Coordinating Committee Minutes, Apr 6, 2020

GPCA Coordinating Committee Meeting Minutes
Monday Apr 6, 2020, 7:30 to 9:30pm

(1) Roll call: (5 minutes)
There are currently 16 committee members as Vic Ashley has missed 3 meetings in a row. This means quorum is a simple majority of 9:
Doug Barnett, Marla Bernstein, Carol Bouldin, June Brashares, Eric Brooks, Mica Daniel (Alternate Female Co-Co), Colt Gonzales, Tarik Kanaana, James Lauderdale, Ann Menasche, Mimi Newton (Female Co-Co), Nassim Nouri, Christine Pepin, Shannel Pittman, Audra Walton, Laura Wells

Present (10):
Eric Brooks, Mica Daniel, Colt Gonzales, Tarik Kanaana, Ann Menasche, Mimi Newton, Nassim Nouri, Christine Pepin, Shannel Pittman, Laura Wells

Quorum was achieved at 7:40 pm with ten CC members present.

The following CC members also joined the call after roll call, as noted (5):
7:44 pm: Doug Barnett, Marla Bernstein, Carol Bouldin
7:47 pm: June Brashares
7:58 pm: Audra Walton

Absent (1):
James Lauderdale

02) Roles (2 min)
Facilitator: Tarik, Note Taker: Mimi, Time Keeper: Shannel, Vibes Watcher: (none)

03) Decision: Approval of Agenda (5 min)

No comments or concerns, approved by Consensus

(03a) Decision: Approval of Late Items (5 min)

(7:44 pm Doug, Marla and Carol join the call.)

Mica’s Discussion Item: Writing Campaign to Congress: Sponsor Mica Daniel (10 minutes). Background: email to our SOS liaison posted to GPCA forum on Sat. April 4, 2020 @7:10 pm - no questions or concerns, approved to be added to the agenda as Item 10, by consensus.

Mimi’s Discussion Item re: Identification of Remaining PNC Delegate Selection Committee (5 minutes) - no questions or concerns, approved to be added to the agenda as Item 9, by consensus.

(04) Approval of Minutes from CC mtg. March 9th, 2020 as posted by Nassim Nouri on March 28, at 2:27 pm.

[* ACTION] June wants to work on some of the form issues, reflecting who voted on voted items and removing excess details - Nassim will work with June offline on these issues -
There are no other comments or concerns.

Approved by Consensus
(05) Decision: Consent Items: (3 minutes)
Background and Purpose: The consent calendar is intended to pass non-controversial items or items consensed prior to the actual meeting. Any item may be objected to and that item will be placed at the end of the evening's agenda.
*Proposal*: Accept the following committee reports for inclusion into the meeting minutes.

- Finance Committee March Minutes at APPENDIX A
- Clearinghouse Committee & GROW Joint Meeting Minutes at APPENDIX B

(06) Action Items from previous meetings:
Updates: (2 minutes each)

- Reappointing Tarik to Platform Committee
— TARIK has submitted a verbal request to be reappointed to the Platform Committee. (item 6a. On the April CC meeting Agenda)
- ERWG to join Campaigns and Candidates WG Discussion item
- Shannel to check on CCWG reports.
- Shannel to check on ATDWG – is it active?
- Laura to check on Media reports
- Mica will call the SOS office to see if there are formatting requirements for our Party statement ASL video that they can let her know about for audio posting. - done
- Mica will follow up on becoming a signatory on the GPCA Bank Account - still to do
- Mimi to follow up with Jared about telling the State Auditor we don’t have the information they asked for about who in the GP has applied to the Redistricting Commission. - done
- Eric will email an action alert for PG&E territory and community choice. - not currently appropriate
— Mimi to work on revising CC Roles and Responsibilities for May 2020 meeting.

(06 a) Decision: Reappoint Tarik Kanaana to Platform Committee (sponsor Mica Daniel 3 minutes)
CC members discussed Tarik’s application and Tarik agreed to submit his application in writing for consideration at the May 2020 CC meeting. [* ACTION/Completed]

(07). Discussion Item: Moving the upcoming General Assembly to video conference
Sponsor: Tarik Kanaana (15 minutes on behalf of the GA Planning team)
Background and Purpose: Due to the current situation regarding COVID-19 and the Shelter in place orders it is not possible to hold an in person, face to face GA this spring/summer and so it should be held as a video conference.
The GA Planning team would like to get the CC thoughts and suggestions regarding conducting an online GA .
A broad discussion ensued.

7:58 pm: Audra joined the call.

(08) Decision: Moving the General Assembly to video conference
Sponsors: Tarik Kanaana (3 minutes)
Background and Purpose: Due to the current situation regarding COVID-19 and the Shelter in place orders it is not possible to hold a in-person face to face GA this spring/summer and so it should be held as a video conference.
Proposal: The GPCA General Assembly scheduled to take place in May or June 2020 will be held on a video conference platform that also can be accessed by telephone (such as Zoom) and GPCA CC would start a trial period beginning this month

Proposed amendment (Eric Brooks) to get the $15 version of Zoom now.
Tarik accepts Eric’s friendly amendment.

No additional questions or concerns about the amended proposal.

Approved by consensus

[*ACTION] Mimi and Tarik to work with Finance to get monthly Zoom account.

(09) Subject: Discussion Item: Identification of Remaining PNC Delegate Selection Committee (5 minutes)

Sponsor: Mimi Newton, Marin County

Background and Purpose: The Presidential Nomination Convention (PNC) Delegate Selection Committee is an ad hoc committee of the General Assembly empowered to select and credential the California delegation to the national PNC. Details on the committee and delegate selection process can be found at:
The PNC Delegate Selection Committee is supposed to have eight members: two members appointed by the Electoral Reform Working Group (ERWG), two appointed by the California GPUS delegation, two appointed by the Campaigns and Candidates Working Group (CCWG), one appointed by the GPCA Bylaws Committee, and one appointed by the GPCA Coordinating Committee. Nassim was appointed by the CC during its November meeting; Mimi is the Bylaws’ Committee’s appointee by default.

Proposal: Determine if the CC can identify the remaining 6 members of this Committee (if already selected by ERWG, CCWG and the GPUS Delegation or urge those Committees/Delegation to select the remaining members needed.

Rules and Procedures of the Green Party of California
ARTICLE II Policies and Procedures for Selection and Conduct of GPCA Delegates to the GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention
November 2019 CC Meeting Minutes:

A discussion ensued.
[*ACTION/ Completed] Tarik will circulate letters to the campaign - will send copies to Nassim and Mimi
[*ACTION]. Delegate list to be submitted by PNC Delegate Selection Committee to National Group by May 5.

Result: No action taken, item withdrawn.

(10) Proposal: Discussion Item: Writing Campaign to Congress: Sponsor Mica Daniel requested time 10 minutes:

Background: email to our SOS liaison posted to GPCA forum on Sat. April 4, 2020 @7:10pm

Why email your US Senator/Rep re : test for Coronavirus immunity ?
To: Find your US Representative
Find your US Senator
Re: Test for Coronavirus immunity
(Covid -19)
Dear ------:
I strongly ask you to ensure that a test for coronavirus immunity is, without unnecessary delay, available to all.
HIV Blood tests are available in drugstores. It must be the same for a Covid-19 test to measure antibodies (1).
I also strongly ask you to provide it for free to school staff, hospital staff and first responders. If they have the antibodies, they could go back to work and feel safe.
Please ensure there is no conflict of interest regarding : delay, production and distribution of this test. I look forward to your prompt reply and a resolution to this problem.
(Your name )
OraQuick In-Home HIV Test http //
FDA Letter
“ U.S. companies, labs rush to produce blood test for coronavirus immunity ”

There was a robust discussion of the issues surrounding this request.

Meeting adjourned at 9:13 pm.



Appendix A. Finance Committee

FINANCE COMM. MTG. Saturday March 21, 2020 6PM to 7PM
Finance Mtg. Saturday, March 21, 2020, from 6 pm to 7 pm
(1) Roll Call
Present: Mica Daniel, Ruscal Cayangyang - Absent: Frank Lambert
(2) Approval of Minutes from February 29, 2019
(3) Agenda Review:
Please review 2020 schedule and deadlines from FPPC when we need to turn in our forms: Political Party Committees
(4) Treasurer report
Here's our March balances:
Travis Credit Union state acct $$10,677.76
Travis Credit Union federal acct: $1,600.00
Main PayPal $163.79
Old PayPal $32.77
Checks Deposited:
$1000 check from Jon Koriagin, 893 Wiber Circle #102, Ventura CA 93003
Occupation: Programmer and Office Systems Coordinator,
Employer: Ventura County Air Pollution Control District
(5) Upcoming Expenses
Upcoming March Expenses:
$100.00 Liquid Web Wired Tree
$10.45 Call Centric
(6) Budget Committee
When do we start the budget process?
The process will start late June/early July for Committee's to submit their work plan and budget.
Discussion: Regarding fundraising and recruitment.
(7) Next meeting date: Saturday April 18, 2020 from 6 pm to 7pm.

APPENDIX B. Clearinghouse Committee & GROW Joint Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, Mar. 10th, 2020 7:30 - 9 pm
- Roll Call - CH members/Cocos: Mica Daniel, Nassim Nouri, Present: Mica Daniel, Nassim Nouri
GROW members: Christine Pepin, Brian Good,

- Updates on last month actions - GA update: Shannel and Tarik are working on securing a venue, Mimi suggested a virtual GA and June suggested that we should plan ahead and not wait til the last minute to decide. Brian will reach out to Mimi and Tarik to suggest asking GPUS for help in setting up a virtual meeting since they do this for national meetings.

- GROW working on identifying active counties for GA (Nassim) - This is typically work GROW (mainly Laura) has been doing all year long and prior to GA. Mica will connect with Laura to help. Brian wants to survey online presence of counties.

- GROW taking on the register Green campaign for Earth Day April 22 (all) - Mica: we should always be trying to register everyone not just re-registering Greens. I.e. while gathering petition signature gathering for Schools and Communities. Nassim referred everyone to Jan and Feb meeting notes for these discussions. In Jan Nassim outlined a multi-committee voter registration GPCA campaign, but it has not started due to lack of volunteers.

- CH graphics (Nassim) - we can have some graphics made for use in our communications and online
GPCA Healthcare card - Barry Hermanson, has made a postcard on the ‘cost of healthcare’ with GPCA contact and logo for distribution at our GA, the e-version is currently on the Media downloadable webpage here:
Nassim is working on a presidential policy comparison charts
- Confirm next second Tuesday call, April. 14th. Confirmed