Election applications for GPUS Delegate and Alternate, December 2011

Cynthia Santiago, received 9/26/11
Wendy Kenin, received 10/2/11

Genevieve Marcus, received 9/20/11
Josefina Aranda, received 9/27/11
Tim Casebolt, received 9/29/11
Jessica Chuan, received 10/3/11
Joshua Scuteri, received 10/3/11
Harrison Wills, received 10/3/11


Received 9/26/11
Name - Cynthia Santiago
City - Gardena
County - Los Angeles
Contact information - Miss.Cynthia.Santiago@gmail.com
1) Please list any prior or current positions, related experience, and/or personal and professional skills within of the Green Party that you have, that apply to this position.

• Green Party member since 2002.
• Green Party state assembly candidate, November 2010, 2nd place, 18% of the vote
• GPUS alternate since October 2009
• Campaign Worker for Green Party Candidate Josefina Santiago for Santa Monica City Council, November 2002
• Featured in LA Weekly article about young Greens

2) Please list any prior or current positions, related experience, and/or personal and professional skills outside of the Green Party that you have, that apply to this position.
• Virginia Park Youth Involvement Project, Santa Monica, California
Youth Advisory Leader, July 2001 – January 2006
Worked with City Staff and Architects on Youth Design team for Virginia Avenue Park Teen Center. Conducted youth focus groups regarding programming for newly built youth center.

• Santa Monica High School Associated Student Body President, 2002-200

• Wes Prisoner Resource & Education Project (WesPREP), Middletown, Connecticut
Core Member, January 2004 – December 2006 Worked to implement college-in-prison program for Connecticut prisons;
organized the Wesleyan Prison Education Symposium in 2004. Aided the volunteer program in local Connecticut prisons where Wesleyan students led workshops for prisoners; organized the prison education series.

• Currently, member of Southwestern Latina/o Law Student Association.

3) Please describe your vision for serving as GPUS Delegate including addressing the job description for GPUS Delegate.
I am a strong believer in social justice and the environment. I will do my best to advance the Ten Key values and represent the Green Party of California.

Received 10/2/11
Name - Wendy Kenin
City - Berkeley
County - Alameda
Contact information - 510-504-5937; wendyy@prodigy.net

1) Please list any prior or current positions, related experience, and/or personal and professional skills within of the Green Party that you have, that apply to this position.
I registered Green when I first registered to vote in the early 1990's and have not swayed. I am serving on the Editorial Board of the Green Party of the United States since June '09.

2) Please list any prior or current positions, related experience, and/or personal and professional skills outside of the Green Party that you have, that apply to this position.
I have a history of creating strategic grassroots campaigns at various junctures. Most relevant to my Green activism, I have provided strategic, administrative, publicity, and community-organizing support for the following organizations, as well as for educational / youth programs and more:
Transportation Alternatives, New York, NY, 1992-93
Student Environmental Action Coalition, Tucson, AZ, 1993-96
Earth First!, Tucson, AZ, 1993-1997
Southwest Forest Alliance, Flagstaff, AZ, 1997-2000
Apaches for Cultural Preservation, San Carlos, AZ, 1993-2004
Tucson Arts Brigade, Tucson, AZ, 2000-present
Lipan Apache Women's Defense, El Calaboz, TX, 2007-2009
Hazon Food Conference Planning Team, August 2011

From 1997-2001, I was a correspondent and photographer for the Navajo Times newspaper, which at the time was the newspaper of the Navajo Nation government. I covered the Navajo-Hopi Land Dispute (Big Mountain/ Black Mesa / Peabody Coal) and cultural preservation issues under my maiden name Wendy Young.

Currently I serve as a member of the Berkeley Peace and Justice Commission, appointed in 2007 by City Councilmember Kriss Worthington. I have served as a Vice Chair and Chair of the commission.

Several of my initiatives have passed through the Berkeley City Council including a resolution condemning the U.S. wall at the Mexican border, a letter to the Michigan governor opposing juvenile sentences of life without parole (JLWOP) in support of Efren Paredes, Jr., and endorsement of the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. I have also played a lead role in promoting clemency for Leonard Peltier, Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month, and Immigration/Human Rights educational campaigns through the commission.

Since 1994 I have been attending births as a doula, at homes, birth centers and hospitals. I am looking to deepen my service to women and children and am currently enrolled in a training to become a domestic violence counselor / advocate. In 2010 I completed the Oaksterdam University course on the budding cannabis industry, as I have been a hemp and medical marijuana advocate for two decades. I also have experience in natural medicine, permaculture, lobbying, and social media.

I have special concern for promoting intergroup relationships (including inter-political, inter-cultural, inter-generational, and inter-professional) as I have seen that story-sharing builds the bonds that make peace and restore balance. I believe that these channels are the path to global wellness.legate.

3) Please describe your vision for serving as GPUS Delegate including addressing the job description for GPUS Delegate.
I welcome the opportunity to apply my activist values and expertise to the Green Party. I see the Green Party as having immense potential to increase its constituency as we find industry, government, and communities taking on many of our core values. Green people in the U.S. and abroad are leading societies through this time of immense change, and I anticipate that with skillful outreach, these trends will bring about major growth of our party. It is a true honor to serve as a Green Party of California delegate to the Green Party of the United States in upholding our core values and addressing critical needs locally, nationally, and globally.

Received 9/20/11
Name - Genevieve Marcus
City - Los Angeles
County - Los Angeles
Contact information - genevieve.marcus@gmail.com
Participated in Green Party forming CoC meetings locally and statewide starting around 1985.
Worked to achieve GPCA ballot status and joined the party.
Participated in writing and editing the first GPCA Platform.
Served on the first state Coordinating Committee and the first Los Angeles
County Council as well as several since.

-Was coordinator of the Internal Communications committee, which at the time consisted of pleading with Greens to get online and instructing them in how to do so.
-Managed the first statewide forums on PeaceNet.
-Served on the Outreach Committee and the Women’s Caucus.
-Was a delegate to the first Global Green conference in Brazil in 1992.
-Have been a member of the state and national Women’s Caucus
since their inception.
-Was a delegate to the national conventions in Los Angeles, Colorado and Milwaukee (was a member of Peter Camejo’s delegation.).
-Had an active role on the state plenary planning committee in Los Angeles, 1996.
-Campaigned for numerous Green candidates at all levels.
-Participate in IRV and CF Reform efforts.

Prior experience:
1) Was an author and editor of several newsletters, two books, and numerous articles on
*Contemporary Music
*Telecommunications in Education
* Social and Environmental Problem Solving
* Equality and Power in Relationships
* Creating a Virtual L.A.
2) Ran for Co-Governor of California on a proto-Green platform and promoting the idea that all elected offices should be gender-balanced.
3) Serve as Co-President and research director for Experimental Cities, Inc., a nonprofit organization created in 1971 to seek positive alternatives
to social and environmental problems in cities. Many of the concepts
formulated there can be found in the Green Party.
ECI is currently organizing demonstration projects to test a means of expanding the use of wind energy to low wind areas.
My hope for the GP is that it will provide a viable alternative to the
existing structure; one that will make sense to enough people to save the planet and ourselves.

Received 9/27/11
Name - Josefina Aranda
City - Santa Monica
County - Los Angeles
Contact information - jvsla@yahoo.com
Green Party experience:
Registered Green since the late 1990s
Ran for Santa Monica City Council as a Green in 2002
GPUS Delegation alternate since 2007

Community Activities:
2002-2007 Santa Monica, CA
Santa Monica Pier Restoration Board of Directors: Appointed twice by the Santa Monica City Council
2002 to present Santa Monica, CA
Member, Santa Monica Greens
2002 Santa Monica, CA
City Council candidate: Ran as a Green for Santa Monica City Council
1997-1999 Santa Monica, CA
Westside Coalition for Peace and Social Justice Coordinator: Advocacy organization working towards increasing educational opportunity, developing leadership, and lobbying for affordable housing. Served as liaison between community based organizations and state representatives; structured and implemented programs for "at risk youth" with a focus on education and employment.
1996-1999 Los Angeles, CA
Chicana/o Studies Coalition
Co-founder: Proactive student oriented organization advocating for Chicana/o Studies, higher education, adult education, and development of cultural institutions. Planned and organized community forums, fundraising projects, and action research.
1992-1995 Los Angeles, CA
Retention Committee Representative: Education Coordinator and Women's Unit Coordinator: Chaired both the Women's Unit and Educational Committee; responsible for organizing political forums and workshops on issues relevant to the Chicana/o community.
1990-1991 Santa Monica, CA
United Farm Workers of America Union
Coordinator: Organized informative pickets and leafleting of targeted businesses; developed educational workshops that informed the public about the plight of farm workers in America.
Education: Teachers College, Columbia University - New York, New York
Master of Arts Degree in Curricula and Teaching (2002)
University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) - Los Angeles, California
Bachelors of Art Degree in Sociology (1998)
Bachelors of Arts Degree in Chicana and Chicano Studies (1998)

Work Experience:
12/00-01/02 Los Angeles, CA
Southern California Association of Non-Profit Housing - Housing LA Campaign Coordinator: Planned and implemented public education and outreach strategies for a $100 million housing trust fund campaign; designed campaign literature, organized citywide forums, and lobbied elected officials; responsible for communication and collaboration with labor unions, non-profit agencies, developers and faith-based institutions in the greater Los Angeles area.
12/99-01/00 New York, NY
Teachers College Columbia University
Educator and Curriculum Developer: Managed educational process through evaluation of community indicators; developed culturally competent curriculum to meet state standards and community goals; identified and selected appropriate resources and instructional materials for students in predominantly underserved population; designed strategies to improve reading, writing, oral language and overall critical thinking skills.
1996-1999 Santa Monica, CA
City of Santa Monica/Terry Thelma Community Center Employment Counselor: Coordinated employment services for over 400 residents; marketed and promoted program services to local businesses and governmental agencies; maintained relationships with community based organizations, community leaders and local representatives in order to enhance program, evaluated community needs via focus groups and surveys; established year-round program planning goals; provided direct services such as: pre-employment assessments, case management, job training, and development for residents in search of career opportunities.
1992-1996 Los Angeles, CA
Associated Student Union, UCLA Recreational Department Assistant Manager: Processed payroll and allocated funds for facility management; managed over 25 budget accounts; supervised 15 employees; planned and assigned work schedules; recruited, interviewed, and hired personnel based on organizational guidelines.
1991-1992 Santa Monica, CA
City of Santa Monica Youth in Action Center Organizer: Developed and taught community organizing skills to high school and college students through specialized workshops and training sessions; participated in public speaking events, engaged in public relations activities; served as youth advocate; handled promotion and recruitment; set up workshops and facilitated meetings surrounding youth issues.

Received 9/27/11
Tim Casebolt
Name - Tim Casebolt
City - San Diego
County - San Diego
Contact information - timc2@sbcglobal.net
I have been a registered Green or voted Green since the founding of the Green Party in California.
My active involvement with Green Party began when I joined the National Lavender Green Caucus in 2002. I was elected Caucus secretary in 2004 and have since served in that capacity, having been re-elected again in 2010. I've maintained the membership database and email lists and conducted elections, endorsements and resolution processes. I also designed and maintain the Lavender Caucus website.
It is through my joining the Lavender Caucus that my Green Party involvement has evolved.

I served on the national Peace Action Committee from December, 2004 to December, 2006. I was a California delegate to the 2004 Nominating Convention in Milwaukee. I helped found the national Secular Greens and helped in drafting the Secular Equality plank of the national Platform that was adopted in Milwaukee and definitively outlines the Green Party's position on the separation of church and state. I am an observer on the GPUS Diversity Committee and I maintain the California Delegations' email list and member database.

I got involved with my local, the Green Party of San Diego County, in 2003. As one of its most active members, I have organized most tabling events, been a delegate to several state Plenaries and was elected to the County Council in February, 2004. I served another 2 year term on our County Council beginning June, 2006 and was elected Co-chair at that time and was subsequently elected for yet another term on the Council as well as Co-chair. I declined to run for Council again in our most recent election in June, 2009. I helped organize 2 state Green Party candidate forums in San Diego prior to the 2006 elections. My involvement with the Green Party is fulfilling, not to mention time consuming, and I would therefore be interested in serving a 2nd term as Alternate Delegate. While my input on the national email lists has been minimal, I stay informed on the issues and have consistently voted when my vote is needed. I also currently manage our delegation email list. Your consideration of me filling this position is much appreciated. Thank you. Tim Casebolt, Alternate Delegate (current)

Received 9/29/11
Jessica Chuan
City - West Los Angeles
County - Los Angeles
I am 18 years old and have only been registered Green. I am an elected Director of Financial Support of the Associated Students of Santa Monica College.

Received 10/3/11
Joshua Scuteri
City - West Los Angeles
County - Los Angeles
I've been a Green Party member for as long as I've been a registered voter.
I'm currently an elected Student Trustee for Santa Monica College Board of Trustees.

Received 10/3/11
Harrison Wills
Harrison Wills
City - Santa Monica
County - Los Angeles
My name is Harrison Wills and I writing to apply for as a GPUS delegation alternate. I am currently the President of Associated Students of Santa Monica College and have been a green for several years. I volunteer to help build the local Venice community garden as well as working with at risk youth at the non-profit Venice Community Housing Corporation. I am currently studying public policy and I am very active in local city and state policies. I am currently the county organizer for the oil extraction fee ballot initiative as well as helping to organize for the label GMO's initiative. I am a committed and steadfast advocate for equitable and sustainable policies. I registered someone to vote green today! I started a green business two years ago in Santa Monica making and selling locally made organic mattresses. I believe that protecting public health and the environment should be priorities of our government and that everyone should have access to education, health care and living wages. Please accept my application as a GPUS delegate alternate. If you have any questions please contact me. Thank you!