance at GPCA General Assemblies

The only non-party individuals who may attend shall be those invited by the Coordinating Committee, either at its own initiative or at the recommendation of other party committees, working groups or county party organizations, for purposes pertinent to the business of the GPCA.

Excerpt of a communication with Juan:

  I am very happy about the resurgence of the GPCA and elsewhere. America/the world needs a strong GP. ...and we need a lot of other things that are not easy to come and must find the way.

Both Gayle and I are Green Values to the core and want the GP to succeed.

I think that if we are received with respect and with a sisterhood-brotherhood embrace even if not registered GP now (we are NPP) we will be very happy to describe the Richmond Progressive Alliance work in Richmond, our model, and successes and difficulties.

Gayle McLaughlin should be the main presenter and I can fill in with a few points as it may be needed.

We have been and will continue to present our story and share our experience and encourage people throughout the state to build local grassroots alliances for political power that are corporate-free, inclusive, diverse, year-round and organizing through elections and coalition building.

The initial work and much of the leadership of the RPA for years was done by Richmond Greens, and the accomplishments achieved by the RPA and Gayle in office have, we hope, reflected well on the GPCA.

We are in fluid times and we need a grand alliance of all progressive forces .

Gayle just confirmed she also can participate that weekend. We'll see what day is best for you and us.


Proposal: Invite Gayle McLaughlin and Juan Reardon to Sacramento GA . Affirmations were heard. The proposal passed by consensus.
Additional proposal: Discussion on the preliminary draft agenda to begin on Tues., May 2nd and that agenda will be voted on on May 8. The proposal passed by consensus.   


(08) Decision: Amend Coordinating Committee Internal Procedures regarding
Attendance at General Assemblies (10 minutes)

*Sponsor*: Laura Wells
*Background and Purpose*:

In the past, as can be seen by this section of the GPCA Bylaws from 12-3-2011, attendance at the General Assembly was in the purview of the state bylaws, not the internal procedures of the Coordinating Committee

5-5 Guests & Observers
5-5.1 Open meetings
  General Assembly meetings are public and open to observers.
5-5.2 Observer registration and identification
  a) Guests and Green Party Observers shall register with the host
committee/door keepers.
  b) For purposes of identification by the facilitation team,
delegates, Green Party observers and guests shall wear different colored
name badges.


That the Coordinating Committee strike Article XI of the Coordinating Committee Internal Procedures, and call on the Bylaws Committee to prepare a Bylaws Amendment that will establish a clear policy that is more open to outsiders while still ensuring that General Assembly decision making can be done in a smooth and timely manner. This policy should encourage County Delegates, Party Officers and members of the Coordinating Committee and co-coordinators of party Standing Committees and Working Groups to register early in order to ensure their ability to attend.

*Implementation/Timeline/Resources*: This proposal should be implemented



Article XI: Attendance at GPCA General Assemblies

GPCA General Assemblies shall be open to attendance with first preference to County Delegates, Party Officers and members of the Coordinating Committee and co-coordinators of party Standing Committees and Working Groups; with a second preference to other GPCA members, space-permitting, who will also pay the registration fee. The only non-party individuals who may attend shall be those invited by the Coordinating Committee, either at its own initiative or at the recommendation of other party committees, working groups or county party organizations, for purposes pertinent to the business of the GPCA.


(Entire Article XI is deleted. No re-numbering is necessary since it was
the last article.)

*Action*: Mike Feinstein, Sanda, Bert, Tarik indicated outstanding concerns. Vote on the proposal recorded as 9 yes, 7 no,
decision deferred pending rules interpretation.

(16L) Decision: Bylaws Interpretation: Timing of May/June 2017 SGA,
Delegates, Alternates (four parts, single proposal) (20 minutes)

*Sponsor:* Mike Feinstein


GPCA Bylaws Section 13-3 Bylaws Interpretation states: "In cases of ambiguity or procedural disagreement, the General Assembly shall decide for itself the meaning of its governing documents, the appropriate procedure to be followed and what amendments are necessary to resolve any further ambiguity or disagreement. Between General Assembly meetings, the Coordinating Committee shall decide these questions. (

Three issues have arisen that create such ambiguity.  First, the inability to share information via GPCA email lists, as is regularly practiced.  Second, a heavier than expected administrative work load in handling applications, including many applications sent in a problematic format.  Third, that the number of GPUS Delegates the GPCA is allotted may be altered by the GPUS after the GPCA takes its vote.

In response, this Bylaws Interpretation is submitted justifying a later SGA starting date than that provided for in the GPCA bylaws, and a potentially different number of GPUS Delegates elected, depending upon a future GPUS apportionment later this summer.


That the Coordinating Committee approve the following bylaws interpretation under the authority granted to it under GPCA Bylaws 13-3 and then submit it to the May/June 2017 Standing General Assembly for approval as provided by Bylaws 13-3.

PART I - GPUS Delegation

Whereas the GPCA's timeline for Standing General Assembly applications, discussion and voting is based upon predictable communications via the GPCA's email lists, web pages, voting pages and the GPCA Inform list; and

Whereas in April 2017, the GPCA's switch to Liquid Web hosting services destabilized the GPCA's email lists, meaning information normally sent to those lists did not get sent; and

Whereas traditional GPCA practice has been to disseminate during the application period, the SGA voting page links on which the CC and GPUS Delegation elections would be held, showing which candidates have applied up to that point, providing that information to potential applicants; and

Whereas during April 2017 because of the GPCA's email list problems, these links and this information was not able to be made widely available; and

Whereas in the past GPCA members used this information to decide whether to run for GPUS Delegate or Alternate; and

Whereas in April 2017 an unprecedented number of applications for were received for  GPUS Delegation (21 for 13 seats ), while fewer applications were received than seats for GPUS Delegation Alternate (eight for 12 seats); and

Whereas if elections were held under this set of applications, only a total of 21 members could be elected to the Delegation (13 and 8), whereas if some people running for Delegate chose to run for Alternate, all 25 open seats to the Delegation could be filled (13 and 12);

PART II - Timing of applications revisions before SGA launch

Whereas the GPCA's timeline for Standing General Assembly applications, discussion and voting is based upon predictable communications via the GPCA's email lists, web pages, voting pages and the GPCA Inform list; and

Whereas it is in the interest of all SGA members to have full information available to base their decision-making; and

Whereas an unprecedented number of applications for Coordinating Committee and GPUS Delegation have been sent in this year in the format of an attachment (.pdf, .docx, etc.), including some with formatted in multiple columns;

Whereas the GPCA does not have the volunteer capacity within the SGA co-adminstrators to reformat attachments so that they appear properly on the candidate biography page, meaning several submissions may appear confusing because of their format; and

Whereas to give applicants the opportunity to revise their submissions with proper formatting will require extra time on the part of the applicants to produce and send them, and the co-adminstrators to enter them;

Therefore the GPCA finds that to facilitate these extra administrative steps, that the SGA be moved back one week to start on Monday, May 8

PART III - Timing of SGA launch

Whereas the beginning of GPUS terms for Coordinating Committee and GPUS Delegation end on a June 30th, and the next one begin on a July 1st: and

Whereas GPCA bylaws were designed so that the May/June 2017 SGA would begin on the first Monday of May, in order to conclude elections for these positions by the end of June; and

Whereas in years where there are five Mondays in May instead of the normal four, the SGA could start on the second Monday of May and still conclude before the end of June; and

Whereas by beginning the May/June 2017 SGA on the second Monday of May could allow the needed administrative tasks be completed

Therefore the GPCA finds that applicants who have applied for GPUS Delegation as a Delegate shall be given until midnight Saturday, May 6 to change from Delegate to Alternate, by sending an email message to that effect to; and are asked to do so by Wednesday, May 3 if possible to minimize last minute changes sent to the co-administrators; and

Therefore the GPCA finds that applicants shall be given time to revise their submissions with proper formatting before the SGA launch, by sending an email message to that effect to; and are asked to do so by Wednesday, May 3 if possible to minimize last minute changes sent to the co-administrators; and

Therefore the GPCA finds that to facilitate these extra administrative steps, that the SGA be moved back one week to start on Monday, May 8

PART IV - Delegation seats election

Whereas the GPUS defines how many delegate seats each state party is allotted via its apportionment process; and

Whereas the GPUS is in the process of doing its 2017 apportionment process, but likely won't be complete until perhaps July or August; and

Whereas the number of seats that the GPCA ultimately receives may be different than those being elected by the May/June 2017 SGA:

Whereas in the case of Delegate seats, the GPCA currently has 25 and elected 13 in one year and 12 in another; and

Whereas in 2017 for 13 seats, the GPCA is running for than 13 candidates and is likely to fill all 13 seats; and

Whereas in 2016 for 12 seats, the GPCA filled only 10

Therefore if the number GPCA seats goes down from 25 to 24, then the 12th place finisher in 2017 shall be given one of the two empty seats from 2016, with a term of one year to fill the end of that two year term; and the same shall apply if the GPCA goes down from 25 to 23 seats, that the 13 place finisher in 2017 shall be given the second of two empty seats from 2016, with a term of one year to fill the end of that two year term; and

Whereas its also possible that the number of GPCA seats could go up; and

Whereas anyone not actually elected as a Delegate can be presumed to have the approval of the SGA;

Therefore if the GPCA gains more seats through the GPUS apportionment process than its current allotted 25, then those seats shall be held up for special election to fill the remainder of the two year term from 2017-2019.

*Actions*: Proposal amended by Mike Feinstein.

Parts II and Parts III to be considered as separate with additional language added to Part III, to be voted upon by CC. 
    Vote count: 9 yes, 5 no, 2 abstaining; decision deferred pending rules interpretation.

Parts I and Part IV to be taken to an online vote 1 week discussion, 1 week vote.
    No Decision. Specified meeting time limit was reached.

**The meeting was adjourned 9:32pm. The next scheduled meeting is June 5th.

The following agenda items were not considered due to time limitations.

(XX) Decision: Endorse a Green action at the DNC State Convention on May
19-21, 2017 (3 minutes)

*Sponsor*: Laura Wells
*Proposal*: This is a request for the GPCA to endorse a Green Protest and call for another #DemExit at the California State Democratic Party convention May 19-21 in Sacramento.
*Background and Purpose*: It is expected that Bernie Sanders supporters will experience another disheartening loss when the corporate Democrats "throw Kimberly Ellis under the bus" at their May convention in Sacramento. As Green organizer Erik Rydberg says, "it will be wise for Greens to join the protest and clipboard table for #DemExit and register people as Greens. An Event has already been made with over 50 Greens interested." The Green Party of Humboldt County is expected to endorse this protest officially on Wednesday, April 26. During the #DemExit last summer after the Democratic convention delivered a devastating blow to Bernie Sanders€™ supporters, many talented and persistent organizers to joined the Green Party, and they are in evidence now at the newly (re)activated counties, the Bakersfield General Assembly, and the re-energized GPCA Committees.

Protest Event on Facebook:

3/14/17 Article describing Kimberly Ellis's run for CA Democratic Party

1/19/17 Article shows the hope Bernie Sanders inspired that the
Democratic Party can change to more progressive.

(XX) Decision item: Support SB562 (3 minutes)

*Sponsor*: Mike Murphy
*Background and Purpose*:  The San Francisco Green Party has added its
name to the list of endorsers of SB562. County Council Member, Barry
Hermanson drafted the attached letter which is an accurate description
of the proposed legislation.
*Proposal*: GPCA should take a position supporting SB562 and direct the
Media Committee to immediately send out a press release stating the
GPCA's position and a letter of support to Senator Ricardo Lara.
*Implementation/Timeline/Resources*: Immediate decision item. Empower
Media Committee member (to be determined) to immediately draft and send
press release and correspondence.
*References*: Bill Text - SB-562 The Healthy California Act.

(XX) Decision: Oppose Jordan Cove LNG Export Station (3 minutes)

*Sponsor*: June Brashares (for Humboldt County)
*Purpose and Background*: Humboldt County asked that this be put on the
CC agenda. It is for the GPCA to take a statewide position following the
Green Party of Humboldt County expressing opposition to a proposed LNG
export terminal and associated gas pipeline, and fracking in Oregon and
Northern California.
*Proposal*: GPCA pass a resolution to oppose Jordan Cove LNG Export
Terminal and Pipeline.

The resolution is:

Green Party of California Resolution to Oppose Jordan Cove LNG Export
Terminal and Pipeline

WHEREAS, there is currently a proposed build of a Liquefied Natural Gas
(LNG) terminal in Coos Bay, Oregon and a 230 mile pacific connector
pipeline by Jordan Cove LNG and their parent company Veresen out of Canada;

WHEREAS, use of LNG results in methane emissions. Methane traps heat in
the atmosphere at a rate 86 times greater than Carbon Dioxide;

WHEREAS, these projects will increase the amount of exported fossil fuel
to the Asian markets from the United States and Canada, thus increasing
our commitment to fossil fuel energy for decades and perpetuating the
production of non-renewable energy at the expense of developing &
investing in local renewable energy sources;

WHEREAS, the proposed project would conflict with efforts to promote
increased use of renewable energy;

WHEREAS, the Green Party is recognized as an international leader among
governments in supporting the reduction of greenhouse gases, combating
global warming and investing in renewable energy;

WHEREAS, the Green Party of California's reputation as environmental
leaders in sustainability would be adversely impacted by the approval of
the proposed LNG and pipeline projects;

WHEREAS, the proposed pipelines would cross hundreds streams, rivers and
wetlands. This represents a major threat to riparian habitats critical
for threatened fish, songbirds, amphibians and many other species in
Northern California and Southern Oregon;

WHERE AS, a pipeline placed underneath Native American watersheds such
as the Klamath River, Rogue River and Coos Bay would conflict with the
efforts of the indigenous Tribes of Northern California and Southern
Oregon  who have been working to recover and protect these resources.
These Tribes include the Yurok, Hoopa, Karuk, Modoc and Klamath;

WHERE AS, less than 1/3 of the 3,500 temporary jobs associated with the
construction of the pipeline will be given to citizens of California or
Oregon and none of the projected 200 permanent jobs are required to be
given to citizens of California or Oregon;

WHERE AS, Veresen the Canadian parent company of Jordan Cove LNG stands
to make the majority of profit from the export station and pipeline.
Secondary profit holders come from Companies based out of Texas that
produce fracked gas in Utah, Wisconsin, Colorado, Washington, Oregon and

WHERE AS, rejection of the Jordan Cove LNG Export Terminal would halt
the export of fracked gas out of Canada, Wisconsin, Utah, Colorado,
Washington, Oregon and California, protecting the vital water ways of
California and Oregon and decreasing the production of fracked gas
throughout the country;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Green Party of California
expresses its opposition to the proposed Jordan Cove LNG terminal and
associated pipeline; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Green Party of California encourages
the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission(FERC), California Governor
Jerry Brown, Oregon Governor Kate Brown and the agencies of their State
Governments to do everything in their power not to allow the proposed
Jordan Cove LNG terminal and pipeline in Northern California and
Southern Oregon.

*Implementation/Timeline/Resources*: CC to approve resolution May 1,
2017; Effective immediately; GPCA Media Committee and all entities of
the GPCA, including Counties are requested to whatever extent they are
able to please publicize that GPCA has passed the Resolution, publicize
on websites, via Facebook, press release, etc...
*References*: There were some background papers attached to the original
request.  Unfortunately those cannot be attached to this email.  Contact
June directly for details.

(XX) Decision: GPCA Opposition Of California Bills & Ballot Measures
Attacking Community Choice & Other Renewable Energy Programs (3 minutes)

*Sponsor*: Eric Brooks

Especially Since 2010, and even beforehand, the monopoly electrical
utilities PG&E, SDG&E and SCE, and their house trade unions, often in
collusion with the nonprofit organization TURN (The Utility Reform
Network : which is ostensibly a consumer watchdog of the monopoly
utilities) have sponsored and supported repeated local and state level
legislation and ballot measures that attack and seek to undermine, and
even eliminate, Community Choice programs and other local community
based, not-for-profit clean energy alternatives to the monopoly
utilities. In recent years, because of new state laws preventing the
monopoly utilities from directly advertising against Community Choice,
these attacks have nearly all been sponsored and supported jointly by
the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 1245,
the California State Association of Electrical Workers, the Coalition of
California Utility Employees, and/or The Utility Reform Network; usually
under the direction of electrical trade lobbyists Scott Wetch and/or
Hunter Stern : sometimes with the open support of one or more of the
monopoly utilities.

Often such bills and ballot measures run very rapidly through the
governmental process, making the gathering of opposition positions and
statements against the measures very time sensitive. For that reason I
am proposing that the GPCA Coordinating Committee adopt a default
position opposing any bill or ballot measure sponsored by these
entities, unless and until the Community Choice advocacy community is
clearly also in support of the bill or ballot measure.


The GPCA Coordinating Committee resolves that the GPCA is in opposition
to any state or local legislation or ballot measure regarding
electricity which is supported and/or sponsored by any of the California
monopoly electrical utilities (also known as investor owned utilities -
IOUs) and/or any of the electrical worker associations or unions of the
California monopoly electrical utilities (or their agents), including
any such legislation or ballot measure also supported or sponsored by
The Utility Reform Network (TURN), unless and until Community Choice
energy advocates are clearly also in support of the legislation or
ballot measure.

*Effective Date* Immediately On Passage : Should also be presented at
next GPCA General Assembly to ensure that the GA concurs with the decision.

Article showing electrical worker association collusion with monopoly
utilities to attack Community Choice via 2010 Prop 16:

Analyses of current state legislation seeking to undermine Community
Choice, and showing sponsorship/support of utility workers associations
and TURN:

SB 618:  Click on "04/13/17- Senate Energy, Utilities And
And see pages 7 and 8 for bill supporters and opposition.

AB 79: Click on "03/30/17- Assembly Natural Resources" at
See pages 3 and 4 for bill supporters and opposition. (Note: The solar
industry trade group "Vote Solar" has received considerable donations
from PG&E.)

Past Bills

AB 1110 (2015-2016) Drafted by TURN and supported by TURN and the
utility workers associations:

AB 2145 (2014)

San Francisco Ballot Measure

(XX) Discussion: CC Work Plan and Budget Request for 2017-18 (5 minutes)

*Sponsor*: Victoria Ashley
*Proposal*: The CC needs to get a budget and work plan together for
2017-18 for the June budget  This item is an introduction to the
problem. Specifics of the workplan will be dealt with by Bert offline
and then subject to confirmation by the entire CC.
*References*: Addendum F

(XX) Decision: GPUS Delegation Candidates and Issues (10 minutes)

*Sponsor*: Sanda Everett
*Proposal*: That the CC approves the lists of applicants submitted for
both the GPUS Delegation and Alternates, and that the lists shall be
forwarded to the SGA for ranked-choice election.

Applicants for GPUS DELEGATE (listed alpha by last name)

Doug Barnett
Marla Bernstein
Larry Bragman
Steve Breedlove
Richard Chacker
David Cobb
Carolyn Epple
Sanda Everette
Mike Feinstein
Meleiza Figueroa
Richard Gomez
Lisa Hsu
Nashaw Jafari
Peggy Koteen
Bob Marsh
Kenneth Mejia
Mimi Newton
David Pittman
Lucy Riley
Erik Rydberg
Phoebe Anne Sorgen
Jesse Townley

Applicants for GPUS ALTERNATE (listed alpha by last name)

Jan Arnold
Darryl Cherney
Angelica Duenas
Liz Kroboth
Linda Piera-Avila
Matthew David Smith-Caggiano
Lindsay Vurek
Candice Yamaguchi

(XX) Decision: Candidates for Upcoming CC Election (10 minutes)

*Sponsor*: Mike Feinstein
*Proposal*: That the CC approves the lists of applicants (Female and
Male), and that the lists shall be sent to the SGA for ranked-choice

Applicants for CC - Female (listed alpha by last name)

Victoria Ashley
Nicole Castor
Deatra Cohen
Maxine Daniel
Angelica Duenas
Sue Emery
Sadie Fulton
Sanda Everette
Mimi Newton
Karinna Zarate

Applicants for CC - Make (listed alpha by last name)

Eric Brooks
Tarik Kanaana
Eric Luna
Paul Larudee
Mark Miller
Erik Rydberg

(XX) Discussion: Elected SGA Vote Administrators (10 minutes)

NOTE: This item is being revisited at Mike Feinstein's request because
of the email issues that have occured in the last two weeks. This
proposal has already been the subject of an online vote and was passed
as a result of that election. However, because of the email issues, this
item has been agendized to allow further discussion and perhaps some
amendment proposals (which can be voted upon as new business). 
Hopefully this will afford those feeling they were shut out of the
debate an opportunity to speak their mind on the topic.

*Sponsor*:  Eric Brooks
*Background and Purpose*: In 2016, during applications and SGA votes for
Coordinating Committee members, it was discovered that there are no
formal written procedures or protocols governing the very important task
of appointing/electing Vote Administrators to implement and oversee
votes taken by the SGA.

Note: The text of this decision item is substantially exactly the same
as similar text in the SGA Email List Moderator item recently passed (to
add sections 4-5 and 4-6 to the IT protocol) with the exceptions that 1)
all text regarding email list moderation has been appropriately removed
and 2) dates have been appropriately changed, and most importantly  3)
proposed sections 5-1.7 and 5-1.8 below contain some substantive
differences because they involve deciding disputes over voting
procedures and results.

*Proposal*:  Revise the existing IT PROTOCOL of the GPCA to add section
5 as follows:


Section 5-1 Standing General Assembly (SGA) Vote Administrators

5-1.1 The Coordinating Committee shall elect a minimum of five nominees
(with gender balance and from 5 different counties), subject to 3/5
approval by the Coordinating Committee using ranked choice online voting
in accordance with 7-2.4(a) of the GPCA bylaws, with the three highest
ranked serving as SGA Vote Administrators to serve simultaneous two-year
terms; and the next two ranked individuals to serve as Alternate SGA
Vote Administrators for the same term. Terms shall run from June 1 to
May 31 beginning in odd-numbered years. (For 2017 only, the CC will vote
to approve the SGA Vote Administrators and alternates within one month
after the adoption of this provision, by an online ranked choice vote.)

5-1.2 All nominees must be Green Party members and be recommended to the
Coordinating Committee by their County Council to be eligible. A call
for SGA Vote Administrator applicants shall be sent to the GPCA Inform,
GPCA Forum and SGA Votes Email lists by the IT Committee at the
direction of the Coordinating Committee, within the first 15 days of
April of each odd-numbered year.  For 2017 only, the call for SGA Vote
Administrator applicants and alternates shall be sent within three (3)
calendar days after adoption of this provision.)

5-1.3 In the event that an SGA Vote Administrator or Alternate seat is
not filled by rank choice vote, the Coordinating Committee shall conduct
an on-line vote to fill the seat(s) in accordance with Article IV of the
Coordinating Committee' Internal Procedures.

5-1.4 In the event of an SGA Vote Administrator mid-term vacancy, an
Alternate of the same gender, if possible, shall fill the vacancy for
the remainder of the term. If both alternates are the same gender, the
Coordinating Committee shall select one at either their next regular
meeting or by an online vote.

5-1.5 The Coordinating Committee shall conduct nominations and on-line
votes to fill mid-term vacancies of Alternate seat(s) in a
gender-balanced manner, and shall call for applicants to fill mid-term
vacancies of Alternate seats within three (3) calendar days after
becoming aware of the vacated seat(s).

5-1.6 SGA Vote Administrators may be recalled by a 2/3 vote of the SGA. 
The vote will be placed in the SGA voting queue with expedited process
with a two week discussion and one week voting period upon request to
the Coordinating Committee by six different SGA delegates from at least
four different counties.

5-1.7 Where there is disagreement between SGA Vote Administrators, or a
dispute has been filed, over management of SGA voting procedures or
results, the threshold for SGA Vote Administrator decision-making shall
be 2/3 and no fewer than two Vote Administrators in agreement for
resolving the disagreement. If a Vote Administrator is not available an
Alternate Administrator shall participate in the decision making in his
or her place with the Alternate who shall participate being chosen at
random. Quorum for all decisions shall be two.

5-1.8 Vote Administrator management of SGA voting procedures or results
may be disputed by any six GPCA delegates, officers, and/or Vote
Administrators from at least four different counties by filing a notice
of the dispute to the Coordinating Committee, which shall immediately
email the notice to the SGA Votes Email list. Vote Administrators shall
decide on the dispute within two weeks after the notice of the dispute
is filed. A decision by the Vote Administrators over such a dispute may
be appealed by any six Green Party California delegates, officers and/or
Vote Administrators from at least four different counties by filing a
notice of the appeal to the Coordinating Committee. Such appeals shall
be noticed by the Coordinating Committee and be voted on within one full
month by the SGA, with at least one week allocated for discussion and at
least one week allocated for voting by the SGA.

*References*: Information Technology Protocol: Also see results of the online
election: Addendum F

(XX) Discussion: Committee, Working Group, and Treasurers Reports

*Sponsor* CoCo
*References*: see Addendums G (Bylaws), H (Finance), I (GROW), J
(Platform), K (Information Technology)


========================= Addendum A ================================
Mica (Maxine) Daniel's Application for Reappointment to Clearinghouse

I would like to be reappointed to the Clearinghouse Committee.

Mica Daniel, 510-459-7610

========================= Addendum B ================================
Nassim Nouri's Application to Clearinghouse Committee

I am applying to the Clearinghouse Committee with the main goal of
significantly improving and expanding the support GPCA provides to our
county chapters. Utilizing my experience in marketing and
communications, I plan to engage the Clearinghouse Committee to build
relevant and inspiring collateral packages that proudly reflect our
platform and values, help modernize communication channels that help
counties save resources and time, create a resource e-library of
graphics and literature, and start an overall shift in the role of
Clearinghouse towards becoming a strong and effective Communication

My vision for the Green Party is for us to grow into more than an
electoral alternative. We need to take our rightful place as the moral
imperative in our government. To reach this goal we need to engage all
those who have been driven out of participating in our democracy, and
effectively communicate our platform, potential and pride in being
Greens, the party for, by, and of the people.

I immigrated to the US from Iran at age 13, grew up and went to college
and graduate school on the east coast. I have lived in NJ, MD, LA and
for the last 21 years, in CA. After an academic career in genetics and
medical research and another, as a scientist turned marketing executive
in biotech startups, in 2009 I retired early to work in philanthropy,
fundraising, volunteering and serving on boards of non-profits primarily
focused on local and global health and education, currently I continue
to stay engaged in a few of these organizations. In 2015, I was
politically activated and campaigned for Senator Bernie Sanders, helping
build a very active "Silicon Valley for Bernie" campaign group. I met
Dr. Jill Stein during the DNC in Philadelphia and started campaigning
for her as soon as I got back to CA. I co-founded the South Bay for Jill
Stein campaign group and applied everything we learned about grassroots
organizing from Bernie's campaign to build our Santa Clara County
Chapter of the Green Party.

My experience as a Director of Corporate Marketing as well as my work
with non-profits, have included creating communication and media plans,
websites, collateral packages, advertising and authoring technical
literature. My experience also extends to operations, using enterprise
resource management tools for manufacturing, production, document and
inventory control.Â ~ 408-396-5722Â

========================= Addendum C ================================
(3) Brian Good's Application to Clearinghouse Committee

This is my application to the Clearinghouse Committee.

I was born in Manhattan, did schooling in California.  I have a B.S. in
Biology.  My ambition to be a novelist led me to pursue wide-ranging
experience.  I've dug foundation trenches, I've done farm labor, and
I've worked in the tippy-top floors of a 100-story skyscraper.  I have
traveled in at least 40 states while living in my car. I wrote three
unpublished novels.

I lost all my warm fuzzies for the Democratic Party when I lived in Cook
County (Chicago) 25 years ago.  It's been one-party rule forever, and
its corruption and conformity show it.

In my ten years of full-time activism I have been advocating that we
should recognize that we are in the business of selling ideas, sometimes
unpalatable and disturbing ideas, and we should engage in that marketing
effort in a professional manner.

I see the role of the GPCA  apparatus generally as empowering and
energizing the various Green Party county groups through economies of
scale and presenting graphical resources, textual, research, internet,
social media, computer infrastructure, and video resources.  We need to
make our Party platform visible not only by making it clear, but making
it well-known so it can be recognized as a viable alternative.

Brian Good, Santa Clara County 650.327.6214

========================= Addendum F ================================
Eric and I have received the following "Yes" votes. There were no "No"
votes cast

Victoria Ashley
Eric Brooks
Susan Chunco
Mike Goldbeck
Bert Heuer
Tarik Kanaana
Liz Kroboth
Ann Menasche
Mike Murphy
Mimi Newton
Lynne Sandoval
Laura Wells
Stephen Zollman

13 total (quorum is 10).

========================= Addendum G ================================
        From: The GPCA By-Laws Committee
          To: The GPCA Coordinating Committee
        Date: April 30, 2017
Submitted By: Mimi Newton, Co-Co By-Laws Committee

Date of the last By-Laws Committee Meeting: Sunday April 16, 2017


Present:  Vic, Laura, Mimi, Jim and Tim

Absent: Gloria and Mike F.

Date of the next By-Laws Committee Meeting:

May 21 at 7 pm

Call in number - (515) 739-1271, access code:  753142

Any significant actions the Committee is taking:

The Bylaws Committee will propose a Bylaws Amendment to the SGA and has
requested an agenda item to discuss it.

The proposed change is enclosed in asterisks in this section:

Article 9. Other Committees of the General Assembly (as last amended

Section 9-1.  Membership

9-1.1 The number of committee members, the requirements for their
eligibility and the process by which they are appointed shall be defined
in the Bylaws that govern each committee. Committee Coordinators shall
post the names of all committee members and the start and end dates of
each members' term on the committee's web page. ***If a committee member
misses three consecutive meetings, the individual shall lose their seat
and a vacancy shall occur.***

========================= Addendum H ================================
Report on the April Finance Committee Meeting

Submitted by Victoria Ashley (Solano County)

The teleconference meeting took place on Thursday April 27th, 2017, 8
-9:30 pm (call in number: 712-770-4700 code: 626116).


Victoria Ashley -Liaison, Co-co
Ruscal Cayangyang -Assistant Treasurer
Maxine Daniel -Co-co
Frank Lambert - Committee Member
Gloria Bram
Jim Smith


Doug Barnett Treasurer, Ex-officio
Marla Bernstein
Kendra Gonzales
Tim Laidman
Bob Marsh (traveling in Europe)
Mike Murphy -Budget Committee Member

Main Items Discussed:

* Current state account balance:Â $17,520.08 Â Checks are continuing to
be written to cash by the Treasurer and a request was sent to the CC
CoCo to officially request that practice to stop, since checks over $100
written to cash are in violation of FPPC rules, as Bob Marsh posted
months ago.  Ruscal reported he had not seen any deposit of money from
the paypal account into the bank this month.
* Fundraising Letter - Frank Lambert said he has been working on a draft
and will complete it shorty (as of this weekend it has not appeared, and
weeks have gone by since he originally said he would do it, due to
family issues he is having).  Consequently, we have no income except
paypal donations, and thus our assets are decreasing each month given
our expenses.
* We still need FY2017-18 Budget / Work Plans for: Clearinghouse
Committee, Coordinating Committee, Finance Committee, Media Committee, 
Campaigns & Candidates Working Group and Green Issues Working Group
* Discussed moving our account to a credit union and moving our mailbox
to the East Bay.
* Mike Murphy was not in attendance so did not report anything on the
SoS fine.
* Gloria Bram suggested that we may not be required to use SoS software
if our assets are