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Matt Gonzalez Elected President of San Francisco Board of Supervisors
by Mike Feinstein
Gonzalez presides over the largest legislative body every headed by a U.S. Green. 'At the end of the day, people want city services, accountability and an honorable debate by elected officials who don’t abuse the public process to gain ideological advantage.'

Behind the Bipartisan Drive Toward War in Iraq: The Council on Foreign Relations
by Larry Shoup
Media coverage and the public debate about the threat of United States war on Iraq has focused almost exclusively on the role of the Bush administration with little awareness or coverage of the wider consensus within powerful upper class U.S. groups to attack and control Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Nor has there been much coverage about the larger imperial goal of reforming the political economy of the Middle East.

Excellent health care, coming soon to California
by David Sheidlower and Don Bechler
Employers are cutting back on benefits, Bush want to privatize and cut back on Medicare, the State budget crisis will mean a minimum of 500,000 more uninsured Californians, 25% of our children are uninsured, and many more are under-insured. Single payer makes financial sense.

Greens explore running anti-war candidates: Panel examines incumbents' records
by Kenny Mostern
The Green Party of California’s Campaigns and Candidates Working Group hosted a forum Sunday, March 23, in San Francisco, to discuss whether to run candidates for federal and local offices in 2004.

It's time to vote Green
by Barrington Daltrey
The media drum-roll starts. Progressives you know, your friends, people you respect are saying, "only the Democrats can save America from Bush." You waiver. Will your Green Vote, your vote for Hope, Prosperity and American Values inadvertently push us further into the abyss of totalitarianism?

Editorial: Greens look at the presidency; no easy answers
by Laura Wells
Greens and Green-minded people all over the country are addressing questions surrounding a Green party run for the presidency.

Traditional ladder to electoral success is questioned
by Forrest Hill
Political change happens: Minnesota, former Soviet Union serve as examples of abrupt, unexpected shifts

The Land is Our Mother: Brazil's Landless Workers' Movement
by Charlotte Casey
In existence for only 18 years, the Landless Workers Movement, known by their Portuguese acronym, MST, has settled over 300,000 rural workers on land where they can produce food for their families and their communities. Noam Chomsky has called the MST “the most exciting popular movement in the world today.”

Unlikely Candidate, pt. II
by Paul Franklin
A story of the transformation from a left-wing candidate promoting the issues he felt a school board should address, to a candidate with a mission to win.

Nader: Roots of a green champion
by Gwen Johnson
Book review of Nader: Crusader, Spoiler, Icon by Justin Martin.

Letters to the Editor
by California Greens
Value Feminism - Guilt is a useless emotion

News Clips
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Top 10 Party Priorities Adopted - Green Officeholders Conference - Campus Greens help re-democratize - Rocky Neptun wins in San Diego - World Social Forum - Green Party of the US calls for candidates

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