Green results in the June 5th, 2012 elections

President (three candidates, Green primary)
US House of Representatives (six candidates)
State Assembly (three candidates)
Municipal/County (five candidates)

President (Green primary)

Jill Stein - 8,826 votes, (49.3%)
Roseanne Barr  - 7,138 votes (39.9%)
Kent Mesplay - 1,937 votes (10.8%)
US House of Representatives (6)
Barry Hermanson (Congressional District 12 in San Francisco County) 
3rd/6; 6,152 votes, 5.28% (vs. four Democrats, one Republican)
Carol Brouillet (Congressional District 18 in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties)
4th/4, 5,387 votes, 4.0% (vs two Democrats, one Republican)
Eric Peterson (Congressional District  20 in Monterrey, San Benito, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz counties)
5th/7, 1,730 votes, 2% (vs. two Democrats, two Republicans, two No Party Preference)
Michael Powelson (Congressional District 30 in Los Angeles County) 
6th/7, 1,782votes, 2.02% (vs. three Democrats, three Republicans)
David Steinman (Congressional District  33 in Los Angeles County)   
6th/8, 3,3607 votes, 3.45% (vs. four Democrats, one Republican, one Libertarian, one No Party Preference)
Anthony Vierya (Congressional District 35 in Los Angeles County)  
3rd/3, 6,158 votes, 18.7% (vs two Democrats)
State Assembly (3)
David Edwards (State Assembly District 1 in Butte, Lassen, Modoc, Nevada, Placer, Plumas, Shasta, Sierra and Siskiyou counties)
4th/5, 5,519 votes, 5.8% (vs. one Democrat, two Republicans, one Libertarian)
Pamela Elizondo (State Assembly District 2 in Del Norte, Humboldt, Mendocino, Sonoma and Trinity counties)
3rd/4, 6,374 votes, 8.6% (vs. three Democrats)
Jack Lindblad (State Assembly District 39 in Los Angeles County)  
5th/6; 2,232 votess, 7.6% (vs two Democrats and three Republicans)
Municipal/County (5)
Jane Rands (Fullerton City Council) 
2nd/4 candidates for 1 seat  (to fill a vacancy created by the recall of an incumbent)
Gary Blenner (Board of Supervisors; Sacramento County, Supervisorial District 4)  
3rd/3 candidates for 1 seat
Alfred "Al" Bulf  (Board of Supervisors, Nevada County, Supervisorial District 1)
3rd/4 candidates for 1 seat
Louis Meyer (Board of Supervisors, Nevada Coujnty, Supervisorial District 1)
4th/4 candidates for 1 seat (note - dropped out of race after on ballot, after fellow Green Alfred Bulf also entered race, but still received votes)
Rex Gressett (Board of Supervisors; County of Mendocino; Supervisorial District 4)
2nd/2 candidate for 1 seat (write-in candidate)