Coordinating Committee minutes, August 5, 2013

Coordinating Committee members present (10): Marla Bernstein, Maxine Daniel, Sanda Everette, Mike Feinstein, Parker Jean,  Tim Laidman, Jesse Moorman, Alex Shantz, Candice Yamaguchi, Rich Zitola

Coordinating Committee members not-present (7): Victoria Ashley, Cindy Asrir,  June Brashares, Bill Balderston, Lauren Clifford, Sasha Karlik, Lauren Sinott
Invited guest (1): Doug Barnett, GPCA Treasurer
Quorum: Quorum reached at 7:46 with 9/17 present: Marla Bernstein, Sanda Everette, Mike Feinstein, Parker Jean, Tim Laidman, Jesse Moorman, Alex Shantz, Candice Yamaguchi, Rich Zitola
Maxine Daniel joined call at 8:16
2) Roles
Facilitator: Alex Shantz
Minutes taker: Mike Feinstein
Time keeper: Parker Jean
Vibes Watcher:  Tim Laidman

3) Approval of Agenda 

Approved by 

4) Approve minutes (five minutes or less) (simple majority vote)
- Decision: Approval of CC minutes of July 1st

5) Appointment: Platform Committee application from Joel Sarch
Joel Sarch submitted an application to the CC via Sanda Eve

Approved by consensus

6) Appointment: Liaison to Finance Committee 
Nomination (Laidman): Tim Laidman
Approved by consensus

7) Appointment: Liaison to Campaigns and Candidates Working Group
Nomination (Moorman): Jesse Moorman
Approved by consensus

8) Discussion: Follow up on timing of Fall Standing General Assembly and November General Assembly (Feinstein) 
Discussion centered on the timing of the Coordinating Committee's expected bylaws interpretation, to establish a process for endorsing statewide candidates in the June 2014 Top Two primary, as well as the conjunction of the timing of the Fall Standing General Assembly and the proposed November/December General Assembly.

9) Discussion: Draft amendment to CC Internal Rules to add Policy on observers to GPCA General Assemblies (Feinstein) 
Feinstein presented background on the issue. Input from other Coordinating Committee members centered around establishing a policy that would have General Assemblies open to (1) County Delegates, (2) other GPCA members, space-permitting, who will also pay the registration and (3) non-party members who would be invited by the Coordinating Committee, either on its own initiative or at the recommendation of other party committees and working groups.

10) Discussion: Timing and manner of outreach for update of GPCA Ballot statement for June 2014 primary (Feinstein) 
Feinstein presented background on the issue. Input from other Coordinating Committee members centered around ensuring that input can be received through a variety of means in order to be inclusive; to identify who in the Coordinating Committee would be responsible to receive the input and the potential of presenting a draft and getting input at the Sonoma General Assembly.

11)  Discussion: Updates on tri-partisan efforts to amend election to benefit smaller parties under prop 14 (Shantz) 
Shantz presented the results of the joint conference call between representatives of the Green, Libertarian and Peace & Freedom Parties and reported that Assemblymember Gordon's office has committed to drafting language for the two reforms the three parties have agreed upon [(1) a bill that lowers the registration requirement from 1% of the last gubernatorial vote to one-half of the same base: (2) a bill that includes that and also adds a presidential vote test of one-third of 1% of the vote cast for president in the general election for the party's presidential nominee.] and identified the key legislators needed for passage (Senators Ed Hernandez, and Assemblymembers Susan Eggman, Kevin Mullin, Shannon Grove, Manuel Perez, Roger Hernandez, and Tim Donnelly.)

14) Report: Treasurer (Barnett) 
Barnett reported upon the balance of the state party's accounts, the status of potential fines resulting from past filings and the status of current record-keeping.

15) Report: Committees
A) Bylaws (Ashley)
No activity reported
B) Clearinghouse (Feinstein)
Feinstein reported that new GPCA t-shirts are possible in time for the Sonoma General Assembly
C) Finance (Laidman) 
D) Media (Everette) 
Everette  provided updates on the GPCA's livestreaming capability
E) Platform (vacant) 
No CC Liaison to make report
F) Information Technology Committee (Laidman)
Laidman setting up next conference call of committee
G) Campaign Fund Support Committee
Feinstein reported that an agreement will be made 

16) Report: Working Groups
Campaigns and Candidates 
Reports made during earlier agenda item regarding statewide endorsments
Electoral Reform (vacant)
Parker Jean will join working group
Green Issues (Laidman) 
No activity to report
Grassroots Organizing (Shantz)
Updated Job Description for Field Organizer and sent to IT Committee to be listed on web site