Coordinating Committee minutes, April 2nd, 2018


April 2nd, 2018
7:30PM to 9:30PM

(01) Roll call (2 min)

There are currently 23 committee members. This means quorum is a simple majority of 12.
Victoria Ashley, Alternate Co-Coordinator
Doug Barnett
Marla Bernstein
June Brashares
Eric Brooks
Susan Chunco
Deatra Cohen
Maxine Daniel, Co-Coordinator
Angelica Duenas
Sanda Everette
Mike Feinstein
Sadie Fulton
Josh Jones
Bert Heuer, Co-Coordinator
Tarik Kanaana
Eric Luna
Ann Menasche
Mike Murphy
Mimi Newton
Ajay Rai
Erik Rydberg
Laura Wells
Stephen Zollman, Alternate Co-Coordinator

Present (16) - Victoria Ashley, Marla Bernstein, Eric Brooks, Susan Chunco, Deatra Cohen, Mica Daniel, Sadie Fulton, Bert Heuer, Josh Jones, Tarik Kanaana, Mike Murphy, Mimi Newton, Ajay Rai, Erik Rydberg, Laura Wells, and Stephen Zollman.

Absent (5) - Doug Barnett, Sanda Everette, Mike Feinstein, Eric Luna, Ann Menasche

Quorum at x:xx pm.

Also present, but coming onto the call after quorum call (2) - Angelica Duenas (7:51 pm), June Brashares (? pm)

(02) Roles (2 min)

Facilitator: Sadie Fulton
Minutes taker: Victoria Ashley
Time keeper: Mica Daniel
Vibes Watcher: Susan Chunco

(03) Approval of agenda (2 min)

*Sponsor*: Mica Daniel
*Proposal*: Approve the agenda (draft I on 03/26/18)

EB: Sent amendments to Items #9 & #10 (posted ~6:30 + 7:30 pm)
MN: Added more information to the items she proposed

(04) Decision: Approval of prior month's Minutes (2 min)

*Sponsor*: Mica Daniel
*Proposal*: Approve the minutes for the March 5, 2018 meeting as recorded by Stephen Zollman.
*Reference*: See email from S. Zollman posted on Thu, Mar 29, 2018 at 8:12 PM

Approved by consensus

(05) Announcement: Consent Calendar (2 min)

*Sponsor*: Co-Coordinator
*Background and Purpose*: The consent calendar is intended to pass non-controversial items or items consensed prior to the actual meeting. Any item may be objected to and that item will be placed at the end of the evening's agenda.
*Proposal*: Accept the following committee reports for inclusion into the meeting minutes

The following Committee/Working Group reports were submitted and will be included into the meeting minutes:

Bylaws (Appendix A)
CCWG (Appendix B)
Clearinghouse (Appendix C)
ERWG (Appendix D)
Finance (Appendix E)
Fundraising (Appendix E)
GROW (Appendix G)
IT (Appendix H)
Media (appendix I)
Platform (Appendix J)

The following committees did not send reports:

Campaign Funding Support
State Meeting Planning

Approved by consensus

(06) Decision: Appoint Bob Marsh (Alameda County) to the IT Committee (5 min)

*Sponsor*: Victoria Ashley, Solano County
*Background and Purpose*: Bob Marsh is applying to the IT Committee per his application below.
*Proposal*: That the CC discuss and make a decision on Bob Marsh’s application to be appointed to the IT Committee.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Bob Marsh
Date: Sat, Mar 3, 2018 at 4:37 PM
Subject: [gpca-cc] request to join the GPCA IT committee

Dear CC members,

I'm a lifelong resident of Berkeley, and I've been an active Green since joining to work on the Nader for President campaign in 1996. Since then I served on the County Council of the Green Party of Alameda County for more than 8 years, and as Treasurer for longer (still acting as Asst. Treasurer). I joined the GPCA Finance Committee in 2016 and have helped in past years as Assistant GPCA Treasurer.

Currently I am working full-time for Inveneo, a Berkeley-based non-profit that is installing computing devices, solar power systems, and communication networks for Internet access in poor rural communities in various African countries and Haiti. I've been working as an IT professional for many years.

As a member of the GPCA IT Comm, I would be happy to help the Party with its IT and website work.

Bob Marsh
Virginia St.
Berkeley, CA 94703

Approved by consensus

(07) Decision: Appoint James Young (Orange County) to the Media Committee (5 minutes)

*Sponsor*: Eric Brooks, San Francisco County
*Background and Purpose*: James Young is applying to the Media Committee per his application below.
*Proposal*: That James Young be appointed to the Media Committee.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Eric Brooks
Date: Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 7:49 PM
Subject: [gpca-cc] Fwd: James Kaimilani Young - Media Committee Member Application
To: GPCA Coordinating Committee

From: GPCA-MediaWG [] On Behalf Of James Kaimilani Young
Sent: Monday, March 12, 2018 1:04 PM
To:; GPCA Media Committee
Subject: [GPCA-Media] Fwd: James Kaimilani Young - Media Committee Member Application

Aloha, all!

My name is James K. Young and I am very interested in becoming a Media Committee member for the Green Party. On March 4th 2018 I was voted in by the Orange County Green Party Council Members as a Standing General Assembly Member. I have been an active registered Green Since 2016.

I have attended 3 California Green Party Media Committee Member calls and Zoom/virtual meeting calls and have attending other GP functions throughout Orange County CA.

Thank you,
James Young

Approved by consensus

(08) Decision: Appoint Mike Gonzales (Santa Clara County) to the Media Committee (5 min)

*Sponsor*: Eric Brooks, San Francisco County
*Background and Purpose*: Mike Gonzales is applying to the Media Committee per his application below.
*Proposal*: That the CC discuss and make a decision on Mike Gonzales’s application to be appointed to the Media Committee.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Mike Gonzales
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2018 23:16:24 +0000 (UTC)
Subject: Media Committee Application

GPCA Media Committee,

Please consider my request to join the Media Committee. I have been a Green Party member since late 2016 and currently serving as county council. I was never a member of the major two parties, except briefly to to vote for a delegate for Bernie Sanders, I was always an NPP voter. I have always voted third party when there was a decent candidate. I attended the GPCA General Assembly in Sacramento in 2017 and was an appointed delegate for the Santa Clara County Green Party.

I believe one of the major hurdles to breaking into electoral politics for any minor party is the Media Blackout. This is why I started our county’s YouTube page. I interview candidates and activists, I record events and I edit videos. Please see my YouTube page:

I hope you will accept my request.


Michael Gonzales
County Council
Green Party of Santa Clara County

Approved by consensus

(09) Decision: Administrator Access to GPCA Social Media Assets (10 min)

*Sponsors*: Victoria Ashley, Solano County, Erik Rydberg, Humboldt County & Eric Brooks, San Francisco County

*Background and Purpose*: Sanda Everette and Michael Feinstein have run the GPCA social media accounts as members of the Media Committee for several years. Currently, neither Michael Feinstein nor Sanda Everette are members of the Media Committee. However, for several months, Michael Feinstein has refused to provide login and password access to current Media Committee Co-Cos or CC members who have asked and later demanded access to the social media accounts.

Sanda Everette has explained to the Media Committee that she cannot access her Twitter password, has made an effort, but cannot find her password and can do no more. Given that Sanda has explained her situation, this body will no longer request any access from her and she will be considered to have done her best, and we thank her for that.

Thus, the rest of this item applies only to Michael Feinstein.

These are the accounts and methods:

1) The GPCA Twitter account
Please provide the login and password for the GPCA Twitter account directly to Eric Brooks by email or phone.
2) The GPCA Facebook Page
3) The GPCA Facebook Group Page

Please add two new Administrators to the GPCA FB PAGE, Victoria Ashley and Eric Brooks, and remove yourself from any role on the page. To do this, go to “Settings”, in the upper left side of the main backend panel, then scroll down to “Page Roles”, then scroll over to “Assign a New Page Role” and add Victoria Ashley and Eric Brooks as Administrators. Then, on the same page, go to “Existing Page Roles: Admin” and hit “Edit”, and remove yourself as an Admin and leave Victoria Ashley and Eric Brooks on there.

Please remove yourself from the Admin Position on the GPCA FB GROUP. To do this, go to the Members tab and select the pull-down menu next to your name - please click either “Change to Moderator”, “Remove as Admin” or “Leave Group”.

Failure to address this request within 48 hours will be considered evidence of violation of the GPCA Media Committee Internal Procedures, Article II Social Media, in Section 2-2 Administrators:

“The Media Standing Committee may appoint administrators for the official GPCA social networking pages, whose responsibility shall be to post content in keeping with 2-1 and otherwise manage the pages. The names of the administrators shall be available on the committee's internal web page and upon request by the Coordinating Committee. The administrators shall make periodic reports to the Media Standing Committee and shall follow committee decisions regarding their work.”

*Proposal*: If these accounts are not relinquished within 48 hours of this meeting, the body will begin a censure proceeding, among other possible actions.


EB: During the day of April 2, 2018, Michael Feinstein provided access and admin authority over GPCA Twitter and FaceBook assets to the Co-Coordinators of the Media Committee, however one administrative issue remains with the GPCA Facebook Page.

Revised Proposal Part One:

Michael Feinstein is hereby directed to immediately provide the Co-Coordinators of the Media Committee with instructions on how to remove the current page ‘Editors’ (including himself) from the GPCA FaceBook page, and immediately after the Coordinating Committee meeting of April 2, 2018, Michael Feinstein must make certain that he has relinquished all admin and editing authority *solely* to the Co-Coordinators of the Media Committee on the Facebook page.

Failure to comply with this directive will be considered evidence of violation of the GPCA Media Committee Internal Procedures, Article II Social Media, in Section 2-2 Administrators:

“The Media Standing Committee may appoint administrators for the official GPCA social networking pages, whose responsibility shall be to post content in keeping with 2-1 and otherwise manage the pages. The names of the administrators shall be available on the committee's internal web page and upon request by the Coordinating Committee. The administrators shall make periodic reports to the Media Standing Committee and shall follow committee decisions regarding their work.”

Unless Michael Feinstein commits immediately, and acts immediately following the Coordinating Committee meeting of April 2, 2018, to comply both comply with this directive and to work cooperatively to fulfill and all future requests by GPCA Committees and leadership bodies, he is censured for deliberately failing to promptly transition access to the State Party’s assets, and furthermore, this censure will include sanctions which bar his access and responsibilities to Green Party assets and functions to the greatest extent possible allowed to be levied by the Coordinating Committee, as determined by its Co-Coordinators in consultation with others in party leadership. Michael Feinstein’s numerous previous refusals to cooperate with new leadership has caused great hardship for the Coordinating Committee, for members of the various other committees and GPCA governing bodies, and Greens across the State. Furthermore, these historical actions are considered by the Coordinating Committee to be unacceptable for persons holding positions of responsibility within our political party."

Proposal Part Two:

The Coordinating Committee concurs in all decisions made with regards to Michael Feinstein which are recorded in the Tuesday, March 27, 2018 Media Committee Minuets below:

Media Committee Tuesday, March 27, 2018 7:30pm
Michael Feinstein: Due to purposeful refusal to cooperate with the committee and other committees on which the Media Committee depends (and thereby interfering with the committee completing its work) Michael Feinstein is found to be oppositional and untrustworthy. Michael Feinstein should be removed from the GPCA Media Committee email list by its co-coordinators.

AR: Outstanding concern since MF was not at the Media Committee meeting.

JB: Amendment: Given MF a deadline of April 4th midnight.

Amendment accepted.

Yes Votes (14): VA, JB, DC, MD, AD, SF, BH, JJ, EL, MM, MN, ER, LW, SZ
No Votes (2): AD, AR
Abstain (2): SC, TK
Absent (5)

2 opposed and 14 in support
Out of the 18 members present, 60% threshold requires 11 to pass.

The proposal passes.

(10) Decision Item: Direct Former and Current IT Members with administrative access to LiquidWeb, Cpanel and root to allow access to IT Committee Co-Coordinator Colt Gonzales (5 Mins.)

*Sponsor*: Mimi Newton, Marin County

*Background and Purpose*: The Co-coordinator was elected by the IT Committee month’s ago and is unable to make the party’s website function properly without the appropriate access. Repeated requests have been ignored.

*Proposal*: The CC should direct those with access to hand it over to the IT Committee Co-Coordinator within 48 hours of this CC meeting or risk censure by the CC.

*Implementation/Timeline/Resources*: within 48 hours of this meeting.

Discussion and updates on access changes which had happened since the proposal was written. Point of process was raised that confirmation was needed from an IT member so item’s author proposed moving it until the end of the meeting to come back to later while a CC member tries to reach the IT member.

Proposal: To move this agenda item to the end of the call.

AR: Has outstanding concern on changing the agenda order, moving item until the end.

8:45 pm

Yes Votes (15): VA, JB, EB, SC, DC, MD, AD, SF, BH, JJ, EL, MM, MN, LW, SZ
No Votes (1): AR
Abstain (0)
Absent (8): MB, TK, ER (were present on last vote)

1 opposed and 15 in support
Out of the 16 members present, 60% threshold requires 10 to pass.

The proposal passes.

(11) Decision Item (late item): Provide Admin Access to GPCA email to the Clearinghouse Committee (5 Mins.)

*Sponsor*: Laura Wells, Alameda County

*Background and Purpose*:

The Mission of the Clearinghouse Committee is stated on the committee webpage:

“The Clearinghouse Committee is charged with maintaining an archive of all GPCA documents and data. The Clearinghouse Committee is also charged with facilitating internal and external communications and information dissemination including maintaining the GPCA website and returning communications received by phone, email, and postal mail.”

The GPCA bylaws for Clearinghouse Committee state:

9-6.1(a) Return and/or redirect to the appropriate source within the Party, external communications received by phone, email, and postal mail.

Despite repeated requests, the members of CH have not been provided access to the main incoming email for the GPCA (, by former CH member Mike Feinstein, whose term ended in January of 2018, and who has been absent from all CH regular monthly calls since September of 2017.

Note: The CC has been requesting information and access to this and other resources since September of 2017.

*Proposal*: That the CC directs Michael Feinstein to provide the admin password to the Clearinghouse Committee Co-Coordinator within 48 hours of this CC meeting, or risk censure by the CC.

*Implementation/Timeline/Resources*: within 48 hours of this meeting.

*References*: See Appendix K

Passed by consensus

(12) Decision Item: Make a Bylaws Interpretation and/or take necessary actions for Greens who are non-binary gender to be eligible to be candidates and run for election to the GPCA CC (10 min)

*Sponsor*: June Brashares, Sonoma County

*Background*: This topic was on the Agenda of the CC March 5th call. Following that, an announcement was sent out to the GPCA Inform list on March 20th to "announce a call for candidates for a regular election to fill twelve seats on the GPCA Coordinating Committee (CC) for the two-year CC terms running from July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2020."
The notice included the following text:
"These seats on the CC are specified in our bylaws as apportioned for six “male” and six “female” California Greens. However, the current CC has concluded that the decades-old Green Party of California bylaws were not intended to exclude any Greens who are non-binary, or any Greens who identify not as male nor female, or not solely as male or not solely as female. Rather, these gender-specific bylaws were intended to prevent monopolization of power by those who historically, in western culture, have held power (cis-male) to the exclusion of those whose opinions or rights have historically been suppressed. The CC desires input into how best to ensure that representation on the CC is effected according to these principles. And, in the meantime, the CC also requests that each candidate's application for the CC clearly indicate whether they are applying for one of the six "male" seats, one of the six “female" seats, or for a "neither male nor female seat" (if our bylaws had included such a category)."

I have received some input about how to ensure that representation on the CC is effected according to these principles and I have attempted to incorporate that input into the proposal below.

*Proposal*: For the CC to pass a Bylaws interpretation and/or take necessary actions for candidates of all gender identities to be able to apply and run for election to the GPCA CC (including for the election terms running July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2020), making clear that eligibility is non-exclusionary regarding gender (not bound to the old language of only "female" and "male" candidates). The method of implementation will preserve the spirit of the bylaws to protect against cis-male dominance by limiting males to half of the CC open seats, and not reserve seats as a privilege for cis-males over non-cis-males who receive higher ranking votes. (A candidate who receives better vote rankings would not be denied a CC seat to a cis-male who received vote rankings that were not as good).

Bylaws Interpretation:

Whereas the GPCA Bylaws calling for six men and six women to be elected each year to serve staggered two year terms on the Coordinating Committee, were designed to uplift and not marginalize people who have been historically oppressed due to gender and/or gender identities, and the bylaws did not intend to exclude any Greens who are non-binary, or any Greens who identify not as male nor female, or not solely as male or not solely female;

Therefore until the Bylaws can be fully updated, this bylaws interpretation makes it clear that any California Green who identifies as non-binary gender, as not male nor female, or not solely as male or not solely female, is eligible to apply to be a candidate and run for election to a seat on the GPCA CC. The call for candidates and other information about the CC election shall include information to make clear that non-binary gender candidates are not excluded and are eligible to apply and run for election to the CC. All other previous non-conflicting rules for election to the CC would apply (where to submit application, terms, timelines and deadlines, etc...)
Each candidate's application for the CC is to clearly indicate whether they are applying for a "male" seat (cis-male), or a “female" seat, or for a "non-binary" seat.

Whereas the gender-specific bylaws were intended to prevent monopolization of power by those who historically, in western culture, have held power (cis-male) to the exclusion of those whose opinions or rights have historically been suppressed
Therefore the cis-male candidates receiving the highest rankings shall be limited to no more than 6 seats, but shall not be guaranteed 6 seats if there are "female" and "non-cis-male" and "non-binary" gender candidates that receive higher rankings than the cis-male candidates.

Email Announcement sent out to the GPCA Inform list on March 20th with the Suject title "ANNOUNCEMENT: Application period for election to fill twelve seats on the GPCA Coordinating Committee (CC)to "announce a call for candidates for a regular election to fill twelve seats on the GPCA Coordinating Committee (CC) for the two-year CC terms running from July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2020

GPCA Bylaws re the Coordinating Committee

8-2.1 regarding the GPCA Coordinating Committee election and membership:

Section 8-4. Elections (
8-4.1 Elections shall be conducted each year by the Standing Green Assembly by secret ballot, using Ranked Choice Voting with a No Other Candidate option, with the six week discussion period beginning on the first Monday of May and the one week voting period commencing immediately thereafter.
8-4.2 Candidates must submit an application to the Coordinating Committee by the last Monday of April to be eligible. Applications must include a biography and what they wish to accomplish on the Coordinating Committee.
. . .
8-4.4 Candidates shall be given time to present themselves and respond to questions on a Standing General Assembly teleconference during the Standing General Assembly discussion period in 7-6.3. Where General Assemblies or Gatherings occur after the close of the submission date in 8-4.2, and before the close of the voting period in 7-6.3, candidates shall be given time to present themselves to any General Assembly or Gathering occurring this period.

An amendment was proposed to add a statement: “This would stay as the process until the bylaw committee process could go through for the SGA election.”

Approved by consensus.

With more discussion, it was decided the item would be withdrawn until the May CC meeting.

MN: Agrees to withdraw the item.

(13) Discussion: Report on GA Planning (10 min)

*Sponsor*: Tarik Kanaana on behalf of GA Planning Committee

*Background and Purpose*: To discuss GA planning.

Venue confirmed:

San Joaquin County Office of Education
Wentworth Education Center - Room: Burwood 1
2707 Transworld Drive,
Stockton, CA 95206

(14) Decision Item: Approve Revised CC Meeting Minutes from February 5, 2018 (5 min)

*Sponsor*: Mimi Newton, Marin County

*Background and Purpose*: To Approve the Coordinating Committee’s Meeting Minutes in accordance with the Committee’s Internal Procedures, (Article III, Section 3-8).

*Proposal*: Approve the Minutes as set forth below -

*Implementation/Timeline/Resources*: N/A

GPCA Bylaws Article 8. Coordinating Committee at
Coordinating Committee Internal Procedures, Article III, Procedures at

Passed by consensus

(15) Subject: Decision Item: Approve Revised CC Meeting Minutes from December 4, 2017 (5 mins.)

*Sponsor*: Mimi Newton, Marin County

*Background and Purpose*: The minutes for the December 4, 2017 meeting were recorded by Ann Menasche (San Diego County). Based on comments raised, Ann’s revisions were sent to the CC by Mimi Newton on behalf of Ann Menasche, on January 18. Objections were raised during the February meeting during which time it was agreed that the minutes would be reagendized for the April CC meeting after additional comments were received via email messages among and between the CC Members.

*Proposal*: Approve the minutes for the December 4, 2017 meeting as recorded by Ann Menasche and revised and resubmitted to the CC by Mimi Newton in January and March 2018.
[specific language to come...]

*Reference*: Email with draft Minutes, as revised, was sent by Mimi Newton on behalf of Ann Menasche, on January 18, with additional revisions sent on [date].

Passed by consensus (with date corrected from the 18th to the 8th)

(16) Discussion Item: Posting of CC Meeting Minutes from November 6, 2017 (2 mins.)

*Sponsors*: Mimi Newton, Marin County

*Background and Purpose*: The minutes for the November 6, 2017 meeting were recorded by Bert Heuer and were approved during the CC’s December 4, 2017 meeting. However, the link that was provided in the December 2017 agenda for these minutes takes one to a page indicating “page not found.”

*Proposal*: Discuss locating the missing minutes and getting them posted to the GPCA website.

*Reference*: See:

MN asked BH to send the minutes from November 2017.

(10) Back to item 10 . . .

(10) Decision Item: Direct Former and Current IT Members with administrative access to LiquidWeb, Cpanel and root to allow access to IT Committee Co-Coordinator Colt Gonzales (5 Mins.)
*Sponsor*: Mimi Newton, Marin County
*Background and Purpose*: The Co-coordinator was elected by the IT Committee month’s ago and is unable to make the party’s website function properly without the appropriate access. Repeated requests have been ignored.
*Proposal*: The CC should direct those with access to hand it over to the IT Committee Co-Coordinator within 48 hours of this CC meeting or risk censure by the CC.

CC member reports that IT now has access to the cpanel, so proposal is withdrawn.

(17) Next meeting: May 7th, 2018

========================= Appendix A ================================
Monthly Bylaws Committee Report to the GPCA Coordinating Committee – MARCH 2018

From: The GPCA ByLaws Committee

To: The GPCA Coordinating Committee

Date: Mar. 24, 2018

Submitted By: Mimi Newton, CC Liaison/Co-Co ByLaws Committee

* * *

Date of the last ByLaws Committee Meeting:

Sunday, March 18, 2018 at 7:00 pm


Present: Victoria Ashley, Steve Breedlove, Mimi Newton, Adam Siegel, and Laura Wells (Quorum present.)

Absent: Tim Laidman, Gloria Purcell

Date of the ByLaws Committee’s next regular meeting:

Sunday, April 15, 2018 at 7:00 pm, Call in number - (515) 739-1271, access code: 753142.

Any significant actions the Committee is taking:
— Committee members are continuing to work on a Bylaws Template Project for the Counties.
— Committee members are breaking up into three subcommittees between now and our April meeting to work toward our Bylaws Revision project, beginning with the preparation of a presentation at the June 2018 General Assembly:
Adam and Steve will be analyzing the existing bylaws.
Laura and Vic will be gearing up to collect existing information about issues and possible changes and figure out how to solicit more input from a broad variety of CA Greens.
Mimi will be evaluating last year’s annual work plan, has already reserved a spot for a bylaws presentation at the GA in June and is helping Vic and Laura with a questionnaire to solicit input from GA Attendees. The subcommittees will be reporting back to the rest of the Bylaws Committee at the Committee’s April 2018 meeting.

========================= Appendix B ================================
The Candidates & Campaigns Working Group (CCWG)
met on Sunday, March 25, 2018 at 7:30pm
(As its usual meeting time is 7:30pm on the 4th Sunday of each month).
Call in number: 505-398-0507(No PIN required)

In attendance were:
David Cobb (Humboldt),
June Brashares (Sonoma),
Richard Gomez (Fresno),
and joining late for the end part of the call was Carol Bouldin (San Bernardino).


1) GPUS Coordinated Campaign Committee "Green Wave" (see below)
info has been sent to forum listserve

2) Discussion of 2018 Green candidates (list below)

3) Discussion of GPCA positions on statewide initiatives (see Alameda County recommendations below)

4) Discussion of upcoming GPCA General Assembly (June 9-10 in in San Joaquin County).

5) Announcements / Upcoming events


The Green Party Calls for Green Wave Volunteers!!

The Coordinated Campaign Committee is calling for a national Green Wave in support of our 2018 candidates. Mobilizing our membership to actively support our candidates is one of the most important resources we have as a party.

We have a great group of candidates running this year. They need your help. A Green Wave is a targeted effort to mobilize volunteers and we’ll be kicking off the first Green Wave on Saturday, April 7th. We’ll have more Green Wave actions on each first Saturday until Election Day.

We are calling on all local and state Green Party chapters, as well as unaffiliated Green supporters, to organize a Green Wave event in your community on April 7th.

You can volunteer from anywhere! Volunteers can help candidates from a distance by making phone calls, promoting the campaign on social media, and donating.

Local volunteers can go door-to-door, create human billboards at busy street corners (honk and waves) or leaflet at a public event.

Be creative and take photos of your campaigning! Share on social media with #GreenWave2018

Tell us how you’re going to Green Wave by emailing so we can help promote your event or activity. Tag the Green Party on social media - @GreenPartyUS

This is our year. Vote Green in 2018!



Chris Carlson
Veronika Fimbres (write-in)
Josh Jones

US Senate ​

Cal Songmaker (write-in)

Secretary of State

Mike Fienstein
Erik Rydberg

US House

​Lewis Elbinger (1)
Jason Kishineff ​(5) - June reported that Jason told her that there is no Republican on the ballot in his race.
Chris Richardson (7)
Barry Hermanson (12)
Angelica Duenas (29)
Kenneth Mejia (34)
Rodolfo Cortes Barragan (40)
Miguel Zuniga (43)

CA State Assembly

Carol Bouldin (42)
Rachel Bruhnke (70)
Carol Bouldin mentioned there is also Bridget Duffy in Assembly District 22, in San Mateo.


Proposition 68 -- YES
Parks, Environment, and Water Bond

This measure is a $4.1-billion bond proposal, with the borrowed money going to “Drought, Water, Parks, Climate, Coastal Protection, and Outdoor Access For All” programs. The measure would require 15 - 20 percent of the funds (depending on the type of project) to be dedicated to projects in communities with median household incomes less than 60 percent of the statewide average. $725 million would go to neighborhood parks in park-poor neighborhoods. In California, general obligation bond issues of $300,000 or above must be approved by the voters.

Senate President Kevin de León (D-24), who is challenging incumbent Dianne Feinstein (D) for the U.S. Senate in 2018, was the lead author of the $4-billion Parks, Environment, and Water Bond. As of February 3, 2018, there were five committees registered to support Proposition 68, including the Peninsula Open Space Trust, the Wildlands Conservancy, and the Save the Redwoods League. Other supporters are Sierra Club California, and in the interest of full disclosure, the Association of California Water Agencies and the California Chamber of Commerce. There were no committees registered to oppose it.
There is a clause in the proposition which says that, “Funds provided by this section shall not be expended to pay the costs of the design, construction,operation, mitigation, or maintenance of Delta conveyance facilities". Per our analysis, as well as a recent positive endorsement editorial in the San Jose Mercury News, Prop. 68 funds can not be used for Jerry Brown’s hated delta tunnel project.

The many lists that specify how much money is to be allocated to specific projects is very appealing. For example, thirty million dollars “shall be available to the Salton Sea Authority for capital outlay projects that provide air quality and habitat benefits and that implement the natural Resources Agency’s Salton Sea Management program.” (etc) Another section $170,000,000 “shall be available to the Natural Resources Agency for restoration activities in the Salton Sea Management Program Phase I: 10 Year Plan, dated March 2017, the final management report, and any subsequent revisions to this plan.” Much of the bill reads like a list of necessary or desirable plans which have been waiting for funding.

The Sempervirens Fund strongly supports the bond, because it includes more than $200 million to restore and preserve California state parks and over $700 million for local and regional parks, as well as critically-needed funding to protect our coast, wildlife and drinking water.

The Green Party of Alameda County’s “standard bond reservations” is because in addition to the cost of the projects Proposition 68 would fund, interest on the bonds would go into the pockets of mostly wealthy people. It could and should be the other way around. Some sources claim California has the highest population of billionaires in the United States; in March of 2016, 124 live in the state and have a total net worth of $532.4 billion. The state's technology industry is a major source of many of those fortunes, including those of the created the five richest people in California. If one percent of the wealth of billionaires were taxed, these projects would be covered without borrowing money which had to be repaid with interest. But despite our reservations because of the way the money will be raised, we urge you to vote YES on Proposition 68.

Proposition 69 -- (Currently undecided)
Limitations on transportation revenues

[[The Green Party of Alameda County is currently researching information about the state budgeting and spending process towards giving us a better understanding of Prop. 69. Most of the research is focused around finding out what the options are should there be an emergency which the state government needs to deal with. Specifically, if Prop. 69 were to be approved, would that cause financial problems under emergency conditions? Would it be better to have the flexibility to use transportation revenues for non-transportation purposes if an emergency occurred? We just became aware of this question at our monthly meeting a short time ago, but we should be able to finish this research before SGA voting on this proposition begins. In the meantime, below is the "Yes on Prop. 69" argument that we graciously received from a volunteer in another county, before we realized that the "emergency situation scenario" also needed to be investigated.]]

Proposition 69 -- YES, with reservations
Transportation revenues for transportation purposes

California has a long history of diverting revenues meant to improve basic essential transportation and transit infrastructure, and spending those funds elsewhere in the state budget. Prop 69 prevents funds raised for transportation and transit projects from being diverted to other uses, and removes automatic state spending caps which currently prevent transportation and transit revenues from being fully utilized.

At a time when the very survival of the planetary ecosystem depends on rapid action to shift to low emission mass transit, it is vital that the state maximize its spending on transit. The US and California are also burdened by decades of dangerous neglect of basic repairs of roads, bridges, railways, and other transportation infrastructure.

Because of these realities we support Prop 69 as an important first step to improving transit and transportation safety.

However we also strongly believe that the state traditionally spends far too much on new and expanded roadways for automobiles (which only serves to increase driving and greenhouse emissions) and spends far too little on expanding mass transit, bikeability, and walkability. This measure would have been far better if it had very specifically earmarked far more funds for transit, bikeways and walkability, and had barred these funds from being used to build new and expanded freeways and roadways.

Proposition 70 -- NO
Vote Requirement to Use Cap-and-Trade Revenue

California Proposition 70 is on the June ballot as a legislatively referred constitutional amendment. If approved, this amendment will require a one-time two-thirds vote in each chamber of the state legislature in 2024 or thereafter to pass a spending plan for revenue from the state's cap-and-trade program for greenhouse gases.

We completely oppose this Proposition and urge a NO vote on it, because this was a bill designed to give the Republicans in the California Legislature more power on how to spend the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund proceeds that pour into the state coffers from the polluters. This measure was only agreed to be put onto the ballot by the Governor in order to gain a couple of Republican votes on the cap-and-trade bill last year, and it is a terrible idea, essentially putting the fox in charge of the henhouse. We see enough of that at the Federal level these days, and do not need any more at the State Level.

Further, at a moment where we need nimble investments in climate change solutions, the 2/3 requirement this bill would impose would most definitely lead to more gridlock and bad deals, vs. cleaning up the state's energy, transport, food production, and other greenhouse gas related sectors.

To quote in this case the California Democratic party: "A two-thirds vote gives polluters more leverage in how cap-and-trade funding is spent after 2024. The fact is, ACA 1 itself was a part of a deal to get a two-thirds vote for the cap-and-trade extension. When a two-thirds vote was required to approve California's budget, legislative hostage-taking, gimmicks and pork barrel spending were part and parcel of the process."


-- Sources:,_Vote_Requirement_to_U...

Prop 71 -- YES
Sets Effective Date for Ballot Measures

This measure amends the State Constitution so that state initiatives and referenda, as well as legislative bonds and ballot measures that change the State Constitution, take effect on the fifth day after the Secretary of State files the statement of the vote.

At present, most state ballot measures take effect the day after Election Day. During the past quarter century, voting habits in California have changed dramatically. In the November 1970 election, about 200,000 California voters (3 percent of the total) cast a ballot by mail. By contrast, in November 2016, more than 8 million voters (58 percent of the total) cast a mail ballot. In addition, state and federal laws allow for “provisional” ballots—for example, for people who believe they are registered even though their names are not on a polling place’s voter list. Thus, in recent elections, several million mail ballots and other ballots have not been counted at the end of Election Day, but are counted in the days or weeks afterward. The Secretary of State then files the statement of the vote no later than 38 days after Election Day—after receiving voting results from each county. These days, in a close election, having a law go into effect the day after Election Day could result in its having to be rescinded. Prop 71 makes sense, as it updates the law to align with the electorate's present voting habits. Vote YES on Prop 71.

Prop 72 -- YES
Rainwater Capture Systems Excluded from Property Tax Assessments

This measure simply adds the words "rainwater capture systems" to a short list of other helpful property improvements (such as solar panels, wheelchair ramps, and fire sprinkler systems) which are already EXCLUDED from the "new construction" provision in property tax reassessments. According to the author of the measure, state senator Steve Glazer of Orinda (Contra Costa county), this proposal is modeled after similar 1980s legislation that added a property tax exclusion for solar systems

The measure was unanimously endorsed by both houses of the state legislature and no one is on record in the official state of California voter information guide as opposing this measure, either. It's kind of odd that it's on the ballot at all, but that will raise consciousness about this simple Green-value home improvement.

Discussed SGA endorsement process.

========================= Appendix C ================================
February Clearinghouse Committee Meeting Report

Next Meeting Wednesday March 7th 3-4:30pm

Meeting Agenda - Wednesday, Feb 7th 3 - 4:30 pm
Dial 605-472-5412 - Access code: 408531

Members Present: Michael (AC), Maxine (AC), Brett (AC), Brian (SC), Nassim (SC)

Members Absent: Greg (RC)

Facilitator: Michael
Notes: Nassim
Time keeper: Mica

1. Agenda; approve or amend: Brian added a discussion on the Alameda Voters Guide and how GPCA CH can use the content to inform voters on the state issues. Time permitting, item is added to the end of agenda.

2. Next meeting Wednesday March 7th, 3 - 4:30pm (First Wednesday of each month).

Discussion / Decision: Nassim proposed CH confirm all 2018 meeting dates so they can be added to the calendar. CH agreed to only modify the July call from 7/4 to 7/11. Brett will add CH meetings to the calendar.

3. Information Update by Mica CC liaison on CH work plan / budget submission to Finance (2 min)

Mica reported she saw the email from Nassim with CH work plan / budget but heard from Finance that they may not have it. Nassim forwarded her 1/24 email again to Mica and CH team, Mica will ensure Finance has it.

4. Information Update by Nassim on website and GPCA IT (5 min)

Brett and Nassim are on IT Comm now. Brett will be CH’s IT Liaison going forward and will implement website updates for CH.

5. Discussion (+ Decision) Q1 activities and timelines (Nassim, All - 20 min)

CH reviewed and agreed to include all to-do items below in Q1.

i. Create a literature E-library of collateral, bilingual and translated versions to share with GROW
ii. Implement a CH E-library downloadable page on GPCA website (pending website)
iii. Print the Spanish version of trifold – timelines – Decision after the final review is complete, team agreed to include printing this with the English version print order in late Feb. Nassim will look into the right quantity mix to use the remaining $750 of our budget until June.
iv. Reprint GPCA trifold date(?) – review inventory Appx C – Decision: We currently have 18 pks of 100, we have used 2/3 of the trifolds we ordered in Oct. Team agreed to order 5000 in late Feb to have enough for candidates by early March.
v. Create a Spanish translation of the GPCA contact card
vi. Complete the first draft of the County Council Greens Handbook
vii. Recruit more active members / volunteers to contribute content for literature, keep a list in (i).
viii. Survey counties for the need for tabling kits or other collateral for distribution at GAs
ix. Complete NationBuilder training for CH communication point person volunteers
x. Set up the CH literature shipping and sharing process – Nassim to share a draft
xi. Complete CH Committee Handbook outlining process and responsibilities
6. Information Review Michael’s lesser of 2 evil/spoiler myth essay (All - 10 min)

Nassim and Mica have seen and sent comments, Michael will email with the team for comments.

7. Discussion FAQ content suggestions (All - 10 min)

Team will think about suggestions, Brian will create and own an ongoing list of suggestions.

8. Information / Discussion Review outline of County Handbook Appx A (Nassim - 15 min)

Nassim reviewed outline focused on a step by step activation process/instructions for new counties. Michael suggested this is a collaborative project with GROW. Mica and Michael suggested Nassim get input from new counties that recently had issues trying to get activated like Kern, Yolo, San Joaquin, Santa Cruz, and others. Nassim stated that CH can serve in a reviewer capacity but she will be doing the content work.

9. Discussion proposal for updates to CH bylaws sections Appx B (All - 10 min)

CH team will review and share suggestions for updates by email.

10. Information Update on a candidate promotion video project (Nassim – 5 min)

Santa Clara county is putting together a short video about 2018 GPCA candidates as a GP promo video, that Media could use to replicate for various GPCA campaigns.

11. Information Report on NB access and setting up training (Nassim - 2 min)

Nassim will set up NB training with Colt this week for herself and Michael and anyone else on CH who would like to attend. Colt still needs to get access to NB himself.

12. Information Review old action items (All - 2 min) All completed except:

- Nassim to finalize NB training with Colt, awaiting Colt getting NB access.
13. Information New action items.

- Nassim to send a shared folder location for all to add content sources, i.e. lists of blog.
- Nassim to find costs of reprinting GPCA trifold English/Spanish to prep for late Feb order.
- Nassim to share the current draft of CH handbook including the literature shipping process.
- Michael to share his ‘lesser of two evils’ piece with the CH team for comments by emails.
- Brian to start a list of suggestions for FAQ folder content
- Brett to follow up on review of Spanish trifold with Rohan.
- Brett to add CH meetings to the calendar (all month’s first Wednesdays except in July, change to second Wed. 7/11.
- All to review the GPCA bylaw’s CH definition and responsibilities and send edits/updates to CH by email before CH March call.
- All to send Brian suggestions on FAQ content
14. Discussion: Alameda County Voters Guide (Brian – 2 min) – deferred to March meeting.

========================= Appendix D ================================
ERWG Minutes 3/12/18

Attendees: Eric Brooks, Ann Menasche, Carol A. Bouldin
Discussed combining ERWG with Candidates and Campaigns working group and Green Issues working group into a special group so that we can have more people involved as both are experiencing low participation. ERWG has decided to create a special group to combine working groups so they can all meet together. We are calling it Campaigns, Issues, & Electoral Reform special working group by consensus this date, and we plan to contact other groups to see if they want to join us. Ann will send an Email to June Brashares as Eric thinks she knows who is in the other 2 groups and when they meet in order to see if we can combine all of them so we have enough people. Electoral reform, issues, candidates, and campaigns will all be addressed by the special working group, which would be an ad hoc group dissolved or re-formed after 2 years per the bylaws.
Carol and Ann will send in Stop Top Two petitions they have completed and Carol will contact Tom Palzer re progress. Email was sent out to the inform list; Ann will ask whoever sent it—Colt Gonzales or Mimi Newton—to send it out as well to the forum list.

========================= Appendix E ================================
March Finance Committee Meeting - Report
Thursday March 22nd, 2018, 8 – 9:00 pm
Dial-in Number: (515) 604-9861
Access Code: 616301*

Victoria Ashley – Liaison, Co-co (8/8/2016 - 8/2018)
Maxine (Mica) Daniel – Co-co (1/23/2016-1/2019)
Ruscal Cayangyang – Treasurer (6/2017-6/2019)
Bob Marsh – (2/2017 – 2/2019)
Frank Lambert – (9/2017-9/2019)

Quinton Crawford – (9/2017-9/2019)

1. Agenda approval

Approved by consensus

2. Approve Feb 22nd Meeting Minutes (below)

Approved by consensus

3. Fiscal Year and Calendar Year Discussion (changed 2012)

Victoria found the original proposal and sent to Mica and Ruscal

4. Updates / Treasurer Report
* Summary and review of reports submitted

- Last filing was Feb Pre-election Statement 460
- Today was the second Pre-election Statement – but we have not exceeded the $1000 criteria in the last 30 days.

* Bank account balances –

$14,621 / $1617
Barnett Paypal

* Fines status

- Still around $5k, but not increasing
- Paid $1200+ in fines so far

5. Bylaws that need to be changed

Discussion about possible bylaws and fiscal policies to be proposed to be changed for the June GA.

6. Budget and Work plan requests for 2018

Notice has been sent out and requests which have been submitted are in the process of being organized.

Current Budget Committee members include: Victoria Ashley, Ruscal Cayangyang, Laura Wells and Eric Luna

7. Next Meeting: Thursday, April 26th

========================= Appendix F ================================
Fundraising Action Items on 3/26/18 meeting

PRESENT: Colt, Deatra Eric B, Eric L, Quinton Crawford, Erik R (quorum reached)
1. Eric B will talk to Media Committee about LinkedIn account
2. Quenton will put up a proposal on how to set up an account
3. ? will check into bylaws on doing crowd funding to raise money to help members get to future GAs
4. Colt can/will set up crowd funding through NationBuilder including a component that lets people donate "in kind" services such as rideshares to GA, accommodations, etc.
5. Deatra will email June B regarding setting up a meeting with Campaigns and Candidates Committee to discuss “Green Dozer”, a potential campaign to raise funds for future (2020?) candidates to pay for their filling fees or reimburse them once they clear the ballot hurdle. Deatra will also put together a doodle poll when/if a meeting seems possible.
6. ? will find a contract for independent phone canvassers
7. Eric B will talk to Media Committee re: using Etsy, snapchat, instagram, etc. as possible social media platforms/revenue sources for GPCA
8. next meeting: Monday, April 16, 2018 at 7:30pm.

========================= Appendix G ================================
GROW/Grassroots Organizing Working Group
Monthly report - teleconference notes March 13, 2018

ATTENDEES and ROLES (ABC by first name)
Anthony Kryzwicki (Ventura) - FACILITATOR, Jennifer Hall (San Joaquin) - TIMEKEEPER, Laura Wells (Alameda) - NOTES, Lewis Elbinger (Siskiyou), Nassim Nouri (Santa Clara), Shannel Pittman (Los Angeles)

GROW WORKSHOP(S) at GENERAL ASSEMBLY - San Joaquin County in June
- Voter Registration workshop and plenary session on “How we’ve registered people Green”
- ACTION ITEM: Laura will submit placeholder GA agenda item by 3/26 due date

- In brief, last year we did not spend any money, including not hiring a field organizer; GROW focused on strengthening the new and long-time active counties.
- Next year’s ability to make requested expenditures depends on fundraising, and paid staffers might start with Fundraiser(s) and Media Coordinator before Field Organizer(s)

- Progress being made on "good practices”, i.e. documents that give advice, how-tos, etc.
- 3 starter packets were purchased (by candidates, Butte County) from Santa Clara
- ACTION ITEM: Nassim will draft a page of that should be in starter packet
- ACTION ITEM: Anthony and Laura and others (Sadie? Finance/treasurer?) will review Chapter 1: Building & Getting recognized
- Working on Chapter 2: Growing Your County
- Discussed necessity of filing with the state or not, depending on budget/treasurer
- Discussed 501-c-4 organizations, not a political party

- Suggestion: we look for uncontested races and file at the last minute so that we are one of two candidates
- Work with Campaigns and Candidates Working Group (CCWG)
- - Identify a pool of potential candidates (who know their areas), starting way ahead of the next election cycle, and have a collaborative process of deciding who should run, vs. individuals deciding to “throw their hats in the ring.”
- - Develop a pool of money too, especially since many counties charge huge fees
- Work with Bylaws and CCWG to develop an earlier endorsement process that’s helpful to candidates.

- Congressional District 1 has 8 full counties and 3 partial counties
- Counties charge candidates fees of 100s of dollars for fees, for pamphlet inclusion
- Other 6-7 candidates are Dem/Reps, except Lewis
- Republican incumbent Doug LaMaulfa

SGA delegation list is needed (active counties):
Imperial (1), Mendocino (2)
SGA delegation allocation is unfilled:
Contra Costa (1), San Bernardino (1), San Diego(3), Santa Cruz(1)
Regular Meeting time?
Contra Costa, Imperial, Lake, Napa, Sacramento,
San Bernardino, San Luis Obispo, San Mateo
Bylaws needed for website list:
Monterey, Santa Barbara

- Tuesday, 4/10/18 @ 7:30pm

========================= Appendix H ================================
GPCA-IT Committee Monthly Meeting Minutes - Monday March 19, 2018, 7:30 pm - 9 pm

Teleconference call in: (712) 451-0811 Access Code: 193367
Next teleconference: Monday April 16th 2018, 7:30- 9

1. Roll call

IT members present: Colt Gonzales Co-Co (SJ), Eric Luna (SJ), Brett Dixon (AC), Nassim Nouri (SC) [left call at 8:45], Sadie Fulton (YC). Quorum at 7:40

IT members absent: Bert Co-Co and CC liaison (CC) – Missed last three meetings, Ajay (LA) – Term ended in 3/18, Nicole (SD)

CC members and observers: Mike Feinstein (LA) joined the call for 5 minutes 8:17-8:22

2. Roles: Facilitator: Colt Timekeeper: Eric Note taker: Nassim & Eric

3. Approve or amend the agenda (3 min) - Affirmed

4. Approve last month’s Meeting Minutes (2 min) - Affirmed

5. Website updates (Brett, 10 min)

a. Map, Calendar – Brett has been adding events and updated map page, still tuning colors and key.

b. Homepage & collaborate with Media – Bert has made minor updates to homepage, see item #7

c. Candidate page update by end of March – Media requested IT wait until list of candidates on the ballot are finalized and released by SoS on 3/29, MF emailed an update that he had researched the list and posted a page already, BD was already working on a draft page. All affirmed the decision to communicate roles to all with current posting access to prevent duplications of efforts and ensure only those with responsibility for web work have posting access.

6. Discussion / Decision: IT Committee Access and Permission (Colt, 30 min)

Acquiring immediate admin-level access for IT Co-Coordinators to all relevant assets.

a. NationBuilder – #1 priority update

Colt now has admin access to NB and has provided IT members access. He has changed NB access for those without responsibilities and/or authority from admin to staff (decision affirmed by IT-Comm at Feb 19 call). MF requested his access be reinstated due to his “ongoing NB projects for LA county”. Concern was raised that if LA county has had access to a highly valuable GPCA asset like NB, why hasn’t that been provided to other counties? Colt will get clarification from CC on who in the future should have access to any GPCA online assets and if such requests should go to CC. CG can now provide NB training for Clearinghouse in the next couple of weeks.

b. LiquidWeb, Root and CPanel – #2 priority update

The IT committee still has no access to these assets and have no control of the listserves as mandated by GPCA bylaws. Colt has requested access from Ajay and Bert multiple times over the last 2 months but neither has yet provided it.

c. Drupal – Brett and Colt are now admins. Brett requested a full review of current access and permissions to Drupal and suggested we limit access to only those with responsibilities and/or authority, all affirmed the decision.

d. Social Media – FB page and group – Media and IT need access to these online assets, but at this time neither committee has any access. Media had shared at a previous joint meeting that Sanda had reported she lost her twitter password. MF noted he had found the twitter login and password and had contacted Media about it, he left the call before further discussion. NN to ask MF to forward twitter account info to Media and IT. Instagram - current account only has 84 followers and IT does not have access or know who owns it so all agreed to set up a new account.

7. Info / Discussion: Working with Media Comm on website content strategy (Nassim, 10 min)

CG, SF, NN had a working meeting with Media team to review the website content strategy and start to come up with some parameters and conventions for the type of content to create for the new website. NN and BD will draft a basic sitemap for IT and Media Committees to jointly review.

8. Info / Discussion: IT Comm 2017-2018 work plan and budget (Colt, 10 min)

Colt inquired about a deadline for IT to submit its 2018-20189 work plan and budget, since we had no time or assistance in transition, we need to find older work plans to understand what the outgoing expenses to build a new budget based on expenditure realities. Victoria Ashly shared the old plan for 2016-2017, it is not clear if any of these contracts or expenses have been paid or not?

NN to contact Ruscal for a list of expenses paid out for IT projects and ask about the deadline/timeframe to send finance our work plan and budget.

CG noted some NB communications shared by Tim Laidman showed a clear path to lowering NB expenses which had been ~$4000, but we can’t tell if the cleaning up of the DB he did mid last year has changed that. There are many ways to use NB to it’s fullest potential, connecting with counties, fundraising. CG will draft a plan to share with IT team.

9. Discussion: Review GPCA-IT Handbook (all, 10 min)

CG reviewed list and IT members took on secondary roles to build redundancy for IT roles, Nassim to update the IT Handbook:

EL - webmaster - secondary

BD - Social Media - secondary

SF – Training and Education – secondary

CG & BD – county pages

· All agreed with recent gaps in participation and Bert and Ajay terming out of IT, we need to recruit new people with needed skill sets to join the team.

10. Action items, new & old:

- NN and BD will put a draft basic sitemap for IT and Media review & check about homepage updates.

- NN to update MF on BD as webmaster and to request he forwards Twitter account info to Media / IT.

- NN to ask Ruscal for budget deadline and also to get a list of current IT/website/NB expenses to help create IT budget – no contracts are the records, RC will look for invoices or records of payment.

- Colt will get a clarification from CC on who in the future should have access to any GPCA online assets and if such requests should go to CC.

- CG to draft a 2018-2019 work plan with an estimate budget for team review.

- Old item - Mike to connect with Nicole and make a plan for clean-up of archival content – MF emailed that this meeting has not occurred yet.

11. Appendix - See email with attachments to CC from Eric Luna titled:
[gpca-cc] Fwd: IT Committee 3/19/18 meeting minutes, on 3/26/18

========================= Appendix I ================================

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Eric Brooks
Date: Sat, Mar 31, 2018 at 8:48 PM
Subject: [gpca-cc] Media Committee Meeting Notes, January & February 2018
To: GPCA Coordinating Committee

Hi all,

Below are the notes from the Regular January and February 2018 Media Committee meetings, followed by general notes on interim special meetings that were held in January, February and March, in order to get objectives and tasks organized, and to coordinate with other committees.

Full list of Media Committee members as of January 1, 2018

Eric Brooks CC Liaison/Co-Coordinator
Victoria Ashley member
Alex Shantz member
Cassidy Sheppard member
Erik Rydberg non-voting spokesperson
Laura Wells non-voting spokesperson

Media Committee Regular Meeting, Monday, January 15, 7:30pm


Members: Eric Brooks, Mike Feinstein (15 min), Victoria Ashley, Laura Wells, Erik Rydberg
Others: James Young

No final decisions made due to lack of quorum. Various objectives of the committee were discussed, and the following task list was developed.

* Erik R will prepare ‘Year in review’ including Jordan cove, Salton Sea, Imperial County Border Wall - etc. and ask Sadie to release via email.
* Eric B will seek access to GPCA web resources from: Sadie, Nassim, Bert, Mike F, Sanda, Including Web, Twitter, YouTube, FaceBook
* Erik R will send Victoria new cover photo for FaceBook group.
* Stories for Press Releases? Laura will check Salton Sea. Jordan Cove? Imperial County Border Wall?
* Erik R will ask David Cobb, others, about YouTube videos for sharing on our sites. Humboldt-Stein, Water defenders, Imperial Border Wall
* James Young will set up and coordinate Monthly Livestream, and send draft plans to media list for feedback.
* James Young will set up *Zoom*
* Erik R will make a proposal for formal media relationship with Green Party Activists FaceBook group.
* Erik R will serve as Media liaison to Fundraising committee and IT Committee (via Sadie)
* Eric B will add James Y to Fundraising Email List

Media Committee Regular Meeting, Tuesday, February 19, 7:30pm

Members: Eric Brooks, Laura Wells (10 min)
Others: James Young

No final decisions made due to lack of quorum. Meeting was spent learning new Zoom conference meeting software and discussing possibilities for social media video production.

Notes on Interim Meetings

Between the regular Media Committee meetings on Monday, January 15 and Tuesday March 27, several interim working meetings were held of the committee - some in conjunction with Fundraising and IT committee members – to brainstorm various media, web and press objectives, coordinate resources and schedules, and establish numerous ad hoc tasks for the Media Committee and other volunteers.

During the interim meeting on February 27, the regular meeting day and time of the Media Committee was moved from the third Monday of each month to the fourth Tuesday of each month, beginning on March 27.

Eric Brooks, CC Liaison, Co-Coordinator
Media Committee

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Eric Brooks
Date: Sat, Mar 31, 2018 at 3:58 PM
Subject: [gpca-cc] Minutes for GPCA Media Committee Regular Conference Call - Tue, Mar 27, 2018
To: GPCA Coordinating Committee

Minutes for GPCA Media Committee Regular Conference Call

Tuesday, March 27, 2018 7:30pm

Voting Members: Eric Brooks, Victoria Ashley, Rodolpho Cortes Barragan (quorum)
Others Present: James Young, Mike Gonzales, Laura Wells, Nassim Nouri, Colt Gonzales, Eric Luna

Decisions, all by consensus:

Press Releases for CA Election

- Eric and Victoria will draft election press releases, post to Media list for comments/edits – objective: one or more releases to go out by April 10
- Laura Wells will check with Cres Vellucci on his availability to help with final edits and sending of releases


- Eric Brooks will set up GPCA Patreon page
- Mike Gonzales & James Young will explore setting up a Periscope page
- Erik Rydberg will be asked to set up a DLive page via Steemit
- Nassim, Mike G, James Y, Rodolfo, and Erik Rydberg will collaborate on video project production

Social Media

Twitter status - still no administrative access for current committee members
FaceBook – Some access transitioned but not all


The Media Committee hereby directs Michael Feinstein to, in this order:

1) turn over to, and establish for, committee co-coordinators Eric Brooks and Victoria Ashley, full administrative control of all GPCA FaceBook and Twitter sites, groups and pages, establishing usernames and passwords which provide them with this administrative control

2) Remove himself as both admin and moderator from all GPCA FaceBook and Twitter sites, groups, and pages

These sites include but may not be limited to the sites at the following links:

Social Media – Other

- Eric Luna will set up GPCA Discord, Twitch and Snapchat pages and invite other committee members to the Discord page for testing Discord use
- Eric Rydberg will be asked to set up Steemit page (check with Treasurer on legalities of GPCA receiving Steem based donations/up-votes)
(Eric Brooks will assist)

GPCA Media Committee Email List - Membership for Non-committee Members


Michael Feinstein: Due to purposeful refusal to cooperate with the committee and other committees on which the Media Committee depends (and thereby interfering with the committee completing its work) Michael Feinstein is found to be oppositional and untrustworthy. Michael Feinstein should be removed from the GPCA Media Committee email list by its co-coordinators.

Sanda Everette: Currently not active on email list, but retain on list.

Erika MacDonald (GPSF Media Coordinator): Currently not active but retain on list due to SF media work.

Cassidy Sheppard: Eric Brooks will contact
[Follow up note – Cassidy has resigned from Media Committee due to time constraints, but asked to remain on committee email list.]

Media Committee – Note Taking

- James Young will set up Google doc site, for live minutes taking, and other documents

Appointment of Female Media Committee Co-Coordinator

- Victoria Ashley approved by consensus

Next Regular Meeting Tuesday April 24, 2018 7:30pm.

========================= Appendix J ================================
Platform Committee report for CC meeting on 4/2/18

The Platform Committee does not have regular meetings but, rather, meets continuously via the list-serve in considering platform plank language since teleconferences are not good for such discussions. The Platform Committee holds in-person meetings at the GAs.

Last in-person meeting held at the Ventura GA in November. The next in-person meeting will take place at the next GA.


Present: Jan Arnold,; Steve Breedlove,; B?; Callahan, ; Rose Mary Duentes/Terry Better,; Kyla Dust,; Anthony Fuentes,; Peggy Koteen,; Gloria Purcell,; Shane Que Hee,; Adam Siegal,; Bob Terry,; Heather Walker,
Agenda: Add Salton Sea to 3rd last item.

Announcements: .The CA GPCA is submitting 2 new platform planks for the GPUS Platform: Animal Experimentation and Animals and Entertainment. Comments are invited, Please e-mail Peggy Koteen. The final version has to be submitted by Dec 31 2017.

Minutes of Prior Meeting: None as joint meeting with ERWG when Co-Co missed plane to Sacramento.

Co-Co’s Report: Peggy Koteen reconfirmed as Platform voting member by GPCA CC. Initiatives platform is still being finalized by ERWG for submission to Platform comment. Big increase in spam on listsserve. Some 44 listserve members.

GA Planks
Workplace Safety and Health: 1. Proposal para 6: Add “Also provide anonymous means for undocumented workers to report health and safety hazards.”; 2. Proposal para 7: insert “inventory” after “base”, delete “and their amounts”, and insert “(workplace mental stress”) after “psychosocial”; 3. Next para (new” Develop systems to empower workers to take responsibility for the health and safety of their , including direct anonymous reporting to CALOSHA.” 4. Proposal 4th last para: Add “(See also the Health Care plank)” after “stress”; 5. Delete the Proposal 2nd and 3rd last paras; 6. Proposal last para: after “scientists” insert “Occupational physicians and nurses, toxicologists”

Wildlife: 1. Last para Background after “themselves” insert “, for example,”. 2. Proposal para 2: put last; 3. Proposal para 7: insert “government-funded” after “Eliminate” and “and private” before “lands”.

Time ran out.

========================= Appendix K ================================
(11) Decision Item: Provide Admin Access to GPCA email to the Clearinghouse Committee (5 Mins.)

from: Nassim Nouri
to: "Maxine (Mica) Daniel" ,
Laura Wells ,
Victoria Ashley
cc: Brett Dixon ,
Jan Arnold & MIchael Rubin ,
Brian Good
date: Sat, Mar 31, 2018 at 10:05 AM
subject: CH needs access to email

Dear Coordinating Committee,
I'd would like to inform you of an ongoing issue the Clearinghouse Committee need your guidance and help on.

The members of CH have never been provided access to the by any outgoing members. Mike Feinstein has bee the person with admin access to this and has told CH that he is replying to inquiries to this email address.

Unfortunately Mike who has termed out of CH on 1/2018, has been absent from all CH regular monthly calls since Sept. 2017, and while being the CH Coco and CC liaison during this time, has not fulfilled any Coco responsibilites.

CH has therefore requested access from Mike in order to respond to GPCA incoming emails. (See attached unanswered email and reminder below point 6.d in red)

Since the bylaws clearly mandate CH roles, this request for access requires no CH Committee vote on record as Mike demands.

We ask that the Coordinating Committee help provide the access CH needs to fulfill our mandate, and to also remove access for those no longer responsible to work on CH behalf.

Thank you,