DRAFT: Coordinating Committee minutes, December 4, 2017

Coordinating Committee members present (23): Victoria Ashley, Doug Barnett, Marla Bernstein, June Brashares, Eric Brooks, Deatra Cohen, Susan Chunco, Maxine Daniel, Angelica Duenas, Mike Feinstein, Sadie Fulton, Bert Heuer, Tarik Kanaana, Eric Luna, Ann Menasche, Mike Murphy, Mimi Newton, Ajay Rai, Erik Rydberg, Laura Wells, Stephen Zollman

Coordinating Committee members not-present (2): Sanda Everette, Mike Goldbeck

Quorum reached at WHAT TIME? with twenty-one (21) present: Victoria Ashley, Doug Barnett, Marla Bernstein, June Brashares, Eric Brooks, Deatra Cohen, Susan Chunco, Maxine Daniel, Mike Feinstein, Sadie Fulton, Bert Heuer, Tarik Kanaana, Eric Luna, Ann Menasche, Mike Murphy, Mimi Newton, Ajay Rai, Erik Rydberg, Laura Wells, Stephen Zollman

Duenas (joined at 8:15)

2) Roles
Facilitator: Maxine Daniel
Minutes taker: Ann Menasche
Time keeper: Eric Brooks
Vibes Watcher:  NONE CHOSEN?

3) Approval of agenda
Proposal (Daniel, Heuer) Approve draft agenda as submitted

Proposal (Newton): Add Appointment of Deatra Cohen to Fundraising Committee and Eric Brooks to Media Committe

Proposal (Brooks): Change "Discussion: Triggering a new SGA election to include Bylaws Amendments and replacement for vacant male seat on the Coordinating Committee: to a decision item

Note: Feinstein explained that past precedent does not require a decision for a new SGA election. In response Brooks withdraws his proposal. 
Approved by consensus

4) Decision: Approval of Coordinating Committee minutes, November 6, 2017
Proposal (Daniel, Heuer): Approve minutes as submitted

Approved by consensus

5) Announcement: Consent Calendar
Sponsors (Daniel, Heuer): Committee Reports

Background: The consent calendar is intended to pass non-controversial items or items consensed prior to the actual meeting. Any item may be objected to and that item will be placed at the end of the evening's agenda.

Proposal (Daniel, Heuer): Accept the following committee reports for inclusion into the meeting minutes
The following Committee/Working Group reports were submitted to be included into the meeting minutes:
Bylaws (Appendix A)
ERWG (Appendix B
Finance (Appendix C)
GROW (Appendix D)
IT (Appendix E)
Media (Appendix F)
Platform (Appendix G)
The following committees did not send reports:
Campaign Funding Support
State Meeting Planning
Notes: Committee reports accepted.


Sponsors (Daniel, Heuer): Results of the November 2017 SGA Election
Nov 13-19, 2017
(1) Election: Female Coordinating Committee Seat (1)
Candidates: - Nicole Castor, - Deatra Cohen, and - No other candidate
The number of voters is 75
Winner is - Deatra Cohen
(2) Election: Male Coordinating Committee Seat (1)
Candidates: - Christopher Cruz, - Angel Orellana, - Stephen Zollman, and - No other candidate
The number of voters is 75
Winner is - Stephen Zollman
(3) Approval: Minutes, General Assembly, March 11-12, 2017:
Candidates: - Abstain, - No, and - Yes
Abstain - 15
No - 1
Yes - 58
Winner is - Yes

6) Appointment: Nassim Nouri, IT Committee

Nouri sent in her application on WHAT DATE? and it is contained in Appendix H
Nomination of Nouri (Fulton)

In the presence of unresolved outstanding concerns by Rai, the appointment went to a vote:

Yes (16): Ashley, Brashares, Brooks, Chunco, Cohen, Daniel, Fulton, Heuer, Kanaana, Luna, Menasche, Murphy, Newton, Rydberg, Wells, Zollman
No (3): Barnett, Bernstein, Rai
Abstain (1): Feinsetin

Nouri appointed 16-3-1

7) Appointment:  Colt Gonzalez, IT Committee
Gonzalez sent in his application on WHAT DATE? and it is contained in Appendix H
Nomination of Gonzalez (Fulton)

Appointed by consensus

8) Decision:  Appointment of Daniel as Coordinating Committee Liaison to Clearinghouse Committee

Background: Daniel submitted the following statement: "The previous CC liaison to Clearinghouse Committee has lost her seat because of 3 unattended meeting in succession. I am a active member of the Clearinghouse and had been performing this function for several months. I request appointment as the CC liaison to Clearinghouse committee.

Proposal (Wells): That Daniel be appointed as Coordinating Committee Liaison to Clearinghouse Committee
Approved by consensus

9) Appointment: Deatra Cohen, Fundraising Committee
Cohen sent in her application on WHAT DATE? and it is contained in Appendix J
Nomination of Cohen (Brooks)

Appointment approved by consensus

Proposal (BY WHOM?): That Cohen be appointed as Coordinating Committee Liaison to the Fundraising Committee

Approved by consensus

10) Decision: Appointment of Eric Brooks as Media Committee Liaison
Nomination (Brooks): Brooks self-nominated

Approved by consensus

11) Appointment: James Young, Media Committee
Upon discussion, it was pointed out that under GPCA Bylaws, Young is not eligible for appointment to the Media Committe, because he has neither attended a GPCA General Assembly nor is an SGA Delegate on behalf of his county party.

No appointment made

12) Discussion: General Meeting(s) on Website Direction


Proposal (Ashley): To foster the creation of a teleconference meeting for all interested CA Greens regarding the future of the GPCA website.

Proposal (Rai): Amend proposal to include creating a requirements document for the GPCA web site

Proposal (Feinstein): Amend proposal to include reaching out to Margot Brennan of Radical Designs
(www.radicaldesigns.org), who designed the existing GPCA Drupal template; amend proposal to include email outreach

Proposal (Brashares): Amend proposal to include requirements document, and that Nassim Nouri gather information, coordinate process and create a requiremenets document for GPCA web site
Proposal (Ashley): That Brashares would contact Nouri to conduct an outreach process in order to create a requirements document for the GPCA web site; that the outreach process would include outreach to GPCA members, including the IT Committee and the Coordinating Committee, as well as outreach to Margot Brennan; that Nouri would prduce a draft requirements to consideration and review; and that the January IT teleconference would review said draft document, after which Nouri would produce a final requirements document for the GPCA web site

13) Decision: Use NationBuilder as framework and anchor for new GPCA web site
After brief discussion, sponsor Brooks withdrew the item.

Items not heard after meeting time of 9:30 reached

14) Discussion: Triggering a new SGA election to include Bylaws Amendments and replacement for vacant male seat on the Coordinating Committee.
(15) Decision: To coordinate fundraising with the GP US
========================= Appendix A ================================
Monthly Bylaws Committee Report to the GPCA Coordinating Committee – November 2017
From: The GPCA By-Laws Committee
To: The GPCA Coordinating Committee
Date: Nov. 27, 2017
Submitted By: Mimi Newton, Co-Co By-Laws Committee
*   *   *
Date of the last By-Laws Committee Meeting:
Sunday, Nov. 12, 2017(General Assembly Breakout Session) (due to the progress made at the GA breakout Session, the regular, 3rd Sunday, Bylaws Committee meeting in November was cancelled.)
Present:  Laura Wells, Gloria Purcell; Mimi Newton, Adam Siegel (Quorum present.)
Absent:  Tim Laidman, Mike Feinstein, Vic Ashley
Other attendees:  Fernando Serrano, Robert Torres, Greg Varra, Lewis Elbinger, Matthew Wheeler, Steve Breedlove, Rachel Bruhnke
Date of the next By-Laws Committee Meeting Conference Call (regular meeting):
Sunday, December 17, 2017 at 7:00 pm, Call in number - (515) 739-1271, access code:  753142.
Any significant actions the Committee is taking:
-- Members of the Committee, with the strong encouragement of a number of California Greens, including those in attendance at the General Assembly breakout session, will be focusing on spearheading the wholesale revision of the GPCA Bylaws in 2018 for the purpose of streamlining and simplifying the rules that guide the State Party.
========================= Appendix B ================================
GROW - Grassroots Organizing Working Group
11/14/17 GROW Monthly Report submitted for CC agenda of December 4, 2017
GROW teleconference November 14, 2017
Amber Hendershot, Humboldt County
Anthony Krzywicki, Ventura County (GROW Co-coordinator)
Brett Dixon, Alameda County
Christine Pepin, Santa Clara County  (TIME-KEEPER)
Jennifer Hall, San Joaquin County  (NOTES)
John Schmit, Stanislaus County
Laura Wells, Alameda County (GROW Co-coordinator)
Lewis Elbinger, Siskiyou County
Nassim Nouri, Santa Clara County  (FACILITATOR)
GROW attendees of breakout session at Ventura GA November 11, 2017
Amber Hendershot (Humboldt)
Anthony Krzywicki (Ventura), GROW co-coordinator
Christine Pepin (Santa Clara)
Deatra Cohen (Yolo)
Doug  Johannes (Ventura)
Greg Varra (Riverside)
Heather Walker (Marin)
Hebard Olsen (Monterey)
Jennifer Hall (San Joaquin)
Jiana Choi (Yolo)
John Schmit (Stanislaus)
Laura Wells (Alameda), GROW co-coordinator
Michael Gaboury (Nevada)
Nassim Nouri (Santa Clara)
Penny Sheppard (Kern)
Phoebe Sorgen (Alameda)
Rick Greenblatt (San Diego)
Samuel Sera Rodriguez (San Bernardino)
Shannel Pittman (Los Angeles)
- Invited attendees of GA breakout for GROW to this call
- General Assembly in Ventura Nov 11-12 - report by attendees
Reminded about next GA in San Joaquin County
- SGA - voting period started on Nov 13, ends Nov 19
- County Activation Project
Reach out from active counties to neighboring inactive counties
Identify contacts in other counties via NationBuilder, state lists, social media, through tabling, other events, etc.
Once contacts are identified, provide them with starter packs
NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, 12/12/17 @ 7:30pm, 712-770-4700, Code 626116#
========================= Appendix C ================================
Electoral Reform Notes
Hello all,
Here are the notes from the ERWG meeting at the GA on 11/11/17:
The Electoral Reform Working Group did not meet quorum, so all discussion was informational.
Carol A. Bouldin facilitated the group in the absence of Ann Menasche and Eric Brooks.  She shared that the Electoral Reform working group recommended that the California Green Party endorse the Stop Top Two ballot initiative a few months back and that this was voted on by the coordinating committee and approved.
The Stop Top Two initiative would effectively restore CA Primaries to their previous form, in which each party would select which candidate to run in the general election, by repealing the Top Two ballot initiative that passed in 2010 (Prop 14).  Currently the signature gathering process is underway to put the initiative on the ballot (see link above), and about 600,000 valid signatures are required as it would be a constitutional amendment.  For more info on the initiative go to: https://www.stoptop2.com
Carol also made everyone aware of HR 3057, which has been discussed in the ERWG telephone conferences.  HR 3057 is a bill in the US House of Representatives that would introduce ranked choice voting and proportional representation for congressional elections. She recommended we call our House Reps to pressure them to sign on as co-sponsors as this bill would help third parties gain some traction on the national level.
Various members discussed the importance of paper ballots as the most transparent form of voting. One member suggested we look at the model pioneered by Humboldt County: all ballots are scanned and available online for anyone to count. All of the ballots are also physically stored for recounts.
Additionally, there seem to be frequent issues with people's voter registration being randomly changed. People have reported their party preference changing without notice.
It was also stressed that we review Mike Feinstein's revisions of the platform on the number of signatures needed to get candidates on the ballot and move forward to amend or approve.
Greens interested in participating in the ERWG conference calls:
Reed Heisley-Shellaby
Kristen Gritter-Cox
Shannel Pittman
Michael Gaboury
Christine Pepin
Heather Walker
Kathy Swift
Anthony Krzywicki
Rosie Terry
========================= Appendix D ================================
November Finance Committee Meeting
Thursday November 30th, 2017, 8 – 9:00 pm
Victoria Ashley – Liaison, Co-co  (8/8/2016 - 8/2018)                   
Maxine (Mica) Daniel – Co-co (1/23/2016-1/2018)
Ruscal Cayangyang – Treasurer (6/2017-6/2019)
Frank Lambert  – (9/2017-9/2019)
Tim Laidman – (1/2016-1/2018)
Gloria Bram
Unknown caller
Marla Bernstein - (11/9/2015-11/2017)
Bob Marsh – (2/2017 – 2/2019)
Quinton Crawford  – (9/2017-9/2019)
3.  Updates / Treasurer Report:
* General Assembly finances (approximate)
      - TOTAL Income: $3800
      - TOTAL Expenses: $1350
      - NET - $2450
* Bank accounts
      - Travis: $3198 Balance (mainly from GA)
      - OneUnited: $15,500
      - Provident: closed $455 (Sandra has check, in Washington)
      - Paypal: Ruscal will contact
* Statecraft: Semi-annual filing due January 30th
* SoS Fines:
      - Ruscal will schedule a meeting with FPPC
4.  Fundraising Letter
      - Working to coordinate with the Fundraising Committee
5. Budget and Work plan requests for 2018 - notice soon
6. Next Meeting: Thursday, Dec 28th, 2017
========================= Appendix E ================================
IT Committee Report
Hi all,
This is to report that the IT committee met in Ventura at the GA. The following people were in attendance:
Nassim Nouri
Aleece DePuey
Bob Terry
Colt Gonzales
Jennifer Hall
Douglas Johannes
Jane Jarlsberg
Amber Hendershot
Herard Olsen
Rick Greenblott
Sanda Everette
Sadie Fulton
The meeting was inquorate. A general discussion took place around our website and resources; including some background information about what operates where, etc. A large majority of those involved in the discussion wished to see our website migrated to NationBuilder; this is resulting from a general dissatisfaction with the overall skill level required to maintain the current website, the need to upgrade it anyway, and a general desire for a more accessible, intuitive content management system, of the variety that NationBuilder offers. Colt and Nassim both expressed interest in joining the committee.
In addition, I can report that our regularly scheduled meeting was due to go ahead on 11/20, but did not. There was no email announcement for it. I dialed the number about two minutes after the start time, and waited on the line for about ten minutes; nobody else joined the call during that time.
The committee is currently engaged in email discussion around scheduling an alternate time to make up this meeting.
========================= Appendix F ================================
Media Committee report for CC meeting on 12/4/17
This reports the list of attendees of the breakout session at the Ventura GA, November 12, 2017.
11/12/17 Media Monthly Report submitted for CC agenda of December 4, 2017
Attendees of MEDIA COMMITTEE breakout session at Ventura GA November 12, 2017
Aleece DePuey (Riverside)
Christine Pepin (Santa Clara)
David Curtis (Marin)
Emmanuel Estrada (Los Angeles)
Erik Rydberg (Butte)  GPCA Spokesperson
Jane Jarlsberg (San Bernardino)
Larry Chin (Los Angeles)
Laura Wells (Alameda)  GPCA Spokesperson
Lauren Mauricio (Tulare)
Richard Gomez (Fresno)
Sadie Fulton (Yolo)
Sanda Everette (San Mateo)
Shannel Pittman (Los Angeles)
NEXT MEETING: To be determined
========================= Appendix G ================================
Platform Committee report for CC meeting on 12/4/17
The Platform Committee does not have regular meetings but, rather, meets continuously via the listserve in considering platform plank language since teleconferences are not good for such discussions. The Platform Committee holds in-person meetings at the GAs.
Last in-person meeting held at the Ventura GA in November. The next in-person meeting will take place at the next GA.
Present: Jan Arnold, RubinArnol@aol.com; Steve Breedlove, Srbreedlove@gmail.com; B?;   Callahan, jesse.callahan@outlook.com ; Rose Mary Duentes/Terry Better, DHS@gmail.com; Kyla Dust, kmd859@humboldt.edu; Anthony Fuentes, openglish64@gmail.com; Peggy Koteen, pkoteen@aol.com; Gloria Purcell, gloria@extragalactic.net; Shane Que Hee, squehee@ucla.edu; Adam Siegal, a1Siegal@gmail.com; Bob Terry, NOSPAMRAM@gmail.com; Heather Walker, drheatherwalker@gmail.com 
Agenda:  Add Salton Sea to 3rd last item.
Announcements: .The CA GPCA  is submitting  2 new platform planks for the GPUS Platform: Animal Experimentation and Animals and Entertainment. Comments are invited, Please e-mail Peggy Koteen.  The final version has to be submitted by Dec 31 2017.
Minutes of Prior Meeting:  None as joint meeting with ERWG when Co-Co missed plane to Sacramento.
Co-Co’s Report:  Peggy Koteen reconfirmed as Platform voting member by GPCA CC.  Initiatives platform is still being finalized by ERWG for submission to Platform comment. Big increase in spam on listsserve.  Some 44 listserve members.
GA Planks
Workplace Safety and Health: 1. Proposal para 6: Add “Also provide anonymous means for undocumented workers to report health and safety hazards.”; 2. Proposal para 7: insert “inventory” after “base”, delete “and their amounts”, and insert “(workplace mental stress”) after “psychosocial”; 3.  Next para (new” Develop systems to empower workers to take responsibility for the health and safety of their , including direct anonymous reporting to CALOSHA.” 4. Proposal 4th last para: Add “(See also the Health Care plank)” after “stress”; 5. Delete the Proposal  2nd and 3rd last paras; 6.  Proposal last para: after “scientists” insert “Occupational physicians and nurses, toxicologists”
Wildlife: 1. Last para Background after “themselves” insert “, for example,”. 2. Proposal para 2: put last;   3.  Proposal para 7: insert “government-funded” after “Eliminate” and “and private” before “lands”.
Time ran out.
========================= Appendix H ================================
Application: Nassim Nouri (Santa Clara County) to the IT Committee
Dear CC Committee members,
I’d like to submit my application, below, for the IT Committee to you for consideration at your upcoming December meeting.
Thank you for your time and all you do for GPCA,
Nassim Nouri- nassim1nouri@gmail.com ~ 408-396-5722
I am applying to the IT Committee with the main goal of significantly improving and expanding the support GPCA provides to our county chapters. My professional experience started in science and medical research in academia and led to managing marketing and communications roles in the biotech industry. Currently I manage all of the website, monthly Newsletter and some social media communications for three organizations, including our Green Party of Santa Clara chapter (TheGreens.us), as well as SouthBayPA.org and REACHShirati.org (I created the later two websites and currently maintain all three).
I hope is to contribute to the IT Committee primarily on the GPCA website development and redesign to make it accurate, inspirational and actionable. I also plan to help improve the user experience, participate in building robust communication channels, and simply pitch in the work load that this Committee’s few members have been burden with, for far too long. As a member of the Clearinghouse Committee I also see an opportunity to integrate efforts and streamline communications internally.
My vision for the Green Party is for us to grow into more than an electoral alternative. We need to take our rightful place as the moral imperative in our government. To reach this goal we need to engage all those who have been driven out of participating in our democracy, and effectively communicate our platform, potential and pride in being Greens, the party for, by, and of the people.
Nassim Nouri
County Council
Green Party of Santa Clara County
========================= Appendix I ================================
Colt Gonzalez (San Joaquin County) to the IT Committee
My name is Colt Gonzales and I'd like to apply for a position on the I/T Committee.  I currently serve as a Co-Coordinator for my County, San Joaquin.  I also serve on various other committees on the county level including I/T where I've worked on the creation and maintenance of our first website, and also our subsequent highly functional NationBuilder Website and database SJCGreens.org . Throughout my life I've acquired various I/T skills needed to fix and maintain websites and databased systems to the point of becoming a local "I/T go-to" at almost every workplace I've ever been a part of.  If I don't have the skills to get something done, I know whom to call to find out how to fix or create something and get it done.
I'd like to help the committee and the state party as a whole by applying my knowledge of modern systems to help bring our party up to speed in the modern era of a constantly changing political landscape that demands we run and maintain a highly adaptable web presence.  One that doesn't require constant and laborious maintenance by highly skilled I/T people or coders daily, which actually limits our party's ability to be effective on a day to day basis and requires we scavenge the party for the those skills and attempt to draft people into positions they may not seek.  Applying modern tools and systems to our party will help to facilitate a highly organized and highly functional party to compete in the 21st century and reduce our party's I/T Labor Costs considerably.
Thank you,
Colt Gonzales
p.s. Please send all correspondence to coltgonzales@SJCGreens.org (Not @Yahoo)
Colt LaTourette Gonzales
(510) 593-0164 (Cell)
========================= Appendix J ================================
H ello GPCA CC members,
I'd like to put my name forth to be considered as a member of the Fu ndraising C ommittee.  In addition to my commitment to building the GPCA, I have extensive relevant experience that would allow me to serve the Fundraising Committee well.
In my previous twenty-plus year career as a public librarian, I spent several months annually inviting local businesses to support the library's mission by contributing to programs that encouraged teens to read for fun throughout the year.  These efforts , which I light-heartedly called "beg-a-thons" typically involved connecting with the community and building partnerships. With few exceptions, I found that local businesses were happy to donate  to a cause that benefited the community locally and by extension, the world at large.
I am comfortable writing letters, making phone calls and reaching out to anyone who might consider supporting the Green Party's Ten Key Values, financially or otherwise.  My skills and experience can easily be applied to the non-corporate donor world.
Thanks for considering my application and I look forward to hearing your decision.
In solidarity,
Deatra Cohen
========================= Appendix K ================================
Green Party Coordination Committee,
Aloha! My name is James Kaimilani Young. I am a native Californian, Father and Naval Veteran and I’m applying to become a Media Committee Member to assist and uplift the Green Party of CA.
In the course of 20 plus years, I have worked with many different marketing firms across Orange County CA. Door to door, Business to Business, public speaking, email, direct mail, social media are just a few marketing strategies that I’m very familiar with. The vast list of companies from fortune 500 companies to mom & pop advertising and marketing businesses that I have had the pleasure of working with have given me a vast amount of knowledge and a formidable skill set that I will bring to the Green Party Media Committee Member position.
After doing my own due-diligence and checking my own recourses thus to find out that the U.S. has one political party posing as two – I decided to leap off the Democratic sinking ship about 2 years ago and became a Green Party voter registered member. However, there are millions that have left the new center-left and are now in limbo and that are in a stasis of betrayal. This mass of U.S. voters is “floating” with nowhere to land. Well, I seek to assist our last and only hope (The Green Party) at taking down a two-headed monster that is currently destroying our nation, the planet and all of its inhabitants and if given the opportunity I will put forth great effort in providing a safe and comfortable place for these floating millions to land. Once our numbers become threatening; the 2 Party Oligarchy will have no choice but to [at least] notice our demands.
I would be more than honored to be a part of a political party that has held my exact political ethics and values for decades but was never contacted or tapped on the shoulder to realize who the GP truly is. Let’s just say that like me there are millions that are “naïve” to what the Green Party is truly about. I strongly believe that I have many state of the art processes and systems that would help reach far more GP members to then organize and reach out to the floating and naïve masses across our nation.
Besides my eagerness to succeed and the diligence that I put forth in all my endeavors, it would be an absolute pleasure to work hand in hand with other Green Party members to do my best to give, use and share my talents, skills and abilities to help The Green Party evolve and excel, because let’s be real… We absolutely must have as many resources possible to combat a system that is stacked to the stars against us.
Thank you for your consideration.
James K. Young