Green Party Archives Project - Hosted at Stanford Universities Library

The Green Party Archives Project is hosted at Standord Universities Library. 
Information is provided at this link and described in detail below.

State Archivist: Hank Chapot • 510.504.3538

Collecting for the California Green Archives began in 1989 and was formally established by the California Green Party in 2000. The archives exists to identify, collect, preserve and make available records of enduring value to green activists, scholars, writers, historians and journalists, and for the future.
1. Archives will hold any documentary materials relating to the founding and establishment of the Green Committees of Correspondence, the Green Party of California and the wider Green political movement in the USA and beyond.
2. Archives will seek special collections from individuals involved in the founding and early development of the American Green Movement.
3. Archives will survey available collections and contact current and former Green Party activists and campaigns. Transfers and acquisitions will be made in accordance with this written policy statement, supported by adequate resources and only when consistent with the mission of the archives. 
4. will provide accessioning, preservation, description and management of the collection.  
The California Green Archives were founded by Hank Chapot to collect and preserve documents from the early efforts to establish the Green Movement in California. As I was a member of the coordinating committee of the Green Party Organizing Committee in 1991, I volunteered to save paper documents and related ephemera. From that time I began to save everything I could as the Greens grew from the CoCs to the Green Party of California. As an Activist in the San Francisco Bay Area, I had access to traveling Greens from other States and Nations, and I was an early participant in the effort to establish a National Green Party through membership in the Green Politics Network and as an early proponent of the Confederation/Association of State Green Parties. Since its formal establishment in the year 2000, I have used two small grants from the Green Network and The GPCA.
The collection includes papers from these important Green, Kent Smith, Charlene Spretnak, Daniel Moses Bob Brister, Susan King.
There are no restrictions on accessing the materials except that they do not leave the premises, currently my home office in Oakland California.
The Green Committees of Correspondence was founded in 1984 by a few hundred American political and environmental activists motivated by the success of Die Grunen, the German Green Party. After a few years of meeting, publishing and corresponding, green activists chose to create a national membership organization called the Green Committees of Correspondence. And there followed the establishment of state green parties and finally, the national Green Party of the USA.
The collection is composed of numerous Series, beginning with foreign platforms, early debate, founding Documents, party and candidate literature, minutes of State party meetings, San Francisco and East Bay Green Parties, Green Politics Network, campaign signs, publications, video, audio and miscellaneous ephemera.
Archive Box #1
History project outline, in memorium, Petra Kelly memorial, Archives story. Receipts. First Planetary Green Meeting Rio, 5.31.92, Green Party of Canada 1&2,  GP Aotearoa - New Zealand, GP England 1&2, GP Oxford UK,   de Grona- Sweden, Groenlinks -Netherlands, Die Grunen, Die Grunen,/Budnis 90, Canberra 2000, International working group (IWG), 
Archives box 1.1
Greens in the European Parliament 1&2,, Green East-West Dialogue Europe, Russian GP, European federation of Green parties, Green China, Canamex conference SF 1991
Archive Box 1.2 Early Debate - Charlene Spretnak collection -Charlene Spretnak co-authored the book GREEN POLITICS with Fritjoff Capra, "Driving Mr. Nader", by Linda Martin of GPHI, GP Historical docs, miscellaneous platforms, manifestos, 1940's Pacifist Literature from the Pacifist Research Bureau, CPUSA, Labor Party usa, California platforms published,
Archive Box #2
Candidate lit, flyers and handouts, Party literature, 
Archive Box #2.1, Candidate literature - D. Moses, M. Benjamin, M. Gonzales, R. Mirkirimi, P. Camejo, Audie Bock (1st Green in Ca Legislature), H. Chapot,
Archive Box #3
Publication - SF/Bay Area newsletter Green Consensus - 1987-1999, established by the San Francisco CoC in 1987 evolved into the Bay Regional newsletter during the voter registration drive and eventually became the State party organ. 
Archives Box 3.1 correspondence
Archive Box #4 
Publication - Green Horizon - published by John Rensenbrink, an organ of the Green Politics Network, - 7.93,  11.93, 2.94, 5/6.94,10/11. 94, 2/3.95, 4/5.95, 5/6.94,10/11. 95, 7/96, 3.97, 6.97, 7.97, 9.97,12.97, 6.14.01, V.1 2003, V.2 2003,
Sp 2009, Fall/winter 2009, Fall/winter 2010, 2012, Spring/summer 2013
Archive box #5
Bumper stickers, oddities
Archive box #6
publication - Green Letter - the Green Letter collective and Tides Foundation (4 folders), Green Focus(GPCA newsletter ) Green Focus State party newsletter
Archive box #7
Early press releases -GPCA, GP Legal docs, Media Committee, GP press releases, Clippings 84- present 1,2&3, 
Archives Box #8 - Books
Archives box #9 publications - Green Synthesis -published in California, Synthesis Regeneration published by Don Fitz in Kansas City 4,5,6,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20, 21,23, Greens Bulletin, Green Politics by G/gpusa 
Archives box #10 - Charlene Spretnak papers
Archives box #11 - Kent Smith papers
Archives box #12 newspaper and magazine clippings unsorted (mostly Nader)
Flat Box 1 - cassettes - radio, speeches, interviews, Petra Kelly Q&A, Nader acceptance speech 1996
Flat Box 2 - discs, floppies, outdated storage media
Flat Box 3 - Green Party buttons
Records Box #1-GPCA ballot drive, platforms, 
Membership lists 1&2, Coordinating Committee 1 & 2 - Analysis 1&2, Platform work, Bylaws work, Organizing materials, Results, platform work, platform WG 92-93, proposed planks, Green Econ WG Bay Area, Population, platforms for vote, Bylaws efforts, Organizing and process, candidate results, C&C working groups, Women's caucus, 
Records Box #1.1
GPCA state meetings Santa Cruz 8/91, Sacramento, 1/92, Oakland State meet 4-92, Santa Cruz St. Meet -8/91, , Fullerton 7/92, Sac 4/93, Santa Barbara7/93, SF 94, campaigns, San Diego 1/95 Berkeley 6/96, Santa Rosa 96,San Jose, 3/97, Green Party Lit, Steve Saint lit, Readings from S. Stryker Green Politics course at UC Berkeley -1991 172, Selected Bibliography 1992, California State meeting packets & minutes unsorted, agenda -1990 forward unsorted,
Records Box #2 
Northern California founding late 1980s, Greening of the West Nevada City - 1988, Greening California Jones Gulch - 1990, Green Parties of the West 2/93, ,Group,SF and Alameda Co. Bay Green Alliance newsletter 1986-90, Qualifications(Q-group), Alameda Co. voters guides (6&11 92, 6&11 94, 3 96, 6&11 98, 3&11 2000, 3&11 2002, 10,2003, 5.19.09, 6.8.10, 11.2.10, 6.5.12, 11.6.12), ACGP minutes 1, 2, 3, ACGP County Council, minutes(3), , ACGP miscellaneous, Alameda Progressive Alliance1996, , San Francisco Green COC, Siloists (humanist party)SF green Party, Marin co, San Diego, Santa Cruz, Yolo co, San fernando co, Contra Costa GP, LA, Sacramento Green, Nevada co, Santa Barbara co, Humboldt co, Sonoma co, Mendocino co, San Mateo co ATEO CO, Fresno co, Ocean beach greens, Coastside greens, 
Records Box #2.1
Green CoC's 85-92, Green Party Organizing Committee (3), Green Gathering Aug 1989 Eugene Or, Green Gathering Aug 1991- West Va, Greens/Gpusa - Green Program 7/91, 8/93, G/Gpusa platform 2000, Green Program Committee, G/Gpusa 1&2, G/Gpusa 1996 FEC filing, Green entrepreneurs, Bob Brister's Gpusa collection, Green Politics, main publication of the Greens/Green party usa (nee. CoCs) membership organization that remained after split of 1990 -92,Summer 92, Fall 92, sp 93, Fall 94, Sp 95, winter 95, Sp 96, summer 96, summer 97, supplement 96(program), Winter 97, Fall 98, Sp 99, Summer 99, Fall, 2000, V.1#1 2003, V.1#3 03/04,  Sp/Summer 2010, Sp/Sum 2011Fall/Winter 2011, Sp/Summer 2012..
Records Box #3 National
Green Parties of the Americas 1991, Heartland Declaration -GPN, New Politics 94 (conf. in Oakland CA), 40 states GPs, Green Party Organizing Committee 1&2,Green Politics Network 1 & 2, - Green Politics Network, GPN NEWS, ASGP 1, 2, 3, Green Platform 96. Song of the Frog (GPN&GN) 95-2004, Green Gathering 95 Albuquerque, Green Gathering 96 UCLA, Third Parties 96 Washington DC, Convention 2000, Conventin 04, Green Pages, Campus Greens, New Mexico, AK, Hawaii, Florida, Rhode Island, GPUS official platform, convention 2000, article reprints -  Hi, Fla, NM, Rh Isl, Jersey Green journal
Records Box #4
 Left Green Perspectives, Left Green Network, Institute for Social Ecology (Brister collection) V9.1, 9.2, 10.1, 11.2, 15.1,16.1, Summer 87, Autumn 1998,I PPN, Toler, FIJA, Progressive Alliance of Alameda Co.  Proportional Representation, My Assembly campaigns 1994-96, Critical Mass, Redwood Justice, Common Ground Collective Malik Rahim, weird stuff, War 2002-3, other orgs. wealth primary, None of the Above,
Record Box #5 videotapes
Records Box #6 Danny Moses - unsorted
Records Box #7 Susan King collection - unsorted

Thanks so far: Joan, Charlene, Mike, Bob, Kent, Kevin, Craig, Elise, the Alameda and San Francisco locals, the GPCA and all itinerant Greens.