Green Party Party Statement of Purpose for the November 2006 Primary Election


The Green Party of California

The Green Party is a values-based, international political phenomenon, with thousands of officeholders worldwide in elected municipal, county, and federal public offices. Since 1992, the Green Party of California (GPCA) members and candidates have promoted and represented Green Party key values for California voters.

The 145,000-strong GPCA membership is an integrated federation of community-based Locals and Regional Councils. Consensus and gender balance ideals prevail. General Assembly delegates convene semi-annually at plenaries to explore and discover political policies that will realize Green values, among them, living wages, affordable health care and housing, and an end to the war in Iraq.

Green volunteers populate GPCA committees and working groups that interact to build party membership, elect Green candidates, manage finances, advise on rules and procedures, and publicize party policies. Greens advocate for electoral reforms such as proportional representation, instant run-off voting, and publicly financed campaigns, which maximize representation, save resources, and create a level candidate playing field.

GPCA caucuses include Labor, Disability, Lavender, Black, People of Color, Ethnic Minority, Rural, Candidates, Women's, Campus, and Secular Greens.

The Green Party of California offers voters the attainable politics of peace, ecological wisdom, and social justice.

Vote your conscience. Vote Green.

Green Party of California
P.O. Box 2828, Sacramento, CA 95812