Election Bios for GPUS Delegate and Alternate, May 2012


June Brashares, received 3/12/12
Susan Chunco, received 3/12/12
Jared Laiti, received 3/12/12
Greg Jan, received 3/12/12
David Curtis, received 3/13/13
Josefina Aranda, received 3/13/12
Sasha Karlik, received 3/13/12
Mike Malinin, received 3/13/12

Candidate Applications - Delegates

June Brashares
Sebastopol • Sonoma County
1) Prior or current positions, related experience, and/or personal and professional skills within the Green Party that apply to this position:
*Campaign Manager for Green Party candidate Medea Benjamin's campaign for CA Senate in 2000
*Delegate to National Green Party Conventions in 2000, 2004 and 2008
*Served on Green Party of San Francisco County Council 2002-2004
*Member of CA GPUS delegation 2007-2011
*Currently serving on Green Party of Sonoma County Council 2010-present
*Currently serving as Alternate to GPCA Coordinating Committee 2011-present
Volunteered on numerous Green Party candidate & issue campaigns 2000-present
Election Observation as an official Green Party observer in Florida for the recount in 2000 and in San Francisco in 2003 (also outside the GP with Fair Elections International accompanying International Election Observers in Ohio in 2004)
2) Prior or current positions, related experience, and/or personal and professional skills outside of the Green Party that apply to this position:
Professional Employment:
*1987-1988 CalPIRG (policy advocacy and door to door dialogue in communities)
*1988-1996 Center for Public Interest Law at the University of San Diego Law School, working with original "Nader Raider" Robert C. Fellmeth (managing quarterly journal, coordinating consumer trainings and budget responsibilities)
*1998-1999 San Diego Labor Council (communications and administrative work)
*1999-2011 Global Exchange (advocacy for economic, environmental and social justice as the Green Energy Director and prior to that as the Director of the Speakers Bureau)
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from the University of California San Diego
Certificate of completion of courses in Renewable Energy from Solar Energy International, Carbondale, CO
Currently serving as a Steering Committee Member of the Local Clean Energy Alliance
3) Vision for serving as GPUS Delegate including addressing the job description for GPUS Delegate:
I see the role of the GPUS Delegate as being accountable to the GPCA GA and GPCA CC, thoughtfully representing the diverse California membership and carefully voting to best represent the interests of the GPCA and the GPUS. I want to participate in helping the GPUS so that it moves forward in a positive productive manner as an entity that is effective in showing leadership and gives support to build and strengthen the Party nationally.  I would like to prioritize growing the number of young Greens in leadership.

Susan Chunco
Santa Rosa • Sonoma County

I have been active in the Green Party of Sonoma County since 2000, having served as County Council member and Treasurer.  Currently, I'm Assistant Treasurer and County Council member and am also involved locally with the May 1st Coalition, the Committee for Immigrant Rights. Occupy Santa Rosa and the Sonoma County Peace & Justice Center.  At the national level, I serve on the Steering Committee, the National Committee, Finance Committee and am the SC liaison to the Fundraising  and Merchandising Committees.
It is important to stay connected with Greens around the country and I subscribe to the National Committee list serve.  It better enables me to understand others' points of view and to diminish some of the bias against CA.  We are a very powerful state and, as such, have a greater responsibility to uphold Green values and reach out to those at the national level who might see us as combatants rather than allies.  It's also important to attend the monthly CA delegate meetings, to discuss current issues and get a feel for how our own state views national GP concerns.
If you have further questions, please contact me.

Jared Laiti
Sacramento • Sacramento County

A Green voter since I was eligible to vote, I am committed to the full political independence of the Green Party and strongly believe that we should run the strongest possible campaigns for every office. GPUS must embody our 10 key values in order to draw support for them. Likewise, if we hope to change the current political system, we must not shy away from questioning it at its root. We must move beyond capitalism if we are to ever live in a world based on our values.
I have been active at all levels of the party, including the Sacramento and Sonoma county county councils, the GPCA Coordinating Committee, and the GPUS National Committee. I currently serve as GPCA Liaison to the Secretary of State. I served as a Co-Coordinator of the GPCA Coordinating Committee. I also am a member of the GPUS Presidential Campaign Support Committee. In August 2005 I received a Bachelor of Arts Magna Cum Laude in Political Science With Distinction from Sonoma State University. My senior thesis focused on the role of third parties in recent US history and their potential for future successes. I graduated as valedictorian from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law in May, 2010, where I researched the roots of the current global economic crisis and its implications for the 'neo-liberal' economic policies that helped spawn it. I was admitted to the State Bar of California in December, 2010, and currently represent claimants in Social Security Disability proceedings.
I am willing to continue to serve in the interests of having a strong CA delegation to GPUS. Please re-elect me to the GPCA delegation to the GPUS so that I can help work to make the GPUS a stronger alternative to the current political system and a living example of our key value of grassroots democracy.

Greg Jan

Oakland • Alameda County

I have been involved with the Greens almost since the very beginning (since 1985), when I helped to organize the East Bay Green Alliance here in Alameda county, in May of that year. Later during the 1980's I served on the national body of the Green Committees of Correspondence, which later became the Greens/Green Party USA. I also helped organize northern California regional meetings of the Greens and I was one of 4 coordinators for the 1988 "Greening the West" gathering, held in San Mateo county.

From 1989 until 1992 I was involved in the organizing that led to the founding of our state party -- I served on the "Q (Qualification) Group" (to gain ballot status) during that time. Once we became an official party, I started working on election campaigns including Dona Spring for Berkeley City Council, Ralph Nader for President, Dan Hamburg for Governor, Gloria Purcell for Assembly, Peter Camejo for Governor, John Selawsky for Berkeley School Board, Aimee Allison for Oakland City Council, Don Macleay for Oakland Mayor, and Laura Wells for Governor. I have also served many terms on my local County Council, several years on the state Coordinating Committee, and I have been active on several state committees and working groups, and with the organizing, fundraising, and publication of our county's Voter Guides during the past 20 years that we have been a party.
Outside of the Green Party, I have volunteered with three different peace groups, I helped to coordinate several Berkeley Earth Day events, I was employed as Operations Director of the county food bank, I was on the Board (and served a term as President) of Oakland's Ohana Asian Cultural Center, and I am currently active with Occupy Oakland.
I have served several terms on our delegation to the national party, and I was one of the co-chairs of our delegation during 2008 to 2009. I also have participated in 6 annual national meetings/conventions from 2002 through 2005, plus 2007 and 2008 (Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Milwaukee, Tulsa, Reading, and Chicago). I have helped coordinate several of California's proposals to the Green National Committee, including a proposal related to the complex 2005 Tulsa co-chair election situation that passed by 77%, and from January through April of 2007 I worked to get the DAC (Delegate Apportionment Committee) proposal approved by the national party, so that California (and the rest of the country) could have fairer and more proportional representation.
Although I will be very busy with various local Green Party (and other activist) work over the coming two years, I would be more than happy to again help our party out by serving another term as a "moderately-participating member" of our delegation to the GPUS.

David Curtis

San Rafael • Marin County

I would like to be a delegate to the GPUS.
I typically don't use the term "vision" to describe things other than actual sight. But I will give you a brief of the relevant experience.
I became a Green in 2000, I was motivated by the Nader run for president.
I am active as a Green primarily because the corporate sponsored parties do not seem to represent me or anyone I know for that matter. I've worked with the Nevada Green party since 2006. I assisted Craig Bergland with his 2006 campaign for governor.
I ran in 2010 as the governor candidate for Nevada. The Nevada greens are a small group and have remained small in the face of a horrible economy. This alarms me and I'm not sure why more people are not being more active with the Greens there. I can only guess that people are becoming so disgusted with politics in general that they fail to make the leap to Green. All party (and indy) registration is down 5-10% this year in Nevada.
In 2011 I relocated to California and have been active with the Marin County greens and have been assisting Marnie Glickman with the current registration drive. I am also working with the CMCM to create a local TV show for Greens. I've been going through tech training there and have started a collaborative group to form the show that includes Larry Bragman the former Mayor of Fairfax and current council member.
I am in a focused, self-directed training to prepare for another campaign either in 2014 or 2016.
A critical motive for the Greens at this point should be to find ways to justify the party to a greater portion of the general population. I can see how habitual republican/democratic voters might want to do something different but there are many tactics that the monopoly parties have in place that are blocking us and unless we remove those obstacles through significant legal challenges and force of numbers we will be kept out of the government.
For example, I have initiated a legal challenge to the Committee on Presidential Debates. I have asked the IRS to remove the CPS criteria 3 that blocks 3rd party candidates from participating in the televised debates.
I see the role of the Greens as: those who identify the structural obstacles in the US system and remove them. And beyond that we must be the ones who restore actual leadership and representation should we be successful in earning the peoples trust.
The Green party is not there yet. We have a very long way to go to get there.
I am willing to do everything in my power to help us get there. But we need to look at what we are doing and figure out why more people are not joining us and remedy that situation.

Josefina Aranda

Santa Monica • Los Angeles County

Green Party experience:

Registered Green since the late 1990s
Ran for Santa Monica City Council as a Green in 2002
GPUS Delegation alternate since 2007

Community Activities:

2002-2007 Santa Monica, CA
Santa Monica Pier Restoration Board of Directors: Appointed twice by the Santa Monica City Council

2002 to present Santa Monica, CA
Member, Santa Monica Greens

2002 Santa Monica, CA
City Council candidate: Ran as a Green for Santa Monica City Council

1997-1999 Santa Monica, CA
Westside Coalition for Peace and Social Justice Coordinator: Advocacy organization working towards increasing educational opportunity, developing leadership, and lobbying for affordable housing. Served as liaison between community based organizations and state representatives; structured and implemented programs for "at risk youth" with a focus on education and employment.

1996-1999 Los Angeles, CA
Chicana/o Studies Coalition

Co-founder: Proactive student oriented organization advocating for Chicana/o Studies, higher education, adult education, and development of cultural institutions. Planned and organized community forums, fundraising projects, and action research.

1992-1995 Los Angeles, CA

Retention Committee Representative: Education Coordinator and Women's Unit Coordinator: Chaired both the Women's Unit and Educational Committee; responsible for organizing political forums and workshops on issues relevant to the Chicana/o community.

1990-1991 Santa Monica, CA
United Farm Workers of America Union

Coordinator: Organized informative pickets and leafleting of targeted businesses; developed educational workshops that informed the public about the plight of farm workers in America.

Education: Teachers College, Columbia University - New York, New York
Master of Arts Degree in Curricula and Teaching (2002)

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) - Los Angeles, California
Bachelors of Art Degree in Sociology (1998)
Bachelors of Arts Degree in Chicana and Chicano Studies (1998)

Work Experience:

12/00-01/02 Los Angeles, CA
Southern California Association of Non-Profit Housing - Housing LA Campaign Coordinator: Planned and implemented public education and outreach strategies for a $100 million housing trust fund campaign; designed campaign literature, organized citywide forums, and lobbied elected officials; responsible for communication and collaboration with labor unions, non-profit agencies, developers and faith-based institutions in the greater Los Angeles area.

12/99-01/00 New York, NY
Teachers College Columbia University
Educator and Curriculum Developer:
Managed educational process through evaluation of community indicators; developed culturally competent curriculum to meet state standards and community goals; identified and selected appropriate resources and instructional materials for students in predominantly underserved population; designed strategies to improve reading, writing, oral language and overall critical thinking skills.

1996-1999 Santa Monica, CA
City of Santa Monica/Terry Thelma Community Center Employment Counselor
: Coordinated employment services for over 400 residents; marketed and promoted program services to local businesses and governmental agencies; maintained relationships with community based organizations, community leaders and local representatives in order to enhance program, evaluated community needs via focus groups and surveys; established year-round program planning goals; provided direct services such as: pre-employment assessments, case management, job training, and development for residents in search of career opportunities.

1992-1996 Los Angeles, CA
Associated Student Union, UCLA Recreational Department Assistant Manager:
Processed payroll and allocated funds for facility management; managed over 25 budget accounts; supervised 15 employees; planned and assigned work schedules; recruited, interviewed, and hired personnel based on organizational guidelines.

1991-1992 Santa Monica, CA
City of Santa Monica Youth in Action Center Organizer:
Developed and taught community organizing skills to high school and college students through specialized workshops and training sessions; participated in public speaking events, engaged in public relations activities; served as youth advocate; handled promotion and recruitment; set up workshops and facilitated meetings surrounding youth issues.

Sasha Karlik

Los Angeles • Los Angeles County

Please accept my application to serve as an alternate on the GPCA's GPUS Delegation.
I have been a registered Green since the party's founding in 1990 and participated heavily in the 1990-1992 registration drive that qualified us for the ballot. Since then I've been involved with the party in a variety of ways, from tabling, voter registration, marches and demonstrations, and in the last four years, serving on the GPLAC County Council. I also have a background in IT-related tasks and have worked with the GPCA's Cameron Spitzer in this regard for years.
I would like to serve on the Delegation to ensure our state party has a strong voice on the national Green level. I will work with the Delegation in a spirit of consensus-seeking to form common approaches to the challenges that face us.
Sasha Karlik

Candidate Applications - Alternates


Mike Malinin
Los Angeles • Los Angeles County
I am interested in becoming an alternate delegate from the State of California. I am hoping to become more involved with the Green Party and feel that I am suited to be an alternate delegate because of my enthusiasm for the Party and its vision. I also hope to understand and disseminate specific points and candidates in a timely manner.
In 1992, I worked for Greenpeace in Los Angeles, and I was the West Coast liaison for the international chlorine campaign. Part of my job included spreading relevant information to other environmental groups with similar platforms operating on the west coast. I believe some of my experiences make me a good candidate for the position of alternate delegate to the national Green Party.
Thank You,
Mike Malinin