Coordinating Committee minutes, June 21, 2013

Coordinating Committee members present (7): Victoria Ashley (East Bay),  Marla Bernstein (at-large),  Maxine Daniel (at-large), Sanda Everette (at-large), Mike Feinstein (Los Angeles),  Tim Laidman (at-large), Alex Shantz (North Bay)

Coordinating Committee members not-present (6): Cindy Asrir (Silicon Valley), June Brashares (at-large), Dave Heller (at-large), Barry Hermanson (San Francisco),  Sasha Karlik (at-large), Matt Leslie (Orange/Riverside/San Bernardino), Lauren Sinott (at-large)

Invited guest: Doug Barnett, GPCA Treasurer

Quorum: Quorum reached at 7:22 with 7/13 present: Victoria Ashley (East Bay),  Marla Bernstein (at-large),  Maxine Daniel (at-large), Sanda Everette (at-large), Mike Feinstein (Los Angeles),  Tim Laidman (at-large), Alex Shantz (North Bay)
2) Roles
Facilitator: Alex Shantz
Minutes taker: Mike Feinstein
Time keeper: Maxine Daniel 
Vibes Watcher:  Tim Laidman 
3) Approval of Agenda
*Items were added after 14 day deadline and require consensus or 2/3rds approval to add to agenda.

Approved by consensus

4) Approve minutes 

- Decision: Approve minutes, CC meeting, June 3rd , 2013
Approved by consensus

*5) Decision: Certification of the new Santa Cruz County Green Party (Feinstein)

Background: The Santa Cruz County Green Party held a reactivation meeting on June 19th 2013. This item is to allow the CC to certify the Santa Cruz County Green Party, as per GPCA Bylaws Section 5-1 Recognition
Proposal: That the CC certify the Santa Cruz County Green Party. 

Item continued til later in the evening to wait for email from Santa Cruz County Greens with minutes of meeting; once minutes arrived, item was approved

Approved by consensus 8:09 pm

6) Decision: Pick Facilitators for Napa General Assembly (10 minutes) (Feinstein) (Shantz)

Background: On June 4th the CC approved the following facilitators for the Napa GA:
Saturday morning: Alex Shantz, Laura Wells
Saturday early afternoon: Peggy Koteen, Susan Chunco
Saturday late afternoon: Woody Hastings
Sunday morning: Warner Bloomberg, Sanda Everette
Sunday afternoon: Greg Jan
Since then, it has been discovered that a few of these individuals will not be able to facilitate. The following facilitators have confirmed they can facilitate during these given time slots.  
morning: Alex Shantz
early afternoon: Peggy Koteen, Greg Jan
late afternoon: Alex Shantz and/or Sanda Everette, Cindy Asrir
morning: Warner Bloomberg, Sanda Everette
afternoon: Greg Jan

Approved by consensus

*7) Update: Status of SGA voting page (10 minutes) (Feinstein, Laidman)

Feinstein and Laidman spoke about adminstrative issues regarding whether the ranked-choice votes would be seen after the conclusion of the vote or not and what steps would be taken to ensure that they are not seen.

8) Updates: Prop 14 legislative reforms   (20 minutes) (Feinstein) 

Background: This item is to update the CC on legislative reforms to Prop 14. 

Feinstein gave report on efforts in contacting the legislature.

9) Updates: Green Party of California and Peace and Freedom Party Joint meeting  (10 minutes) (Shantz) 

Shantz gave a report on the upcoming  joint meeting between leadership in the Peace and Freedom Party and Libertarian Party of California for Sunday night, June 23. 

*10) Discussion: Budget proposal and alternative scenarios for balancing (20 minutes) (Laidman)

Laidman presented the alternative budget scenario that was sent to the county parties on Thursday, June 20th via the GPCA Inform List.

*11) Discussion: Review CC agenda items on the Napa General Assembly agenda (20 minutes) (Feinstein)

Discussion about how the Coordinating Committee would handle budget approval agenda items.

*12) Discussion: Hosting of the next state meeting (10 minutes) (Shantz, Everette)
Discussion on how the Coordinating Committee would advise the General Assembly that unless a county party came forward to host the next General Assembly, there might not be one.

13) Discussion: Sunday afternoon discussion item on party process (15 minutes) (Laidman)

Discussion about how the Coordinating Committee would handle the party process agenda item. 

14) Report: Treasurer (Barnett) 

Barnett reported on status of GPCA Finances