New Green on the Fairfax Town Council

Today, June 9th, 2012, Fairfax Town Councilmember John Reed registered Green.

Reed is now the fourth Green Party member on the five-member Fairfax Town Council, where there has been a Green majority since November 2009.

Reed released this Green Bio explaining his decision:

John Reed is New Green Mayor in Fairfax

On December 5th, John Reed became Mayor of Fairfax, the fourth Green in a row to be Mayor there.

Who were those mystery women in the pink slips protesting Obama?

One woman was Nancy Mancias, co-chair of the Marin Green Party County Council and member of the Green Party of CA Coordinating Committee.

GPCA election report: Greens retain Town Council Majority in Fairfax in November 8th elections, win seven elections overall

Eleven California Greens ran in municipal elections on November 8th. Seven were elected, including two to the Town Council in Fairfax, where Greens retained the city council majority there they first achieved in 2009.

Editorial: Bragman, O'Neil are IJ's recommendations for Fairfax Town Council

Fairfax voters have gone Green in recent elections. Three of the five members on the council belong to the Green Party, a political haven for those who find the Democratic Party too conservative for their tastes. Larry Bragman, Lew Tremaine and Pam Hartwell-Herrero are members of the Marin Green Party's leadership.

Green Party of Marin County


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Our county party is committed to the Ten Key Values of the Green Party of

Pam Hartwell-Herrero

Pam Hartwell-Herrero is the Executive Director of Sustainable Fairfax and was elected to the Council in November of 2009.  She lives in Fairfax with her husband Matt and daughter Kamin.

Larry Bragman

Larry Bragman has served on the Fairfax Town Council since 2003 and has served two terms as Mayor.

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