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See Jill Stein Debate - Watch the Video, Sign the Petition

All presidential candidates who've qualified for enough state ballots to win the Electoral College must be included in the debates. Sign the petition to open up the debates and watch video of Green Presidential candidate Jill Stein answering October 3rd debate questions.

Green appointed Vice-Chair of Santa Monica Urban Forest Task Force

Long time Green Linda Piera-Avila was elected co-chair of the Santa Monica Urban Forest Task Force on September 26th by unanimous vote.

Orange County Green city council candidate leads call for Civilian Police Oversight in Fullerton

Jane Rands calls for Civilian Police Oversight in Fullerton

Why the Green Party Endorses Proposition 34

The Green Party has unconditionally opposed capital punishment since the party started. Non-violence is one of our key values, and opposition to the death penalty is a key part of our state and national platform, and the Global Greens Charter.

Why the Green Party Takes No Position on Proposition 35

The Green Party took a position of ‘no position’ on Prop 35 because despite Prop 35’s strong points, and the immense need to address human trafficking, there were some provisions of Prop 35 party members were not comfortable voting into law.

Why the Green Party Opposes Proposition 31

The Green Party believes that the state needs comprehensive reform of its tax and budgeting processes. That is what Prop 31 attempts to do, by combining a series of broad reforms to the powers of local government, the state legislature and the Governor.  

However the Green Party opposes Prop 31 based upon its content, seeing it as unconditionally accepting of an austerity approach to governing, rather than suggesting alternatives to it.

Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein California campus tour September 24-27, 2012

Why the Green Party Endorses Proposition 40

The Green Party endorses Prop 40, that would preserve the State Senate Districts drawn up by the 2011 Citizens Redistricting Commission.

Why the Green Party Endorses Proposition 36

The Green Party has always opposed California's Three Strikes law. 

In 1994 the Green Party opposed the original 'three strikes law': Prop 184 'Increased Sentences. Repeat Offenders (Three Strikes), that California voters passed that year. Since then, the Green Party  has consistently supported efforts to amend Prop 184, including via Prop 66, which was unsuccessful at the ballot box in 2004.


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