Green Party County Council elections in 2014

County Councils are the legal body of the Green Party on the county level, and have traditionally been elected every two years in elections conducted by county registrars, as part of the June primary.  However, owing to a 2012 change in state law, the state will only conduct these elections every four years.

Originally the Green Party had considered conducting its own elections, but then concluded this was infeasible because of the 6,000% increase in the number of signatures our statewide candidates needed to get to be on the ballot under the new Top Two system.  As a result, the party approved the following bylaws interpretation, that established that Greens on the 2012-2014 County Councils at a given point of time, through a variety of methods, would be considered elected for 2014-2016, and their names would be reported and recognized here at such. They are:

Alameda County (7): Greg Jan, Tina Kimmel, Samsarah Morgan, Michael Rubin, Pam Spevack, Aki Tanaka, John Torok  
Contra Costa County (6): Joe Fulgaro, David Gesinger, Tim Laidman, Paul Larudee, Jessie Montiel, Carolyn Muth
Fresno County (1): Richard Gomez
Humboldt County (2): Paul Pitino, Dana Silvernale
Lake County (4): Joanne Bateni, Dallas Cook, Philip Mathewson, Scott Simkover
Los Angeles County (9): District 18 - John Lindblad (North Hollywood); District 24 - Ara Bedian (Los Angeles; District 28 - Sylvia Aroth (Venice), Mike Feinstein (Santa Monica), Cordula Ohman (Santa Monica), Linda Piera-Avila (Santa Monica); District 30 - Doug Barnett (Los Angeles), Marla Bernstein (Los Angeles), Sasha Karlik (Los Angeles) 
Monterrey County (7): Luana Conley, Frank Lambert, Hebard Olsen, Larry Parrish, Eric Petersen, George Riley, Jan Shriner
Napa County (4): Chris Malan, Amy Martenson, Alex Shantz, Steven Stratford
Orange County
Sacramento County:
San Diego County (6): Sean Bohac, Erik Kim-Holmgren, Ann Menasche, HughMoore, David Morrison,  Lynne Sandoval 
• San Francisco County (7)
• San Luis Obispo County: Sarah Anderson, Liz Apfelberg, Meredith Bates, Peggy Koteen, Sherry Lewis
San Mateo County (5): Cindy Asrir, Michael Batchehelder, Sanda Everette, Mark Roest,  Joel Sarch
Santa Clara County (4): Jim Doyle, Sandy Perry, Betsy Wolf-Graves, and Spencer Graves.
Santa Cruz County (3): Paul Franklin, Thomas Leavitt, Rich Zitola
Shasta County:
• Solano County (4):
• Sonoma County (5): June Brashares, Susan Chunco, Hally DeCarion, Woody Hastings, Tarik Kanaana
• Tulare County: