Coordinating Committee Minutes, May 4, 2020

GPCA Coordinating Committee Meeting Minutes
Monday May 4, 2020, 7:30 to 9:30pm

(01) Roll call: (5 minutes)
There are currently 16 committee members. This mean quorum is a simple majority of 9.
Doug Barnett, Marla Bernstein, Carol Bouldin, June Brashares, Eric Brooks, Mica Daniel (Alternate Female co-co), Colt Gonzales, Tarik Kanaana, James Lauderdale, Ann Menasche, Mimi Newton (Female co-co), Nassim Nouri, Christine Pepin, Shannel Pittman, Audra Walton, Laura Wells

Present (14): Doug Barnett, Marla Bernstein, June Brashares, Eric Brooks, Mica Daniel, Colt Gonzales, Tarik Kanaana, James Lauderdale, Ann Menasche, Mimi Newton, Nassim Nouri, Christine Pepin, Shannel Pittman, Laura Wells
Quorum was achieved at 7:45 pm with 14 CC members present.
CC members joined the call after roll call (1) - 8:00 pm: Audra Walton
Absent (1): Carol Bouldin

(2) Roles:
Facilitator: Eric Brooks, Notetaker: Nassim Nouri, Timekeeper: Mica Daniel, Vibeswatcher: James Lauderdale

(3) Approval of the agenda (5 minutes)
Approved by Consensus

(3a) Approval of late items for the agenda (5 minutes)
Items 8, 9, 10 are late items, Shannel suggested changing the order of 8 and 9.
Approved by Consensus

(4) Approval of CC Minutes from April 6, 2020, as posted by Mimi to the CC on April 30 at about 10:38 pm.
Approved by Consensus

(05) Decision: Consent Items: (5 minutes)
Background and Purpose: The consent calendar is intended to pass non-controversial items or items consensed prior to the actual meeting. Any item may be objected to and that item will be placed at the end of the evening's agenda.
*Proposal*: Accept the following committee reports for inclusion into the meeting minutes:
- Finance Committee Report - Appendix A
- GROW/Clearinghouse Report - Appendix B
- Bylaws Committee Report - Appendix C
- Summary of 48 Hour Voting since April’s CC meeting - Appendix D
- Candidates for SGA Vote June 2020 - Appendix E
- Copy of email from Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza Curry - Appendix F

(06) Action Items Update: (2 minutes each)
- Tarik Kanaana GA Agenda team - Done
- Mica Daniel ASL Statement of Purpose – Done with video, in progress with SoS, Nicole will post on website, Nassim will blast.
- Shannel Pittman CCWG Update – Will send soon
- Shannel Pittman ATDWG Update – Not meeting and might get started again
- Laura Wells Media report Update – No report available
- June wants to work on some of the form issues in the March draft minutes – Pending, Nassim will work with June offline on these issues -Pending
- Mimi to work on revising CC Roles and Responsibilities for May 2020 meeting - ongoing
- Mimi and Tarik to work with Finance to get monthly Zoom account - ongoing
- Delegate list to be submitted by PNC Delegate Selection Committee to National Group by May 5 - Tarik will complete
- Mica Daniel to follow up on becoming a signatory on the GPCA Bank Account - ongoing

(07) Proposal: Reappoint Tarik Kanaana to Platform Committee (sponsor Mica (2 minutes))
Dear CC,
I am requesting a reappointment to the GPCA Platform Committee.
Tarik Kanaana

Approved by Consensus

Subject: Decision Item: Provide Response to Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza Curry regarding her request (see Appendix F) (10 minutes)

Sponsors: Mimi Newton, Marin County
Background and Purpose:
Sedinam has sent the CC Co-Co and Alternate Co-Co a request that her home state (GPCA) become involved with her efforts to obtain recognition of her presidential campaign from the Green Party of the US Presidential Campaign Support Committee. Sedinam has provided the Co-Co’s “Proof of 34 states I've received Signatures of Support, 3/31/20 and our Sedinam2020 has reported to FEC over $11,000.00 (see attached) we have met and exceeded all requirements yet I've been excluded (see proof body and attached).” A redacted copy of the message is in the Appendix, below.
Shannel has kindly provided the CC with the following analysis of the situation:
The reason Sedinam has yet to be recognized by the PCSC is ENTIRELY related to article 10, which I will link at end of this email thread, but to direct quote myself: The rules always said you have to raise 5k AS REPORTED the FEC period. But to direct quote: "10-1.7 Fundraising: Candidate has demonstrated fundraising success consistent with running a viable national campaign by either (1) raising at least $5000 where no more than $250 from any individual donor may count towards this threshold and least $300 must have been raised from at least five states, or at least $100 from at least ten states OR (2) having received donations of at least $10 each from at least 100 individual donors. This metric shall be verified through campaign finance reports filed with the FEC and posted on the FEC’s web site."
[Sedinam] chose not to itemize her smaller donations, and because only $250 of the largest ones count toward the 5k total she has yet to [meet] this specific requirement.
The links Shannel provided are below, under “References.”

Proposal: That the CC discuss and decide on a response to Sedinam to be provided by the Co-Co and Alternate Co-Co.
Implementation/Timeline/Resources: As soon as the Co-Co’s are able.
References: Links from Shannel: Her FEC report article ten

Discussion: question and concerns were addressed.
- Shannel clarified that this issue rose due to the candidate not meeting the simple requirements defined by the PSCS and met by many other candidates. Also not being “recognized” by GPUS does not affect the candidates ability to get delegates. The PSCS does not have the power nor is it allowed to deny candidate delegates or get involved in the state party ‘s delegates being bound to a candidate or not.
- Tarik: in CA delegates numbers are defined by the vote % and delegates are bound to their candidates in the first round but the second round.
- James: this issue is not the responsibility of GPCA CC, any conflict between this candidate and GPUS needs to be resolved between their campaign and GPUS, if there is any communication from GPCA about this should clarify that.
- Ann: as disability lawyer she stated that if the candidate or campaign has a need for any accommodation it must be requested by them.

Mimi will draft and send a reply on behalf of GPCA CC to state that intervening in this matter is not in the purview of GPCA responsibility.

Approved by Consensus

Subject: Discussion and Decision Item: impending top two lawsuit (10 minutes)

Sponsors: Mimi Newton, Marin County
Background and Purpose:
Richard Winger of Ballot Access News argues that a Federal Ninth Circuit Court ruling regarding the constitutionality of Washington State’s top two depended on the closeness of the primary (August) and general election (November) to be legal. Winger argues that, because the Appellate Court mentioned in its ruling that if the primary were in March, it would be a problem, and, now that California has conducted a March primary, the time is ripe for another challenge to top two based upon this Ninth Circuit Court opinion. (California is also located with the Ninth Circuit’s jurisdiction.)

The Ninth Circuit, in Washington State Republican Party v. Washington State Grange, (676 F.3d 784 [9th Cir. 2012]) (link below) ruled that forcing minor parties to run only in August instead of November is only a “slight” burden, because, the Ninth Circuit said, August is near the peak of voter interest. The Ninth Circuit said it would be a far different matter if minor party candidates for Congress and partisan state office were confined to running in March, which is far from November. (See pp. 485-487 in the document at the link below.)
Guatam Dutta is taking the case. He is the attorney who led earlier GPCA Top Two challenges. He is still working out his projected costs.
The GPLAC and the GP Contra Costa have joined the action as co-plaintiffs. I have heard that Peace & Freedom and the Libertarian Party are still working their respective parts out and individual candidates may join as well. Winger may make a personal donation to support the action, and GPLAC is considering a county party fundraising email blast or two to help fund it.
Proposal: Discuss possible GPCA options with respect to (a) joining the lawsuit; (b) helping to promote the lawsuit to Counties & Candidates; (c) helping to fund the lawsuit via means other than joining as a Plaintiff. Determine appropriate course of action.
Implementation/Timeline/Resources: As determined.
Washington State Republican Party v. Washington State Grange, 676 F.3d 784 [9th Cir. 2012], 12 Cal. Daily Op. Serv. 758, 2012 Daily Journal D.A.R. 743)
Guatam Dutta
Under GPCA bylaws governing the CC, the CC may decide to join the case on behalf of the GPCA:
8-1.10 Retain legal counsel on behalf of the GPCA and make decisions based upon that counsel consistent with the Coordinating Committee's duties under the other provisions of these bylaws.

Discussions, questions and concerns:
- Mimi has reached out to both the attorney for the case Guantam Dutta, as well as reaching out to other GPCA organizers who have been involved before in such law suits.
- The basis of the lawsuit is about the timing of the primary vs general and the effect on third parties.
- Tarik: is one possibility that they may move the primary back in order to avoid ending Top Two? Mimi said yes that is a possibility.
- Doug: the GP Contra Costa has already contributed and GPLA is planning to spend all their budget on this law suit.
- Eric suggested to have Mimi pursue and put a more concrete set of proposals for the next meeting.
- Mimi proposed to work with people involved and bring more information or a proposal to the next meeting.

Subject: Discussion Item: Review of CC’s Duties for Purposes of Identifying Roles and Responsibilities for CC Members (10 minutes)

Sponsors: Mimi Newton, Marin County
Background and Purpose: Article 8, Section 8-1, of the GPCA Bylaws contains the core responsibilities for the Coordinating Committee:
Article 8. Coordinating Committee (as last amended 4/2/2018)
Section 8-1. Duties and Authority - The Coordinating Committee shall authorize and carry out decisions of the General Assembly and make executive decisions, but not set policy between General Assembly meetings, and shall be generally responsible for coordinating General Assemblies and other statewide meetings, internal communications and other Party administrative tasks as defined in these Bylaws, including to
8-1.1 Establish draft agendas and select facilitators for General Assembly meetings.
8-1.2 Forward proposals to the Standing General Assembly.
8-1.3 Certify County Council members (as described in 6-6) in counties in which no County Council candidates qualified for the ballot in the preceding direct primary election, or in counties in which all members of the County Council have resigned and/or become disqualified from holding office.
8-1.4 Determine active County Organizations (as described in 5-1)
8-1.5 Appoint members to the Committees of the General Assembly (as described in Article 9)
8-1.6 Appoint a Coordinating Committee Liaison to Committees and Working Groups, who is charged with facilitating communications between that Committee or Working Group and the Coordinating Committee and in the case of certain committees as specified in Article 9, to serve as one of its two Co-Coordinators.
8-1.7 Request and receive reports from Committees and Working Groups, refer matters to them, and monitor and assist their work.
8-1.8 Authorize and ratify specific expenditures.
8-1.9 Make statements in the name of the Party.
8-1.10 Retain legal counsel on behalf of the GPCA and make decisions based upon that counsel consistent with the Coordinating Committee's duties under the other provisions of these bylaws.
8-1.11 Propose a Strategic Plan to the General Assembly (as defined in 11-2.)
8-1.12 Establish Sub-Committees of the Coordinating Committee as necessary to accomplish these and other tasks of the Coordinating Committee as defined in these Bylaws.
8-1.13 Establish Internal Procedures of the Coordinating Committee as necessary, that are not in conflict with these Bylaws, to facilitate these tasks.

Proposal: In the interest of ensuring that the CC is functioning in such a way that it aligns with the Bylaws, or that the Bylaws align with the practical realities of what the CC does, the CC should review the Bylaws with an eye to beginning the process of identifying responsibilities for individual CC members and, to the extent appropriate, potential bylaws revisions.
Implementation/Timeline/Resources: Discussion to continue over the next 2-3 months.
References: Additional GPCA Bylaws pertaining to the Coordinating Committee are in the Appendix.
See also the CC’s Internal Policies and Procedures at

Discussions, questions and concerns:
- Eric: do GA proposals must go through the CC or can they go directly to the GA planning Team? Tarik: they can be done both ways.
- Nassim: could CC members each take on one of the tasks listed as CC responsibilities.
- Some concerned about how to manage all the listed items suggested for CC to rank them.
- Eric: could Committee/WG liaisons take on many of these responsivities? Nassim: as is our liaisons are not sending in their committee report which is their primary responsibly.

Mimi asked all CC members review and rank the CC roles in order of importance and designate which roles they would help with, send that info asap to Mimi and she will collate and build a proposal on the feedback. All agreed.


Appendix A.
Finance Committee April meeting
Finance Mtg. Saturday, March 21, 2020, from 6pm to 7 pm
(1) Roll Call: Frank Lambert, John Schmidt, Ruscal Cayangyang Treasurer, Mica Daniel, CC Liaison
(2) Approval of Minutes February 29, 2020
By consensus
*The finance committee meeting announced in our last meeting as February 15th was rescheduled to February 29th, 2020
(3) Agenda Review :
Please review 2020 schedule and deadlines from FPPC when we need to turn in our forms: Political Party Committees
(4) Treasurer report
March balances:
Travis Credit Union state acct $$10,677.76
Travis Credit Union federal acct: $1,600.00
Main PayPal $163.79
Old PayPal $32.77
Checks Deposited:
$1000 check from Jon Koriagin
Occupation: Programmer and Office Systems Coordinator,
Employer: Ventura County Air Pollution Control District
(5) Upcoming Expenses
Upcoming March Expenses:
$100.00 Liquid Web Wired Tree
$10.45 Call Centric
(6) Budget Committee
We start the budget process late June/ early July for budget proposal for planned projects
(7) Next meeting date: Saturday, May 30, 2020, 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Appendix B.
CH/GROW April Report, Tuesday, April 14, 7:30 - 9 pm

1- Roll Call: CH: Mica Daniel, Nassim Nouri, GROW: Laura Wells, Richard Gomez
2- Voter Registration 2020:
— Earth Day is April 22 is the 50th anniversary of earth day and CH and Media are launching the first phase of the 2020 campaign to increase voter registration.
— This campaign begins with CH newsletter sent out today (see below) inviting everyone to register Green and/or asking others to do so. Thank you, Laura for authoring this great invitation.
After Earth Day, the campaign shifts into focusing on our 5 pillars (, in July it shifts to introducing our nominee and platform comparisons, and at the end of summer will push #VoteGreen for November.
— Nassim has made a set of graphics (memes) and Diana will be distributing on social media, #RegisterGreen and #GreenEnter2020. Nassim will forward links to campaign graphics to CC and both committees.
3- GA update: The May or June GA will be virtual. Next GA planning call is April 8. Mica and Laura will be on the call.
4- Confirm next second Tuesday call, May 13

Appendix C.
Bylaws April 2020 Report to the CC

from: Mimi Newton, Bylaws Committee Co-Co
to: The GPCA Coordinating Committee
Date: Monday, May 4, 2020
The Bylaws Committee has received the following proposal from the Contra Costa County Council. The Committee’s review of the proposal is pending and will be reported in the next Bylaws’ Report to the CC.

Begin forwarded message:
From: Tim Laidman
Date: April 27, 2020 at 10:10:44 PM PDT
To: Mimi Newton
Cc: Tim Laidman, Paul Larudee
Subject: SGA Proposal re Fiscal Year
To Mimi Newton for ByLaws Committee review
Please have ByLaws review this proposal as required for changes to the Fiscal Policy.
I am also forwarding separately to the Agenda Team.
Tim Laidman
Contra Costa County Council

SPONSOR: Green Party of Contra Costa County
PRESENTER: Tim Laidman
SUBJECT: Amendment, Fiscal Policy: Timing of Fiscal Year
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: At the June 9-10, 2018 GPCA General Assembly in Stockton, an amendment to the GPCA Fiscal Policy was proposed by an improper method not provided for under GPCA Bylaws. As a result, under GPCA Bylaws this amendment did not take force. Yet GPCA practice has gone on as if it was.

This proposal would properly propose such an amendment in keeping within GPCA bylaws, in order to bring the party’s current practices in compliance.

Specifically GPCA Bylaws 7-5.1(a) require that "The Coordinating Committee shall establish a Draft Agenda for all General Assembly meetings, distribute it at least 42 days in advance to each County Organization" , and GPCA Bylaws 7-5.1(b) require that "The Draft Agenda shall incorporate agenda items submitted by committees, working groups and County Organizations as provided for in these bylaws; shall distinguish among decision making items, reports and discussion items"

Additionally according to GPCA Bylaws 13-2.2. any proposed amendments to the GPCA’s governing documents (Bylaws, Rules and Procedures, Fiscal Policy) " must be submitted to the Bylaws Committee. The Bylaws Committee shall review the proposed amendments and provide recommendations to the sponsors, including to promote consistency in numbering, format, terminology and meaning with existing documents, to minimize ambiguity and to promote clarity."

Despite these party rules, without prior notice to the the County Organizations and without prior submission to the ByLaws Committee, a proposal was made from the floor at the Stockton General Assembly to amend the GPCA Fiscal Policy to change the Fiscal Year from July 1 through June 30 to a calendar year of January 1 through December 31. Instead of being submitted according to party rules, this proposal was submitted by the GPCA Treasurer (who does not have standing under GPCA Bylaws to individually propose a party rules change) as part of the draft budget proposed for approval at this GA, and not even as a stand alone amendment to the Fiscal Policy. Furthermore this text not released in any form electronically or in paper to anyone before being raised at the actual meeting, meaning there was no background explanation accompanying the proposal, comparing and contrasting the then existing fiscal year timing and comparing and contrasting it to the proposed new timing, meaning GA delegates did not have the benefit of being exposed to such an explanation before hearing the proposal.

Despite all of this, this proposal from the floor without a proper sponsor and without required prior process was discussed and voted on by the GA. Despite this, no minutes were ever posted from the Stockton GA reflecting this change, and the Fiscal Policy was never amended on the GPCA website to reflect it.

Since the Stockton GA did not have a written background to compare and contrast the existing and proposed timings, and since the GPCA will now have some experience with this changed timing, this proposal would effectuate the proposed fiscal year time change, but do so with a sunset clause, after which the GA could receive a report on its use since 2018 and make an informed judgement whether to make the change permanent or revert to the prior fiscal year timing.

PROPOSAL: To amend the bylaws by proper procedure to set the fiscal year of the GPCA for a trial Period, automatically sunsetting in June 2022 to the calendar year of January 1 through December 31.

Part I: The GPCA Fiscal Policy shall be amended from
Section 5-1 Fiscal Year
The Fiscal Year shall run from July 1 to June 30.

Part 1: The GPCA Fiscal Policy shall be amended from
Section 5-1 Fiscal Year
The Fiscal Year shall run from January 1 through December 31, through 2022. Afterwards the Fiscal Year shall revert to July 1 to June 30, unless the Finance Committee brings forward a proposal to the May/June 2022 General Assembly, to permanently amend the Fiscal Policy to retain the calendar year fiscal year, where such proposal would include a background discussion comparing the calendar year fiscal year with the prior July to June fiscal year, no later than the May/June 2022 General Assembly.

Part II: Should the proposal from the Finance Committee in 2022 to amend Section 5-1 not pass, then the language for Section 5-1 shall revert to
Section 5-1 Fiscal Year
The Fiscal Year shall run from July 1 to June 30.

COMMITTEE DECISION: Consensus vote of the GPCC County Council

TIMELINE/RESOURCES: Effective immediately, GPCA Treasurer and Finance Committee to make report and possible proposal in SGA in spring 2022

Appendix D. Summary of 48 Hour Voting since April’s CC meeting:

1. Email from Nassim Nouri to CC dated 4/9 at 6:03 pm to [gpca-cc] 48 HOUR ONLINE VOTE: Designating Barry Hermanson as GPCA representative on the Healthy California Now Coalition (Passed with 15 “yes” votes)

VOTING PERIOD STARTS NOW and continues through Saturday, April 11, at 6 pm.
Please vote by replying to this email with your vote of "Yes", "No", or "Abstain”.
A 48 hour votes require 2/3 quorum (11 CC members), and an approval threshold of 80% (12 yes votes) (

Dear CC,
I didn’t have time to submit a proposal on Barry Hermanson's suggestion (see his email below) for our April meeting and since the membership registration is currently due, we need to make a decision before the May CC meeting, therefore I am submitting this for a 48 hour online vote.
Please consider this proposal and vote at your earliest convenience.
Thank you,
Proposal: Decision Item: Designating Barry Hermanson as GPCA representative on the Healthy California Now Coalition.
Sponsor: Clearinghouse Committee, Nassim Nouri and Mica Daniel
Background and Purpose:
The GPCA healthcare platform is a comprehensive and fair set of policies that we should be more effectively and frequently communicating to state advocacy organizations.
Barry Hermanson has been a long-time healthcare advocate and has already served on Board of the Healthy California Now coalition for over a year. Barry is knowledgeable, capable and willing to represent GPCA’s platform in the matters of Healthcare policy. He is also happy to pay the membership dues directly or make a donation to GPCA and have GPCA organization send the membership fees to Healthy California Now, whichever is more appropriate for GPCA.
Implementation / Resource / Timelines:
- Inform Barry Hermanson by 4/15 that he is authorized to represent GPCA in the matters of Healthcare policy and platform on the Healthy California Now Coalition.
- Confirm with Finance Committee how to best proceed with paying membership dues.

Votes: Approved by 15 / 15 votes
YES (15): Tarik, Shannel, June, Laura, Eric, Mica, Nassim, Carol, Christine, Ann, Colt, Mimi, Audra, Marla and Doug
NO (0)
NOT VOTING (1): James
Last vote @ 4/11, 3:19 pm

2. Tarik, e-mail dated April 19, at 12:59 pm to [gpca-cc] 48 HOUR ONLINE VOTE: Date of the upcoming GPCA General Assembly (Passed with 11 “yes” votes)

VOTING PERIOD STARTS NOW and continues through Tuesday, April 21, at 1:00 pm.
Please vote by replying to this email with your vote of "Yes", "No", or "Abstain”.
A 48 hour votes require 2/3 quorum (11 CC members), and an approval threshold of 80% (of the yes and no votes) (

Proposal: The next General Assembly will take place on Saturday and Sunday, June 13th and 14th.
Sponsor: Tarik Kanaana.
Background and Purpose: This choice of date would allow us to have the GA before the start of the SGA voting period for the CC and delegation members. It is customary for the candidates to introduce themselves and talk about their plans for the position they are running for. This choice of dates is also the earliest weekend that would allow us to be in compliance with the bylaws’ requirement that a draft agenda be distributed six week in advance of the GA.
References: 7-5.1(a) The Coordinating Committee shall establish a Draft Agenda for all General Assembly meetings, distribute it at least 42 days in advance to each County Organization and submit it for approval at the beginning of each General Assembly.

Votes: Approved with 11/11 votes
YES (11): Carol, James, Tarik, Nassim, June, Mimi, Laura, Ann, Mica, Christine, Colt
NO (0)
NOT VOTING (4): Doug, Marla, Eric, Audra
Last vote @ 4/19, 10:06 pm

3. Tarik’s e-mail - [gpca-cc] 48 HOUR ONLINE VOTE: Draft GA agenda 4/29 @ 10:38 pm (Passed with 13 “yes” votes)

VOTING PERIOD STARTS NOW and continues through Friday, May 1, at 10:30 pm.
Please vote by replying to this email with your vote of "Yes", "No", or "Abstain”.
A 48 hour votes require 2/3 quorum (11 CC members), and an approval threshold of 80% (of the yes and no votes) (

Sponsor: Tarik Kanaana for the GA Planning Committee
Proposal: The CC approves the following Draft Agenda for the June 13&14 General Assembly.

Draft agenda of the Green Party of California General Assembly, June 13-14, 2020
Saturday, June 13th
8:45-9:00 am - Registration/check-in
9:00-9:30 am - Opening Session - welcome - zoom etiquette - how it works - any other info
9:30-9:40 am - Quorum Count - for starting GA and approving agenda
9:40-10:10 am - Agenda Approval
10:10-11:10 am - Presentation: Introductions and statements from GPUS Delegate and Alternate Delegate candidates for 2020-2022 term
11:10-12:10 am - “The GPUS and the National Committee. How to make a difference!” - GPUS Delegation
12:10-12:15 pm - Information for break
12:15-12:45 pm - Lunch Break
12:45-1:05 pm - Announcements
1:05-1:35 pm - Presentation: Introductions and statements from Coordinating Committee candidates for 20120-2022 term
1:35-2:20 pm - Presentation on Committees and Working groups
2:20-3:50 pm - "From Theory to Practice: Putting the 10 Key Values into Action" David Cobb and Mel Figueroa
This workshop will explore how to actualize the principles of a "Solidarity Economy" in a local community. We will focus on Cooperation Humboldt as a case study, including how they quickly created a mutual aid network in response to the COVID crisis.
3:50 -4:15 pm – Announcements
4:15 pm - Adjourn for Saturday

Sunday, June 14th
9:15 - 9:30 am - Registration/check-in
9:30-10:00 am - Opening Session
10:00-11:00 am - Discussion of SGA Proposal re Fiscal Year - Contra Costa County - Amendment, Fiscal Policy: Timing of Fiscal Year
11:00-11:20 am - Next General Assembly Meeting Date and Place
11:20-12:20pm - “GP organizing during COVID-19.” Karen Nyhus -Sonoma County - Have we seen more turbulent, unpredictable times? Are we all going crazy together, and apart? What are the challenges and opportunities for organizing a stronger, more relevant Green Party during COVID-19? From mutual aid to mutiny, join us to hear about models, successes -- and to share your own.
12:20-12:30 pm - Announcements
12:30-1:00 pm - Closing Session
1:00 pm - Adjourn

Votes: Approved with 13/13 votes
YES (13): Colt Gonzales, Shannel Pittman, Mica Daniel, Christine Pepin, Tarik Kanaana, Nassim Nouri, Mimi Newton, Eric Brooks, Carol Bouldin, Doug Barnett, June Brashares, James Lauderdale, Laura Wells
NO (0)
NOT VOTING (3): Marla, Ann, Audra
Last vote at 2:49 pm, Friday May 1, 2020.

4. Mica’s e-mail 4/28 at 5:35 pm - gpca-cc: 48 HOUR ONLINE VOTE (until 4/30 at 5:35 pm) (Passed with 13 “yes” votes, but see item 5, below)

Shall we sponsor Green Ballot Access Presidential Debate? sponsor Mica Daniel

This is Jake Rybczyk, the blogger behind Green Ballot, a blog focused on Green Party, culture, organizing & elections. We have over 3,000 followers & are dedicated to the Green movement. I want to start off by congratulating you for creating & fostering one the best state Green parties in our nation. California Greens are leaders nationally. That’s why I come to you asking for your support. Our blog is hosting an online Green Party presidential primary debate on May 5, National Teachers day. Attached is a draft flyer for the event. We are inviting all of the candidates running. The debate will be streamed on our facebook ( Is it possible to partner for this debate? We are looking for media, to list CAGP as a sponsor and for a press release to be sent out by CAGP on National Teachers Day highlighting the debate. Once again, thank you for your leadership & I hope we can work together. Please reply as soon as possible, so we can fully inform you on the event & add you as a sponsor.
No cost. We just simply would like CAGP, as I mentioned to send out a press release, allow us to advertise your party on our flyer and during the event (with provided bio for the party from you). We are committed to the same goals as you. "
PROPOSAL: Sign on as a sponsor of the debates.
The Vote starts now Wednesday April 28, 2020 5;33pm

Votes: Approved with 13/14 votes — SEE ITEM #5 BELOW
YES (13): Mica, Shannel, Tarik, Nassim, June, Christine, Eric, Carol, Ann, Laura, Mimi, Audra, Colt
NO (1) James
NOT VOTING (2): Doug, Marla
Last vote @ 4/30, 1:06 am

5. Mica’s e-mail dated 4/30 at 8:03 pm - [gpca-cc] URGENT: (gpca-cc) 48 HOUR ONLINE VOTE (Passed with 11 “yes” votes)

Background: We just finished a vote to co-sponsor Green Ballot Access(GBA) Virtual Green Party Presidential Debate. Today sometime their line up of speakers changed with an additional person that was not on the schedule that we voted on.
Proposal: That we reverse our decision to co-sponsor the event or affirm our position to continue. Yes vote would be to reverse our decision an not be a sponsor
No vote would stick with the decision we have already made.

Sponsor: Mica Daniel
The voting starts Wednesday, April 30, 2020, 8:02 pm and ends Friday, May 2, 2020, 8:02 pm.

Votes: Approved with 11/11 votes
YES (11): James, Mimi, Nassim, Shannel, Mica, June, Eric, Tarik, Laura, Ann, Audra
NO (0)
NOT VOTING (5): Doug, Marla, Carol, Colt, Christine
Last vote @ 5/2, 7:47 pm

Appendix E.
Summary of Candidates running for the CC, for Delegates to the GPUS Delegation, and for Alternate Delegates to the GPUS Delegation:

12 Coordinating Committee Member Seats
***The Candidates***
David Bond
June Brashares
Meg Buckingham
Colt LaTourette Gonzales
Barry Hermanson
James Lauderdale
Lauren Mauricio
Nassim Nouri
Karen Nyhus
Nicole Raglin
Justin Richardson
John Schmit
Laura Wells
No Other Candidate

Full details are available at:

8 GPUS Delegate Seats
***The Candidates***
Josefina Aranda
David Bond
June Brashares
Mike Cordova
Sanda Everette
Sadie Fulton
David W. Grover
Tarik Kanaana
Noura Khouri
Peggy Koteen
Jared Laiti
Genevieve Marcus
Manuel A. Musquiz
Nassim Nouri
Chris Specker
Terrance Tovar
No Other Candidate

Full details are available at:

9 GPUS Alternate Delegate Seats
***The Candidates***
June Brashares
Diana C. Brown
Mike Cordova
Sadie Fulton
David W. Grover
Tarik Kanaana
Ava Kermani
Noura Khouri
Jared Laiti
Susan Collier Lamont
Manuel A. Musquiz
Cordula Ohman
Justin Richardson
John Schmit
Chris Specker
Pamela Spevack
Lindsay Vurek

Full details are available at:

Appendix F.
Email from Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza Curry
April 26, 2020 8:46 pm
From: Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza Curry
Requesting my home state (GPCA) to get involvement with moving the PCSC to recognize our Black Female presidential campaign: Proof of 34 states I've received Signatures of Support, 3/31/20 and our Sedinam2020 has reported to FEC over $11,000.00(see attached) we have met and exceeded all requirements yet I've been excluded (see proof body and attached)

Evening from South Central Los Angeles, CA

I write to seek our state's involvement with sending a demand letter to Green Party Presidential Campaign Support Committee (PCSC) and Green Party National Committee that I Sedinam Moyowasifza-Curry and our campaign (Sedinam2020) be recognition immediately!

As Green Party women and men we are fully aware that it's the 100th commemoration of women's suffrage to secure the vote in our nation and the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) turns 25 on July 26. It's inline with both historic bench marks a fellow long-time(18 years)Green sister, Black Women and disabled be a presidential candidate for the Green Party in 2020.

Especially given the facts her campaign has met and exceeded basic criteria for being a officially recognition by the Green Party of the United States. Her recognition must be confirmed immediately. We Greens must not and should not be just like the two major corporation funded political parties.

Forwarded message ---------
From: John Andrews
Date: Tue, Mar 31, 2020, 9:55 AM
Subject: Updated Signatures of Support, 3/31/20

To: Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza Curry
To: Sedinam Moyowasiza-Curry
From: John Andrews, Co-chair, Presidential Campaign Support Committee
Subject: Updated Signatures of Support, 3/31/20

Below are the email addresses provided by persons submitting a signature of support for your candidacy up to 3/31/2020. These signatures were submitted using the online form for signatures of support created by the PCSC. We are attempting to send you an updated list of your signers every month.

The format of this data is tab-separated text. You should be able to paste it into any spreadsheet file. This should allow you to import it into your mail system.
Your current count of valid signatures for official recognition purposes is provided at the end of the list.

This list is being sent to you with the understanding that you have made a commitment for proper use of this information as specified in your submitted application form . See the application form for the procedures which you agreed to as a condition of receiving this data.
Remember that these signatures are NOT political endorsements. Names of the signers should not be made public. A signature simply means that the signer supports your being officially recognized as a candidate.

As a matter of good campaign strategy, we advise all candidates to try to collect the 100 signatures required for official recognition since this is a public indication that your campaign is active.
- - - - - - - - - -
SIGNATURES FOR Sedinam Moyowasiza-Curry | VERSION 200331
[signatures redacted for privacy reasons from this Appendix]
| Total of 174 signatures found
| Sigs by state: AZ: 7 AR: 2 CA: 25 CO: 4 CT: 4 FL: 7 ID: 1 IL: 6 IN: 10 IA: 1 KY: 1 LA: 1 ME: 10 MA: 15 MI: 10 MN: 8 MO: 6 NE: 1 NJ: 7 NY: 6 NC: 2 OH: 10 OR: 6 PA: 6 RI: 1 SD: 1 TN: 1 TX: 3 UT: 4 VT: 1 VA: 1 WA: 4 WV: 1 WI: 1
| 174 qualifying sigs from 34 states.
| Max from one state = 25 from CA
[PNG IMAGE] not included here, see original email to the Co-Co’s - the attached image contains the following information -
Sedinam2020-2020 cycle
Candidate for President
Treasurer: Siegel, Eric
Total Receipts – $6,200
Total Spending - $410
Spending at Trump Properties - $ 0
Independent Expenditures - $ 0
Cash on Hand - $5,915
Debts Owed - $ 0

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