Help Get Green Statewide Candidates On the June 2014 Ballot

The Green Party has endorsed four candidates for statewide office in 2014: Luis Rodriguez (Governor), Laura Wells (Controller), Ellen Brown (Treasurer) and David Curtis (Secretary of State).

For them to appear on the June 2014 ballot, they each have to get 10,000 signatures on nomination petitions from registered California voters. That's where you come in

Download the Petitions Here (download and print the front and back on a single page for each candidate)

Luis Rodriguez   front side  back side      Laura Wells        front side/back side
Ellen Brown        front side  back side      David Curtis       front side  back side

Between Friday, December 27th and Thursday, February 20th you can download and print petitions and gather signatures yourself, then submit them to the county registar's office in your county by the February 20 deadline - or the Green Party co-ordinator in your area will do it for you.  To become involved, contact Green Party Petitition Drive Coordinator Kamran Ghasri and let him know if you are are circulating petitions and how many signatures you turn in, so we can be coordinated in our signature drive.


1.  ARE YOU A REGISTERED VOTER IN CALIFORNIA? -- Everyone who signs the form must be registered to vote.  They should try to print and sign their name "as they are registered" (such as whether they used a middle name or initial when they filled out their voter registration card).  Their address should be the "street address" (not a P O Box) where they are registered.  When filling out the forms, they should try to "stay within the boxes".

2.  WHAT COUNTY ARE YOU REGISTERED IN? -- Everyone on the same sheet must be from the same county.  (Please write the name of the county in the blank space on the front).  If someone from the "wrong county" signs a form, cross out their name, and then they can sign a sheet for the county where they are registered.  
3.  Per the above, if there's a reasonable chance that you'll be collecting signatures from voters in more than one county, please take set(s) of forms for each of those counties.
4.  ONE CANDIDATE PER OFFICE FOR EACH VOTER -- Voters should not sign the forms for any other candidates for the same office.  (As far as we know, the only "non-Green" (non-corporate) candidate who is gathering signatures for the offices which we're gathering signatures for is the Peace & Freedom Party's Governor candidate, Cindy Sheehan.  However, Peace & Freedom is not fielding any candidates for Controller, Treasurer, or Secretary of State).

The Green Party is also seeking candidates for other offices in 2014: On the state and federal level, there will be 80 State Assembly, 40 State Senate and 53 congressional seats up for election. Find your district here. The Summary of Qualifications and Requirements for these offices are:  

• United States Congressmember 

• State Senator and State Assemblymember


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