GPCA Delegate Credentials Application, GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention 2012

1)   Please provide for each delegate and/or alternate:

a.  Name
b.  Residential address
c.  State (two letter abbreviation)
d.  Year of Birth
e.   Phone (if available)
f.    Fax (if available)
g.   Email (if available)
h.   Political Party with which they are registered/enrolled to vote (in states where this is possible)

In attached spreadsheet using format provided by Credcom


2)      Please answer question #2 below yes or no

a.      Is your state party an accredited member state Green Party of the Green Party of the United States (GPUS)? If not, has your party submitted an application to the Accreditation Committee, which demonstrates its eligibility for membership?


3)      Please provide copies of all portions of your state’s election law, which are relevant to the selection of delegates to a national convention, whether by primary, caucus, or petitions for national candidates.

State election code yields to our internal procedure.

The Green Party of California has selected the Peace and Freedom elections code until such time as we are able to get our own code added. 

The relevant section is derived from the code on electors. In the Peace and Freedom Party electors are nominated at their state convention. Electors shall be 50% women and 50% shall be men. The party chair certifies the list to the Secretary of State. Elections Code § 7843However, the CA Secretary of State's Office has allowed the GPCA to deviate from the P&F Code in a number of instances such as delegate selection in which the GPCA has provided an alternate process.  See the attached "letter regarding delegate selection" which was sent to the SoS in 2008.  Procedure has not changed, yet.

That procedure was updated as passed at our state meeting in December 2011.  See online record of the decisions passed at our state meeting (next to the last item.) ARTICLE II  Policies and Procedures for Selection and Conduct of GPCA Delegates to the GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention

4)      Please provide the policy of your state party/caucus regarding support for the Presidential Slate nominated at the Presidential Nominating Convention, specifically:

a.      Support of the Presidential Slate nominated by the Presidential Nominating Convention through the provision of its presidential ballot line where it exists; or, through the qualification of such nominated candidates as write-in candidates, if such is possible under the election laws of their state; and/or,

b.      Support of the Presidential Slate nominated by the Presidential Nominating Convention by its Presidential Nominating Convention delegates and/or its Presidential electors; and/or,

c.      Any prohibition to the opposition of the Presidential Slate nominated by the Presidential Nominating Convention by its Presidential Nominating Convention delegates and/or its Presidential electors and/or Presidential Nominating Convention delegates; and/or,

d.      Any other policy of the state party regarding its post-convention relationship to the Presidential Slate nominated by the Presidential Nominating Convention;

e.      If there is no current policy on these subjects, the application shall state that the state Green Party has not adopted a policy on these subjects.

California's policy is partially a result of our procedure about our Presidential Primary Ballot and then the directions to our Delegates which is part of our Policies and Procedures for Selection and Conduct of GPCA Delegates to the GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention but ultimately GPCA has not formally adopted any policy regarding the on the relegation of our ballot line after the convention, though general sense of the body is like "a" above.


5)      Please include a copy of the approved minutes of your state convention, or other body authorized to name the delegation, which documents the delegates’ selection. If approved minutes are not available, the Application shall include other documentation of the delegates’selection.

A portion of the above procedure states that a Delegate Selection Committee is appointed by the State Coordinating Committee  from various committees. 

The specific section about appointment to the committee says: "2-1.1 Appointment of Delegate Selection Committee A special group called the Delegate Selection Committee shall be formed for the duration of each Presidential election cycle, not later than 180 days prior to the California Presidential primary election. It shall consist of eight members: two members appointed by the Electoral Reform Working Group (ERWG), two appointed by the California GPUS delegation, two appointed by the Campaigns and Candidates Working Group (CCWG), one appointed by the GPCA Bylaws Committee, and one appointed by the GPCA Coordinating Committee." 

The minutes of the Coordinating Committee meeting of January 2 shows that a CC committee member was appointed.  and given the task to recruit from the other committees. Two members from the GPCA Delegation to GPUS were appointed at our teleconference on February 23.  

Excerpt from email minutes:

Delegates from GPCA to GPUS

Teleconference February 23, 2012

b) Still need one member for the Delegate Selection Committee.  Sanda has already been appointed by the CC, Peggy has volunteered for the Delegaton, so we need one additional volunteer from this body.  You do not have to be attending the Presidential Nominating Convention to be on this committee.

Despite several requests none of the other committees submitted members.... so a committee of 8 was only 3 (sound familiar).

6)      Please submit a letter bearing the signature of your state party or caucus officers certifying the authenticity of the minutes

Our work is done on line and archived and there are generally no signed document.  The online presence generally verifies our minutes.  I have attached a letter verifying the process described in this application with signatures of the two party co-chairs, which we call in GPCA Co-coordinators of the Coordinating Committee.


7)      What paperwork do you need to submit to your Secretary of State (or other Government Agency) to ensure that the presidential and vice-presidential nominees will be on your ballot line? Often this paperwork needs to be signed by the nominees themselves and/or by a representative of the national party. Please bring any such paperwork with you to Baltimore to the PNC and we will try to get it signed and notarized. Please contact Holly Hart of the Ballot Access Committee – – with any questions you have about this request.

The Green Party of California has an elected position called the Liaison to the Secretary of State.  Typically all of our communication to the Secretary of State is handled by letters from him. As the presumptive nominee is also the winner of the state run California Presidential Primary, I am sure they are expecting it.  If there is anything additional that needs to be signed by the candidates, we will bring it to Baltimore.