Coordinating Committee Minutes, December 3rd, 2018

Coordinating Committee Meeting Minutes

December 3rd, 2018
7:30PM to 9:30PM
(01) Roll call (2 min)
There are currently 21 committee members. This means quorum is a simple majority of 11.

Victoria Ashley, Alternate Co-Coordinator
Doug Barnett
Marla Bernstein
Carol Bouldin
June Brashares
Eric Brooks
Maxine Daniel, Co-Coordinator
Sanda Everette
Sadie Fulton
Colt Gonzales
Josh Jones
Tarik Kanaana
James Lauderdale
Lauren Mauricio
Ann Menasche
Mimi Newton
Nassim Nouri
Shannel Pittman
Erik Rydberg
Adam Siegel
Laura Wells

Quorum reached with 17/21 present at 7:36 pm

Present (19): Victoria Ashley, Doug Barnett (7:43)*, Marla Bernstein (7:43)*, Carol Bouldin, June Brashares, Eric Brooks, Maxine Daniel, Sanda Everette, Sadie Fulton, Colt Gonzales, Josh Jones, Tarik Kanaana*, James Lauderdale, Mimi Newton, Nassim Nouri, Shannel Pittman,
Erik Rydberg, Adam Siegel, Laura Wells

Absent (2): Lauren Mauricio, Ann Menasche

*CC Member’s presence during the call was noted after roll call concluded, as reflected in the notes below.

(02) Roles (2 min)

Facilitator ----- June Brashares
NoteTaker ----- Nassim Nouri
Time Keeper --- Carol Bouldin
Vibes Watcher--- Josh Jones
03) Approval of (Agenda Draft 2 posted on 12/2/2018 (2 min)

Additions of late item were made and noted by old/new agenda item numbers.

Agenda approved by consensus
(04) Decision: Approval of prior month’s Minutes (2 min) November 12th, 2018
As recorded by Mimi Newton (to be posted)
November meeting minutes are not yet available, will be reviewed at next meeting.
(05) Consent Items (2 min)

Background and Purpose*: The consent calendar is intended to pass non-controversial items or items consensed prior to the actual meeting. Any item may be objected to and that item will be placed at the end of the evening's agenda.
*Proposal*: Accept the following committee reports for inclusion into the meeting minutes

Committee Reports:
Electoral Reform Working Group (ERWG) Appendix A
Grass Roots Organizing Working Group (GROW) Appendix B
GPCA Clearinghouse Committee Appendix C
GPCA IT- Committee Appendix D
GPCA Finance Committee Appendix E
GPCA CCWG Appendix F
GPCA Media Committee Appendix G
GPCA Platform Committee Appendix H
GPCA Bylaws Committee Appendix I (submitted late on 12/5)

Consent items were accepted by consensus
(06) Decision: Approve CC Mtg. calendar for 2019

January 7, 2019
February 4, 2019
March 4, 2019
April 1, 2019
May 6, 2019
June 3, 2019
July 1, 2019
August 5, 2019
September 2, 2019
October 7, 2019
November 4, 2019 * If election on November 5th, 2019 the meeting will be on November 11th.
December 2, 2019

Calendar approved by consensus

(07) Application for Media Committee from Diana Brown (2 - 5 min)

Good afternoon,
I would like to help my fellow Greens and join the Media Committee.
I have coordinated press conferences, written press releases, have established working relationships with newspaper and radio contacts in Los Angeles (and can establish more state wide) worked on campaigns, have recently joined LA County Council, have working relationships with Greens throughout California and other states (who may be willing to help with their skills), and, the most fun part, I have graphic arts experience.
In addition, I have been creating graphics specifically for Greens for the past 18 months, as well as, sharing them via email and on social media. I have always tried my best to create informative graphics including stats and numerous corresponding links. I have also done the research and created a multi-state candidates list for the GP telethon this past August. My post included their websites, fb pages, and the majority were tagged for maximum sharing efforts. I am also a member of about 100 Green groups including numerous county pages nationwide and have shared each of my posts in each.
I feel my experience could be a great asset to the Media Committee and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to join.

Thank you for your consideration and the opportunity to apply.

Diana C. Brown
AV Greens Co-Chair
Affirmation by Eric Brooks

Diana Brown appointed to Media by consensus

(08) GPCA Media Committee Application Michael Gaboury (2 min)

Thank you for this opportunity to apply for membership in the GPCA Media Committee. My name is Michael Gaboury, and I have been a registered member of the party for quite a few years but became really active in 2010 when I was contacted by Ben and Sue Emery, to help constitute the Nevada County group, and to support Ben’s campaign for congress. I have been on the county council for several years and my primary focus has been single payer health care.

– A Casual Work Resume
I am currently the Program Manager for the Disability Advocacy Team within a much larger healthcare consulting organization. I’m the primary architect of this program which assists uninsured patients in obtaining SSI and Social Security Disability Benefits, which, in turn, leads to Medicaid and/or Medicare coverage. We primarily work in southern states which did not implement Medicaid expansion. I’m responsible for project design, training, software content, and quality control as well as direct advocacy before various Social Security Administrative Law Judges. More relevant to this committee, I write the marketing proposals, advertisements, brochures, and create the PowerPoint type presentations. I am currently producing a video project exploring the life altering impacts our program has had on the lives of various patients.
I’m a graduate of California State University, San Francisco with a BA in Interdisciplinary Creative Arts, a Special Education Teaching Credential, and an MA in Education of Exceptional Children. Finishing school, I was hired by Sierra College to start an off-site program for students with developmental disabilities. I wrote the curriculum, as well as numerous grants, often in cooperation with various other local social service agencies. Activities included:
· Faculty negotiator for collective bargaining.
· Co-chair of the Developmental Disability Division of California Association of Post-Secondary Educators of the Disabled
· Founding Area Coordinator for Nevada County Special Olympics, doing most of the publicity and fund raising for about 8 years.
· Testimony to various state legislative bodies regarding issues which impacted our students.
Moving to Spokane as the National Training Coordinator for a SSA disability-related software startup company, I created and implemented user manuals, and 2 day training seminars. Subsequently, as Director of Marketing, I developed and managed a national network of independent agents, created a VAR program with a major mini-computer vendor, created all the marketing support materials, and wrote the proposals to various companies and government agencies.
Returning to California as Vice President of Marketing for a small Idaho based company, I played a major role in developing that company into the largest provider of SSI advocacy for children in foster care in the country.
· Appointed by the Mayor of Spokane to the Neighborhood Design-Plan Task Force
· Appointed by the Spokane Regional Council to the Citizens Advisory Committee on Transportation.
· As an expert witness, my clients included the United States Attorney's office.
Some years ago I served on an emergency basis as interim Executive Director for a bay area non-profit organization with over 60 employees, where I had volunteered in high school. During that period I resolved numerous legal issues, reorganized the staff, computerized the books and record keeping, reversed a growing deficit, and increased the quality and scope of the services. More importantly, I reframed the program components to qualify for ongoing government reimbursement.
While I can no longer back-pack, or ski, I still enjoy camping, and travel, with a particular interest in the Peloponnesian War. In college and many subsequent years, I was active in local theater as an actor and director, and hope to return to that in the future, along with writing.

-My Vision For Contributing to the Media Committee
I became politically active while going to high school in Berkeley, in opposition to the Proposition 14 referendum, which repealed the Rumford Fair Housing Act in 1964. This was followed by my participation in the anti-war movement. I was a member of the Peace and Freedom Party for many years. Beginning in the mid 1970’s I became more narrowly focused on my career which involved advocacy for people with disabilities. I realize now that this necessitated my becoming a facilitator/negotiator between various systems, agencies, interest groups, students, clients, and opponents. This is the skill set I propose to bring to the committee.
I believe American politics are entering a radically different phase, as the shortcomings of capitalism in a world of diminishing resources are beginning to appear to many in the population. With the increase in polarization, there is a concurrent rise in willingness to entertain a truly progressive agenda. A sad reality is that most of these people are not members of the Green Party, but that does not mean that they don’t understand single payer healthcare, a living wage, justice, and a decent place to live, and a living planet for all members of society. I see a need to develop alliances, partnerships, teams, working groups and dialog with those who share our values. My goal would be to help facilitate effective, sensitive media messaging to all potential allies, partners, and interested individuals. Honing such messages often requires very careful listening to the target population. I bring a personal belief that committees function best with very spirited debate but limited to relevant, focused, debatable issues. I would hope to contribute to effectively reaching consensus on measurable goals and objectives, followed by accountability.

Thank you for considering me for the committee,
Michael Gaboury

Michael Gaboury appointed to Media by consensus


(09) Susan Lamont Application for a position on the Media Committee (2 min)

Hello - I have been a member of the Green Party for many years, but have only become active in the party in Sonoma County for a few years. I have been gradually working to find the place where I fit in and can help the party in California.
I was elected to the County Council in Sonoma County two years ago and I have attended three General Assemblies - Kern, Sacramento and Tulare. I am also a manager of Sonoma County's Facebook page.
I am a writer who has had her opinions published in myriad letters to the editor, but also in many full-length columns in local newspapers, the Press Democrat and the Bohemian and the newsletter of the Peace & Justice Center of Sonoma County. During it's two-year existence, I was a lead writer and editor for New Press/Nueva Prensa, a bi-lingual political paper in Sonoma County.
I have been the spokesperson for the Peace & Justice Center, the Police Brutality Coalition of Sonoma County, and It Won't Happen Here Sonoma County. I am also an active associate member of Veterans For Peace Sonoma County. I received the Peace & Justice Center's Peacemaker of the Year award and honored to have my name engraved on Sebastopol's Living Peace Wall.
I am an organizer for Conversations Around the Fire, a series of public conversations focusing on the political implications of the fires in Sonoma County. The Green Party of Sonoma County is one of the lead organizing groups for these conversations.
I have written positions for the local party, most recently an explanation of the negative aspects of bonds for financing public works.
I believe it is important to make the positions and actions of the Green Party available to our members and the general public and to clearly elucidate the reasons for those positions and actions. I would appreciate the chance to work with and learn from others on the Media Committee to make this happen.
Peace & solidarity,
Susan Collier Lamont
Green Party of Sonoma County
Santa Rosa

Susan Lamont was appointed to Media by consensus

(10) Josh Jones application to CC for Fundraising Committee (2 min)
My name is Josh Jones and I would like you to vote for me to be added to the Fundraising Committee. Currently there is an open seat on the Fundraising Committee.

Fundraising is the life blood of a political party, but whereas the Dems and the Rs are funded by ill-gotten gains, our Green Party must gain money from voluntary donations. This is why I feel I must join the Fundraising Committee. We must push forward with strategy and tactics, diligence and numbers, in order to fund committee decisions and candidate races. We must support the Green Party of California to make our state party stronger.

In prior years and decades I worked at non-profits, as an activist, and in political campaigns, raising funds to help causes and candidates win. I understand various mechanisms of phone-banking, cold calling, and begging people to donate to campaigns. Our cause is just, and we have the people on our side. The only thing holding us back is clear eyed experience to fund our party. As a whole, the Fundraising Committee can do that, with planning, hard work, volunteers - and I would like to be a part of that. We must make GPCA strong.

Josh Jones was appointment to the Fundraising by consensus

(10a – old 12) Late item: Decision: Project Management Software sponsor: Sadie Fulton (20 min)

Our committees and working groups are currently spending a disproportional amount of time attempting to identify what each individual team member actually needs to be working on. I feel we would benefit enormously from use of modern project management software across our committees, so that we could easily identify what is going on and devote our precious discussion time towards active work instead.
To this end, I have done some preliminary research. Many such project management software suites exist: the most commonly flagged are Trello, Asana, and
Trello is free but in my experience, it has never been intuitive or user-friendly. I did an informal survey of some friends and found that the collective consensus seems to prefer Asana.
Asana has a free service allowing up to 15 users; if we want more users than that, the service charges approximately $10 per user per month.
As such I propose that we nominate 15 users to pilot test Asana for two months. We can select these people based on the following criteria:

- Membership & active participation in at least two committees or working groups
- Technical competency enabling them to quickly identify whether Asana would be a helpful & accessible tool for a wider range of Green activists
- Geographic diversity
- Participation from finance committee folks, so that they could clearly determine whether a financial investment here is sensible or not.
- Participation from the SGA vote administrators, who often end up under the most time pressure as they often aren't made aware of a vote timeline until it is tight.
I will submit a suggestion of 15 people later this week (i.e. before the CC call), once I have had an opportunity to check in and see if they would be interested. Requests or nominations are welcome.
Clarifying questions: cost once we pass 15 people threshold? Sadie: costs are $7-12 per person per month beyond the 15-trial people.
- Sadie requested those who have not gotten back to her to contact her to confirm
- Colt added a friendly amendment for IT to add Sadie as the admin with full control. Sadie agreed.
- June proposed once any costs are established, Sadie submit the cost request to Finance Committee.

Affirmations by Josh, Eric, Nassim

Proposal was approved by consensus

(11 – old 13) Late Item Decision: GPCA Forum sponsor Sadie Fulton (20 min)

Date: Thu, Nov 29, 2018 at 10:08 AM
Decision: GPCA-Forum
To: GPCA Coordinating Committee
The situation on the GPCA-forum has deteriorated beyond any intended useful function. It was supposed to be a watering hole, a place of amicable discussion between Greens across California, but it has instead deteriorated into something more closely resembling the Roman Colosseum. Many Green activists across the state have chosen to opt out of the list instead of continuing to subject themselves to reading its content.
If we are to continue having such a list this situation must be accounted for at once.
IT Protocols state the rules of decorum must be observed on all GPCA lists. However, the forum list appears to be unmoderated and continually stands in violation of the rules of decorum. These are also not being communicated to the forum's users.
We hereby resolve the following:
- The GPCA-forum is the general member discussion list for GPCA, and as such, is governed by GPCA's rules of decorum and all other GPCA rules and bylaws governing our email lists.
- The GPCA-forum is intended for the use of Greens across California, and as such, it is the responsibility of the state Coordinating Committee to manage it; the CC "owns" the GPCA-Forum.
- The list's only remaining moderator, Genevieve Marcus shall be replaced by 2-3 moderators nominated by the CC and two administrators nominated by the IT Committee.
- The CC will draft an amendment to the IT Protocol section IV (GPCA Email Lists) regarding the ownership and process for administration/moderation of GPCA-Forum.

References: Colt Gonzales' email to the CC dated 6/29; Eric Brooks' proposal to CC dated 7/9.
- Affirmations by Erik, Eric, Nassim.
- Nassim gave timeline information on the previous requests to CC to address Forum moderating, and that Anthony Krzywicki has volunteered to be the first moderator.
- June clarifying question: what are we approving with this decision? Sadie restated the proposal.
- Erik Rydberg proposed a friendly amendment to appoint Anthony Krzywicki right now and have him start moderating asap. Sadie accepted the amendment.
- Carol said that in her conversation with Genevieve, she said she has not been the moderator, Sadie & Colt confirmed Genevieve has been the only moderator for Forum.
- Nassim noted that if this proposal passes the CC owns this list and according to IT protocols CC cocos could either be designated moderators or CC can appoint someone.
- Tarik suggested the moderators would be elected by the GA or SGA, Carol agreed, Sanda expressed concerns.
- Outstanding concerns by Tarik, Carol and Sanda

Votes on by 17 CC members – 13 Yes / 3 No, proposal passes
o Yes – Victoria, Mica, Eric, Sadie, Colt, Josh, James, Mimi, Nassim, Shannel, Erik, Adam, Laura
o No – Carol, Sanda, Tarik
o Abstain – June
o Not on the call at this time - Doug, Marla

(12 – old 11) Discussion and decision item, Carol A. Bouldin (20 minutes)

Proposal: Discuss why/how the notification of the LAC endorsements to the SOS got verlooked and how we can make sure this doesn't happen again. This is not for the purpose of assigning blame or asking anyone to step down, but simply to understand how it happened and to put some procedures in place to prevent its recurrence. There are specific suggestions in the letter from LAC in this regard (see forwarded email posted on November 4, 2018 at 6:08 pm) and comprise the decision portion of the item.
Carol asked whose responsibility it is in the CC to ensure county endorsements for candidates are done. Mica explained the process she has followed as it had been by prior CC. The process is set up so when SoS liaison received the information from SoS he brings it to the CC and the CC to the counties.
Proposal was clarified and restated: Once the SoS liaison brings the CC a notice from the SoS, for CC to instruct that notice to be sent to the GPCA Inform list.
Nassim noted that not everyone on GPCA inform list would receive the email due to unsupported email servers. June suggested a paragraph to be provided by IT on this.

Proposal was approved by consensus

(13 – old 14) Decision Item: Green Party CA Proactively Joining California Progressive Alliance
On Behalf Of Eric Brooks (15 min)
Sent: Sunday, December 02, 2018 2:30 PM
The California Progressive Alliance (CPA) is launching now and if we do not get very active in it right away, it will drift toward being controlled by the Dems. The Peace & Freedom Party has already signed on in support of the CPA effort. CPA has also just put out a call for individual members to join, and everyone who signs up as a member gets a vote. Basic membership is $60 or more per year.
GPCA supports the California Progressive Alliance (CPA) effort based on the success of the Richmond Progressive Alliance. GPCA leadership will promote Greens joining the CPA so that Greens have a strong vote in the organization.
Upon passage. Coordinating Committee Co-coordinators and other CC members will communicate with and help working groups and committees to get the word out to Greens to join the CPA.
Eric B

- Nassim reported on her interactions with CPA (and Gayle) regarding members of the GPCA joining the CPA Board of Directors. Eric will get further information from Nassim.
- Jim L raised concerns about Gayle’s intention and the CPA direction in supporting Dems.

CC agreed by consensus for Eric Brooks to move this proposal to an online CC discussion and vote.

(14 – old 15) GPCA Spokesperson Communications

SPONSOR: Mica Daniel, San Joaquin County, and Laura Wells, Alameda County (20 min)
PURPOSE: The overall goal is to grow and strengthen the Green Party, and to facilitate effective party-building communication to the public, potential coalition partners, and other Greens. A specific purpose is to identify spokesperson communications, both internal and external, that do not meet expectations and standards for effective spokesperson communications.

Numerous reports of hostile and inappropriate rough internet communications by spokesperson Erik Rydberg have been received. The Media Committee has not halted the pattern of ineffective communications.

PROPOSAL: That the Coordinating Committee declares that the following statements are unacceptable by GPCA spokespersons in any context in any forum, internal or public, internet, phone, or in-person. For the CC to urge the Media Committee to address the problematic spokesperson's communications and prevent violations of the basic Emails Rules of Decorum in all communications.

IMPLEMENTATION/TIMELINE/RESOURCES: The result of this CC agenda item will be communicated to the Media Committee for immediate implementation.

References: Proposal detail in Draft Agenda #3 CC Mtg - send by Mica Daniel Monday December 3, 2018 7:30 to 9:30pm

- No time for a discussion for this item, Mica and Laura requested this go to an online vote.
- Erik Rydberg had outstanding concerns, about the context of his emails and statements and asked for sufficient online opportunity to address them. Erik proposed moving this to an online vote
- June stated there will be time for discussions. Erik did not stand aside.

- Proposal to move this item to an online discussion:
- Voted on by 16 CC members – 9 Yes / 4 No, vote passes to move this proposal online.
- Yes – Victoria, Carol, June, Mica, James, Mimi, Nassim, Shannel, Laura
- No – Erik, Eric, Colt, Adam
- Abstain – Josh, Sadie, Sanda
- Not on the call at this time - Doug, Marla, Tarik

- Voted on online by 15 CC members - 15 Yes, proposal passes (minutes updated 12/18)
- Yes – Victoria, Carol, June, Mica, Josh, Tarik, James, Nassim, Ann, Shannel, Erik, Laura
- Abstain – Doug, Marla, Eric, Sadie, Sanda, Colt, Mimi


Appendix A - Electoral Reform Working Group Meeting Minutes

- We held a meeting at the GA last weekend attended by Merrily Davies, Justin Richardson, Marla Williams, Julia Russell, Carol Bouldin and Ann Menasche.
- We discussed the importance of electoral reform to the future of the Green Party in California especially the repeal of top two and ranked choice voting.
We have been informed Tom Palzer who initiated the repeal of top two initiative in 2018 that failed to get enough signatures is planning to try again in 2020.
- There is also an electoral reform coalition that was considering its own initiative but postponed until 2020.
- Ann agreed to check with the electoral reform coalition regarding their plans.
- Carol agreed to check with Tom Palzer.
- We scheduled our next meeting for Monday, January 21st 2019 at 7:30 p.m.


Appendix B - GROW: Grassroots Organizing Working Group
Sent by Laura Wells, Nov. 26

GROW - 11/13/18, 7:30pm, 2nd Tuesday
ATTENDEES and ROLES (ABC by first name)
Anthony Krzywicki (co-co), Audra Walton (NOTES), Christine Pepin, Diana Brown, Jennifer Hall, Laura Wells (co-co, CC-liaison), Nassim Nouri (FACILITATOR), Richard Gomez, Shannel Pittman


1) Upcoming GA breakout session topic:
-previous idea of videotaping individuals to use for media has had no feedback or responses from media.
- Decided to drop the idea of video-taping “why I am Green?”, although Nassim volunteered to set up video for casual captures
- Talked about relative importance of voter registration, tabling, and movie nights compared to efforts to show our communities that we’re here through coordinated efforts, possibly using social media platforms like facebook and NextDoor
- Decided to attend other GA breakout sessions, as individuals rather than the GROW group, because so many people are stretched thin right now. It was noted that there were no breakout sessions for finance, budget, and fundraising.

2) Continuation of previous months discussion on active counties in regards to quorum at GAs and who
- Discussed the need for a paid organizer to travel the state, or find a local person in each county to work on their own and neighboring inactive counties.

3) Review GROW's mission, and decide if it needs to be reworded and/or repurpose to strengthen the State party.
- Changing the mission statement is a Bylaws change.
- Statewide voter registration drives are very difficult to get rolling, especially lacking a strong need, e.g. to retain ballot status.
- GROW has been working to activate counties at the local level, and connect them to the state structures, such as the SGA, GA and committees. It was noted that it’s hard to know about the GPCA committees unless a person attends a GA.
- Also, GROW could focus on being an internal communication center for all co-coordinators (co-co’s).
- Discussed whether some working groups should be standing committees, such as Campaigns and Candidates, which are main components of a political party’s mission.

December 11 unless we choose to cancel it in the interest of helping other committees, and January 8, 7:30 pm. (2nd Tuesdays)

Laura Wells


Appendix C - Clearinghouse Committee Meeting Minutes
Send by Nassim Nouri to GPCA CC - Nov 26, 2018, 10:14 PM

Thursday, Nov. 8th 3 - 4:30 pm (temp. change to avoid election day)
Members: Mica D. (SJ), Jewel K. (VC), Nassim N. (SC), Michael R. (AC), Brian G. (SC)
Members Present: Mica, Jewel, Brian, Nassim (3:12)– Quorum at 3:05
Members Absent: Michael

1. Swag order & GA prep
- The order for of 53 shirts was placed with Alliance Graphics on 10/16, (invoice # 72094), fulfilled and picked up by Nassim on 10/25. Nassim took them to 10/28 Berkeley event and three were sold. Nassim to bring all shirts to the GA for donations of $25. will provide proceeds to Finance committee (a total of 23 shirts were picked up and proceeds were transferred to Ruscal for deposit. See t-shirt here.
- Alliance declined our request to make an online shop for the unsold shirts but will do with next order in 2019.
- Nassim proposed making the shirt available for donations through inform list or internal party donors, will work with IT to send info out. Nassim is away 12/8-12/30 so Mica will pick up shipping any requests for t-shirts (she will pick up half the inventory at GA)

2. Preparations for GA 11/17-18 - All on the call will be at the GA, Brian will manage the shirts and literature table and will track our inventory.

3- CH 2018 report presented at the GA: 6/2017-11/2018
– Established regular Committee meetings, tasks and projects, submitted a 2018 budget and workplan and delivered to plan, accomplishing all planned tasks.
– Updated and printed 5000+ trifold (GPCA had 300 left in stock in June 2017),
– Created and printed 3000 Spanish language trifold
– Created a county council handbook for GROW
– Designed and printed GPCA t-shirt
– Responded to over 170 public inquiries since 3/2018 (email, phone and volunteers)
– Created a statewide communication plan to better utilize the NationBuilder database for the first time in 6 years - 21 blasts to date, generated $800+ donations
– Ran weekly blasts to statewide Greens during election season


Appendix D - GPCA-IT Committee Monthly Meeting Minutes
Monday November 19th 2018, 7:30- 9:30 pm

GPCA-IT members: Sadie Co-Co & CC Liaison (Y), Sadie F, (YC), Nassim N. (SC), Nicole Raglin (NC), 4 Seats open as of 09/18

1. Roll call - Members present: Sadie, Nassim, Nicole. Quorum at 7:45
Members absent: Colt (SJ)
Guests: Josh Jones

Discussions and Issues:
- IT- Help email issue – Nassim getting ~400 emails from attack bots to the IT-Help email, Sadie checked and could not stop auto-replies by IT-Help, all emails coming in from IT-Help are auto-replies. IT agreed for Sadie to block the IT-Help email on listserve. Legit requests are still coming through but only to Nicole.
- Recruitment of IT committee members - Committee is 4 members short so will attempt to recruit
- NB cleanup and update – Nicole will present a proposal on an IT call on Friday 11/30.
- New NB website - Nassim and Nicole completed work on first draft. Nassim asked about finances for NB, IT needs to connect with Finance on the potential budget for 2019
- Fundraising ticket request – Josh has a plan for calling donors for Fundraising Comm, will submit an IT ticket to Sadie for the donor list. Currently there are only 20 sustainers listed in NB.
- Update tickets, website – all tickets are done, Nassim, Nicole and Sadie all working on Drupal updates, Nicole has sent requested county contact list to San Bernardino this month.

Nassim Nouri
County Council GPSCC

Appendix E - Finance Committee Report for November 2018

The FC did not meet in November, due to the GA and budget presentation. The 2019 Budget was passed and the Treasurer has reported (11/26) increased funds on hand per the below figures:
Main PayPal 3,149.10
Old PayPal 522.55
State Acct at Travis 5,307.28
Fed Acct at Travis 1,618.13
Clearing House Sales 551.00
Checks and cash 280.00
Total Cash on Hand $11,427.83


Appendix F - Campaigns & Candidates Working Group (CCWG)
Campaigns & Candidates Working Group (CCWG) montlhly report, consent calendar item
submitted by: June Brashares, CC Liaison to CCWG
The CCWG met during a breakout session at the General Assembly at 1:30pm on Saturday, November 17th, in Porterville, Tulare County.
In attendance were: Anthony Krzywicki, Ventura County; Bridget Duffy, San Mateo County; Christine Pepin, Santa Clara County; Greg Jan, Alameda County; June Brashares, Sonoma County; Randy Hicks, Sacramento County; Richard Gomez, Fresno County; Terrance Tovar, Fresno County
At the General Assembly on Sunday November 18th, there was a session organized by CCWG for the GA to have a Discussion: Debrief on the November 2018 Election.
The CCWG also had its regular monthly meeting on Sunday, November, 25th at 7:30pm
Attendees were: Shannel Pittman, June Brashares, and Sadie Fulton.
CCWG's next meeting is Sunday, December 23, 2018 at 7:30 pm
(regular meeting schedule: 4th Sunday of the month, at 7:30pm)


Appendix G - Media Committee Meeting Report
November 27, 2018, 4th Tuesday

Mike Gonzales (NOTE-TAKER), Wes Rolley, Erik Rydberg, Laura Wells (FACILITATOR), James Young.
(No members were absent; the meeting had quorum.)
GUESTS: Eric Brooks (CC member), Diana Brown (guest), Nassim Nouri (CC member and liaison from IT/Clearinghouse)

DRAFT NOTES (awaiting final from note-taker)
- Guest Diana Brown introduced herself; she is interested in applying to the Media Committee
- Co-coordinator spot is open, Wes Rolley volunteered, vote was taken and not approved, 2 yes votes to 3 no votes
- 10 Key Values revision, to be handled via email, need to find out the process for revising the current question format, to a declarative format, either the same as national or revised.
- Most items on the agenda were not addressed due to confused starting time, difficulty in getting on the call, and earlier than usual ending time.

NEXT MEETING: to be announced; the regular meeting would be 12/25/18, a holiday.

Laura Wells

Appendix H - Platform Committee report for CC meeting on 12/3/2018

The Platform Committee does not have regular meetings but, rather, meets continuously via the list-serve in considering platform plank language since teleconferences are not good for such discussions. The Platform Committee holds in-person meetings at the GAs.
Since none of the Platform Committee members attended the November 2018 Tulare GA, an in person meeting did not take place at that GA as was planned. Last in-person meeting held at the San Joaquin GA

Tarik Kanaana

Appendix I - Bylaws Committee Monthly Report to the GPCA Coordinating Committee - November 2018

From: The GPCA ByLaws Committee
To: The GPCA Coordinating Committee
Date: December 5, 2018
Submitted By: Mimi Newton, CC Liaison/Co-Co ByLaws Committee
* * *
Date of the last ByLaws Committee Meeting:

AT GENERAL ASSEMBLY - Saturday, November 17, 2018 breakout session at 1:30 pm and, at 4:45 pm, Bylaws Committee presentation “Discussion: Revising GPCA Bylaws about Committees’ and Working Groups’ functions.”
Attendees (1): Mimi Newton (no quorum)
Date of the ByLaws Committee’s next meeting:
Sunday, December 16