Bylaws of the Green Party of Santa Barbara County (2005-02-05)


Article I - Name, Purpose, Structure

Section 1 - Name

The name of this organization is the Green Party of Santa Barbara County.

The Governing body is the County Council.

Section 2 - Purposes

a) To promote the Ten Key Values of the Green Party which are: Grassroots Democracy; Social Justice and Equal Opportunity; Ecological Wisdom; Non-violence; Decentralization; Feminism and Gender Equity; Respect for Diversity; Personal and Global Responsibility; Community Based Economics and Economic Justice; Future Focus and Sustainability;

b) To run and support candidates who support and adhere to the Ten Key Values;

c) To continuously build the Green Party.

Section 3 - Structure

These By-Laws shall govern the organization. In the event of an omission or ambiguity, we shall look to the By-Laws of the Green Party of California.

Article II - Membership

Section 1 - Eligibility

All persons registered to vote as members of the Green Party pursuant to the Laws of the State of California are eligible to participate in the functions of this organization. Persons not eligible to register to vote in California may participate in the functions of this organization so long as they meet the other requirements of active membership.

Section 2 - Active membership

Active members shall be those who meet all the following requirements:

a) Are registered members of the Green Party if eligible to vote in California;

b) Adhere to the Ten Key Values;

c) Participate in the work of this organization;

d) Attend as many meetings as possible;

e) Pay annual dues;

f) Have read orientation information, these By-Laws and other Green Party materials.

Article III - County Council

Section 1 - Mission and Purpose

a) The County Council shall serve as the elected representative body. Its mission is to contribute to the ongoing empowerment of the members, individually and collectively. It will promote the Ten Key Values in all its actions and statements while maintaining a focus on the interest of members, balanced by those of the Party.

b) The Council shall fulfill the role specified by the County of Santa Barbara as the party’s Central Committee, pursuant to Division 7 of the election Code.

Section 2 - Membership

a) The council will be composed of up to seven members elected in a countywide, at-large election during the direct primary election held by the State of California in even numbered years.

b) Council members must be active members of the Santa Barbara County Green Party in good standing, be registered in California as Green Party members, and be committed to the values of the Green Party.

c) The Council will strive to reflect the diversity of the community in its membership.

d) A Council member may appoint an alternate in his/her absence. Such alternate shall have the right to hold an unresolved concern or cast a vote, only with the written authorization of the member he/she is representing. No alternate can represent more than one member at a time.

e) A County Council will serve until a new Council convenes.

f) In the event of vacancies on the Council, the remaining Council members shall appoint members to fill the vacancies. The Council shall

1) convene a meeting within 45 days of any vacancy;

2) accept nominations and vote;

3) each Council member shall have as many votes as there are vacancies;

4) those with the most votes will be elected and their names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mails will be forwarded to the Coordinating Committee within five days.

g) A Council member shall be ineligible to serve if he/she

1) moves out of Santa Barbara County, or

2) fails to maintain voter registration as a member of the Green Party.  

Article IV - Meetings

Section 1 - Regular Meetings

a) The County Council shall hold regular meetings which are open to all Green Party members and observers.

b) County Council members and Santa Barbara Green Party members who have attended at least two out of the last four meetings may introduce and vote on proposals before the Council.

Section 2 - Public Meetings - This organization will endeavor to hold at least two open, publicized meetings of community interest each year, with the goal of increasing participation and interest in the Green Party.

Article V - Delegate Selection to the California Green Party

Section 1 - Selection Process

a) The County Council will convene not less than 30 days before each meeting of the Green Party of the California General Assembly to select delegate(s).

b) Nominees receiving a plurality of the votes will be selected. The Council will notify the Coordinating Committee and the State Hosting Committee of its appointments within five days.

Section 2 - Qualifications

a) Be an active member, per these By-Laws;

b) Be familiar with the structure and principles of the Green Party of California;

c) Have a working knowledge of the Green Party of California.

Article VI - Amendment of these By-Laws

These By-Laws may be amended by a vote of five of the seven members of County Council.

Article VII - Non-discrimination Policy

Section 1 - This organization shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, religion or income.

Section 2 - It is responsibility of the County Council to enforce this policy and actively try to diversify membership in this organization.

Adopted February 26, 2005 by the County Council of the Green Party of Santa Barbara