Green Party candidates Laura Wells & Jena Goodman to speak at UC Davis Law Third Party Forum

Green Party candidates Laura Wells (Controller) and Jena Goodman (Lt. Governor) will be speaking at the UC Davis Law Third Party Forum, on Monday, April 7. The event is free, it begins at 5pm in King Hall, and refreshments will be served. According to the student club sponsors:

"The key purpose of this event is to provide an informational platform for the voices of third parties who are often drowned out by the majoritarian Democrat/Republican ideologies. By providing an opportunity to showcase third party schools of thought, we make the first steps towards breaking the illusion of choice provided by a two party system."

Wells was the Green Party's 2010 candidate for governor. Her solutions-oriented platform includes establishing a publicly-owned state bank. Such a bank would partner with local, independent banks and credit unions, to provide good loans to homeowners, small businesses, and students -- while folding the interest back into the local economy, instead of Wall St.

Goodman is a 28 year-old UC Davis student studying biodiversity and ecology. She seeks to give students a greater voice in politics in response to the chronic underfunding of higher education, and the inequities it produces.

Wells and Goodman will be joined at the UC Davis debate by representatives from the Pirate Party and Libertarian Party.

The Green Party has endorsed five candidates for statewide office in 2014: Luis Rodriguez (Governor), Jena Goodman (Lt. Governor), Laura Wells (Controller), Ellen Brown (Treasurer) and David Curtis (Secretary of State). Contact their campaigns to learn more and get involved for the June primary.

In 2013 an all-time high number of California Greens were elected to local office for an odd-numbered year, along with these other highlights. Currently, 55 California Greens hold public office statewide. Since the GPCA's founding in 1990, 293 California Greens have been elected to public office.

However, the Green Party (and the state's other smaller ballot qualified parties) are under attack from the Top Two primary system, which has eliminated one of the ways our parties can stay on the ballot. As a result, the Green Party can only stay on the ballot by keeping its party registrations over a certain threshold - and right now we are only above that threshold by the slimmest of margins.

Please consider donating to the Green Party today to support our voter registration efforts to remain on the ballot -- and to promote more Green candidates providing a Green political alternative to the status quo.

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