Draft Agenda of the June 2013 General Assembly of the Green Party of California - 1

First Draft agenda as approved by the Coordinating Committee, April 1st, 2013
Saturday, June 22
  8:00am Breakfast, registration
  9:00am Opening, new delegate orientation, quorum count
  9:30am Agenda approval
  9:45am Consent calendar
- Proposal: Approval of Coordinating Committee Bylaws Interpretation Regarding Platform Approval at San Francisco General Assembly (September 10, 2012)
10:00am Confirmation: Doug Barnett, Coordinating Committee Nominee for GPCA Treasurer
10:15am Confirmation: Jeanne Rosenmeier, Coordinating Committee Nominee for GPCA Assistant Treasurer
Confirmation: Jared Laiti, Coordinating Committee Nominee for GPCA Liaison to the Secretary of State
10:30am Presentation: Coordinating Committee candidates for FY2013-2015 make statements
10:50am Presentation: GPUS Delegation candidates for FY2013-2015 make statements
11:00am Proposal: Budget FY2013-2014 (Budget Committee), Strategic Plan (Coordinating Committee)
12:20pm Lunch, Womens Caucus meeting during lunch 
  1:25pm Quorum count
  1:30pm Proposal: Budget FY2012-2013 (Budget Committee), Strategic Plan (Coordinating Committee) 
  3:00pm Breakout sessions for committees and working groups (CCWG, Platform, Finance, GROW)
  4:30pm Presenation: Update on Legal Cases against Proposition 14/SB6 (Coordinating Committee)  
  4:45pm Discussion: GPCA 2014 Election Strategy, including statewide constitutional offices (Campaigns & Candidates Working Group)
  5:50pm Announcements
  6:00pm Dinner on your own (host committee providing recommendations), GPUS Delegation meeting during dinner
  7:30pm Green Party forum: Gayle Mclaughlin
Sunday May 13
  8:00am Breakfast, registration
  9:00am Breakout sessions for committees and working groups (CCWG, Green Issues, Media)
10:20pm Quorum count
10:25am Consent calendar bring-backs
10:30am Confirmation: Standing Committee and Working Group Co-Coordinators 
10:35am Proposal: Approval Next General Assembly Meeting Date and Place (Coordinating Committee)
10:45am Other business items
12:30pm Lunch, Optional caucus meetings 
  1:35pm Announcements, Quorum Count
  1:40pm Discussion: Party Process (Coordinating Committee)
  2:45pm Breakout sessions for committees and working groups (Finance, Bylaws, ERWG, Clearinghouse)
  4:00pm Confirmation: Standing Committee and Working Group Co-Coordinators (for any committees or working groups not confirmed in morning session)
  4:10pm Closing session