Coordinating Committee minutes, November 12th, 2018

November 12, 2018
7:30PM to 9:30PM

GPCA Coordinating Committee Members:
Victoria Ashley, Alternate Co-Coordinator
Doug Barnett
Marla Bernstein
Carol Bouldin
June Brashares
Eric Brooks
Maxine Daniel
Sanda Everette
Sadie Fulton
Colt Gonzales
Randy Hicks
Josh Jones
Tarik Kanaana
James Lauderdale
Lauren Mauricio
Ann Menasche
Mimi Newton
Nassim Nouri
Erik Rydberg
Adam Siegel
Laura Wells

(01) Roll call (2 min)

There are currently 21 committee members. This means quorum is a simple majority of 11.

Present (16): Carol Bouldin, June Brashares, Eric Brooks, Maxine Daniel, Sanda Everette, Sadie Fulton, Josh Jones, Tarik Kanaana*, James Lauderdale, Lauren Mauricio, Ann Menasche, Mimi Newton, Nassim Nouri, Erik Rydberg, Adam Siegel, Laura Wells

Absent (5): Victoria Ashley*, Doug Barnett, Marla Bernstein, Colt Gonzales, Randy Hicks

*CC Member’s presence during the call was noted after roll call concluded, as reflected in the notes below.

Quorum was achieved at 7:38

(02) Roles (2 min)

Facilitator: Mica Daniel
Minutes taker: Mimi Newton
Time keeper: Eric Brooks
Vibes Watcher:

No questions.
No concerns.
Approved by consensus.

(03) Approval of agenda (2 min)
Sponsor: Mica Daniel
*Proposal*: Approve the agenda (draft # 3 posted via email to the CC List Serv at 7:03 pm, (11/12/18).
Carol Bouldin withdrew item 08B, since it will be addressed by the GA Agenda Approval item (08A).

No questions.
No concerns.
Approved by consensus.

June Brashares submitted a late item regarding an update on the CC Vacancies and the SGA Vote to be added as Item 13.

No questions.
No concerns.
Approved by consensus.


(04) Decision: Approval of prior month's minutes (2 min)

Sponsor*: Mica Daniel

*Proposal*: Approve the minutes for the 10/ 01/2018 meeting as recorded by Nassim Nouri

*Reference*:See email posted by Nassim Nouri to the CC list serve, “Draft 2” on Friday, November 9 at 1:41pm

June Brashares recommends adding the version of the GA Agenda from Tarik’s Email from October 1 instead of the earlier version. Nassim agrees.

No questions.
No concerns.
Approved by consensus.

(05) Announcement: Consent Items (2 min)

*Sponsor*: Co-Coordinator, Mica Daniel

Background and Purpose*: The consent calendar is intended to pass non-controversial items or items concensed prior to the actual meeting. Any item may be objected to and that item will be placed at the end of the evening's agenda.

*Proposal*: Accept the following committee reports for inclusion into the meeting minutes.

Committee Reports:

Clearinghouse Committee Appendix A
CCWG Appendix B
Finance Committee Appendix C
Fundraising Committee Appendix D
GROW Notes Appendix E
Bylaws Committee Report Appendix F
Media Committee Notes Appendix G

No questions.
No concerns.
Approved by consensus.

——- —— —— ——

*At 7:52, the CC receives a message indicating that Tarik is trying to get on the call with a mic and has been on from the start of the call without being heard, but listening.

——- —— —— ——

(6) Victoria Ashley, Request for Re-appointment to Finance Committee (5 mins.)

Name - Victoria Ashley
City - Vallejo
Contact -

I have been an active Green in the Bay Area since before 2000 and have served on the GPCA Coordinating Committee since 2007, on the Alameda Green Party County Council from 2004-2013 and the Solano Green Party County Council since 2014. Locally, I maintain the website for the Solano Greens.

I have been a member of the GPCA Finance and Budget Committees since 2016. During this time we have appointed a new Treasurer who has worked to pay down some of the over $7000 in FPPC fines that GPCA had incurred (and who has incurred no more fines himself), have started new bank and paypal accounts, have ended several accounts with contractors which were no longer useful and were draining funds, have reviewed budgets and held regular monthly meetings with reports to the CC.

I request to be re-appointed to the Finance Committee for the 2018 - 2020 term.
Victoria Ashley
Solano Greens

No questions.
No concerns.
Approved by consensus.

——- —— —— ——

(07) Eric Brooks: Application for Media Committee Liaison (5 min)

Hi all,

I’ve termed out on the Media Committee and so need to reapply to be appointed and to continue serving as CC liaison.

I’ve just spent the last two years in that role and as a co-coordinator, have helped successfully get the Media Committee functioning, and would like to continue helping to coordinate that committee.

Here is my previous application, slightly edited to update it.

Eric Brooks: Application for Media Committee Liaison

My first introduction to journalism was through two years of journalism training in high school, after which I served a short stint as a co-editor and writer for a small town newspaper in Rochester, Illinois, where I learned the key basics of professional news reporting. Since 1985, I have been a professional grassroots organizer for various organizations including; OSPIRG, CalPIRG, Sierra Club, Human Rights Campaign, Forests Forever, In Defense of Animals, Our City San Francisco, San Francisco Clean Energy Advocates, and Californians for Energy Choice. The central core of my training and work for all of those organizations has been in messaging and media. I have also been a spokesperson for the San Francisco Green Party on various policy issues. All aspects of my work have continuously required extensive messaging expertise. I have appeared on local and national television and radio broadcasts. I have prepared and sent innumerable media advisories and press releases, a majority of which have resulted in published/broadcast stories in mainstream and alternative media. I have organized, held, and spoken at, scores of rallies, protests, press conferences, and panel discussions. I have been interviewed and had my own remarks as an organizer published and broadcast on numerous occasions, at times in hundreds of local and national print and online news outlets. I have also extensively and successfully lobbied local, state and national level politicians (often with concurrent media work used to ensure the attention of, and results from, the decision makers). I have on hundreds of occasions spoken as an organizer in public comment, at scores of local, state and national governmental decision making bodies and agencies

Recent examples of press releases I have drafted and helped distribute for the Green Party are at:

My most successful media hit as a Green Party organizer was in 2016 in a Bloomberg article, in which I was quoted - with excellent sound bites, and which reached hundreds of newspapers and online publications nationwide in the weeks following its publication. See:

I now seek to be re-appointed as CC Liaison to the Media Committee in order to continuing providing my media and messaging skills and expertise to the service of the GPCA.

Eric Brooks

Clarification - as CC Liaison, one of the Co-CO’s of the Media Committee is determined by the CC.

Concerns and affirmations are heard, followed by a discussion.

Eric Brooks - revises his proposal, requesting reappointment to the Media Committee, but not as co co or liaison to the CC.

Concerns and affirmations are heard, followed by additional discussion.

Brashares - raises her concern, for which she will not stand aside - we may need to go to a vote

Brooks - unwilling to withdraw revised proposal.

The voting proceeds as follows:

Victoria Ashley - abstain
Doug Barnett - absent
Marla Bernstein - absent
Carol Bouldin - yes
June Brashares - no
Eric Brooks - yes
Maxine Daniel - no
Sanda Everette - abstain
Sadie Fulton - abstain
Colt Gonzales - absent
Randy Hicks - absent
Josh Jones - no
Tarik Kanaana - yes
James Lauderdale - yes
Lauren Mauricio - abstain
Ann Menasche - yes
Mimi Newton - no
Nassim Nouri - no
Erik Rydberg - yes
Adam Siegel - abstain
Laura Wells - no

In favor: 6
Opposed: 6
Abstain: 5
Absent: 4

The item requires 3/5ths of all 'yes' and 'no' votes cast to pass and received only 1/2.

The revised item does not pass.

(08) Agenda item for Nov. 12th CC meeting.

See Appendix H - GA DRAft Agenda, sent to the CC List Serve by Tarik on November 11, 2018

Decision: Approval of Tulare GA draft agenda (10 min)

Sponsor: Tarik Kanaana (on behalf of the GA Planning Committee)

A clarification is made that there will only be a quorum count if there’s a need after specific break out sessions to approve new Co Co’s for Standing Committees or Working Groups.

No questions.
No concerns.
Approved by consensus.

——- —— —— ——

(08-b). [Carol Bouldin withdrew this item before we approved the agenda.]

changing scheduled time of presentation on feminism and sex-based oppression
-------- Forwarded Message --------
Re: Agenda Item
Fri, 19 Oct 2018 22:24:25 -0700
C. A. B.

Proposal: Discussion item: changing scheduled time of presentation on feminism and sex-based oppression, 5- minutes; Sponsor: San Bernardino County

We are asking that lunch/the Women’s Caucus meeting time be shortened in order to accommodate this scheduling change as we will be addressing where we go from here in the aftermath of the Kavanaugh hearings and the #MeToo Movement, and how the Green Party can advance women’s rights and openly speak out in support of feminism, concerns we would certainly hope are supported by members of thecaucus. This change will allow for the schedule to be freed up somewhat as well so there is not so much of a time crunch at the end of the GA for the remaining presentations.


(09) Endorsement of Prop 13 Reform

Subject/Title: Endorsement of Prop 13 Reform

Sponsor: Laura Wells, Alameda County (5 min)

Background and Purpose: California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act is a statewide initiative that has already collected signatures in a grassroots effort, and will be on the November 2020 ballot. There will an onslaught of big money to try to get it to fail (like the onslaught Prop 10 is facing now). While researching the fact that Barbara Lee has not endorsed it, I noticed that it would be a great to see the name of the Green Party of California on the two endorsement lists.

Proposal: That the GPCA endorse here:
(1) (see the green “POLITICAL” box for current endorsers)
Implementation/Timeline/Resources: Co-co would effect the endorsement.

References: See links above

Laura Wells for Congress, District 13

Affirmations were heard from Josh Jones & Ann Menasche.

No questions.
No concerns.
Approved by consensus.

— — — — — — — —

(10) GPCA sign on to the letter drafted by the GP-US Peace Action and International committees requesting a full investigation by the International Criminal Court into Israel's war crimes.

Sponsor: Nassim Nouri (5 min)

Proposal: That GPCA sign on to the letter drafted by the GP-US Peace Action and International committees requesting a full investigation by the International Criminal Court into Israel's war crimes. {See Appendix I.}

The decision needs to be made asap as the letter is planned to be delivered to ICC on November 19.

Affirmations from Kanaana and Brooks.

No questions.
No concerns.
Approved by consensus.

— — — — — — — —

Emergency proposal (50 minutes)

Sponsor: Sadie Fulton (Yolo County)

Discuss how an entire California town was just leveled in a day? 27000 people just became climate refugees, and the fire is 0% contained and threatening Chico. We need to have some kind of response to this situation, it is getting worse.

Discussion ensued.


The meeting concluded at 9:30 pm, although the discussion regarding strategies for helping with fire relief continued informally.


(12) Discuss why/how the notification of the LAC endorsements to

the SOS got overlooked and how we can make sure this doesn't happen

again. (20 min)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "C. A. B."
To: GPCA Coordinating Committee
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2018 02:07:55 +0000
Subject: Agenda item for 11/12 mtg.
Hello everyone,

I'm submitting the following agenda item for the cc mtg:

Discussion and decision item, 20 minutes

Proposal: Discuss why/how the notification of the LAC endorsements to
the SOS got overlooked and how we can make sure this doesn't happen
again. This is not for the purpose of assigning blame or asking anyone
to step down, but simply to understand how it happened and to put some
procedures in place to prevent its recurrence. There are specific
suggestions in the letter from LAC in this regard (see forwarded email posted on November 4, 2018 at 6:08pm) and comprise the decision portion of the item.

Sponsor: Carol A. Bouldin

Thank you,



(13) June’s late item - update regarding the CC vacancies and SGA vote.

(14). Next meeting , Monday December 3, 2018 7:30 – 9:30pm



Appendix A

Nassim Nouri via
Thu, Nov 8, 6:49 PM


CH monthly report for CC (consent calendar item) :
Submitted By: Nassim Nouri Coco CH
Clearinghouse Committee Nov. Meeting Report

Thursday, Nov. 8th 3 - 4:30 pm (temp. change to avoid election day)

Dial 605-472-5412 - Access code: 408531

Members Present: Mica, Jewel, Nassim (3:12), Brian – Quorum at 3:12

Members Absent: Michael

- Swag order & online store

The order for 53 customized t-shirts was placed with Alliance Graphics on 10/16, ($653 invoice # 72094), it was fulfilled and picked up by Nassim on 10/25. CH will bring the shirts to GA and Nassim will work with Alliance to build the online store to offer the next order and possibly any left from this order.

- Preparations for GA 11/17-18

Nassim will bring t-shirts, literature and the Santa Clara county tabling kids and buttons to GA. Brian will manage the shirts and literature ‘store’ at the GA, and track inventory and donations. CH will request a receipt from Finance to tally proceeds to know how much more inventory we can order.

- CH Q4 workplan

Communication Plan - Work with IT/Fund/Media on creating and implementing an outreach & comm. Plan – focus on post-election & Fundraising communications blast campaign on NB
Conduct a survey using GROW and GA to determine what CH products and/or materials counties need most, to build a plan for activities in 2019
Collaborate with Media to integrate content, graphics, and messaging on all communication channels like YouTube, FB, Twitter, website
Reply to incoming inquiries by phone and email and direct volunteers
Continue building and updating the E-library of flyers and literature
From Q2- Create a Chinese version of the GPCA trifold – (no response from volunteers who were working on the project)
From Q2- Order t-shirt and start up our online store – DONE, online store in progress

Nassim Nouri

Green Party of Santa Clara County

****** ***** ***** ****** ******* ******** **********

Appendix B


June Brashares via

Thu, Nov 8, 6:32 AM (3 days ago)


CCWG montlhly report for CC (consent calendar item) :
Submitted By: June Brashares, CC Liaison to CCWG

Date of the last CCWG Meeting:
Sunday, Oct. 28, 2018 at 7:30 pm

Attendees: Richard Gomez, June Brashares (did not have quorum)

Date of CCWG's next meeting: Sunday, November 25, 2018 at 7:30 pm

****** ***** ***** ****** ******* ******** **********

Appendix C

[gpca-cc] October Finance Committee Report

Victoria Ashley via
Sun, Oct 28, 9:38 AM

October Finance Committee Meeting CC Report
Thursday October 25th, 2018, 8 – 9:00 pm
Dial-in Number: (515) 604-9861
Access Code: 616301*

Victoria Ashley – Liaison, Co-co
Maxine (Mica) Daniel – Co-co
Ruscal Cayangyang – Treasurer
Josh Jones
Tim Laidman

Quinton Crawford
Frank Lambert
Bob Marsh

Updates / Treasurer Report
Bank account balances:
• Travis Credit Union state acct: $5,063.35
• Travis Credit Union federal acct: $1,622.99
• One United acct: $757.54
• PayPal: $495.82 (includes 8 people's GA registration fees of $55 ea)
• Barnett PayPal: $65.00

Fines status
• No change

Upcoming expenses
• Nationbuilder – $518/mo

4. General Assembly Budget Discussion
Budget Discussion with the Treasurer
* Requests from committees are not realistic and need to be more grounded.
* Reviewed proposed and requested amounts per committee on the budget.
* Internal audit – Tim: "Someone volunteered at the GA to do an audit, but we need more people. There is a lot of accounting that has to be done, the Paypal, the Kern County GA, the FPPC fines, etc.”
* We need to sign up more sustainers.
* Discussion of fundraising letter – Josh made several points about how to focus the fundraising efforts.

5. Next Meeting: Thursday, November 29th, 2018
****** ***** ***** ****** ******* ******** **********

Appendix D

Fundraising Committee

Hello All,
Please see below for the October meeting minutes of the Fundraising Committee.
Thank You,
Colt Gonzales

GPCA Fundraising Committee Regular Call Minutes
Monday October 22nd, 2018 7:30-9:30pm
Next meeting, Monday November 26th, 7:30pm

(I = information, d = discussion, D = Decision)

Co-Co: Colt Gonzales
CC Liaison:
Members: Eric Brooks, Erik Rydberg, Quinton Crawford, Sienna Thomas, James Young
Attendees: Colt G, Eric B, Josh J, Erik R, James (8:05 8:46). (quorum)
Note Taker: Eric B.
Facilitator: Colt G.
Time Keeper: Josh J.

** Previous Meeting Minute approved by Consensus **
** Agenda Approved by consensus **
Item: Co-Coordinator
** DECISION: Josh J Appointed Co-Co pending appointment to committee (Consensus)

Item: Fundraising Strategy Development
** 1) Call top 100 donors
** 2) Call old Paypal donor list to switch to new list (and ask for bump up)
** 3) Develop relationships with celebrity donors
** 4) Professional Canvasser
** 5) Dues
** Consensus we should help coordinate Candidate & Campaign Fundraising but create *separate* plan for this - need bylaws amendment

** DECISION: We will prepare dues/member proposal for a near term SGA/GA vote (Consensus) Josh & Eric by Nov 12

** DECISION: We will prepare a ‘subscription’ proposal for other donors (Consensus) Erik R & Josh J by Nov 12

Item: Fundraising Review & Update (IdD) (40 min)

** Erik R & Eric B seek Media Comm vote: add Colt/Erik to all county FB groups

****** ***** ***** ****** ******* ******** **********

GROW Notes Appendix E

GROW: Grassroots Organizing Working Group
Monthly teleconference, 10/9/18, 7:30pm, 2nd Tuesday
605-475-4923, Code 510301#
ATTENDEES (ABC first name): Anthony Krzywicki (co-co, Ventura), Audra Walton (Monterey), Christine Pepin (Santa Clara), Jewel Krzywicki (Ventura), Laura Wells (co-co, cc-liaison, Alameda), Nassim Nouri (Santa Clara), Sadie Fulton (Yolo)
ROLES: Facilitator Nassim; Note taker Laura
SUMMARY MISSION: Voter registration and growth of active counties
(1) GENERAL ASSEMBLY (GA) GROW idea (Anthony introduced)
- Video-tape 30-second “Why I registered Green” videos. Do it during break-out GROW session, OR during the entire GA weekend of 80 to 100 GA attendees
- Give awards
- Need a good camera, tripod
- Post them on social media
- Contact Media Committee
- Anthony, Sadie, Nassim, and Audra volunteered
(Nassim introduced)
- Verified website map is accurate for the “official” 33 active counties.
- Have activators/contact people of neighboring counties, even some that are “active” but no “ground game”
- Need to figure when a county is “deactivated” at the local level or state level (e.g. if no SGA delegates are appointed, since that does not involve travel) - one reason is so that GA quorum is accurately determined
- Develop list of current regional contacts for surrounding new counties
(3) GAMERS AND GREENS (Audra reported)
Gamers are more civically and politically active than the average person. A lot of millennials running for office are also gamers. Examples include “Democracy 3” and “Cities: Skylines.” See research paper by Audra, Voter Turnout, American Millennials and Video Games
- Audra is checking in with Kenneth Mejia’s and others’ campaign
- Ask gamers if they are Green, and ask Greens if they are gamers
- Start conversations about politics and inspire voters and candidates
- Possibly a future presentation at a General Assembly.
NEXT MEETING: November 13, 7:30-8:30pm or so (2nd Tuesday)

****** ***** ***** ****** ******* ******** **********

Appendix F

Bylaws Committee Report Appendix F

Monthly Bylaws Committee Report to the GPCA Coordinating Committee – October 2018

From: The GPCA ByLaws Committee

To: The GPCA Coordinating Committee

Date: November 12, 2018

Submitted By: Mimi Newton, CC Liaison/Co-Co ByLaws Committee

* * *

Date of the last ByLaws Committee Meeting:

Sunday, October 21, 2018 at 7:00 pm

Attendees (1): Mimi Newton (no quorum with only 1 out of 3 members present).

Absent (2): Adam Siegel, Gloria Purcell

Date of the ByLaws Committee’s next meeting:
AT GENERAL ASSEMBLY - Saturday, November 17, 2018 breakout session at 1:30 pm and, at 4:45 pm, Bylaws Committee presentation “Discussion: Revising GPCA Bylaws about Committees’ and Working Groups’ functions.”

Next Teleconference: Sunday, December 16, 2018 at 7:00 pm, Call in number - (515) 739-1271, access code: 753142.

****** ***** ***** ****** ******* ******** **********

Appendix G

Media Committee Notes Appendix G

*GPCA Media Committee - Regular Conference Call & Zoom Meeting*
WHEN: Tuesday, October 23, 7:30pm
PHONE 408-638-0986 (Alternative Phone: 646-876-9923)
CODE: 838-118-3400 #
Web Link:

Members: Erik Rydberg (Spokesperson), Wes Rolley, Rodolfo Cortes Barragan, Mike Gonzales (Quorum)
Termed Out: Eric Brooks

DECISION: Excuse absence of Mike Gonzales for August 2018 meeting **CONSENSUS**
DECISION: Fund Zoom ($150) & PRWire ($200) = ($350) (15 min) **CONSENSUS**
See PRWire at

DECISION: Changing ‘Male’ & ‘Female’ Spokespersons to just ‘Spokespersons’ - one Female, one any gender **CONSENSUS**

DECISION: Policy Addition/Change for GPCA Spokespersons: *Strictly Avoid* open fights with others, putting only a positive face forward in representing party. Put on November Media agenda to finalize asking Bylaws to add appropriate text, which allows freedom to spokespersons while preventing public fighting. **CONSENSUS**
DECISION: Ask IT to create GPCA-Discussion list as a Media Committee service to GPCA (to be moderated by 2 Media members) as follows:

b) port all current Forum members to new Discussion list
c) inform all members (and other Greens) of new *moderated* Discussion list
d) make clear new list will follow GPCA Email Rules of Decorum (like all others)
e) Keep Forum as is, inform members no longer for general GPCA discussion
**BY VOTE – APPROVED** as follows:
Erik R: Y Rodolfo: Y Mike G: Y Wes R: N (create new list but wait to inform of change)

DECISION: Establish that each County Facebook Group have One Media & One IT rep as Admins to better facilitate mass communication and interaction between all California Greens and between the GPCA and GPCA county parties. **CONSENSUS**

DECISION Ask Mike F to shut down outdated Humboldt FaceBook Group **CONSENSUS**
(Eric B will find someone to ask)
Next Regular Meeting Tuesday November 27, 7:30pm

PHONE: 408-638-0986 (Alternative Phone: 646-876-9923)
CODE: 838-118-3400 #
Web Link:

****** ***** ***** ****** ******* ******** **********

Appendix H

General Assembly November 2018 Draft Agenda
Draft agenda of the Tulare County General Assembly, Porterville, November 17-18, 2018
Saturday, Nov. 17th
8:00 am Breakfast, registration - Facilitators: TBD
8:30 am Opening, new delegate orientation, quorum count, announcement of Standing Committee vacancies
8:50 am Agenda approval
9:10 am Decision: Confirmation of bylaw interpretation by Coordinating Committee extending, length of discussion phase for current SGA Election of female CC seat. (CC)
9:20 am Decision: Revising Ten Key Values. (Media)
PROPOSAL: That the Green Party of California adopt a bullet list statement format for the web site and other purposes as drafted below, or alternatively by adopting the current GPUS Ten Key Values statement (whichever of these the General Assembly delegation prefers).
9:55 am Break
10:00 am Presentation: Fostering Understanding of Gender Diversity. (Tulare)
11:00 am Discussion: Recruiting members for GPCA Committees and Working Groups. (Clearinghouse)
11:40 am Announcements (including Announcement from Clearinghouse regarding Outreach and Communication Plan)
12:00 pm Lunch
12:55 pm Reconvene, Facilitators: TBD
1:00 pm Decision: Bylaws Amendment for an Activist Training & Development Working Group. (Yolo)
PROPOSAL: Add the following language to the GPCA Bylaws, after clause 10-8: 10-9 Activist Training and Development Working Group
10-9.1 Duties and Authority The Activist Training & Development Working Group is charged with promoting and facilitating training and development opportunities for Greens. This includes working to:
10-9.1(a) Develop a strategy for integrating training and development into Green activism;
10-9.1(b) Develop training opportunities which support and enhance Green activists' abilities to undertake any tasks or roles which they would like to fill;
10-9.1(c) Organize training & discussion on key issues and debates which Green activists have to navigate;
10-9.1(d) Support counties in developing locally-based trainings as desired;
10-9.1(e) Support GPCA in building and maintaining a culture dedicated to the training and development of its activists at all levels and in as many channels as is reasonable.
1:30pm Breakout sessions for committees and working groups (Media, Platform, CCWG, GROW, Bylaws)
2:30 pm Reconvene, Quorum Count, and Confirmation: Standing Committee and Working Group Co-Coordinators.
2:45 pm Decision: GPCA Governance (GPLA, GPCCC)
PROPOSAL: To present evidence to substantiate the legitimacy of these concerns in the following categories: (Ref:
1a. Bylaws and Internal Elections Violations
1b. Fiscal Policy Violations/Campaign Finance Reporting Violations
1c. Inadequate Record and Website Maintenance
1d. Legitimacy of GPCA Standing General Assembly
1e. Denial of GPLAC access to LA County data in GPCA Nationbuilder database
2. To initiate and assist in establishing a Resolutions Committee consisting of representatives from all the County Councils in California, as well as the GPCA, within which equitable resolution of these and other concerns can be achieved.
3:45 pm Decision: 2019 Budget PDF and .pptx
4:45 pm Decision: Proposal: Platform Amendments. (Platform Committee)
· Proposal: Platform Plank: Recycling plank.
· Proposal: Platform Plank: Toxic Wastes plank.
5:30 pm Decision: Next General Assembly Meeting Date and Place (Coordinating Committee)
5:45 pm Announcements
6:00 pm Dinner on your own (host committee providing recommendations), GPUS
Delegation meeting during dinner
Sunday, Nov. 18th
8:00 am Breakfast, Registration - Facilitators: TBD
8:30 am Convene
8:35 am Discussion: Revising GPCA Bylaws about Committees’ and Working Groups’ functions.
The Bylaws Committee has committed to undertake a revision to the GPCA Bylaws in an effort to streamline and date them. New members on many Committees and Working Groups — and confusion over roles and tasks even among long time members — have led to some dysfunction in Party operations. Overlapping roles among Committees and Working Groups are extremely problematic when it comes to encouraging Party growth.
9:35 am Discussion: Debrief on the Nov 2018 Election (CCWG)
10:50 am Jill Stein: State of the Union Address
11:30 am Jill Stein: Q&A
11:55 am Announcements
12:00 pm Lunch
12:55 pm Reconvene - Facilitators: TBD
1:00 pm Workshops/Presentations:
· I. Feminism and sex-based oppression - Carol A. Bouldin and Ann Menasche
· II. Community Choice Energy - Woody Hastings
2:00 pm Presentation: CAPS and CHIRA on their work in Tulare County. (Tulare)
3:00 pm Breakout sessions for committees and working groups (Clearinghouse, IT, ERWG, Green Issues, ActWG [if established Saturday])
4:00 pm Reconvene, Quorum Count, and Confirmation: Standing Committee and Working Group Co-Coordinators.
4:15 pm Closing session
4:30 pm Adjourn

****** ***** ***** ****** ******* ******** **********

Appendix I

Begin forwarded message:
From: Margaret Flowers
Subject: Sign on letter to the ICC
Date: November 2, 2018 at 1:54:44 PM PDT
To: Margaret Flowers

I am writing to ask if your state Green Party is wiling to sign on to this letter drafted by the Green Party US Peace Action and International committees requesting a full investigation into Israel's war crimes.
See the letter and sign on here:
It is also on the GPUS website here:
We will hand deliver this to the ICC on November 19. Thanks.
Best regards,

The Right Honorable Ms. Fatou Bensouda
Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court
International Criminal Court
Post Office Box 19519
2500 CM, The
The Netherlands

Re: Israeli War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity

Dear Madame Prosecutor:

We, the undersigned, are crying out in unison with all people of conscience and compassion for the ICC to use its momentous authority to establish and preserve peace and justice throughout the world, most urgently for the oppressed and besieged people of Palestine. We, therefore, implore you to institute a full investigation in relation to the preliminary inquiry opened in 2015.1

We agree with Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki who told reporters at the ICC in The Hague on May 22, 2018 that the evidence against the Israelis was “insurmountable.” Maliki said his request to move beyond a preliminary inquiry would give prosecutors the authority to investigate alleged crimes starting in 2014 and beyond, including the recent deaths during the protests in Gaza.2 When Palestine was recognized as a State in 2012 by the UN General Assembly, the ICC was given jurisdiction over crimes committed in their homeland, however, not before June, 2014.3

Although the Court cannot investigate crimes committed before 2014, historical events set the stage for the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The arbitrary UN Partition Resolution of 1947 arrogated 56% of Palestinian land to the Zionists for the creation of a Jewish State. The Palestinians naturally rejected the resolution because it did not include any provisions for their civil or human rights. The newly anointed Israelis knew they would have to take the appropriated land by force, so they prepared well for the initial onslaught. Palestinians call that first invasion the “Nakba” or Catastrophe, which resulted in ethnic cleansing.4 Zionist militias brutally raped and molested women and girls; slaughtered men, women and children; sacked 500 villages; and drove out 750,000 Arab and Muslim human beings from their homes, property and livelihoods.5

The quality of life for Palestinians has been poor, with little peace or stability since 1947. The wealthy, U.S.-backed, and nuclear-armed Israelis have fought war after war for supremacy and the acquisition of more and more land, while the Palestinians have defended themselves mostly with rocks, burning kites, balloons and tires, homemade rockets and starkly tragic human suicide bombers. For 70 years they have: suffered the most appalling living conditions imposed upon them by the military occupation and apartheid rule; peacefully resisted the unabated illegal settlements upon their land (at least 80% has been seized since the Nakba); withstood the blockade of Gaza and survived genocidal assaults.6 Since 1947, the Palestinians have steadfastly and peacefully fought for their safety, dignity, freedoms and Right of Return proclaimed by the UN General Assembly Resolution 194 passed in 1948. The Right of Return, to include damages and compensation, was deemed their inalienable right in Resolution 3236 passed in 1974.7

Nevertheless, we understand that only alleged crimes that have been reported since June of 2014 may be investigated by the ICC starting with Operation Protective Edge launched on July 8, 2014 against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. By August 25, the IDF had killed 2,076 Palestinians including 525 children.8 In all 10,224 were injured and Gaza was left in ruins. One teen, Mohammed Abu Khdeir, was abducted and burned alive.9

Since March 30, 2018, at the heavily blockaded Gaza border, IDF snipers have used live fire and tear gas, a chemical weapon banned in warfare, on Palestinians peacefully protesting on a weekly basis for their Right of Return. As of August 17, 2018 records indicate that more than 18,000 have been seriously injured and at least 166 killed.10 On June 13, 2018 the UN General Assembly adopted a draft resolution condemning the use of excessive force by Israeli troops on the Palestinian civilians during the protests.11

Lastly, we request the Court investigate the reports of 150 illegal settlements on private Palestinian property in the occupied territories of East Jerusalem and the West Bank housing 750,000 Israelis. It is our understanding that these settlements are in violation of the UN Security Resolution 242. 12

Thank you for your consideration of our most sincere and urgent request.

Peace and best wishes,

The Green Party of the United States


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