How to serve on the Green National Committee

We are now recruiting new Green National Committee (GNC) delegates and alternates representing the Green Party of California.
Eligibility is open to all registered Greens in California. Experience at the state, county or local party level is desired. We strongly encourage those who self-identify as a minority to participate. 
We encourage you to review and reference the bylaws establishing the delegation and the delegate duties and guidelines.   Here are previous candidate statements.
How to apply to be a delegate and alternate
Submit a statement no later than the first Monday in May to
The email header should be either "Application for GPUS Delegate" or "Application for GPUS Alternate."
Your statement should include (1) you name, city, county, phone number and email address; (2) your vision for serving as a delegate or alternate; and (3) any relevant prior or current positions, related experience and skills that you can apply to this position.   Your resume is sufficient.
Shortly after you submit your application, it will be posted on line.  Candidates will be voted on by county delegates to the Standing General Assembly.
For more information, contact Sanda Everette, delegation co-cordinator at