Darryl Cherney, Application for Alternate, Green Party of the United States (2015)

Name - Darryl Cherney
City - Garberville
County - Humboldt

My vision: To assist the Green Party in recruiting members, identifying constituencies, and broaden appeal through use of smart marketing, framing of language and public relations.

My C.V. is attached. I have served for a full 4 year term on the Southern Humboldt Community Healthcare District, as a Green.  In 1988, I ran in the Democratic Party primary for US Congress in the 1st District of California, gaining 5000 votes.  I’m a 29 year veteran environmental grassroots organizer, as well as a songwriter, film producer, and older father of a young daughter.
Thank you for your consideration.
For the wild in us all,
Darryl Cherney

Curriculum Vitae • Darryl Cherney 

My life and professional experiences have included teaching, environmental and civil rights organizing, filmmaking, songwriting, touring, and radio programming. These wide-ranging pursuits have resulted in expertise and skills that are relevant for classes at HSU in the fields of communication, environmental studies, and film.
1976 -1977. M.S. in Urban Education, Fordham University, with an Assistantship Award. 1972 - 1976. B.A. English Education, Fordham University. Student Teaching at Martin Luther King, Jr. High School, New York, NY.
Work and Teaching Experience
2002 – present. Hokey Pokey Productions, LLC, Sole Proprietor. • Produced Who Bombed Judi Bari (2012), a biographical and autobiographical documentary,
which takes place in Northern California. • Along with Director Mary Liz Thomson, won a CINE Golden Eagle and five film festival
“Best” awards at Santa Cruz, Malibu, Long Island, Desert Rocks, and Davis. • Screened Who Bombed Judi Bari? at forty festivals, engaged in a nationwide tour of
commercial theaters, and competed in the 2012 Academy Awards competition. • Achieved 86% overall rating in major publications, including Los Angeles Times and Variety. • In 2004, Co-authored screenplay Timber!, a feature length film. Subsequently, developed
with WGA screenwriter Jessica Sharzer a second screenplay, Redwood Summer in 2007.
1990 – Present. Environmental and civil rights activist. • Extensive experience in organizing, fundraising, litigation, and direct action campaigns. • From 1990 to today, a principle organizer of a victorious First Amendment litigation against
the FBI and Oakland Police (Bari v. Doyle) resulting in $4 million award in 2002, followed by ongoing work with civil rights attorneys and fundraising to continue investigation of the bombing and attempted framing by law enforcement of Judi Bari and myself.
From 1986 to 1999, a primary organizer and co-founder of the Headwaters Forest Campaign. • In 1999, helped found The Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and Environment to build bridges
between environmentalists and labor, with a focus on timber and aluminum workers. • Founder and CEO of Environmentally Sound Promotions, a non-profit dedicated to “Music,
Arts and Media for the Earth.” • As EPIC Board member, co-initiated litigation campaign against MAXXAM in 1987. • Co-founder and principle organizer with Judi Bari of Redwood Summer 1990, an Earth First!
encampment dedicated to protecting old growth redwoods.
Lobbied U.S. Congress in Washington, DC and the California State Legislature and attended numerous public hearings of various government agencies.
Coordinated legal support for activists arrested for civil disobedience.
Ran for 1st District Congressional Seat in 1988 in Democratic Primary.
1986 – present. Professional Public Relations. Various environmental and entertainment groups.
Author of over 300 press releases for Earth First!, Environmentally Sound Promotions, and
Hokey Pokey Productions, on subjects including the documentary Who Bombed Judi Bari?, the Bari-Cherney lawsuit against the FBI, Julia Butterfly’s 2-year tree sit, musical benefits, and environmental matters.
Have done approximately a thousand interviews for radio, television and print media, including CNN, Donahue, and New York Times. Been interviewed for or had work referred to in at least 3 dozen books, many at length, including The Last Stand by David Harris, From the Redwood Forest by Joan Dunning, Modern Pagans by V. Vale & John Sulak, and Eco- Warriors by Ric Scarce.
1986 – Present. Professional Entertainer. • Performed original lighthearted environmental songs as Earth First! minstrel and toured
universities and community centers as duo with Judi Bari, with a band, and solo.
Have produced, promoted and MC’d numerous benefit concerts, including Forest Aid between 1996 and 1998 featuring performers such as Bonnie Raitt and Bob Weir (in conjunction with Bill Graham Presents), raising tens of thousands of dollars.
2006 – 2010. Board of Governors. Southern Humboldt Community Healthcare District. 
Sat on committees for Pre-natal Service, CEO Job Description, and Medical Cannabis.
1987 – 2007. Radio programmer, KMUD Radio.
Programmer for The Environment Show (17 years); The Wild River Radio Show (5 years);
and The Medicine Show—Healthcare and Politics (2 years). 1986. Assistant teacher. Southern Humboldt Continuation High School. Miranda, CA.
Taught Social Studies and English 1980 – 1981. Teacher. Crown Business School, New York, NY.
Taught Business English and Typing 1978 – 1995. Music industry work (various).
• At EarthBeat! Records, produced, promoted and marketed If A Tree Falls CD At United Artists Records, employed in College Radio Promotions At Roadshow Artist Management, Assistant Manager to Gold Record recording acts in the Disco genre.
1975 – 1977. Administrative Assistant. Fordham University School of Education.
Administrative Assistant to Chairman of Department, Stuart Marcus. 1961 – 1969. Child Actor. New Sounds, Inc.
• Worked exclusively for renowned “Daisy Ad” producer, Tony Schwartz. Produced Works
• Who Bombed Judi Bari,? (Hokey Pokey Productions, 2012). 93 min. Documentary Film, Producer, Music Supervisor, Story.
• Real American (Churn It Up, 2006) and five other CD’s of original music about environmental protection and other causes, much with a satirical bent.
• “If a Tree Falls” (EarthBeat! Records, 1995). Compilation of songs of Forest Protection, including Bruce Cockburn, Hank Williams, Jr., Dan Fogelberg, and Buffy Saint -Marie.
• “Who Bombed Judi Bari?” (Alternative Tentacles Records, 1997) Spoken word CD of excerpts from Judi Bari’s greatest speeches. Producer.
• The Poetry of Matthew Hahn, (Churn It Up, 1997) Earth First! poet, now deceased.
• “Not for Profit” (Churn It Up, 1994) by Marie Mason. Producer and Co-writer.
• 2012 Sempervirens Award for Lifetime Achievement, presented by EPIC, The Environmental Protection Information Center, Humboldt County, CA.
• 2012 CINE Golden Eagle for Outstanding Documentary (and 5 other film awards).
• 1989 Edward Abbey Deep Ecologist of the Year, presented by Fund for Wild Nature.
References (contact information upon request)
Gary Graham Hughes, Executive Director, Environmental Protection Information Center Estelle Fennell, Humboldt County Supervisor Randy Hayes, Co-Founder, Rainforest Action Network, Executive Director Foundation Earth Dr. Erin Kelly, Forestry Department, Humboldt State University
Dr. Braun Taylor, Professor of Religion and Nature, University of Florida Dr. Ben Holt, former Chairman of the English Department, Martin Luther King, Jr. High
School, New York, NY (student teacher evaluation available) Mike Roselle, Co-Founder, Earth First!, Author Bob Barsotti, Promoter, 35 years with Bill Graham Presents Bill Benenson, Film Producer, including Last of the Hazda (2014) Johanna Rodoni, Former Humboldt Co. Supervisor and Humboldt Cattlewoman of the Year Greg King, former Director, Northcoast Environmental Center, Arcata, CA
Joanne Rand, Environmental/Spiritual performer & songwriter, Arcata, CA