The Green Party of California State Voter Guide Nov 2022

The Green Party of California has taken the following positions on the California's Statewide Ballot Propositions on the November 8th Ballot, following an online discussion and vote by General Assembly Delegates from all active County Green Parties. Learn more about these propositions at the CA Secretary of State's Ballot Propositions Page.

The Green Party of Alameda County's November 2022 VOTER GUIDE provides details and justifications for these propositions which are mostly aligned with the Green Party of California's positions.

- ENDORSE Prop 1 - Constitutional right to reproductive freedom
- NO POSITION on Prop 26 - Legalizes sports betting at Indian casinos & racetracks
- OPPOSE Prop 27 - Legalizes online and mobile sports betting
- ENDORSE Prop 28 - Arts and Music Education Funding
- ENDORSE Prop 29 - On-site medical professional at kidney dialysis clinics
- NO POSITION on Prop 30 - Programs to reduce air pollution and prevent wildfires
- ENDORSE Prop 31 - Approves the ban on certain flavored tobacco products

Note: The Green Party of California has not endorsed any candidates for Statewide races in the November 2022 Elections. Learn about your local Green candidates HERE.