Coordinating Committee minutes, July 1, 2013

Coordinating Committee members present (14): Victoria AshleyMarla BernsteinJune BrasharesLauren CliffordMaxine Daniel, Sanda EveretteMike FeinsteinParker Jean, Sasha KarlikTim LaidmanJesse Moorman, Alex Shantz, Candice Yamaguchi, Rich Zitola

Coordinating Committee members not-present (3): Cindy Asrir, Bill Balderston,  Lauren Sinott

Invited guest (1): Doug Barnett, GPCA Treasurer

Quorum: Quorum reached at 7:36 with 10/17 present: Lauren Clifford, Maxine Daniel, Sanda Everette, Mike Feinstein,  Parker Jean, Sasha Karlik, Tim Laidman, Jesse Moorman,  Alex Shantz, Candice Yamaguchi 
Marla Bernstein joined call at 7:38
Victoria Ashley joined call at 8:00
Rich Zitola joined call at 8:28
June Brashares joined call at 9:15
2) Roles
Facilitator: Alex Shantz
Minutes taker: Mike Feinstein
Time keeper: Maxine Daniel
Vibes Watcher:  Tim Laidman
3) Approval of Agenda (five minutes or less) (simple majority vote)
*Items were added after 14 day deadline and require consensus or 2/3rds approval to add to agenda.
Proposal (Feinstein): Move from item #10 to #6 Appointment: Campaign Fund Support Committee as #6 after #5 Discussion: General Orientation for new Coordinating Committee members
Proposal (Everette): Recognition of Santa Clara County Council to follow the joint meeting report
Proposal (Laidman): Appointment to Finance Committee as #7 
Approved by consensus

4) Approve minutes (five minutes or less) (simple majority vote)
- Decision: Approve minutes, CC meeting, June 21st , 2013
Approved by consensus (noting that some of those who were not part of the Coordinating Committee and not present at the June 21st meeting were effectively, abstaining rather than voting on something when they were not in attendance)

*5) Discussion: General Orientation for new Coordinating Committee members (Feinstein, Shantz) 

Feinstein, Shantz, and Everette presented an orientation on the Coordinating Committee.  The newly elected Coordinating Committee members introduced themselves.

*6) Appointment: Campaign Fund Support Committee

Nomination (Feinstein): Lauren Sinott
Approved by consensus

*7) Appointment: Finance Committee

Nomination (Laidman): Marla Bernstein

Approved by consensus

Nomination (Feinstein): Lauren Clifford
Approved by consensus

*8) Discussion: Planning for Sonoma General Assembly (Feinstein) 

Discussion about the connection between the timing of the Sonoma General Assembly and the Fall Standing General Assembly led to a shared sentiment, but no formal decision, that the Sonoma General Assembly would be best held on November 16-17 and that Susan Chunco (Sonoma).

*9) Discussion: Timing of Fall Standing General Assembly (Feinstein) 

If the Sonoma General Assembly is held November 16-17, then the Fall Standing Standing General Assembly would be held October 7-November 17, SGA vote November 18-24. SGA agenda items would include Approval of the Napa General Assembly minutes; Amendment to the Article 11: GPUS Delegation Bylaws; Election to Coordinating Committee vacancies (four male, three female) and Endorsement in 2014 Statewide Races,

If a proposal would come forward to change the party's candidate endorsement policy, that SGA vote would occur during August and September, in order to be done with this issue before the October/November SGA session.

*10) Discussion: Update on joint meeting between the Green, Libertarian and Peace & Freedom Party and related efforts to introduce legislation in the California State legislature to compensate for the negative effects of Proposition 14 on California's smaller parties (Feinstein, Shantz) 

Feinstein and Shantz reportd on meeting of Sunday evening, June 23rd between representatives from the Green, Libertarian and Peace & Freedom parties; and on lobbying efforts for the resolution passed by all three parties, that states:  "That the Libertarian Party, Green Party and Peace and Freedom Party support the following two changes to the California elections code for the 2013 legislative session, to attempt to compensate for the negative effects of Proposition 14 on all three parties:"

*11) Decision: Certification of Santa Clara County Council

Everette recounted the history of how Santa Clara County no longer had a County Council during the 2012-2014 County Council term and reported on their holding a General meeting to appoint a new County Council until the process described in GPCA Bylaws Section 6-6 Appointments to Vacancies in Counties In Which No County Council members were elected in the primary election. Five members each presented 21 nomination signatures and were appointed by consensus: James Doyle, Spencer Graves, Mark "Drew" Johnson, John Thielking, Betsy Wolf-Graves.

Proposal (Everette): That the Santa Clara County Council be certified

Approved by consensus

*12) Discussion: Participation in Standing Committees (Feinstein)

Item not heard owing to time concerns

13) Report: Treasurer (Barnett) 

Barnett made a report on party finances after the Napa General Assembly.

14) Report: Committees 

Reports were heard from Bylaws (Ashley), Clearinghouse (Feinstein), Finance (Laidman), Media (Everette), Information Technology Committee (Laidman)

15) Report: Working Groups

Reports were heard from Green Issues (Laidman) and Grassroots Organizing (Shantz)