Coordinating Committee minutes, July 2, 2012

Coordinating Committee members  present (12): Victoria Ashley (East Bay), Warner Bloomberg (Silicon Valley), June Brashares (at-large) arrived at 7:40 Maxine Daniel (at-large); Sanda Everette (at-large), Mike Feinstein (Los Angeles),  Barry Hermanson (San Francisco), Tim Laidman (at-large) arrived at 7:42, Matt Leslie (Orange/Riverside/San Bernardino), Alex Shantz (North Bay) , Michael Rubin (at-large), Lauren Sinott (at-large) 

Coordinating Committee members not present (7):  Marla Bernstein (at-large), Dave Heller (at-large), Sasha Karlik (at-large), Stevie Luther (at-large), Nancy Mancias (at-large),  Cynthia Santiago (at-large), Kate Tanaka (at-large)
Coordinating Committee alternates present (1): Cindy Asrir (Silicon Valley) arrived at 7:49
Quorum: Quorum reached at 7:38 with 10/19 present: Victoria Ashley (East Bay), Warner Bloomberg (Silicon Valley), Maxine Daniel (at-large); Sanda Everette (at-large), Mike Feinstein (Los Angeles),  Barry Hermanson (San Francisco), Matt Leslie (Orange/Riverside/San Bernardino), Alex Shantz (North Bay) , Michael Rubin (at-large), Lauren Sinott (at-large) 
Facilitator: Alex Shantz
Minutes taker: Mike Feinstein
Time keeper: Warner Bloomberg
Vibes Watcher: Matt Leslie

3) Approval of Agenda

Proposal (Feinstein): Amend agenda to add and move late item about GPCA ballot statement up to #12 and move item about SGA implementation to #13 following it.
Amended draft agenda approved by consensus

4) Approve minutes 
- Approval of minutes from 6/4 CC meeting
Approved by consensus
- Approval of minutes from 5/11 CC meeting
-Approval of minutes from 6/11-17 online vote

Approved by consensus

5) Appointment: CC appointment to Campaign Fund Support Committee - one seat

Cynthia Santiago appointed by consensus. 

6) Appointment: CC appointment to IT Committee (five minutes)
Consideration of appointment of Jennie Woodward
Item continued to end of meeting owing to time constraints. Item not concluded at end of meeting owing to time constraints.

7) Appointment: CC appointment to Media Committee 
Outstanding concerns/stand asides: (Bloomberg) Concern with becoming an SGA delegate and then becoming eligible for committee appointment, because does not feel CC bylaws intrepretation to establish the SGA was legitimate. (Brashares). Shares same concorn.
Starlene Rankin appointed by consensus

8) Decision: Bylaws Interpretation Regarding Final GPUS Delegate Seat elected at San Francisco General Assembly

Proposal (Feinstein): That the Coordinating Committee approve the following bylaws interpretation
Whereas at the San Francisco General Assembly, delegates voted to elect seven candidates to fill seven two-year seats and one candidate to fill one of seven open alternate two-year seats (; and  
Whereas afterwards it was discovered in interaction with GPUS personnel managing the GPUS voting page, that there were only six delegates seats open; and
Whereas the lowest vote getter among the seven candidates was contacted and asked whether he would consider taking one of the seven open alternate seats and he is so willing; and
Whereas there are many alternate seats open and awarding one of them to the lowest vote getter among the seven candidates elected as a delegate would not prevent anyone else from being elected to the seat; 
Therefore the Coordinating Committee finds that Sasha Karlik shall be considered elected as a GPUS National Committee alternate at the San Francisco General Assembly, May 12th, 2012, even though on that date he was considered elected as a GPUS National Committee delegate.
Approved by Consensus

9) Decision: Carrying out tasks that were previously Marnie Glickman's responsibility (Brashares, Laidman) 

Proposal (Brashares, Laidman): That CC will have an on-line thread with a title about the responsibilities involved, that those interested would be come forward and be identified, and a decision upon them would be made at the next meeting; that the proposal would contain the process by which these tasks could be completed; and if certain things can be easily addressed by volunteers before then, they should be.
Outstanding concerns/stand aside (Rubin): CC not taking issue as seriously as it deserves, more time should've been devoted to it on this call and 1/2 hour should be devoted to it on the August CC call.
Approved by Consensus
10) Decision: Bylaws Interpretation Regarding Final Election of More CC members from a single county than permitted by prior GPCA Bylaws ( Feinstein) (ten minutes)
Proposal (Feinstein): 
Whereas at the GPCA's San Francisco General Assembly, delegates elected seven members to two year at-large seats, and two members to one year at-large seats (; and
Whereas among them were three members of Alameda County, making a cumulative total of four at-large members from Alameda County, one more than allowed by GPCA Bylaws; and
Whereas this possibility was not discussed when the seat was advertised, more when people applied for the seat, nor when the agenda was put together, nor when the GA voted to conduct an on-site election instead of a post-GA email election, nor when the results were announced; and
Whereas there is no clear process approved by the party to decide who how the  three-per county limit is applied; and
Whereas it would not be possible to use the approach of only declaring the first elected from Alameda County up to the limit of three, because there were candidates elected from Alameda County for both the two and one-year seats,  and therefore who then gets dropped, the last person elected to a one-year seat, or the last person elected to a two-year seat; and
Whereas there were the same number of candidates as there were seats to be elected, the election of Greens from Alameda County did not result in any other candidate being elected; and
Whereas the bylaws interpretation made by the Coordinating Committee on June 4th does not include a per-county limit, because its not possible to implement in combination with gender balance requirements included as part of the process; and 
Whereas the one-year seat filled by an Alameda County Green will end in May 2013, less than one year from now; and
Whereas by that time, the GPCA will have had the opportunity to review the issue of limits-per-county and amend its bylaws accordingly;
Therefore the GPCA finds that the results of the San Francisco General Assembly Coordinating Committee elections shall be considered valid and in force for the terms elected.
Outstanding concerns: (Leslie) CC doesn't have the authority to declare someone eligible to run who isn't. (Bloomberg) A better alternative is to ask one of them to resign.
Proposal as amended (Feinstein): That the CC agrees to extend the existing situation for one month until its August call, during which time those elected from Alameda county will be asked if any of them wishes to voluntarily resign and if not, the CC will take up the issue on its August call.
Outstanding concerns/stand aside: (Leslie): Remains concerned that CC didn't have the authority to make this proposal, but will stand aside to see if any from Alameda will step down. (Bloomberg): the form of the proposal should not have references the bylaws, but instead should have referenced the suspension of the bylaws for purposes of CC restructuring.

Approved by consensus.

11) Decision: GPCA Ballot Statement

Proposal (Feinstein): That the CC will conduct an on-line vote to amend the existing statement and that as an exception to existing CC on-line voting rules, which would require the vote to commence on Monday, July 9 and conclude on Sunday, July 15, the vote would commence on Tuesday, July 17 and conclude on Wednesday, July 18.
Approved by Consensus


12) Report: Update on implementation of Standing Green Assembly for purposes authorized by Coordinating Committee

Report made by Feinstein and Laidman

13) Discussion: The June 5th election (Hermanson) 

Discussion held

14) Report: Review of finances of GPCA Presidential Forum (Brashares, Hermanson) (ten minutes)
Agreement to continue to next meeting when more information will be available.

15) Report:  Update on GPCA Elections code (Feinstein)

Report made by Feinstein, that a sponsor has not yet been found, but there is still time before the end of 2012 legislative session.

16) Report: Update on GPCA efforts to amend SB1272 (Feinstein) (five minutes) 

Report made by Feinstein summarizing the GPCA's successful effort to achieve amendments to SB1272. The bill ultimately will need to be signed by the Governor at the end of the 2012 legislative session to go into effect.