Draft Agenda of the January 2015 General Assembly, Monterey, January 24-25, 2015

Draft agenda approved by the Coordinating Committee, December 1, 2014 to be submitted to the counties and amended January 5, 2015 to include additional discussion item about a possible 2017 GPUS annual national meeting in California
Saturday, January 24
  8:00am Breakfast, registration
  9:00am Opening, new delegate orientation, quorum count, announcement of Standing Committee vacancies
Facilitators: Alex Shantz, April Clary
  9:25am Welcome from Monterey County Green elected officialsBruce Delgado, Mayor, Marina
  9:30am Agenda approval
  9:45am  Decision: Bylaws interpretation Regarding 2014-2016 County Council roster (Coordinating Committee)
10:30am Discussion: Brainstorming session on 2015-2016 electoral strategy for preparation of 2015-2017 The Two-Year Strategic Plan (CCWG, Green Officeholders Network), including
     (1) Identifying uncontested races (Alex Shantz, Board of Education, St. Helena School District, Napa County)
     (2) How/where to run for office, identifying races in which to run
     (3) Lessons from June 2014 primary (Luis Rodriguez, GPCA endorsed candidate for governor, 2014)
     (4) Reactivation of Green Officeholders Network
     (5) Report from GPCA Campaign Fund Support Committee on support of Green candidates
11:55am Announcements 
12:00pm Lunch, Womens Caucus meeting during lunch 
Facilitators: Victoria Ashley, Greg Jan
  1:05pm Quorum count
  1:10pm Decision: Resolution: Close the Commercial Property Loophole (Coordinating Committee)
  1:40pm Discussion: Brainstorming session on party organizing for preparation of 2015-2017 The Two-Year Strategic Plan. Presentation: Demonstration of Nationbuider and its application for GPCA County Parties and organizing GPCA volunteers (GROW, Clearinghouse Committee, IT Committee, Finance Committee)
  2:55pm Announcement of Standing Committee vacancies
  3:00pm Breakout sessions for committees and working groups (Media, Platform, Finance, GROW)
  4:30pm Decision: Brainstorming session on GPCA platform updates for preparation of 2015-2017 The Two-Year Strategic Plan (Platform Commitee, Coordinating Committee)

  4:30pm Decision: Move Tax Platform Plank from Social Justice to Community-Based Sustainable Economics (Coordinating Committee)

  5:55pm Announcements
  6:00pm Dinner on your own (host committee providing recommendations), GPUS Delegation meeting during dinner
  7:30pm Evening Program with statewide candidates and local Green officeholders
Sunday, January 25
  8:00am Breakfast, registration
  9:00am Breakout sessions for committees and working groups (CCWG, Green Issues, Bylaws)
Facilitation: Sanda Everette, Alex Shantz
10:35pm Quorum count
10:45am Proposal: Approval Next General Assembly Meeting Date and Place (Coordinating Committee)
10:55am Proposal: Platform planks: International Trade, Native Americans (Platform Committee)
12:30pm Lunch, Optional caucus meetings 
Faciliation: Peggy Koteen, Alex Shantz
  1:35pm Announcements, including announcement of Standing Committee vacancies, Quorum Count
  1:40pm Decision/Discussion: The GPCA and the 2016 Green presidential process (GPUS Delegation)
  2:45pm Breakout sessions for committees and working groups (Finance, ERWG, Clearinghouse)
  4:15pm Confirmation: Standing Committee and Working Group Co-Coordinators (for any committees or working groups not confirmed in morning session)
  4:20pm Closing session