GPCA demands the U.S. government propose peace negotiations in Ukraine

GPCA demands the U.S. government propose peace negotiations to end the war in Ukraine
March 7, 2023

Today, a year after the Russian military invasion began in Ukraine, the U.S. continues funding and fueling the Ukraine war which has resulted in immense destruction, suffering, death and displacement for the Ukrainian people. There is no doubt that in the end, even after years of suffering, the only way to peace will be through diplomacy.

The Green Party of California hereby demands that the United States government publicly propose and support an immediate ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine, and the initiation of continuing diplomatic discussions to resolve conflicts peacefully, hosted by a third party of their choice. Any U.S. participation in these negotiations must include unequivocal support for peaceful solutions and an end to military aggressions.
The goals of these diplomatic efforts must include immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine, and no NATO membership for Ukraine. Other issues, including the status of Russian occupied areas, could be resolved in time, through sincere, continuing diplomatic discussions hosted by a third party.

Russia and Ukraine had discussed basic peace terms in February of 2022, and again later in March. However, as the peace talks convened, U.S./UK/NATO envoys were reported to sabotage chances of reaching a peaceful solution by assuring supplies of weapons and military aid to Ukraine. Further efforts at peace negotiations such as China’s recent cease-fire proposal have not been supported by the U.S..

The declared goal of the U.S. as stated by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has been to “weaken Russia” clearly turning the war in Ukraine into a proxy war between the U.S. and Russia from the start, where further escalation is inevitable.
We are already at the brink of a nuclear war, whether by political design or an accidental posturing misstep. Any nuclear exchange between the U.S. and Russia will most likely lead to nuclear winter and mass global extinction.
The human cost of this war is also felt right here in the U.S. where billions of dollars of national resources are being poured into the war machine and the weapons industry while basic human needs like housing, healthcare and education are being denied to millions in our most vulnerable communities.

The Green Party of California platform’s five pillars are Social Justice, Economic Justice, Ecology, Democracy and Peace, and all of these values are being threatened by the war in Ukraine.
This ongoing and constantly escalating global violence must stop. We urge the U.S. government to promote diplomacy NOW.

* See the March 3, 2022 GPCA statement on the Ukraine war.