The Green Party of California condemns US hostile military actions

The Green Party of California condemns the hostile military action by the United States’ administration in recently assassinating military leaders of Iran and Iraq.

Such acts violating international law, as well as other provocations and threats against sovereign nations, will lead to more endless wars and devastation in the Middle East and the entire world, while endangering our military personnel who are being needlessly deployed as war fodder for misguided and failed foreign policies.

This military attack and many before it have not been authorized by the United States Congress and do not reflect the will of the overwhelming majority of Americans who stand for peaceful, diplomatic approaches to conflicts and consider war as an absolute last resort.

We call on the Trump administration to immediately stop the threats of further military action, halt all deployments of troops from the United States to the region, and end the escalation of violence and war in Iraq and Iran by bringing all of our combat military personnel home from the area.

We call on our Congressional representatives to immediately move to repeal the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) resolution, oppose further military actions against Iran and Iraq, and unite in enacting the authority of Congress for any future declarations of war.

No More Lies, No More Wars!


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