Coordinating Committee minutes, August 6, 2012

Coordinating Committee members  present (15):  Victoria Ashley (East Bay), Marla Bernstein (at-large),  June Brashares (at-large), Maxine Daniel (at-large); Sanda Everette (at-large), Mike Feinstein (Los Angeles),  Dave Heller (at-large), Barry Hermanson (San Francisco), Tim Laidman (at-large), Matt Leslie (Orange/Riverside/San Bernardino), Stevie Luther (at-large),  Alex Shantz (North Bay), Michael Rubin (at-large), Cynthia Santiago (at-large), Lauren Sinott (at-large) 

Coordinating Committee members not present (4):  Warner Bloomberg (Silicon Valley), Sasha Karlik (at-large),   Nancy Mancias (at-large), Kate Tanaka (at-large)
Coordinating Committee alternates present (1): Cindy Asrir (Silicon Valley) 
Observer (participated in Executive Session): Susan Chunco (Sonoma County and member of GPUS Steering Committee)
Quorum: Quorum reached at 7:36 with 11/19 present: Victoria Ashley (East Bay), Cindy Asrir (Silicon Valley) , Maxine Daniel (at-large); Sanda Everette (at-large), Mike Feinstein (Los Angeles),  Barry Hermanson (San Francisco), Tim Laidman (at-large), Matt Leslie (Orange/Riverside/San Bernardino), Alex Shantz (North Bay) , Michael Rubin (at-large), Lauren Sinott (at-large) 
Facilitator: Alex Shantz
Minutes taker: Mike Feinstein
Time keeper: Cindy Asrir
Vibes Watcher: Victoria Ashley
Bernstein, Brashares, Heller and Luther joined by call by 7:40
3) Approval of Agenda
Proposal (Feinstein): Amend agenda to add item Executive Session item as #7 on the agenda
Approved by consensus
Proposal (Everette): add consideration of Tulare County Council to item #6
Approved by consensus
Amended draft agenda approved by consensus

4) Approve minutes 

- Approval of minutes from 7/2 CC meeting
Approved by Consensus

5) Appointment: Consideration of CC appointment of Jenni Woodward to IT Committee 

Approved by consensus

6)  Decision: Certification of County Councils: Sacramento County, Shasta County and Tulare County (Everette) 

Proposal (Feinstein): Approve Sacramento County's County Council contingent upon sending them their county's bylaws because the link to them on the GPCA web site was broken (later in the call the bylaws were located elsewhere in an unpublished archival portion of  the GPCA site and were then reposted here, obviating the need for Sacramento County to send them)
Approved by consensus
Proposal (Brashares): That the Coordinating Committee ask Shasta County for a copy of their bylaws and then place this item on the Coordinating Committee's September agenda, and that Hermanson will contact Shasta County in this regard.
Approved by Consensus
Proposal (Shantz): That the Coordinating Committee will send the content of the current requirements to Tulare County and ask them to send their bylaws.
Approved by Consensus

7) Executive Session/Decision: Letter to GPUS Steering Committee

Background: Coordinating Committee Internal Procedures:

Section 3-9 Executive Session

3-9.1 The Coordinating Committee may go into Executive Session only for personnel matters, sensitive legal and financial matters in which the Party itself is involved in actual or potential legal proceedings, sensitive conversations concerning Green candidates or elected officials, and when dealing with proprietary information of vendors and contractors. No other circumstances are appropriate for Executive Session. Only Coordinating Committee members and persons invited by the Coordinating Committee whose participation is necessary to address the agenda item are allowed to participate.

3-9.2 When an item proposed for Executive Session is called on the agenda, it shall first require consensus or a 2/3 vote to enter Executive Session. Once Executive Session has begun, if at least twenty percent of the Coordinating Committee members present believe that the discussion is entering areas that are inappropriate for Executive Session as per 3-9.1, they may ask for a vote and 2/3 is required to remain in Executive Session.

3-9.3 Agenda item for which Executive Session is denied or permission withdrawn as per 3-9.2 may be heard in open session, but only within the limits of what may be discussed outside of Executive Session, as per 3-9.1.

3-9.4 Minutes of all Executive Session shall include the time of entering and exiting Executive Session, those present and a general summary of topics discussed, without including specific information precluded under 3-9.1. Decisions made in Executive Session shall be reported in the Coordinating Committee minutes, subject to any legal limitations on disclosure.

General summary of topics discussed:

The Coordinating Committee discussed a series of letters sent to the GPUS by the Federal Elections Committee and their potential legal, financial and political implications for the GPCA, the GPUS and the Stein/Honkala campaign. A draft proposed GPUS letter was considered and voted upon below as amended. 

Proposal (Feinstein, with friendly amendments by Brashares, Everette, Hermanson and Laidman): that the Coordinating Committee send the following letter to the GPUS Steering Committee:

Dear GPUS Steering Committee
We are aware of the following letters from the FEC
and therefore want to express the highest and most urgent concern that the following actions be taken: 
1) Contact the FEC immediately so that they know we are not ignoring their letters
2) Ask the FEC how to comply with the issues they have raised
3) Make such compliance the GPUS' highest priority
4) Dedicate party funds, hire additional personnel and perform independent internal audits, as necessary, to ensure compliance
Sanda Everette, Alex Shantz
Co-coordinators, Coordinating Committee
Green Party of California
Approved by consensus

8) Decision: Carrying out tasks that were previously Marnie Glickman's responsibility (Brashares, Laidman) 

Item not heard because of time considerations

9) Decision: Funding for GPCA IT needs (Feinstein) 

Item not heard because of time considerations

10) Decision: Bylaws Interpretation Regarding Final Election of More CC members from a single county than permitted by prior GPCA Bylaws (Feinstein)

Item not heard because of time considerations

11) Discussion: Update on Jill Stein campaign in California (Bloomberg)
Item not heard because of time considerations

12) Discussion: Access to GPCA Committee and Working Group Listserves (Everette)
Item not heard because of time considerations

13) Report:  Review of finances of GPCA Presidential Forum (Brashares, Hermanson)
Item not heard because of time considerations

14) Report: Hiring of Press Secretary (Personnel Committee) 
Item not heard because of time considerations